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Content Writing Course

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Digital Marketing Course

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SEO Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course

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Technical Writing Course

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Business Accounting Course

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Financial Modeling Course

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GST Certification Course

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Online CAT Coaching Preparation

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Happy Graduates

Shefali Oberoi

Head of Marketing -

The course was really good to understand overall content strategies & developing great content marketing skills.

Jaspreet Singh

Deputy Manager - American Express

Delighted to learn industries most important skills, my muscles are more strength to handle Digital Marketing for my company.

Deepti Kakkar


Content Writing Course from IIM Skills was an eye-opener to me to the world of content writing. It is must learn program for all online marketers.

Charu Wadhwa

Barclays India

Great experience to learn Digital Marketing Skills from IIM Skills. Training was full of learning and fun.

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Content Writing Course

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Digital Marketing Course

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SEO Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course

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Technical Writing Course

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Business Accounting Course

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Financial Modeling Course

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GST Certification Course

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CAT Preparation Coaching

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Content Writing Master Course

The Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS has many notable features. It is a great program to upskill yourself in this In-demand skill that is going to stay popular for many more years to come.


The Content Writing Master Course is a 4 weeks Training program that incorporates 16 hours of lectures. With 60+ hours of practical assignments, live training, and access to free tools worth INR 35000, SKILLS empowers you to unfurl your wings and unleash your creative side.


It might come as a surprise to know that content writing today is one of the most popular professions. People from various walks of life choose to pursue this profession due to the location independence and flexibility of a career in content writing. Anyone from any educational background, be it engineering, law, finance, medicine, can start content writing and make a lucrative career out of it.


It is a sure-shot way of forging a bond with your consumers and target readers, eventually getting you the required recognition to excel in your domain.


IIM SKILLS offers you the most comprehensive content writing program that covers all the aspects of creating content for guaranteed success.


The content writing course at IIM SKILLS is perfectly suited to entrepreneurs, freelancers, traditional marketers, small and medium business owners, students, homemakers, aspiring bloggers, budding content creators. It is useful for anybody inclined to write meaningful content to engage and communicate with their target groups.


Core topics like web development, creating your own website and blog, user interface, keyword research, writing impeccable content for all mediums, Google local pages, social media content are among the several modules covered in the course.


You understand the efficacy of disseminating content on several digital and social media channels and how you can leverage the traits of these channels to your benefit.


Case Studies are covered in-depth. You garner the knowledge of several content writing tools that helps save time so that you can concentrate on creating more value through more content.

Digital Marketing Master Course

IIM SKILLS also offers an exemplary Digital Marketing Master course for a duration of 3 months and includes 180 hours of live virtual training.


The Professional Digital Marketing Master Course at IIM SKILLS is a tool-oriented course where you learn about the various tools of web marketing to implement digital strategies efficiently.


It is a great course to consolidate your existing skills. The course is meant for budding digital marketers, content writers, bloggers, students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, retired professionals, and anyone interested in educating themselves on the nuances of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is today one of the most coveted professions owing to the enormous advantages it offers as a career choice. You can work from the comfort of your home without compromising on the quality of your work.


Moreover, it offers you a plethora of job avenues and job options to choose from. You can take up freelancing and can work with numerous clients or work with an organization. Once you understand digital marketing incisively, the money is for the asking.


The Digital Marketing Master Course at IIM SKILLS incorporates more than 15+ live projects to work on and 10+ case studies. You have 120+ hours of practical assignments that you have to work on to strengthen your skills and confidently formulate digital marketing strategies.


Candidates get a Master’s Certification from IIM skills and training for important Global certifications like Google, Facebook Blueprint, and Hubspot. You have a lucid learning approach that helps you to you have conceptual clarity on the most complex elements of the digital marketing silo.


All the important components of the Digital Marketing system like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Web Development, Analytics, Content Marketing, ORM, Affiliate Marketing, are covered in the course.

GST Practitioner Course

The GST Practitioner Certification Course at IIM SKILLS aims to offer extensive learning on GST and its different components. It is ideal for accounting and finance professionals, business owners, lawyers, students, and job seekers. We incorporate 16 hours of lecture along with practical assignments and hands-on learning in the four weeks of live online GST training.


You get a Master’s Certification from IIM SKILLS that are trusted by corporates across the country. You have free lifetime access to classes and training on different tools and software that help you to work with multiple clients comfortably.


