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Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Delhi With Placements

Technical Writing is one of the fastest-growing job markets in India thanks to the boom in technology and innovations on the horizon of India’s development. The fact that we’ve only scratched the surface, yet still have an abundance of jobs in the tech field is proof enough of its potential. It’s a myth that you cannot become a technical writer in a specific field without a relevant bachelor’s degree. All you need is sufficient knowledge and demonstrable experience in the relevant field, which you can acquire by enrolling in some of the best technical writing courses in Delhi.

list of the top technical writing courses in Delhi


What Are The Different Types Of Technical Writing?

The main forms of technical writing are:

  • Scientific papers
  • User/ Instruction Manuals/ Guides
  • Technical Books/ Guides
  • Posters
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Reviews, etc


In a nutshell, technical writing is any form of writing information about a subject in a professional, descriptive, comprehensive manner. It requires a certain level of knowledge about the respective field and is usually carried out by an assigned technical writer.


Technical writers need to assess their target audiences’ understanding capacity and write accordingly. The purpose is to solve a problem the readers are dealing with, so it’s best to address the corresponding demographic of the target audience.


Technical writing is best produced collaboratively as it requires extensive fact-checking and proofreading. It should also be well designed to afford readability.


In addition, great technical writing also keeps the brand voice in mind and reflects the organizations’ motives. Illustrative images and descriptive words work best together in technical writing.


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a technical writer was $74,650


What Are Some Of The Career Prospects For Technical Writers?


Some of the most popular careers for technical writers are:

  • Technical communications specialists
  • Information designers
  • Policy writers
  • Manual writers
  • Content developers
  • Content Writers
  • Information developers etc.


That said, let’s move on to the 10 technical writing courses that can boost your career:



IIM SKILLS (The Institute of Internet Marketing Skills) offers the Technical Writing Master Course in addition to several other courses that equip students with the skills required for technical writing. Some of the other courses include the Online content writing course, the CAT training course, as well as the Digital Marketing Course.


Some Of The Main Highlights Of The TWMC Course Are:

→ An internship of 1 month

→ Lifetime technical & consulting support

→ Portfolio development

→ Publishing your first white paper

→ Publishing a book chapter/ scholarly article

→ Publishing with Times of India Blog.


The course involves 5 weeks of live online class training that extensively covers the most important aspects of technical writing. There are 20 hours of live lectures, in addition to 60+ hours of practical assignments to give students hands-on experience in the technical writing niche.


The dedicated placement cell is very helpful for students to land job/freelance/internship opportunities to kickstart their careers. To add the cherry on top, their course material is well aligned with none other than Google.


The Curriculum Includes The Following:

  • Introduction
  • Creating content
  • Researching and writing strong technical reports
  • Creating white papers or journals
  • DDLC & versioning
  • How to write in the conversational style
  • Reviewing & Publishing etc.


There are several other topics covered too, like API Documentation using XML, effective writing tips, medical writing tips, analyzing datasheets, user manuals as well as application notes, and finally, an intensive case study session.


They also have a money-back guarantee so that students can enter the course fully assured that their money is safe.


IIM SKILLS Brand Partners

The image shows IIM skills Brand partners


Cost: ₹14,900 + 18% GST

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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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2.  Google’s Technical Writing Course


This list is certainly incomplete without one of the most important technical writing courses in Delhi or anywhere for that matter – Google’s technical writing course.


It is completely free of cost, aimed to promote education in the technical niche for people in the roles of software engineers, computer science students, as well as roles in the engineering industry, such as product managers.


This free course is entertaining and fun, yet informative and valuable to the students’ careers. Google claims that thousands of engineers have taken this course and found applications for the skills acquired from this course in their work lives.


Although the course requires a little bit of proficiency in writing in English, you don’t need to be a top-notch writer to enroll in this course. All you need is a little bit of a background in coding, although again, you aren’t required to be an expert coder either.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Google Is Currently Offering 2 Courses:

  • Technical Writing One, a basic overview of technical writing, and
  • Technical Writing Two, a more intermediate-level coverage of technical writing

Both courses include self-paced pre-class material as well as live sessions (virtually).

