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Top 3 Web Designing Courses in Delhi with Practical Training

Did you know that the very first web page that went live was in 1991? That means no internet for common folks before that. And now there are over 1 billion websites. With this, web developers and designers demand is projected to grow 8 percent in this decade. And it is more than any other profession. So, it is the right time to enroll in a web designing course and this article aims to resolve your queries about web designing courses in Delhi.


List of the best web designing courses in Delhi


What is Web Designing?


The term itself explains a lot about the occupation i.e., how a web page looks are the concern of web designing. A web page should be aesthetically pleasing and well-structured. The information on the web page should be organized and easy to navigate through.


The focus remains on the color, design, font, pictures, content, and user experience. The task is to design the web page in compliance with the brand and its uniquity. A brand visualizes the web page to develop its unique identity online for its influencing recognition. And a web designer endeavors to deliver a design as close to the brand theme as much possible.


Thus, web designing looks over the appearance of the web page and its functionality.


Other courses to look at for career-oriented skills:


Skills Required to Become a Web Designer


A standard job post for a web designer would list various technical and formal requirements. But other than that, soft skills are also part of the list. On the basis of skills required, you may focus on the skills you want to master first and choose a suitable one out of all the web designing courses in Delhi.


  • Technical Skills – The knowledge of UX and UI design, search engine optimization, programming languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, computer management systems, and design software tools comprise technical skills. These skills are the main focus of all the web designing courses in Delhi.


  • Soft skills- No occupational duty can be fulfilled without soft skills. Per se, time management is essential for a web designer to meet the deadlines and estimate the time required to finish every bit of designing workflow. Likewise, communication skills, organizational skills, research skills, problem-solving skills should follow artistic skills like creative thinking, aesthetic sense, attention to detail, etc.


Additionally, learning digital marketing and social media handling helps in catching up with the trends and brainstorming ideas to keep up with the user-friendly website.


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Elements of Web Designing


What you would be looking at when learning web designing, defines elements of web designing and the learning objective of web designing courses in Delhi. The following list of elements shall provide you with insights on web designing intricacies and intriguing components involved in the workflow.


  • SEO Optimization – Some SEO techniques lie in the hands of back-end developers. They significantly enhance a website’s ranking on a search engine.


  • Speed Optimization – A website can have higher bounce rates if the loading is high. By high, it means even 0.5 seconds high can make a drastic difference to the bounce rate.


  • Navigation – A website is a home of a lot of information and services. But finding what the visitor is looking for should be easy to spot on the website. Otherwise, a disgruntled visitor would leave adding to the bounce rate.


  • Typography – Navigation is, though, secondary. If the choice of font and color is not readable and obstructs the linear user experience, then the visitor will not delay in forming an opinion of the website and thus the services and the brand.


  • White Space – It is just the space left in between the content arranged on the page to provide clarity and a sense of order. Thus, congesting a page with descriptive content, flashy gifs, or too many bright pictures is not ideal.


  • Mobile-Friendly Layout – This is the most important aspect of web designing that drives more traffic to the website due to the higher rate of mobile users. A website designed for a computer or a laptop will not always be compatible with the small screen of phones. The layout may be cut, the drop-down menu may not function, graphics may cover the whole screen hindering visuals of the content, etc. Thus, a mobile-friendly website is the chief to modern web designing skills.


Scope and Job Market of Web Designing


Starting anything anew for career prospects brings the question of monetary benefits in the field. That, in conjunction with demand in the market, is a thing of concern for many.


The web designing market is growing rapidly. As a matter of fact, there are only 28 million web designers around the world against 2 billion websites currently online. Here Math is actually not that hard to do. So you can understand that the web designing career is going to pay off in the end.


IT companies, software companies, large corporate organizations, web designing companies look to hire web designers and there is always the option of working as a freelancer. With web designing skills in hand, various other digital designing jobs open up like front-end web developer, web analyst, UX/UI developer, and of course, web designer.


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Job Responsibilities of a Web Designer


It is not wise to think that a designer has to sit in a chair and work on a computer system to create designs. There is a lot more than an employer expects of a web designer and they become part of the job responsibility, to produce satisfactory designs and build relationships with clients.


A typical role of a web designer would include the following:


  • Primarily, create original website designs
  • Form layouts
  • Present sample sites
  • Digital editing of graphics
  • Create a user friendly and appealing web design
  • Modifying designs based on feedback
  • Conduct meetings with clients to strategize web designing
  • Collaborate and work with other developers and designers
  • Communicate the final designs to web developers
  • Test the functionality of the website
  • Run experiments for the sites developed
  • Maintain and modify new or existing website


Depending on the work environment, the tasks vary and may involve more dynamic roles to promote and defend designs and practices.


Check out the Top Professional Courses


Top 3 Web Designing Courses in Delhi


1. TGC


TGC or Total Graphic Classes is a complete multimedia study institute offering courses related to multimedia, animation, digital marketing, and designing. One of the best web designing courses in Delhi is at TGC.


The list of achievements and accomplishments of TGC is well worthy of a good show-off. Carrying the experience of 16+ years in multimedia education, it has flourishingly trained and educated more than 12000 aspirants to date.


