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5 Popular Career Upskilling Courses in Delhi

There is a huge shortage of professionals in the job market where employers seek only skilled workers. International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that India will have a skill shortage of 29 million people by 2030. In Delhi, the unemployment rate has surpassed 15%, whereas recruiters continue to be in desperate need of qualified workers. In this regard, career upskilling courses in Delhi have seen a steep rise with many people opting for them on a regular basis.


List of the most popular career upskilling courses in Delhi


One may ponder over the low employment rate despite being enough vacancies in the market. However, the cry for jobs stays at the level with the demand for skilled candidates by companies and/or organizations. The positions would remain vacant until the desired candidate arrives.


In such scenarios, the only solution available is skilling and upskilling where corporate bodies also emphasize the same. With technical advancement in all the industries, fundamentals of technical involvement are crucial for job-seekers along with a good set of soft skills as clear communication is of paramount importance for organizations.


Why Take Career Upskilling Courses in Delhi?


Gone are days when a simple degree was enough to gain employment. In contrast, now a degree can attest to your academic knowledge or perhaps expertise on the subject content but the employers seek no more than the skills. Moreover, the existing job responsibilities in the working system are dynamic. Due to the integration of shifting modern needs of the market, even the season pros must upgrade themselves in order to fulfill their responsibilities successfully.


Popularly, career upskilling courses in Delhi have gone sky-high in recent times for the same reasons, and to fulfill the demand, there are various institutes offering multiple career upskilling courses in Delhi with the aim of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and skills in demand.


The courses, depending on the value of the outcome, can be finished in a short duration of time with flexibility that permits full engagement without disrupting other planned activities in one’s life.


Besides, the courses are industry-specific, which clarifies the air about the perplexities one faces while choosing any of the career upskilling courses in Delhi. So, you can find career upskilling courses in Delhi in all forms and fields such as computer, art, literature, writing, technology, programming, designing, professional, marketing, finance, and the like.



This post lists all the popular choices of career upskilling courses in Delhi and mentions some well-reputed institutes offering the same, covering all the fundamentals and advanced aspects of the subject matter along with the best online institutes which are of higher preference nowadays.


Some in-demand courses:


5 Popular Career Upskilling Courses in Delhi


1. Digital Marketing Course


Marketing is the process of advertising items and services in order to attract a wider audience and improve sales. However, as the number of internet users grew, traditional marketing tactics began to fail, and digital marketing was born.


And thus, digital marketing is one of the most popular professional upskilling courses in Delhi, thanks to the rise of digitization and the widespread usage of several social media platforms by millions of people.  For businesses, social media brings up a new way of marketing. Though it is a mainstream course to enter the marketing industry, it contains supportive characteristics that can provide additional qualifications to back the execution of managerial tasks.


Facebook and Instagram marketing are examples of digital marketing. And with obvious numbers of Facebook and Instagram users, digital marketing skills going to stay in demand with its high rate of rising employment vacancies and growth prospects for organizations.


What do you learn in digital marketing?


  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Web development
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Inbound marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Media buying and planning
  • Video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing modes and strategies


The IIM Skills Master Digital Marketing Course provides a holistic curriculum to make you job-ready for the marketing industry. It is a master certification program that has a lot to offer besides its industry-standard curriculum, such as writing a blog for the Times of India, launching your first podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify, a two-month paid internship, job-ready skills, and more.


Who can do this course?

  • College students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineers
  • Homemakers
  • Business professionals
  • Anybody interested in a career in digital marketing


The training also includes a variety of tools valued at over 79000+, as well as the lucrative option of a two-month paid internship. The course is completed through live projects and over ten case studies. It has industry experts who have more than 10 years of working experience in the industry and also lead the live classes providing relevant and experiential learning.


This course has no age restrictions, however, students must have a basic understanding of the internet before beginning. The IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course is a comprehensive program that prepares students for employment.


2. Computer Course


You cannot find any office without computers or at large using technology. The work from home in Pandemic has been possible because computers became an integral part of the jobs. And knowing little about computers is not enough, neither for performing tasks satisfactorily nor with ease.


And it is not only about learning applications of the computer but also learning about its hardware for basic purposes. There are several career upskilling courses in Delhi that keep computer skills at tis core and train the students for the same.


Computer courses are great for anyone who wants to learn new skills and start fresh, for working professionals, and as well as for those who seek advanced knowledge in computer studies. Such courses include basic MS office, web development courses, web designing courses, graphic designing, video editing, animation courses, G Suite, and so forth.


Here, the very basic computer course that talks about the usage of MS office is at focus. MS Office is the core application in any computer. It envelops five features of the office namely Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher.


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What do you learn in the course?


