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Top 100 Professional Courses To Fuel A Lucrative Career

Whether you want to start your career or fuel the existing one for career growth, there is no better option than professional courses. Gone are the days, when degrees were enough to bag you your dream job, today the world demands more. The cut-throat competition to stay ahead of the curve has given birth to job-oriented professional courses. Now, if you are looking for the most suitable options to fire up your career, then read this post about the top 100 professional courses.


List of the best professional courses


For your ease, we will list the best vocational professional courses, and courses as per the choices of streams- arts, commerce, and science. We ensure, by the end of the article, you will find the one that will spark your career and give you the right direction to tread on.


What are Professional Courses?


Professional courses are your ticket to the dream job. These specialized courses are meant to preach industry-specific skills to its incumbents. Basically, a professional course teaches the practical skills required in that specific industry. Take, for instance, a content writing course that will equip you will research skills, SEO, content strategy, communication, and more.


The larger point I am trying to make here is that professional courses make you ready to jump into the industry. With an aim of skill development and career upliftment, these programs make you familiar with the industry-aligned skills and processes.


How to Choose the Right Professional course for a Miraculous Career Trail


Herd mentality is the lowest form of discretion. However, unfortunately, many students resort to the herd mentality practice to make life-changing career decisions. All that comes down to the fact that there are umpteen career options and professional courses available in the market. As a result, choosing the right course as per your career aspirations becomes a Herculean task.


To help you make a rational decision, we have researched and compiled a 5-step formula. Follow the steps, and catch your dream career:


  • Loop in your Interests and Preferences:

The first and foremost step to choosing any professional courses is to dig down at your interests and preferences. What do you like? What is your passion? Take time to get your mind sorted and brainstorm things that keep you alive.


  • Research, and more research:

Once, you have a list of your career ideas, the second step involves researching about the same. Know about the professional courses- eligibility, duration, fees, scope, and other relevant aspects. All these aspects have a major say in your decision-making process, so ensure you give it ample time and thought.


  • Cut down on Choices:

Based on your extensive research, you can cut down on fluff. At this step, narrow down your list, and remove all the courses that have a loophole that you can’t administer. Streamline your choices as per your taste and future prospects.


  • Book a Consultation/ Counselling:

Now, that you have a cue of which road you want to walk upon, it’s time you talk to the experts. Book an appointment with an educational consultant or counselor, and have a coherent conversation with them.

Listen to them, and speak your heart out. They will guide you to modulate your choices and go ahead with the precise professional course option. In addition, they will enlighten the path that you need to chase down to achieve your aspirations.


  • Go in Full-Throttle:

Once you have everything in your palm, go full swing into the career choice that you wish to seek. Preparation for entrance examinations (if required), find the best colleges and institutions offering that particular course, and the added benefits. Make an informed choice as per your preferences, requirements, and budget. Sure, you will have a long way to go!!!


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Top 25 Vocationalized Professional Courses


1. Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing is where the world is headed. With a digital marketing boom, every business is compelled to make a shift towards digital marketing. Small, medium, or large business, irrespective of the industry type is bound to take the digital route. Thus, creating a surge in demand for skilled digital marketing professionals.


A Digital Marketing course enables you to understand the market and reach the heart of the target audience. SEO, Social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing– digital marketing course teaches you all. This course brushes you with the necessary skills to become a full-fledged digital marketer with an inbound mindset.


If you have the on-the-learn attitude and changing dynamics excites your curiosity, then this is the perfect choice of career for you. Not to forget, this is one of the most in-demand professional courses among the masses.


Who should do this course?

With no prior requirements, this course can be done by anyone- including but not limited to students, graduates, drop-outs, homemakers, marketers, traditional marketers, entrepreneurs, retired people.


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Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Specialist is ₹354,644, which goes on to ₹546,673 for a digital marketing manager.


Here is an insight into Digital Marketing Jobs


Scope: According to Statista, the number of internet users worldwide stands at 4.13 billion in 2019, which is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

As the internet population increases smartphones become more accessible coupled with ease of access digital marketing becomes a potent career choice.

Digital marketing has penetrated every industry let alone the marketing industry.


Check: Google Digital Marketing Courses with Certifications


Career: Talking about a career in digital marketing, you have ample options at your hand. From a digital marketing specialist to a specialization in a specific domain like Content marketing, SEO, SEM, you can choose as per your taste.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 6 months-2 years at a cost price of 30K to 1 lakh.


If this desired course has caught your eye, and you want to make your way into this career path, then download the brochure by IIM Skills for the Best Digital Marketing Course.

Download IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Brochure


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2. Content Writing Course


Believe it or not, writing is the greatest tool for expressionism and communication. Indeed, words can have a lasting impact to become a deal-breaker. If you believe in the power of words and have a flair for writing, then content writing is just what you are eyeing.


A content writing course arms you with the requisite skills and knowledge to research, create, edit, and publish content. It covers all types of writing- emails, product descriptions, blogs, brochures, press releases, and whatnot! Content that attracts, copies that sell- it covers a vast breadth of expertise.


Who should do this course?

10+2 is the basic criteria for this course. Other than that, people from all walks of life like freelancers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, homemakers, retired people are welcome for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Content Writer in India is ₹281574.