It gained the status of ISO certified institute in 2000 and thickened its spread in association with universities like Punjab Technical University and Mahatma Gandhi University where students from TGC benefitted by pursuing degree courses from the universities.


TGC does not only offer a vast curriculum but also practical training related to the course as it has built an in-house design department that continuously works on multimedia projects.


Course duration:  6 months (normal track), 3 months (fast track)


Course content

  • Designing user interface – creating layouts
  • Core web functionality – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web hosting, responsive design
  • Angular – routing concepts, TypeScript, bootstrap integration
  • WordPress – installation, plugins, editing pages, Fire Architecture
  • Software and tools – FTP, cPanel, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.


What’s left to know?


  • TGC Autonomous Certificate
  • Personal portfolio designing
  • Provides study material
  • Post-training assistance
  • Live projects with hands-on experience
  • Weekend classes
  • Multicultural environment – students from Africa, Afghanistan, and more
  • Placement guarantee


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2. TechStack Academy


TechStack Academy stands for its excellent performance in digital education work. Its full-fledged establishment in Delhi and other cities in India has raised the bar of trained students to 145000 trainees in just 10 years of its presence.


With such vast reach, the institute has been able to venture into other fields of courses like cyber security and full-stack development. Along with gaining recognition in media, it works in association with Orangus Digital and E-dinerio Group companies.


Adding to other web designing courses in Delhi, the TechStack Advanced Web Designing course presents the option of the hybrid form of learning with classes conducted online and offline. Together, classes are conducted by trained instructors. The curriculum is designed by industry experts incorporating theory and practical aspects of training at length equally.


Course duration: 3 months


  • Introduction to Web Designing
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • O
  • O
  • Dreamweaver
  • Javascript
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Designs
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • XML


What’s left to know?


  • Practical projects
  • Certificate of completion by TechStack Academy
  • Capstone projects
  • Resume building assistance
  • 1:1 Mentorship sessions
  • Organus India certificate
  • Languages and tools covered in the course
  • Placement support
  • Case studies


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3. Frameboxx 2.0


Web designing courses in Delhi are titled differently by the institutes and Frameboxx names it Web and UI/UX Design. The course learnings are unconditionally applicable for web designing job roles.


The course is thorough with the complexity of web designing and is structured to overcome the learning difficulties. Consequently, the course takes longer time than others and has three extensive modules including digital skills and software.


Frameboxx is popular among learners for its steady performance in training and qualitative results of training production. Correspondingly, the out-of-the-ordinary teaching methodology backs the aim of instilling not only techniques but creativity and an exceptional approach to designing. The complete novice in the learning is also encouraged to build the skills to be industry-ready.


Course duration: 7 months (140 hours)


Course content


  • UI design (User Interface)
  • UX design (User Experience)
  • Back-end coding
  • Figma
  • XD
  • Illustrator
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Dreamweaver
  • Bootstrap
  • Business, blogging, and gaming functional websites
  • Training arm for Pixel Digital Studios


What’s left to know?


  • Portfolio making
  • Mentor guidance
  • Frameboxx Certificate
  • Regular workshops, seminars, and webinars
  • Internship opportunity in the studio
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Hands-on training


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I be a web designer and developer?

Yes, definitely. Both share a set of skills that can be utilized in working but they both are equally valuable separately. It also takes time and effort to build employable skills in both fields, but having the sense of designing and knowledge of coding to develop a site will definitely give you an edge over others.


  1. Can you hire someone to design your web?

Yes. Freelance web designers take the projects of designing websites for individual clients and work to their considerations. And in terms of web designers’ population, from the stats available from Hosting Tribunal, we know that in 2020, there were around 26.2 million web developers while 537 million active websites.


  1. How big is the web design market?

The web designing industry generated approximately 40 billion dollars in revenue and is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 15.7 % by 2026.


  1. Do I need a degree to be a web designer?

To be a web designer, only designing skills and a good portfolio to showcase your work are enough. Also, for portfolio making, the web designing courses in Delhi offer practical training and assistance with hands-on practice. So, portfolio making doesn’t remain to be the point of worry for the aspirants. Although, maximum of the designing population covers their basics by doing any of the bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, engineering, etc.


  1. Which software is best to use for designing?

There cannot be one simple answer for this. Web designing keeps evolving and is quite dynamic in nature and thus there is numerous software for web designing. To name a few, bootstrap, Adobe XD, Webflow, WordPress.org, etc.


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When everything is being digitized, then web addresses matter more than any physical address. The primary portal to connect is the internet and internet presence requires a website.


Whether you want to learn for freelancing or seek employment, the demand for web designing skills is going nowhere. With the increasing number of internet users and websites online, seeking a unique style and sense of designing is integral for the success of businesses.


Web designing courses help in upskilling and excavating the flaws from the beginner’s set of skills. People seek courses with various ulterior motives and each course offers the upside of designing. Weigh your options appropriately and do not hesitate to enroll in any of the mentioned web designing courses in Delhi that align with your goals.

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