IIM SKILLS gives you instant access to a dedicated GST Practitioners Community that comprises 2000+ professionals. You get instant online support and prompt response to any query.


The concept of GST including its impact on businesses and topics like RCM, Input Tax Credit, Invoicing, GST Returns Filing, and many more are covered in the curriculum.


The GST Practitioners Certification Course not only gives you an overall understanding of the GST Act but also helps you to implement your learnings in hands-on assignments to strengthen your confidence levels.


You have an updated GST content structure that incorporates all the updated information on GST along with all the amendments in the tax structure of the country.


The faculty members are some of the best industry experts who have had years of experience working in the finance and taxation domain. You get free ebooks, practice questions, and knowledge on freelance opportunities in the course.

Online CAT Coaching

IIM SKILLS also conducts instructor-led and self-paced online CAT Coaching preparation with weekly webinars that are conducted virtually.


In this program, you get study materials for CAT and other MBA exams. You have access to all the learning materials for 14 months at least. You have ebooks, practice questions, recorded lectures, and mock tests to become proficient in the different subjects of CAT.


There are self-paced videos in the learning management system (LMS)that helps you to prepare for the different subjects. The mentors are alumni from top business schools and reputed colleges.


The self-paced CAT Coaching Monthly Webinar’s Program at our institute gives you access to all the learning materials for 14 months.


The Complete CAT Coaching Weekly Sessions Program gives you free lifetime access to learning materials including updated content, mock tests, case studies, and sessions with experts.


There are topic-wise materials for better understanding. The batches are individual-centric and help in personalized tutoring. There is quick query resolution and flexibility for students and professionals.

Why IIM SKILLS For Professional Courses?

Wondering what it takes to get the premium jobs in the most eminent of brands across the globe? It is a blend of your skills, expertise, and confidence that will get you the elite jobs with the finest pay package and perks. 


IIM SKILLS is the leading online ed-tech institute in India offering the best professional courses to reshape your career and help you make the right decisions based on your inclination. 


These professional courses cover the most fundamental to the absolutely advanced concepts through a mix of theory and practicals. The learning format provides the required knowledge and insight to the candidates. 


IIM SKILLS helps you realize your dreams with top-notch professional courses that help to build your competence, bolster your existing skills, and achieve brilliance in your professional life. 


The courses designed at IIM SKILLS are job-oriented and industry-relevant. Thorough research goes into formulating the curriculum for each of the professional courses to help students to upskill and get the best training possible. 


The professional courses will help to identify your passions. You will work towards improving your skillsets to turn your passion into a fulfilling, and worthwhile profession. 

Exclusive Features Offered by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a global leader in professional training. We offer comprehensive courses and training programs in some of the most important disciplines. 


Our job-oriented programs span from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for students, professionals, new job seekers, homemakers, and work-from-home professionals. 


We not only help you with the required knowledge to excel in your careers but assist you in taking the right decision. Whether you want to work in a company or start your freelancing business we have you covered. 


Having trained more than 25000+ students in 1000+ batches in various professional courses, we offer placement support along with providing you with assistance to create the best of resumes. 


With the completion of the course, you have the option to work from home or apply for a job interview. You can also set up your own freelancing business, and give the wings to your entrepreneurial aspirations. 

Excellent Faculty

The faculty members are in the top bracket of the education fraternity and have years of experience to give you the most intensive training on the different professional courses. They not only teach but provide actionable insights into how to optimize productivity and excel in your career.

Personalized Attention

IIM SKILLS provides you with personalized attention and mentoring sessions where you can put forth your challenges. The mentors and team members try their utmost to help you have clarity on all chapters.

These mentoring sessions will help you to have a deep understanding of the components that make up the syllabus in the professional courses. They will help you to identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses to become a competent professional.

Class Recording

The best part of upskilling at IIM SKILLS is that we provide class recordings of each session irrespective of the professional course you opt to learn.

This means that even if you miss a class and are unable to attend the sessions due to unavoidable circumstances, you have access to all the class recordings. Moreover, if you face trouble with any part of the chapter while revising, you can always go back to these class recordings and get the answers.

LMS for Lifetime Access

You have a learning management system (LMS) that keeps all the class recordings, case studies, practical assignments, in one place so that students can refer to these and master the skills for the different professional courses. This learning management system is available for free lifetime access.

The LMS helps immensely to complete your course because it provides you with all the updated study materials.