Scope: Businesses, these days, have realized that content is king, and it can solidify brand authority and acquire leads that convert. Thus, the demand for content writers is immense and expected to grow in the upcoming years.

What makes it one of the most popular professional courses is the fact that there is an extensive need for high-quality content writers. Writers who can strike a chord with the audience and appealingly sculpt the most useful content can make a successful career out of it.


Career: Willing takers of this course can rejoice as there are a plethora of opportunities post this course. You can acquire expertise in social media writing, SEO writing, news writing, blogging, freelancing, ghost-writing, scriptwriting, and the list is endless. On a personal level, you can also deem to become a professional blogger.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 2-6 months for a price tag of 10-15K.


Pre-requisites: Good grasp of grammar and writing.


If writing is your passion, then what’s stopping you to make it your career? The technical knowledge? Gather the technicalities of Content writing with the Best Content Writing Master Course.

Download the brochure now!

Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

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  1. SEO Course


SEO is the largest spin-off of digital marketing that is a stand-alone subject of expertise. Organic traffic has been the game-changer for a long time and works wonders with minimum investment. This is why businesses are proactively trying their hands at SEO best practices to harness whopping ROIs.


Under the hook of an SEO program, you learn about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, SEO audit, and a lot more. What makes it more energizing is the constant demand to stay on the bandwagon of the latest trends.


Google has over 200 webmaster guidelines to serve the best content to its users. And SEO works on the trail of Google webmasters and its the line algorithms.


Take a pop quiz:

  1. Do you have a competitive streak?
  2. Do you like to stay ahead on the learning curve?
  3. Learning new things is your go-to mantra?
  4. Do the internet and surfing drive you?

If you get two or more yes, then voila- this is an excellent choice of career for you. Jump in with both feet!



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Who should do this course?

Students, Graduates, Drop-Outs, Small And Medium Businesses, Entrepreneurs, And Solopreneurs, Freelancers/Content Writers/Copywriters, Bloggers, Homemakers, Marketers, Traditional Marketers can opt for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for an SEO Specialist is ₹255,876


Scope: Do you know? According to the Times of India, digital marketing areas such as SEO, SMM, and Analytics will create more than 1.5 Lakh jobs with the salary range of Rs 4.5-5.5 Lakh in coming years.

Some other research suggests that SEO is and will remain a robust marketing tool for generating leads and acquiring new clients. Consequently, SEO is a notable career choice.



After being thorough with an SEO course, you can associate with an MNC to work as an SEO fresher, SEO specialist, SEO executive, SEO writer, and SEO manager. Or else, you can begin your own SEO agency or work as a freelancer too.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 3-6 months for 5K-30K budget.


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Have you made up your mind yet? SEO- is that the field that you want to go in? Then, download the SEO course brochure to learn more about it.

Download IIM SKILLS Advanced SEO Course Brochure


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4. Technical Writing Course


Technical Writing has been in the game for a long time but was confined to user manuals for a long. However, now that technology has penetrated every domain of life, the ambit of technical writing widened. As per the latest definition, technical writing comprises all sorts of complex documentation. Technical reports, executive summary statements, API documentation, briefs, to name a few.


Suppose you buy a new gadget. To understand its usability and features, you flip through the pages of the user manual that comes along. This is the job of a technical writer. Technical writers are entrusted with the role of turning complex technological stuff into super-easy understandable language. If you are tech-savvy and can convert jargon into digestible chunks of knowledge, then this is the right fit for you.


Who should do this course?

Content writers, marketing executives, or technology-driven people like Technical Documentation Engineer, Configuration and Control Engineer, Design /Development Engineer, Software and hardware engineers can go for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average technical writer salary in India is INR 4.97 lakh per year.


Scope: Research shows that the demand for technical writers expects to grow at a rate of 10% from 2014 to 2024, faster than average for all other professions. Increasing demand, advancement in technology, and growing industry requirements for skilled technical writers make technical writing a highly-coveted skill.


Over the top, technical writing is a globalized program. It opens up opportunities to work with some of the best international companies like DELL, HP, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Amazon, Adobe, JCB, HCL, Philips, Hitachi, SAP, etc.


Career: You begin as an intern to progress to an associate level. Once you acquire expertise, you can scale up to the designation of a senior technical writer, lead writer, and documentation manager. The future is extremely bright in terms of growth.


Know How Good is Technical Writing Career?


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 1-3 months with an investment of 15-30K.


If you want to set yourself on the trail of technical writing professional courses, then dig in at the course details. Download the course brochure now!

Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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5. Web Designing


In today’s world, can you think of a business sans website? No, not really! The website has become the identity card of any business or brand. As soon as a customer comes in contact with the brand, visiting the website is their first thought. Thus, strengthens the need for the hour to maintain a website. Here comes the role of web designers into play.


Talking about a web design course, it has its place in the computer science and IT field. This course arms the aspirants with the necessary tools, techniques, and programming languages to create and design web pages. It further prepares you to validate the appearance, layout, and content of the website. If you want to find a way with the web, then chip in.


Who should do this course?

Anyone with 10+2 from any stream of science/commerce/arts is eligible for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary of a web designer is ₹280,458.


Scope: Research shows that the employment of web developers and digital designers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. In addition, it is projected that there are about 17,900 openings for web developers and digital marketers each year.


