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Top 6 UX/UI Design Courses in Delhi With Placements

UX/UI design courses in Delhi serve different purposes for different individual needs. Finding a course that can fit all becomes quite a bit of a herculean task. You may be looking for UX/UI design courses in Delhi to upskill yourself or to start a new career in the field. For the same, you shall find a list of institutes offering UX/UI design courses in Delhi, that has been intensely scrutinized and comprehensively collected.


List of the best UX/UI design courses in Delhi


Since UX/UI design courses in Delhi are offered in different builds and structures, let’s start with understanding some of the basics of UX/UI design and what this creative field embodies in the job market.


What is UX/UI Design?


These are two different terms, UX design, and UI design but they go hand in hand. UX stands for user experience and UI stands for the user interface. A UI designer works out the look and aesthetic appeal of an application including the parts with which a user would interact. And a UX designer will make sure that the elements of the application are easy to use and smooth in functioning for a user.


UX/UI design skills are required in developing a product, web designing, application building, and many more. The increasing digitization and the impact of the user experience on the products launched in the market, has added to the demands of UX and UI designers.


A few of the job roles for UI and UX designers would be UX researcher, information architect, UI/UX developer, usability analyst, UX writer, visual designer, and coding.



Some other courses to upskill yourself:


Top 6 UX/UI Design Courses in Delhi


1. DICE Academy


DICE Academy was founded with the goal of providing classroom training and hands-on experience to students interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry. The main areas of expertise are web design, web development, UX/UI design, and motion graphics. Thus, it is one of the most popular choices for UX/UI design courses in Delhi.


With its exemplary work in the IT sector and designing education, it has earned several media mentions and is still in the attempt of crossing its milestones. It has received more than 3000 admissions and has successfully crossed over the mark of 2500 by hopping the barrier of students’ placements.


What allures the students the most are the bonus features at DICE: One-on-one mentorship sessions, career counseling, lifetime support, premium community access for networking and connecting with peers, and 100% placement support. For enrolling in this 4-month UX/UI design course, DICE asks its students for prior knowledge of web technologies like graphic design, HTML, and CSS.


Course name: UX and UI Design Course


Course content


  • Design thinking process
  • User research
  • User journey analysis
  • User journey flow chart
  • All UX cards and balsamiq
  • Introduction to wireframing
  • All about adobe XD
  • High fidelity design
  • Designing mockup
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Visual design
  • Photoshop: tips and tricks
  • Visual design practical
  • Portfolio creation
  • Behance portfolio
  • Interview preparation


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2. TGC


Total Graphic Classes, or TGC for short, is a multimedia study institute that offers courses in multimedia, animation, digital marketing, and design. TGC offers one of the best UX/UI design courses in Delhi. TGC’s list of successes and achievements is well worth bragging about. With over 16 years of expertise in multimedia education, it has successfully trained and educated over 12000 candidates to date.


It became an ISO accredited institute in 2000, and it expanded its reach by forming partnerships with universities like Punjab Technical University and Mahatma Gandhi University, where TGC students could pursue degree programs at the universities.


TGC has created an in-house design department that is always working on multimedia projects, so it not only offers a broad curriculum but also practical training connected to the course. The time frame for the course completion changes for the normal track and fast track. It is 6 months for the normal track and 4 months for the fast track with the flexibility of customizing weekends and weekday classes.


Being comprehensive of the UX/UI designers’ current demand, the course trains you from the basics. Also, despite being an advanced course, no background in user experience, coding, or design is required to enroll in the course.


Course name: Advanced UI and UX Design Course


Course content


  • Introduction to UI Design
  • Understanding UI Layouts
  • Designing UI’s
  • Introduction to Web
  • Introduction to Mobile UI Design
  • Color and Typography
  • UI Design Patterns/Components
  • Portfolio Design & Showcase
  • Introduction to UX
  • Understanding UX
  • Learning UX Tools & Techniques
  • In-depth UI Design & Components
  • Task-Based Design
  • Softwares covered – Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator cc, Adobe Photoshop cc, HTML/ CSS/ JQuery


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3. ACiL


Based in the IT hub of Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, ACil offers one of the affordable UX/UI design courses in Delhi. The ACiL Computer Institute started in 2011 with the goal of bringing up promising technical personnel and preparing them for the industry by providing comprehensive training.


It provides a full package of thorough training on many technical grounds to individuals who desire to establish a name for themselves in this field. The institute speaks of being ready to take responsibility and support you throughout the training.


It takes care of all-around development in grooming and personality development classes. To ensure an uninterrupted learning experience, students are also provided with the convenience of flexible time slots for classes. In addition, the study material is also given in the form of books, pdfs, question papers, etc.


The institute’s other noticeable features include a globally recognized certificate, a 100 % placement guarantee, state-of-the-art facilities like projectors and wifi in the classrooms, live projects, and industry expert trainers.


Course content

  • Introduction – History, Modern applications
  • User-Centric Approach – Competition analysis, understanding end-users
  • Design Thinking
  • Research – Prototypes, Design insights
  • Personas – Mental models, Understanding the customer
  • Content – Content strategies, mobile application, web application
  • Wireframes – Documentation
  • Visuals – Interactive patterns, designing tools, icons, and images
  • Team and Communication – Leadership skillset
  • Composition – Designing app, website


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4. Madrid Software


Madrid Software Training, founded in 2011, is a Delhi-based training facility that offers a variety of courses for students to improve their abilities in line with industry needs. With over 5000 IT professionals successfully trained, it is the top service provider in rising technologies such as cloud computing, big data Hadoop, mobile application development, and digital marketing.


