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Top 10 Performance Marketing Courses With Placements

Performance marketing strategy is implemented in businesses to resolve issues and generate profitability by gripping data and focusing on the different aspects that can be measured. Performance marketing technicalities started in the mid-1990s, shortly after internet marketing. It was an act of marketing brains to upgrade marketing standards for firms. This initiated the need for expertise to measure performance marketing, so the various training programs started fulfilling the industry demand need. The article comprises the best performance marketing courses to learn.

List of best performance marketing courses

Understanding Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is one industry that incorporates multiple subject matters and growing as new marketing platforms are developed. A performance marketing professional is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends such as data analysis, social media marketing, and content planning with SEO expertise to achieve an impact.

However, in some cases, traditional marketing remains relevant but performance marketing is taking over in most cases due to its affordability and analytics. Companies can utilize performance marketing to discover the exact regions from which they are acquiring new clients. Or which approaches yield the biggest ROI.

The demand for performance marketers is continually expanding; there are currently over 4 billion active consumers on the internet. This dramatically enhances the likelihood of performance marketing being recruited. As a result, they may assist businesses in increasing their visibility on the internet.

Also, check these digital marketing courses to get a hike in your career:

Top 10 Performance Marketing Courses With Placements


IIM SKILLS, the well-regarded Edtech company, inculcates performance marketing and marketing automation skills with its most purchased digital marketing course.

The digital marketing course includes important skills and tools in the syllabus which utilized in performance marketing, focused on marketing strategies and Ads techniques to drive measurable leads, sales, or conversion results for business campaigns.

The digital marketing training includes useful topics for performance marketing such as Data Analysis, digital marketing, conversion optimization, SEO knowledge, CRM systems, social media marketing, inbound marketing, mail marketing, Google Analytics, e-commerce marketing, affiliate marketing, media buying & planning, Content writing, and advanced blogging.

Course Modules Covered Under Performance Marketing Courses By IIM SKILLS:

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

IIM SKILLS offers these key marketing topics to instill valuable addition in marketing knowledge in students. Digital marketing training programs advance the understanding of data-driven decisions and other performance marketing skills like familiarity with tools, techniques, and campaigns.

Course Details:

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship.

Fees: INR 29900 + Taxes.

The IIM SKILLS supports finding & cracking career acceleration opportunities with its wide range of training quality, extensive syllabus, and eventually by preparing them for Interviews. Then, learners will be able to identify themselves as skilled performance marketeer.

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The instructors of IIM SKILLS are competent and engaging while teaching students. These instructors of institutes designed the course materials that are not just complete but also timely updated.

Participants will appreciate the practical, hands-on approach to learning, which allows them to apply what they’ve learned in real-world circumstances. The course is well-organized for performance marketing and simple to follow.

The course is on an online platform that makes it user-friendly and eventually highly recommended training for everyone who wants to solidify their basic and advanced skills in performance marketing.

Overall, the digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS is worthwhile for top-performance marketing courses to make learners proficient in professional development.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Explore here the top-ranked:

2. Young Urban Project

Young Urban Project offers exciting top-performance marketing courses for digital marketers, paid advertisers, social media marketers, start-up founders, corporate owners, freelancers, career switchers, agency professionals, and young student professionals.

The Performance marketing course from Young Urban Project allows its students to interact with a super team of experts and mentors in practical live classes.

You can get recordings of live classes, handouts, and other study materials like PDFs, exercises, and worksheets. The well-researched, regularly updated curriculum is designed under the supervision of successful industry professionals that will make you ready to lead in the new-age marketing industry in just 10 10-week courses.

This course is not a business by the online Institute Young Urban Project but it ensures that all students in 100% live classes will have questions beyond the classroom such as mentor calls in the event of complex issues and having direct access to a professional program manager.

As a result, provide ongoing support even after the performance marketing course has concluded.

The Course Includes a Comprehensive Syllabus in Performance Marketing:

  • Fundamentals of Performance Marketing.
  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Ads.
  • Google Search Ads (PPC Ads).
  • Display and YouTube Advertising.
  • E-Commerce & D2C Advertising.
  • Digital Platforms X and LinkedIn Ads.
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Media Planning for Performance Campaigns.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Interview Preparation & Career Guidance.