For the current scenario, many private and public organizations hire web developers to fulfill their web development needs. That said, this short-term job-oriented course can lift you in the IT industry.


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Career: The web design course lets you take on an array of titles including web designer, web developer, flash animator, and layout designer.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 1-2 years of investment at a cost price of ₹44,000-343,000.


Pre-requisites: Since you are going to be in the web business, a little knowledge of programming languages is mandated. For front-end, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap; and for back-end, PHP and MySQL work well.


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6. Graphic designing


Another crowd-pleasing program, graphic designing challenges and celebrates the creative perspective of the candidates. A graphic design course comprises of topics visual identity graphic design, user interface graphic design, motion graphic design, publication graphic design, packaging graphic design, marketing & advertising graphic design, environmental graphic design, art, and illustration.


All of it brushes you to craft visual content that communicates and appeals to the audience. This communication takes place with the help of image-making and typography, which you master in the course of the program. Further, you get to work on aesthetic tools like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe Illustrator image editing, animation, custom layout, 3D rendering.


Who should do this course?

This is a top pick for bloggers, freelancers, 10+2 pass-outs from any stream, and for people wanting to re-start their careers.


Why do we suggest this course?

Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Graphic Designer is ₹299,272


Scope: Statistics show that the employability of graphic designers expects to grow 3% over the next decade. It may not be the highest, yet there are various opportunities for you to explore. You can set up your own design studio or arc towards jobs in various design consultancies, design studios, advertising agencies, publishers, marketing firms, educational institutions, and many other places.


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Career: Indeed, private and government firms hire graphic designers for projects. Among other things, you can work as a freelancer, picture editor, design manager, brand identity designer, or visual image developer. The best bet for this creative career arc could be to club it with other desirable skills.


Pre-requisites: Creativity inclination and IT knowledge required.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 2-4 years with an investment of Rs 10000 to Rs. 50000.


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7. UX/UI Design Course


If you are new to this, then UX/UI stands for User experience and user interface. A UX/UI specialist is entitled to craft artifacts that enable the users to have a satisfying and effective experience.


A UX/UI design course opens the door to discover and analyze the techniques that meet the user’s needs. It brings out the design-centric approach of individuals to embrace the user’s needs with a visual perspective, instead of only adhering to marketing or programming alone.


Who should do this course?

Aspirants from any field can opt for this course. The basic eligibility criteria stand at 10+2 from a recognized board.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a UX Designer is ₹600,711.


Scope: As a matter of fact, Glassdoor has positioned the UX industry at 6th position among the “Top 25 highest-paying entry-level jobs.” To back it up, other researches show there are over 10lac jobs for UX designers in the country. UX designers are required and employed in all segments of the industry.

The dearth of professional UX designers further brightens the scope of the UX design industry. So, if you have a potential for research, visual design, analytical thinking, human-computer interaction psychology, coupled with technical knowledge, then this could be the perfect fit for you.


Career: This career choice opens up many doors for you. Some of the choices are User Researcher, Wireframe Expert, Content Strategist, Information Architecture (UX Designer), Usability Tester, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer (UI Designer), UX/UI Developer, Product Designer.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: UX and UI separately cost between 1,00,000 to 1.5 Lacs. For a complete pack (UX+UI), the fee structure rises to 2.5 Lacs. The duration range lies between 2-4 years.


Pre-requisites: Proficiency in technical knowledge, coding, software-related skills are some of the prerequisites to consider before enrolling in this course.


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8. Content Marketing


Content is the backbone of all marketing efforts. Content is the pillar that holds the brand together and adds trust, credibility, and value to the clients. Well-thought strategies are the cornerstone to increase brand awareness and customer base, which sum totals the purpose of content marketing. Now, if you can compel the audience to plunge into action with your content, then this could be your best bet.


A content marketing course takes into account various factors to attract, engage and retain the target audience. Podcasts, emails, blogs, newsletters, etc act as the conduit to attain content goals. All of it comes under the banner of content marketing which is a viable career option for creative minds.



Who can do this course?

Quite similar to the digital marketing course, this can be done by students, graduates (preferably English, journalism, or marketing background), dropouts, homemakers, marketers, retired people, traditional marketers, and entrepreneurs.


Also, learn about the Content Marketing tools


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary packet for a content manager stands at ₹675,628.


Scope: HubSpot State of Marketing Report, 2021 states that 82% of marketers actively use content marketing. That gigantic percent is the living proof that content is the strongest asset for most businesses. That said, it’s not hard to decipher that content marketers are in high demand.


Career: From being a trainee to a Content Marketing Manager, you can hop along the journey of content marketing executive, content specialist, and content editor.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 3-6 months

You can begin with a free Content Marketing Course by HubSpot and go along with paid options like Coursera and Udemy for 500- 5K.


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9. Data Science


Does it intrigue your soul how big giants like Facebook and Netflix provide you recommendations? Do you wonder what provides them insights into your behavior? The answer is simple yet complicated- DATA! Extracting and predicting trends, insights, profits, losses- based on this raw data introduces our new great course- the Data Science Course.


Data Science is an integration of business acumen, mathematics, algorithms, and ML techniques, tools- all of which combine to help discern meaningful insights. And these speaking insights further help in making big decisions. That’s how it works. If all of this gets you goosebumps, then set yourself on the trail to become a data science player.