Professionals can use the training to develop the practical and soft skills they need to succeed in challenging jobs. The course module is developed by industry specialists in accordance with international standards.


The courses are designed to provide students with the most up-to-date information and skills. Along with theoretical knowledge, students’ practical skills are also given special attention that gains valuable experience for students.


Among other UX/UI design courses in Delhi, what sets this institute apart is the specialized project assigned to students based on their career paths. And in parallel, students are given the advantage of individual placement coordinators along with resume building assistance.


Besides classroom sessions that are focused on practical training, recorded sessions are also available if you miss the class. With weekday and weekend batches, you can also attend other batches in the case of absence of leave.


With dedicated placement cell and interview preparation sessions, the course prepares the students with job-ready knowledge and skills.


Course content


  • Introduction to UI Design
  • Understanding UI Layouts
  • Designing UI
  • Introduction to Web
  • Introduction to Mobile UI Design
  • Color and Typography
  • UI Design Patterns/Components
  • Portfolio Design and Showcase
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Understanding UX
  • Learning UX Tools and Techniques
  • In-Depth UX Design and Components
  • Task-Based Design
  • Essential Frontend Markup Languages
  • User-Centric Approach of UI/UX
  • Fundamentals of Visual Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Wireframes And Documentations
  • Effective Visual Designing Tools
  • Introduction to Figma
  • Working With Figma
  • Wireframing Platforms – Zeplin, Invision


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5. Designerrs Academy


Designerrs Academy offers multiple courses under UX/UI design courses in Delhi. Also, the courses are available in an online format. Whether you want to learn from scratch or upskill yourself to the advanced level, Designerrs Academy has a course for you.


Courses at Designerrs Academy


  • UI UX Design from Scratch
  • Augmented Reality UI UX Design
  • Voice and Conversation UI UX Design


UI UX Design from Scratch is more of the concern here in this article. It is a 14-week course spread over into 26 sessions requiring 6 hours a week. It procures skills from the scratch towards job-ready knowledge.

The holistic learning environment at Designerrs Academy is the main contributor to the all-around development where daily interaction with instructors in the class enhances soft skills required by a designer like empathy, curiosity, ideation, creative skills, research skills, and communication skills.


Despite being a course for beginners, the course impresses the aspirants from its promising advances of lifetime support, access to the Detaux community to assist in the job hunt, incorporated live projects and case studies, tools, and plugins.


Course name: UI UX Design from Scratch


Course content

  • Orientation class – Introduction to UX/UI Design
  • User Research – Design Thinking, Figma Basics
  • Synthesis and Analysis
  • User Flows – Sitemap creation
  • Interaction Design Principles
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • UI Design Principles
  • Color Psychology
  • Typography Fundamentals
  • User Testing – Plugins, visual design
  • Case Study


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6. VRx Academy


Another institute offering UX/UI design courses in Delhi is VRx Academy which has established a reputation for providing high-quality core courses like virtual reality, web design and development, 3D animation, UI/UX design, gaming, and others. VRx Academy aims to build a unique brand of producing professionals that are leaving their marks in the tech world through their creative curriculum and powerful training techniques.


With two training centers in Delhi and Lucknow, VRx academy harbors an ideal learning environment. The centers are well equipped with modern infrastructure and add to the enhanced learning experience.


Students receive hands-on practice and comprehensive instructions in the most up-to-date industry practices. The procedures are individually supervised by industry experts leading live classroom sessions. Throughout the course, they also receive regular counseling to ensure that they choose the best path for their skills and are able to comprehend the work lying ahead of them.


Opportunities to work on live projects, review of the projects by industry experts, and placement assistance are the additional benefits of the course. The course is helpful to those who already have some understanding of designing since it is an advanced-level course of 24-weeks, that is available on weekends for professionals as well.


Course content


  • Introduction UI & UX
  • User Research
  • Persona Design
  • Storyboard (User Journey)
  • User flow
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the UI/UX design course duration?

There are various courses to take in UI and UX design from beginners to advance levels. One can choose to take a degree course in the same. Considering all the options, it can take from 2months to 2 years to complete an education in UI and UX design.


  1. What skills do you need for UI design?

Since it is a technical field, a UI/UX designer is expected to have covered all of its basics but that is something not to worry about as those can be gained from guided training. Other than that, some soft skills that make the work of a UX/UI designer go easy are communication skills, creativity, being collaborative, problem solving, critical thinking, time management, and research. One more out-of-the-ordinary job skill would be empathy as the designer needs to find the user’s aspect and make the design emotionally satisfying.


  1. Are UI designers in demand?

Based on the usability of UI and UX designs, the number of websites and apps speaks a lot about the demand of UI and UX designers. With over a billion websites and 4 million apps, UI/UX designer’s job is one of the top 15 in-demand skills.




UI designers are more vital than ever in this digital age. There is a great shift in the user base in respect to prevailing technology and its everyday effect on life, leading to more interaction between humans and machines. With the emergence of human-computer interaction, machine learning, and big data, UI designers are playing an increasingly important role in making technology more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable.


Overall, UI design is an interesting job that offers space for creativity, variety, and the opportunity to leave a great impact. Simultaneously it provides job security and respectable compensation. UI/UX design has become a common term now and surely it is an in-demand skill, but not to forget, any line of work will prove to be fruitful only when there is passion, interest, and some natural adaptability to the skills at work. And taking any of the mentioned UX/UI courses in Delhi is a good way to start at.

  • Iam interested in ux/ui designing and I want make my career in this field but I don’t know how to get started this so if you can help me for this and telling about this course

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