Explore These Prominent Digital Marketing Courses in India Near You:

3. GrowthAcad

GrowthAcad is an advanced education technology company, that provides various courses including top-performance marketing courses and education services online or in on-site mode.

The Institute GrowthAcad designed a perfect course content for performance marketers to learn from the basics to advance so the learners can be proficient in the fundamentals of marketing with quality and relevance.

You can expect a comprehensive range of curriculum topics which includes digital marketing analysis, conversion optimization, SEO knowledge, analytics, and more with the guidance of experienced instructors.

These instructors or mentors are from the background of performance marketing which ensures the deliverance of valuable insights and practical knowledge to students.

Performance Marketing Courses Comprising Extensive Topics in the Syllabus:

  • Performance Marketing Introduction.
  • The foundation of advanced ad production, planning, execution, and analysis.
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying Strategy.
  • Creation and Optimization of Marketing Funnel.
  • Scaling and Optimization of Google, Facebook, and other Social Media Ads.
  • Campaign Analytics, Optimization, and Scaling of Google Ads.

GrowthAcad teaches students in small batches so that instructors can focus on everyone in online classes while also having one-on-one interaction with them. In these small batches, performance marketing individuals get the latest techniques and tools of constantly changing digital marketing.

The online teaching platform keeps adding new modules in the training syllabus to let its students upgrade themselves with evolving marketing techniques

. Such upgraded syllabi help students to secure a good job post-training conclusion. Post-training completion, students receive internships and job placement assistance at GrowthAcad.

Hence, the Performance Marketing training classes of GrowthAcad are best as they provide education through an extensive syllabus and eventually get learners ready for jobs.

A Few More Digital Marketing Courses That Will Help You In Better Career Growth:

4.  Skillshare

Skillshare online learning fraternity, offers numerous online marketing courses required in performance marketing and management. These online marketing classes wide range of courses from beginning to advanced, which will strengthen the performance marketing skills such as advertising, branding, SEO, content marketing, and digital media & and advertising.

By Learning the Following Online Marketing, Marketers Can Have a Strong Grip on Performance Marketing:

  • Performance Marketing and Growth Hacking.
  • Google Analytics and Marketing for Business.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy- Sales Funnel and Fundamental.
  • Complete Google Ads Optimization, Facebook Ads, and Marketing Master Class.
  • Creating Landing Pages- to Get Better ROI.
  • Amazon PPC Class- 2024.
  • Pinterest Marketing & Advertising.
  • Basic Concepts of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Learn SEO training to Optimize Web Traffic and Fix SEO Issues- SEO Audits.
  • Business Marketing- Create and Execute Content Plan.
  • Instagram, LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, and B2B sales for Business.
  • Growth Marketing: Effective Acquisition Funnel.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Brand and Consumer Psychology.

Check Here For Digital Marketing Courses:

5. Upgrade

Upgrade provides comprehensive training courses for measuring performance and management, which include all aspects of marketing. Upgrade courses guarantee that you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to excel in your area of interest and potential.

Upgrade’s courses continue to attract graduates and people exploring a career shift who want to further their education remotely. The online college also trains and advises students on how to pursue a profession in marketing, whether digital, performance, or otherwise.

Udemy specializes in creating robust Digital Marketing education which has inclusion performance metrics training– this will help your business stand out while you’re in a queue of knowledge in the digital world.

Again, the institute has expertise in digital marketing training with the assistance of its great instructors who have amazing insights into the latest and future digital market trends to create progressive digital marketing strategies and communications.

They also emphasize delivering a return on investment for students by helping them in attracting more discussion, doubt clearing sessions for their professional growth.

6. Jobaaj Learnings

Jobaaj Learning is an online training platform with comprehensive training in performance marketing that has the motive to help potential learners unlock their brightest side in learning this marketing approach.

The institution trains various marketing concepts and practical techniques in detail for developing extremely effective and profitable advertising strategies.

Students participate in classes to learn from active working professionals as industry experts so teaching materials include proven strategies, advanced marketing tactics, targeting techniques, keywords, social media optimization, sales, conversion tracking, and more.