Who should do this course?

This course is recommended for Engineers, Marketing Professionals, Software, and IT professionals. However, anyone with an inclination towards data can pick up this field.



Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Data Scientist is $97051.


Scope: As for recent years, the data science field has witnessed an unprecedented upsurge. Different industries are welcoming more and more data science personnel to talents to fulfill the growing demand.

In 2019, LinkedIn ranked data science as the topmost promising job in the US and reported a 56% increase in job openings. India too has immense scope for data-related processes.


Career: As a fresher in data science, you can go on to become a business analyst, data scientist, statistician, or data architect. Once you acquire expertise, the sky is the limit.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: The fees structure is around INR 1,00,000 – 4,00,000 for 2 – 3 year degree or diploma courses.


Pre-requisites: a) A UG/PG degree in disciplines like Business information systems, Computer science, Economics, Information Management, Mathematics, and Statistics

b) Basic knowledge of programming languages- Python, R, C, C++, or Java.


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10. Data Analytics


Data Analytics is a subset of Data Science that brings forth more specific answers based on existing data. In other words, it puts to use existing information to extract actionable insights.


Data can be engineered in multiple ways to churn out valuable information. To shed more light on the role of a data analyst, let’s have a look at the data analysis pipeline work. Some of the crucial steps in the data analysis procedure include data mining, data management, statistical analysis, and data presentation. The pulled-out data is modeled to solve complex business problems.


Who should do this course?

Anyone with a background of the following disciples: Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Information Management can opt for this particular course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Data Analyst in India is ₹456667.


Scope: By any means, there is no better time to turn out to be data professional. Research shows that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (approx.) are created each day; the pace is only stepping up. More and more organizations are leveraging this boom in data to maximize productivity. Not to mention, a data analyst has the leading edge to use this trend in the best possible way.

In addition to dazzling salary and rising demand, Data analyst puts you in the loop of decision-making positions. Thus, providing you the opportunities to get a taste of managerial positions.


Career: Beginning your ride with a Data Analyst designation, you can capitalize to a data scientist or Data Consultant.

Average Time and Money Investment Required:
For an undergraduate course of 3-4 years, you will have to spend INR 90,000- 21,00,000.


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11. Artificial Intelligence Course


Ever wondered how Siri, Alexa, and other smart assistants obey your commands just like a human does? These all are AI-based bots that are trained to duplicate intelligent human behavior. Now, what in the world is AI? AI expands for Artificial Intelligence and refers to the branch of computer science. AI maneuvers to build smart machines capable of performing tasks without explicit instructions.


An Artificial intelligence course introduces you to the world of AI, where the intelligent entity is created to think rationally and behave humanly. Further, AI uses instrumental techniques to duplicate problem-solving and decision-making traits of the human mind.


Who should do this course?

People with 10+2 from science backgrounds are eligible to apply for this course. Additionally, candidates who have a background in programming and computer science can opt for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: An entry-level salary of an AI engineer is 8 lakes, which can further increase up to as high as 50 lakhs. Undoubtedly, this is the highest salary among other engineering graduates.


Scope: Gartner envisions that one-third part of major technology provider organizations will invest over $1 million into AI technologies in the coming two years. This survey elicits the fast pace of AI that is expected to exponentiate in the years to come. Thus, creating a pool for jobs for AI personnel.


Career: With an AI degree, you can roll on to take positions as Business Intelligence Developer, AI Engineer, Research Scientist, Robotic Scientist.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 4- 6 years 25K to 4 lakhs.


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12. Machine Learning


Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI that deals with supervised and unsupervised learning. It involves working on computers, software, and algorithms that make data-based predictions. To be more elaborate, this majestic technology accentuates computer behaviors as per experience. How is it done? It is achieved by automated computer programs to access and analyze data to make predictions and detections without human intervention.


Similar to human learning, Machine learning works on building experiences without direct programming. When exposed to new data, these apps assimilate, learn, grow, and develop on their own. If you want to be in the driver’s seat of such advanced applications, then this course is your future goal. Make it count!


Who should do this course?

People with science, most specifically, computer science and programming backgrounds can take a step ahead in this career. Basic edibility criteria stick around 10+2.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer in India is ₹732566


Scope: Undoubtedly, a career in Machine learning is a hot career these days. As every industry (automobile, healthcare, finance, entertainment, gaming) takes a step towards the ML revolution, the scope is growing by leaps and bounds. The integration of ML into every industry are calling in to downsize error function and enhance real-time results.

Counting on LinkedIn reports, there are 23,000 jobs for ML engineers in these years. Some of the hiring companies include PayPal Morgan Stanley, Airtel Payments Bank, Google, Autodesk, etc.


Career: With this course, you can delve into Robotics, Computer Vision, Quantum Computing, the Automotive industry, cyber security.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 6-18 months of course for a cost price of 40,000INR and go up to 60,000 INR


Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, R, JavaScript, Java, etc. is a mandate.


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13. VFX course


Who isn’t a big fan of movies like Avatar, Bahubali, Avengers, etc? Wondered what gives these amazing movies an edge over normal movies? Yes, you got it right, the special effects and the graphics that speaks volume of its impact. These are the result of visual effects or VFX.