  • Computer fundamentals
  • Identifying computer parts
  • Basic typing practice
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Publisher
  • Basic of internet and browsing


Institutes offering the course in Delhi

  • YMCA
  • DGA Professional Group
  • High Technologies Solutions
  • COMPUTEC Professionals Group


3. Programming Course


Programming is the process of writing instructions that inform a computer how to perform a task. These instructions, however, cannot be written in a human language. Because a computer speaks a different language than humans, mastering programming is essential to creating any software application. Coding can be done in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and C++.


Without coding, a software program cannot function. Codes work to translate the instructions so that the computer can understand and perform the task.


If you look to become a part of the IT industry, the programming career courses are a sure-shot approach. The course demands one to engage in problem-solving, critical thinking, logical abilities, and creativity while learning.


Knowledge of programming languages can open up the paths to many job roles.


  • Software engineer
  • Front-end developer
  • Devops engineer
  • Full-stack engineer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Security analyst
  • Hardware engineer
  • Software developer
  • Web design
  • Web developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Game development


The course is useful for those also who have mastered one programming language but might need to incorporate other languages as well.


What do you learn in the programming course?


  • How to code
  • Basic and advanced programming in C++
  • Data structures
  • Coding in Java
  • Control structures
  • Computing in Python


Institutes offering programming courses

  • TCA
  • TGC
  • Red Pixels
  • Coding Ninjas


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  1. Content Writing Course


Content writing may seem to be related to creative writing skills but not entirely. Creativity is, however, a common skill that both the fields share along with a good hold over the language. Content writing is one of the career upskilling courses in Delhi that has applications both in and outside of the workplace. It is primarily used for marketing goals, but content writers do a lot more than that.


Content writers are employed by companies such as TCS, Amazon, Myntra, IBM, and Cognizant for a variety of jobs. There are no other formal education courses that will equip you with appropriate writing skills, so a certificate in content writing is a must-have if you wish to explore the field.


The purpose of a content writing course is not just to prepare students for internships and careers, but also to explore the vast array of possibilities that it provides. It gives you a global reach; allows you to create various types of material, including written, visual, graphic, and audio; provides lucrative income streams; and exposes you to blog writing, brochure design, newsletter writing, and pamphlet production, among other things.


Becoming a freelance content writer is also on the list, which is a popular option for people wishing to keep a side job without jeopardizing their regular income.


IIM Skills’ Content Writing Master Course removes all barriers to becoming a professional content writer. The course is meant to address the obstacles that one confronts while doing real-time content writing work. Also to prepare for freelancing and blogging.


What do you learn in the course?


  • Web development
  • UI UX interface
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing tools
  • Duplicate content detector
  • Content distribution using emails
  • Google local page set up
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Exploring social media tools


The course curriculum is detailed and meticulously addresses all aspects of content writing work. Because of its high-quality and earnest attempts to alter students’ lives, the institute is the topmost choice for qualitative content writing courses and has been rated highly by its course takers.


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5. Communication Course


Because of its universal applicability, English is the most commonly used language in the workplace. With the organizations expanding their clientele base, high standards of English are integral to one’s own expansion in terms of professional growth as well as learning trajectory.


For the same reasons, there are a variety of institutes that provide English classes for business and career needs. Besides, communication courses are for those also who come from a technical background and need to drop down on a few jargons for common written and conversation purposes.


Such courses assist in being prepared at all times for meetings, negotiations, presentations, and face-to-face client meetings, among other things. Certificates from such courses attest to one’s abilities to learn and commitment to doing one’s finest work.


The courses can be taken online and offline with the option of one-to-one sessions and batch classes. Since many working professionals opt for such courses, the institutes offer flexible timing with customized corporate bespoke training options as well.


Institutes offering the course


  • inlingua
  • British Council
  • Engmates
  • Oracle


Although spoken English training and personality development classes come in a package with other professional courses, one may need not take a course separately. As far as the recruiters and employers are concerned, a candidate must be skilled with the abilities to perform in dynamic workplaces.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do you mean by a career upskilling course?

As a result of the growing skill shortage, a career upskilling course is designed to target practical skills needed in the workplace in order to develop job-ready professionals. The courses are skill-specific such as technical skills, computer skills, soft skills, and so on.


  1. How does a person benefit from career upskilling courses?

Upskilling classes, first and foremost, assist in keeping abreast with new developments in the area and in staying relevant to one’s job. Furthermore, extra abilities such as communication, writing, and basic technical skills may be required to obtain the desired results in the profession. Career upskilling courses might also provide such prospects. Besides, the courses prepare you for employment by focusing on all-around growth that is relevant to your job role.


  1. How long does it take to upskill?

Upskilling is a process that happens over time and courses for the same surely are a sure-shot way to upskill. However, depending on the course and the industry, upskilling that is foolproof may take anywhere from 4-12 months including practical training.


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Whether you wish to upgrade yourself or restart your career, career upskilling courses in Delhi are an absolutely positive approach to do so. And the fact that the courses can be done full-time or part-time, they remain the best option for developing new talents suiting current set of knowledge and skills. Choose one or more, as you desire or need, and acquire a new set of skills that will open a world of prospects for you.

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