The courses are available for every learning enthusiast working professionals, digital marketers, fresh marketing graduates, business runners, and beginners in the field. Each concept of performance marketing training will be taught from scratch to let freshers grow with other experienced individuals.

The institute provides students with a facility to watch live class recordings if miss live sessions. It means students will have access to revisit live classes and other learning stuff.

If you are a business graduate seeking to excel in advanced marketing skills for possibilities to become a certified Performance Marketer. Jobaaj Learning’s highly trained faculty will deliver authentic upgraded education in the performance marketing program.

The curriculum can help you learn extensive topics in Performance Marketing courses, allowing students to obtain hands-on experience along with theories and learn from global case studies.

Following the Performance Marketing courses, you will receive a certificate of completion that details all of your achievements and project highlights.

7. Market Motive

The institute Market Motive has numerous online courses with specialties in various marketing courses with the inclusion of a vast library of high-quality content that developed the best standards in quality, organization, and competence in students.

Marketing courses have essential topics in the syllabus for performance analytics such as Analytics in Marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, mobile and content marketing, Google Adwords digital & web analytics, and web analytics tools.

These comprehensive courses are outcome-focused and are regularly updated by active and experienced educators. You will have access to practice tests, digital workbooks, special webinar recordings, and a variety of other materials.

It will be so mind-expanding and good for your skill set.  The intensely interesting and engaging classroom has the opportunity to be involved directly with industry experts and faculty through dedicated forums and webinars which is a surprising part of the training period.

The training center holds office hours for students to interact with instructors and ask doubts, and questions related to the course There are also other sessions where all come together to discuss common doubts.

You can raise questions, so instructors can answer them pleasantly in the sessions.

8. Udemy

The global online learning platform Udemy offers top-performance marketing courses at an affordable fee with the best curriculum. Training from Udemy provides strong fundamental and advanced knowledge regarding digital marketing and performance marketing with the perfect curriculum.

Udemy has some important programs of relevance such as Digital and Performance Marketing fundamental course, Marketing Analytics Mastery, Digital Marketing Masterclass, Growth Hacking through Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Management Class, Modern Content Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

These courses will get you started with essential modules and knowledge you need at work – theoretical concepts, basic to advanced knowledge, step-by-step tools such as Google Ads, case study creation, and more. Learners will be efficient in grabbing internships and jobs through their knowledge during interviews.

9. Coursera

Coursera incorporates various specialized training in digital marketing from some of the best Universities that teach theories, approaches, and analytics for performance marketing. These comprehensive specialized courses include the digital marketing revolution, marketing in the digital world, digital marketing analytics in theory and practice, and digital media and marketing principles that cover extensive topics for marketing in the syllabus:

  • Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Plan.
  • Performance Measurement and Management.
  • Search Marketing.
  • X, Facebook, and Google Ads promotion.
  • Data Analysis, Collection, and Visualization.
  • Combine Marketing, Production, and Principle Strategies.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Mobile Marketing, Social Media, and Other Marketing Channels.
  • Strategic Brand Communication.
  • Introduction of Latest AI Technologies.

These critical marketing topics help learners strengthen key concepts, advertising tactics, Interpreting ad performance indicators, measurement plans, and campaign execution for novice or profitable businesses.

By taking specialized training on Coursera, remote learners can study in their rhythm and pace for a more beneficial and comprehensive understanding of performance marketing.


10. Growth School

Growth School offers a quality course in performance marketing that brings personal growth and marketing skills to the workplace. Growth School crafted quality content in the syllabus by experts of industry to students.

Students will get advice from the mentor which will help them in gaining a lot of commendable knowledge. The course and the workshops will expose you to case-study-based practical knowledge that will enhance your existing skills.

All the mentors of the institute are amazingly supportive of participants while teaching detailed marketing content. Therefore, you will get so many quite useful new marketing and management things to learn.

The explicated assignments will help you to learn more in detail and with additional resources supplied which will be quite helpful.

Growth Schools Include a Comprehensive Syllabus in Performance Marketing Courses Over 10 Weeks:

  • Fundamentals and Concept of Performance Marketing.
  • Value Proposition, Designing Ad Copy/Creative and Tests
  • Learn Advanced Conversion Tracking and Understanding of Analytics Platforms.
  • Understand the Foundation of Facebook and Google Ads and campaign Strategies (Warm traffic, cold traffic, hot traffic, scaling and troubleshooting).
  • Education in Media Planning and Buying (Audience building, direct vs methodical buying, and Ad optimization).
  • Comprehensive Attribution Models and Creative Automation learning (Ad automation, attribution models, and B2B &B2C attribution models).