Talking about the VFX course, it is a professional course used for acquiring the techniques and tactics for special effects in the movies. An excellent VFX course gives you a grip over the specific skillset required to add animations and effects to the films.


Who should do this course?

Candidates with a 10+2 from any stream are eligible for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a VFX Artist in India is ₹347681.


Scope: In the movie industry, especially Bollywood, many have woken up to the benefits of VFX. More and more directors are embracing new techniques to make crowd-pleasing movies and VFX form a major part of it. The industry is readily accepting the changing dynamics of VFX and animation to get a leading edge to create high-end fantasies.

This growing movie industry has thus created a sea of job opportunities for young talented minds. As a consequence, a career in VFX has become a highly promising and rewarding career. Not to mention, the fun that comes along with the job.


Career: With this course, you can chase career prospects like VFX artists, Game Designer, VFX producers, and animators.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: You can get this course at 2-6 lakhs for 1-3 years time duration.


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14. Interior Designing Course


Interior designing isn’t a relatively new term, and it has been a popular career prospect for a long. Bollywood stars’ wives- from Twinkle Khanna to Suzzane Khan to Gauri Khan have sparked the craze for this career. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly does an interior designer does?


Interior designers work near architects. They plan and design the layout, structure, color schemes, and decorations of an establishment. It could be a house, office, complex, or any other commercial property. The main motive is to use the whole area in the best possible way and make it appealing at the same time.


Who should do this course?

The minimum eligibility criteria for an interior designing course is 10+2 from a recognized board. Yet, certain institutions ask for mathematics and physics as mandate subjects in 10+2. Some institutions may also take entrance exams like the Pearl Academy entrance test, SEED, NID, etc.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for an Interior Designer in India is ₹305980


Scope: The scope of Interior designing is limitless with a market value of $20-$30 billion. In India alone, there is a booming requirement for 1 lakh interior designers. For people with flowing creative juices, interior designing is a lucrative career option with endless opportunities to divulge their creativity for a handsome payment.


Career: Interior designing brings forth immense career opportunities. You can either opt to work for some design studio or interior design firm or be your own boss. Another option is to look out for government sector jobs and town planning departments. IF you have entrepreneurship skills, you can start your own firm.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 1-2 years course with 1-12 lakhs fees.


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15. Fashion Designing Course


One of the most vivid and popular design specializations, the Fashion industry is the perfect spot for people with a creative mindset. For someone who loves playing their fingers around clothes, accessories, footwear, and other apparel, this is ideally one of the best professional courses.


Fashion is a trailblazing career option not only in India but abroad as well. Besides creative explosion, the conducive work environment, innovation, and lucrative career opportunities make it a rewarding career. It goes without saying that you can even establish your brand from square one. How about that?


Who should do this course?

Anyone with 10+2 from a recognized board with a creative bent of mind can swipe right for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Fashion Designer in India is ₹370281.


Scope: Research says that fashion designers’ opportunities are expected to rise 3% from 2016 to 2026. Arrayed with a wide scope, the fashion industry lets you experiment with a wealth of opportunities. You can work with a well-established brand, or be your own boss- whatever you like.


Career: Armed with a fashion designing skillset, you can aim for Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Consultant, Fashion Merchandiser, or Fashion Coordinator.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: Fashion designing is a 3-4 years course which begins with a fee structure of 60, 000.


Explore the Top Colleges for Fashion Design Course


16. Financial Modelling Course


Have you ever given it a thought how does an entrepreneur decide if his idea makes sense? How does a venture capitalist make a discretion if he should invest in that idea? How does a retail organization know when and where to open up a new store? All these decisions are made with heavy-lifting financial models.


Now, what are financial models? These are the mathematically created models on excel sheets to analyze the financial statements to make hard decisions for business stability. Broadly speaking, the historical financial data of a company is scrutinized to weigh the stock prices, worthiness, and company valuations.


This could be a perfect career-uplifter for those who have an interest in financial models and data analysis. Hence, it is considered one of the most splendid professional courses for people related to the finance field.


Who should do this course?

The basic criteria stand at 10+2 with Mathematics as a compulsory subject. Other than that, finance professionals can go for it to pace up their career curve.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: The national average salary for a Financial Modeler is ₹7,83,006 in India.


Scope: Roughly the finance sector has witnessed a steady growth of 15% in the last few years. Moreover, the scope of financial modeling diversifies into domains like banking, insurance, finance, venture capitalist markets. So, with the right skill set, you can find multiple job opportunities in start-ups as well as businesses alike.


Career: As the name suggests, the financial modeling course acts as a gateway into a slew of jobs in the finance sector. You can enter into the field in companies such as equity research, government, private, non-profit organizations, etc.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: The 1- 6 years course will cost you 10,000 to 1lakh.


17. GST Certification Course


With the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) in 2017, there was a stirred-up situation to meet the growing demands for a new tax regime. To nip it in the bud, most online institutions soon came up with a GST Practitioner course to arm the people with requisite GST knowledge.


A comprehensive GST course is well-designed to provide specialized and up-to-date information about the current taxation system in India. If taxes and GST are your things, then this could one of the most rewarding career options for you. Needless to say, it complements a competitive advantage to finance and tax experts.


Who should do this course?