Access to Updated and Revised Content At No Extra Fee

The learning management system also has regular updates and revised content that aligns with the developments in the online domain. The course curriculum is updated in consonance with the changing trends. all the updated information is available to you in their LMS at all times.

International Certifications

The certifications provided by IIM skills are internationally acknowledged, and you can work with clients across the globe once you complete the courses.

Post Course Assistance and Placement Guidance

IIM SKILLS is known for prioritising the students’ needs over everything else. Once you enrol in one of the professional courses at IIM SKILLS you have taken the first step to a successful career.

We provide you with all the post-course assistance and placement guidance. We offer focussed soft skills training taking that helps you to become more confident in appearing for interviews. You become a consummate professional and can crack interviews with ease.

Emphasis on Synergic Learning

IIM SKILLS emphasizes a synergic learning process. This means, that the mentors, students, and peers can come together, collaborate, and brainstorm in the online sessions.

The immersive interactive learning structure helps bring out the best in the students and strengthen their knowledge to become skilled professionals. It also cultivates the habit of becoming a team player. You learn to respect different viewpoints and can have a balanced discussion.

Practical Assignments

One of the main points to consider when applying for a professional course in an online institute is the aspect of practical assignments. Today’s job scenario demands that we understand how to implement our learnings in practical projects.

Since the world has gone digital, it is important to hone your skills by practising on ample practical projects to grow confidence and to implement complex business activities smoothly.

IIM SKILLS incorporates plenty of practical assignments in all the professional courses for students to comprehend each of the complex modules, topics, and chapters extensively.

There are several hours dedicated to hands-on assignments. You get a clear idea of how to implement all that you have learned in the course in the practical domain.

Interactive Live Training

IIM SKILLS conducts live virtual classes which are interactive and help in collaborating and brainstorming. There is ample interaction between mentors and students. You also get instant resolution of any doubt confusion and a fun learning experience in these virtual classrooms.

The mentors help with every step of the process and ensure that students understand all the chapters taught in a particular session comprehensively.

The course pedagogy is formulated keeping in mind the unique and different people coming from various educational backgrounds and different professional sectors. The interactive live training ensures that the training process is rigorous but smooth.


IIM SKILLS offers you all professional courses at affordable pricing. You get all the best features along with industry-relevant knowledge at a very reasonable fee. There is also the option of paying the course fee in instalments.

Demo Session

We offer you a lot of flexibility when it comes to enrolling in the courses. You can choose to go through our demo sessions to know how the professional courses are conducted at the institute.

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Why Learn Online Today?

Global Certifications On the Tip of Your Fingers

The Greatest benefit of learning online is that you get globally recognized credentials from the top education institutes without having to take the trouble to commute. The best online institutes are accredited with eminent educational bodies, and the Certifications are trusted by corporate organizations, big brands, and the job sector in general.

Save Time & Money

The online training methodology includes virtual mentoring sessions, soft skills training, and personal development programs extensively.

Also, people gain technical knowledge that is paramount today. It is not just about increasing your knowledge but strengthening your overall confidence and becoming tech-savvy that is the need of the hour today. Students get student loans and financial help. Scholarships are also available for online courses making e-learning one of the most convenient modes of learning.

Opens up Opportunities To Upskill

There are several constraints that we encounter when we are in professional life. Lack of time, long office hours, and work are some of the reasons why we are unable to upskill ourselves.

Online learning mitigates that problem by giving you the benefit of learning whenever you want, wherever you want. Additionally, they provide weekday, weekend, and a variety of combination batches for your convenience. Thus you can carry on with your work and fortify your knowledge by including important skill sets in your resume.

Different Modes of Learning

Online learning also offers you a variety of options like self-paced learning, time-specific learning, and accelerated learning.

Accelerated learning options are fast-track courses that help to finish courses in a very short period.

Better than Traditional Modes of Learning

Online learning is today the preferred means of getting an education because it offers features that are absent in the traditional methods of learning. The most prominent feature that places online learning at advantage is that it reduces the stress factor and helps students and professionals to work around their schedule to upskill. They don’t miss out on upgrading their knowledge but can carry on with their jobs.


Online courses give you the features of flexibility in learning, affordability, and a preferable environment to study in.

All you need is a basic understanding of the internet, a good internet connection, working knowledge of computers and you are good to go. You can learn with a tablet or a smartphone also. However, it is recommended that you have a laptop for implementing all that you learn in practical assignments.

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