If you are already a digital Marketer, this course Performance Marketing will boost your marketing career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. How does performance marketing add value in marketing for businesses?

Performance marketing adds needed value to business marketing. In this constantly evolving digital era, performance marketing came out to help businesses achieve remarkable outcomes by connecting the right audiences to generate leads and conversions. The top five benefits are below:

Dedicated Target on Reach and Return on Investment

Performance marketing adds key strength in the ability to accurately target the potential demographic while also increasing return on investment (ROI) by avoiding needless advertisement spending on disinterested viewers.

Real-time Efficient Optimization

Performance marketing provides immediate data and analytics that allow marketers to filter their soaring campaigns. On the ground of that, marketers make data-driven decisions and plans for companies that capitalize on the best trends.

Trust and Brand Building

Performance marketing fosters trust in the brand by delivering pertinent and quality experiences to potential customers. This extended branch of marketing analyzes the unique needs and preferences of individuals, and businesses that can establish a deeper connection with the right buyers by working on valuable propositions and marking off themselves from the competition.

Maximising Fiscal Productivity

Performance marketing optimizes the marketing budget and maximizes the (ROI) return on investment. By performance measurement companies may better spend their finance and get significant results by paying for particular activities.

In the course of technological advancement, customer expectations are shifting so the marketing environment is changing. Here, performance marketing plays an increasingly important part in long-term success for businesses.

Q. What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is a strategic approach that works on a brand’s potential, values, and response. Brand marketing is to raise awareness of a brand and its values and foster a sense of trust and loyalty between purchasers and the brand. Brand marketing activities are frequently splashy efforts that provide a different level of feedback than data-rich performance marketing channels.

business marketing brings a business’s identity to the forefront of consumers’ minds, instilling trust and (hopefully) loyalty in the future while also establishing a brand as iconic and unique in its field.

Q. How many top channels of Performance Marketing are there?

Performance marketing channel intends to target distinct consumers, goals, and skill sets. Let’s understand better these channels in the lists:

Digital Advertising

Digital advertisings are intended to drive quick traffic to a website in an efficient budget. These digital ads can be displayed on websites, social networking platforms, and other different digital media, where audio and video formats of digital advertising can capture the audience’s potential attention.

Social Media Publicizing

Social media is not just a platform but can be useful for providing powerful capabilities in product/service publicity. These platforms can be X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others for targeting specific audiences by analyzing the performance of marketing quickly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, despite its traditional nature, remains an excellent channel for performance marketing. Businesses send customized content to targeted individuals to be potential consumers. This channel of marketing deals with audiences while analyzing their open rates, rates of clickability, and purchases to evaluate performance.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a performance marketing channel that promotes businesses on (SERPS) search engine results in pages via compensated publicizing and Google Ads is an example of this. Google ads compete on business terms to appear in search results. This performance is evaluated on a parameter of cost-per-click basis.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the top performance marketing channels that is used to Increase marketing reach. Affiliate marketing enlists the help of affiliate marketers for business products/services sales. In this marketing method, affiliates receive remuneration for each efficient sale of another company’s products/services by driving valuable consumers. Businesses can influence their brands’ voices with the help of a growing affiliate network in the world.

These performance marketing channels add a further level of transparency and quantifiability to marketing efforts. These make it a favorable choice for many businesses.


For individuals who are interested in a data-driven marketing job, a career in performance marketing can be both exciting and gratifying for them. Aspiring marketing professionals can prosper in the dynamic field of the digital industry by developing analytical, creative, and adaptive skills while remaining devoted to continual learning.

Learners can take admission in these afore-discussed top performance marketing courses that help to evolve in the digital world.

Priyanka Sharma is a skilled writer and has written and published many articles and blogs. She decided to switch her occupation to content writing after five years of working as a travel agent. She is an avid reader and a passionate writer. Now she is a full-time content writer and is honing her skills.

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