The course is suitable for freshers, graduates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, CMAs, Law professionals, and finance professionals.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per the Ambition box, the average salary of a GST Practitioner (with less than one year of experience) is around 2.2 lakhs, which increases as per experience and expertise.


Scope: Many pieces of research and reports prophesies that GST has created a demand for 1.3 million professionals. To add on, GST professionals have a good chance to acquire high-paying jobs across various verticals because every business has to abide by GST laws.

That said, GST has a wider scope and opens up enormous opportunities for both freshers, as well as finance working professionals.


Career: With the GST course, one can skill-up to become a GST Practitioner, Accountant, Internal Audit GST Executive, Account and finance Head, or Tax consultant.


Learn here How GST Works 


Average Time and Money Investment Required: Anyone can learn GST in 5- 45 days for a cost price of 3-10K.


Did you find your way in being the GST Practitioner, then swipe in your details to download the brochure.

Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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18. Tally Course


Another prominent name in the list of the best professional courses is Tally Program. Tally is an abbreviation for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Lines Yards. In a literal sense, Tally ERP.9 is a potent accounting software equipped with advanced features to cater to all types of accountancy needs. Not only does it accumulate all your data, but also presents it in a systematic graphical form.


If you want to find a way out in the accountancy domain, then acquiring this in-demand skillset could be your best bet. It will grant you ad edge over the competition to simply do things and carry out accounts with minimum chances of errors.


Who should do this course?

This course suits the needs of commerce graduates and working professionals with finance and tax background.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the normal salary for A Tally Expert (Accountant) is Rs 233,899 every year


Scope: Ideally, Tally has burgeoning marketing both natively and globally. Since Tally holds a critical position in all accounts management, which is imperative to the growth of all businesses, it serves as a rich skill for accountants.

Post this course, you can employ in small and large businesses as a full-time employee or freelancer. For already working professionals, it becomes a boost-up career dose.


Career: As already mentioned, this is an accountancy-based career, you can explore avenues into accountancy and taxation. These include e-accountant, accounts executive, Tally operator, Tally accounts manager, Tax accountant, Supervisory accountant.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: It is a short-term course of 2-3 months at an affordable pricing of 8-10K.


19. Excel Course


Excel may not be one of the stand-alone professional courses to help you get a job, but a major breakthrough in almost all job sectors. If you have scrolled through job descriptions, then you must be well aware that it is an integral skillset that is critical to most jobs.


Elaborating on what is Excel, it is a data analysis tool developed by Microsoft. Excel is an indispensable repository used by small, medium, large businesses to manage, analyze, and predict data.


Who should do this course?

Finance professionals, tax experts, data analysts, and all other people who have to organize and manage data can opt for this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary offered to professionals with advanced Excel skills is INR 3,94,157 per annum in India.


Scope: Most MNCs utilize Advanced excel to MIS reports like balance sheets, profit and loss accounts & trial balance. Among other things, Advanced Excel formulas and functions are put to use in financial reports such as budget, forecast, ratio analysis, financial modeling, business scenario, etc.

There is a mounting demand for MIS professionals-both in India and across the globe. Expertise in Excel as a skill is on the hike, especially in the MNCs. Putting it all together, Advanced Excel can set you on a rolling track to get good job opportunities in big MNCs.


Career: Advanced Excel expertise leads you to hold eminent positions in fields like Data Analyst, Analytics Specialist, Market Research Analyst, MIS Executive, Big Data Engineer, etc.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 2- weeks to 6 months.


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20. Photography


It can be a hobby or passion to click photographs for some people. While some may like to keep it the same, others may have the urge to carve a profession out of it. If you prefer the second option, then a photography course becomes a coveted option for you.


Capturing moments with photographs is an art, which you can master under expert guidance. It takes an oomph factor to spook life into pictures and make it look the way you want. In photograph professional courses, you learn these laser-sharp instrumental techniques to make your subjects alive.


Apart from that, photographers do require skills such as creativity, patience, and legal knowledge. While legal knowledge is not a necessity, familiarity with copyright issues won’t hurt you much.


Who should do this course?

Anyone with a 10+2 or equivalent degree can set themselves for this course track.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Photographer in India is ₹391,486


Scope: On the face of it, it may look like a narrow career option, yet it stems into a multitude of career opportunities. There are varied possibilities that require talents other than operating cameras. These have foundations in technical aspects like editing pictures, setting up the stage like location and lighting, etc.


Career: As for career possibilities, you can collaborate with teams- stylist, fashion, architecture, food, etc. All of these sectors have a dire need for professional photographers to make things look the way they want to present them. Which is precisely what you can help them with. In that light, you can make your way out in any industry you like.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: 1-year course at the pricing of INR 65,000 – INR 5 lakh.


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21. Cybersecurity


Cyber-attacks and digital information theft have been more than common in countries like India. Given the situation, there is a copious market for cybersecurity professionals. Talking about Cybersecurity, it is a practice for guarding systems, programs, and networks from cyber-attacks.


Digging into the course, a cybersecurity course aims to impart best practices to protect data and sensitive information from malicious attacks. More and more organizations have invested in cybersecurity professionals to save the unasked trouble.


Who should do this course?

People with a strong background in B. Tech, B. Sc, or BE can apply for this highly-skilled course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Cyber Security Analyst in India is ₹572579.


Scope: Considering the rising cybercrimes, the scope for cybersecurity experts is beyond high. From sharing information to business interests- everything leads to the necessity of cybersecurity.


To keep the information safe at all costs, organizations require cybersecurity specialists. Companies are ready to pay them high salaries to do all the heavy lifting related to digital information and secure their precious data. Hence, this is one of the top-most money-making jobs with a gamut of scope.


Career: Speaking of career possibilities, there are aplenty. Beginning with Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Architect, you can proceed ahead to flag jobs like Cyber Security Manager, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).


Average Time and Money Investment Required: You can learn cybersecurity in as short as 3 months to as long as 2 years. The fee structure bridges between Rs 40,000 to 60,000.


Dig in Best Free Online Cybersecurity Courses


22. Ethical Hacking Course


Who hasn’t heard of Hacking? You sure have. Wondered if hacking can be put to use in a positive light? Yes, of course. That’s named Ethical hacking.


In the wake of international combats and terrorism funding cybercriminals to inject malware and breach national security, cybercrimes witness a continued rise. In the interest to protect national security and safeguard government and business networks, ethical hacking comes to the rescue.


To become one, you need to acquire a CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker qualification. This qualification testifies your presence of mind to study and assess computer systems, scrutinizing weaknesses and vulnerable factors. Additionally, using the same tools and knowledge as hackers, but in a legitimate manner.


Who should do this course?

While anyone with a 10+2 certificate can enroll in the course, a degree holder in IT system or computer science would get a better hand at it.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for an Ethical Hacker in India is ₹571761


Scope: Ethical hacking is a promising career option in the status-quo, where there is a whopping number of hacking attempts. The scope extends to not only the IT and banking sector, but also to military and defense services.


Career: Once you have acquired the CEH qualification, you can embrace roles as Chief Information Security Officer, IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager, Computer Forensics Investigator, or Security Certified Programmer.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: A diploma can be done in 1-2 years at a minimal fee of 15K, but for a B. Tech in Cybersecurity, you would have to shed 6-12 lakhs for a 4-year course.


Explore Best Ethical Hacking courses


23. Entrepreneurship Course


Entrepreneurship can be a dream career for some. Truth be told, being an entrepreneur is nothing like a cakewalk. Yet, entrepreneurship comes with a bunch of benefits, the first being- to be your own boss.


For those who want to enter this field or are already a part of a start-up, entrepreneurship courses define your analytical abilities and strategic competencies. This course will help you learn varied dimensions of business- finance management, organizational strategies, HR strategies, strategic management, business communications, planning, to name a few.


Who should do this course?

Anyone with a verve to be a part of the business dynamics can opt for this course. Mostly it is recommended for business aspirants, small business owners, startups, and solopreneurs.


Do read these Must Read Entrepreneurship Books


Why do we suggest this course?


Scope: The business industry is a dynamic industry with moving targets. In India alone, the Government is fostering small and medium enterprises to grow and develop. More so, with exponential digital growth, the market has globalized. Social media, websites, and other digital mediums have critically widened the scope of the business market. Thus, the startup ecosystem is on the expansion.

Not only the development is at a national level but at an international level. Investors are vigorously taking part in business proposals for novel technologies and innovations. Alongside, perpetual events, webinars, and workshops are organized to train entrepreneurs with potential outcomes.


Career: Entrepreneurship provides remarkable independence and job satisfaction- making it a coveted career option. Post this course, you can set up your own startup business or work as a business consultant in government and private firms.


Learn How to Start Entrepreneurship


Average Time and Money Investment Required: It’s a year-long course and has a fee structure of INR 3,000-10,00,000.


Here are the 10 Must-have Skills for Entrepreneurship


24. Blockchain Course


Blockchain has been the new buzzword among risk-takers. If you are unaware of, what is it all about, let’s begin with the definition? A blockchain is a chronological list of transaction records distributed over a network. To record transactions, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies make use of this blockchain technology.


If blockchain technology piques your interest, then you can avail yourself of this program and learn more about it.


Who should do this course?

While there are no standardized criteria, anyone having 50% in 10+2 can enroll in this course.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the national average salary for a Blockchain Developer is ₹6,77,282 in India.


Scope: On the ground reality of demand outstripping qualified blockchain developers, it has become one of the fastest increasing fields in the labor market. Markedly, the scope in blockchain development has a bright future.

For the most part, you will have first-hand experience of employing cutting-edge technology to engineer blockchain development.


Career: With this course, you can throttle into career prospects like Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Quality Engineer, and Blockchain Legal Consultant.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: Rs. 6 to 7 Lakh for a 2-4 years course program.


25. Psychology Course


The study of the human mind and behavior has long been a subject of revelation. Emphatically, Psychology is the branch of science that deals with the study of humans. From a bird’s view, it is a gigantic domain accommodating human development, social behavior, health, clinical, sports, and cognitive processes.


If you have a strong inclination to comprehend how the human mind and demeanor works, and what are the possible factors that affect them, then this could be your area of expertise.


As a psychologist, you will pick up everything from the fundamentals of the human brain to complex workings- to enumerate consciousness, reasoning, memory, language, and personality.


Who should do this course?

Aspirants inspired to study the human brain and its impact can pursue a psychology course. For Bachelor’s basic criteria is 50% and above in 10+2. For a Master’s, Bachelor’s in Psychology is required.


Why do we suggest this course?


Salary: As per PayScale, the average salary for a Psychologist in India is ₹407016.


Scope: Indeed, the scope of Psychology as a career is all-embracing. From school psychology to forensic psychology to sports psychology to cognitive neuroscience, Psychology springs into all many disciplines.

Choosing psychology as a career opens up an array of specializations for you to choose from. Not to forget, with mental health being the core topic these days, a psychology career is a likely-looking option.


Career: Once you have a hold over psychology, you can dig in for career options like psychologist, psychotherapist, counselor, social worker, HR manager, and can even take up research roles.


Average Time and Money Investment Required: The duration of the course is 3 years with a fee structure of INR 3.5 lakhs to 15 lakhs.


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With the end of the unprecedented list of the professional courses that have created a bee-hive for learners, let us jump to the professional courses as per streams. For your ease of comprehension, we have garnered the list of professional courses as per particular streams- Arts, Science, and commerce. Let’s dig in!


List of Professional Courses after Graduation in Arts


Without a shadow of a doubt, the aforementioned list of job-oriented courses is high in demand. Yet, having a clear sight of course options as per your specializations in the stream is equally imperative. In that regard, we have compiled the list of best professional courses after graduation in arts:


  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Master of Arts (MA)/ Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
  3. Masters in Journalism and Communication
  4. Bachelors of Law (LLB)
  5. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  6. Bachelor of Library Science
  7. Masters in Digital Marketing
  8. PG Diploma in Digital Marketing
  9. Foreign Language Courses
  10. PG Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  11. PG Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA)
  12. Event Management
  13. Hotel Management
  14. PG Diploma in Marketing
  15. PG Diploma in Finance
  16. PG Diploma in Social Work
  17. PG Diploma in Development Studies
  18. PG in Travel and Tourism
  19. HR Management Courses
  20. Entrepreneurship courses
  21. Creative Writing or Content Writing
  22. Graphic Designing
  23. Visual Arts Courses
  24. Fashion designing
  25. Interior Designing


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List of Professional Courses after Graduation in Commerce

Commerce is a spread-out field springing into a slew of career choices. Giving you the options to choose specializations as per your taste, here is the list of the best professional courses after graduation in Commerce:


  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  2. Company Secretary (CS)
  3. M.Com
  4. MBA
  5. MCA
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)
  7. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  8. Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)
  9. Tally Course
  10. Masters in Digital Marketing
  11. PGDM in Finance
  12. PGDEMA
  13. Certification Courses in E-commerce
  14. Certificate in Banking
  15.  Certificate in Accounting
  16. Financial Modelling
  17. Financial Risk Management (FRM)
  18. Business Analytics
  19. Certified Financial Management
  20. Certified Management Accountant (CMA Course)
  21. Masters in Management (MIM)
  22. Stock Market Courses
  23. Supply Chain Management Courses
  24. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  25. Investment banking courses


List of Professional Courses after Graduation in Science


The Science stream reveals pristine specialization programs to let you embark on a science journey. There is a plethora of professional courses options for you to choose from, some of which are listed below:


  1. Master of Technology (M.Tech)
  2. Master of Science (MS/M.Sc)
  3. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
  4. Masters in Computer Science
  5. Masters in Astrophysics
  6. MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  7. PG Diploma in Business Analytics
  8. PG Program in Management (PGPM)
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PDGM)
  10. PG Diploma in Hospital Management/Hospital Administration
  11. PG courses in Biological and Life Sciences
  12. PG program in Biotechnology
  13. Financial Engineering Courses
  14. Paramedical Courses
  15. Mobile App Development Courses
  16. Robotics Engineering Courses
  17. Artificial Intelligence Courses
  18. Machine learning Courses
  19. Ethical hacking courses
  20. Cybersecurity courses
  21. Web development courses
  22. Blockchain courses
  23. Data Science courses
  24. Multimedia and animation courses
  25. Clinical research courses


FAQs Related to Professional Courses


Q1. What are the best professional courses?

Ans. While it’s true that professional courses work best as per the interest of the individual, here are some of the topmost professional courses:

  • MBA
  • Masters in digital marketing
  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics
  • PG Diploma in Management
  • Certification in Finance and Accounting


Q2. What are the 4 types of degrees?

Ans. College degrees are classified into 4 types, which are Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral. Indeed, each of these degree courses varies as per the requirements, duration, and outcomes.


Q3. Which course is best for the future?

Ans. Keeping in mind the future prospects, the list of the best professional courses that offer promising career paths are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • MBA
  • Data Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Cybersecurity




That concludes our speculative list of the top 100 professional courses. As is the case, we hope you ticked some boxes out of the gigantic list. Consider all the factors such as eligibility, salary, scope- to hand-pick the chosen programs from all angles. If you have a shadow of a doubt, research more about the top picks that piqued your interests.


Those who seek to upgrade their skillsets, and others who are eyeing career change can equally benefit from the precise list of the courses. These professional courses are deemed choices for anyone who wants to start or enhance their earnings.


Indeed, when you acquire technical prowess in any of these professional courses, it will arc your career and lead you a long way. Put in all your efforts and start over your miraculous exposition to the skyrocketing career.

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