You may be interested to know about the following:

3.   TWIN


TWIN or the Technical Writers of India offers one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi. They also have training in Bangalore, Gujarat, and several other regions. They are a community of writers and linguistic experts who offer courses in the field of language and writing.


Starting in 1998, TWIN has grown to become one of the biggest communities that provide quality education to young writers in the areas of technical writing, languages, editing, etc.


They have a Facebook page with over 5000 members that actively participate and discuss the newest trends in the industry of technical writing, their applications, and the effect they will have on the future of the technical writing industry.


Their technical communication training course is called the Technical Communication Professional or the TCP aspiring writers in the technical niche. Their faculty have years of experience that they can impart to students via the application of teaching methods that pay attention to practical application.


4.  ECT


The ECT, or the Education and Career Times Institute is one of the few government-recognized institutes that offer technical writing courses in Delhi. They also offer courses in the related fields of content writing, digital marketing, as well as personality development and soft skills. These courses provide skills that are useful for technical writers and can accelerate your learning outcome.


Their expertise on the subject material is top-notch, which earned them government recognition. Their skills contributed to the addition of several skilled workers to these jobs, resulting in a boost in the industry.


Headquartered in Delhi, they have offered training for numerous aspiring writers and have successfully helped them enter the job market. They have also provided training for several well-known brands. Their students have acquired job placements at multinational companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Samsung, HCL, Accenture, etc.


Their content writing course is divided into 13 modules, of which the 8th module is specifically targeted at technical writing. The course costs 15,000 INR and students can choose between the online and offline options for their training.


Some Of The Topics Covered Under The Course Include:

  • Technical Writing
  • How Technical Writing Is Different From Other Forms of Content Writing
  • Content Writing
  • User Manuals
  • Technical Blogs
  • Technical Writing for students from non-technical streams
  • Guides, Rules, Regulations, And Different Methods used in Technical Writing




NSTC or The Nano Science and Technology Consortium is a professional association aimed at promoting research and providing insightful education and business collaborations, in addition to training in the nanotechnology industry.


Initiated in 2006, they are one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi, being India’s premier business association in the Nanotechnology arena. They are working to create a platform for growth and collaboration in the Nano Science and Technology niche, bringing together students, industries and the government through educative processes.


NSTC provides a comprehensive course that aims to educate students in the diverse field of technical writing. Technical writing, being a form of writing that requires a lot of technical knowledge, requires extensive research from writers in the niche. NSTC helps its students conduct the required research in an organized, formerly fashion to create the best output possible.


The Course Helps Students To:



6.  Technical Writer HQ


Technical Writer HQ provides a world-renowned technical writing certification course. It is a 5-star course with more than 3000 learners. They feature top-rated courses aimed at educating students as well as professionals who want to upskill themselves in the technical writing niche and drive career prospects for their students with the knowledge they impart them.


They offer a One Week Technical Writer Certification, which provides their students with a foundation of the technical writing niche. The course equips students with the necessary skills to achieve success in the technical writing industry, thus helping them boost career and salary prospects.


Upon course completion, students have a vast understanding of technical writing roles, projects, teams, and documentations.


Their Members Work With World-Renowned Names Like:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn


Their course provides access to on-demand, expert video courses that give students a roadmap to a better position as a technical writer. The topics are up-to-date with the latest trends in technical writing, latest software, job-search strategies as well as communication skills to ace your position in one of the fastest-growing jobs in the tech niche.


7.  Alison Training


When searching for technical writing courses in Delhi, one of the best online options comes under Alison Training. The best part about the Alison Training Technical Writing Course? It’s absolutely free!


This course provides students with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of technical writing, such as documentation, technical report writing as well as related aspects like communication.


This is a level1 course and as such, this course is best suited for beginners who wish to garner foundational knowledge of the technical writing industry. Several aspects of technical writing such as the writing process, understanding the audience, catering to specific needs of the audience as well as identifying the requirements of this target audience are all covered under the course.


The course runs for 2-3 hours and includes a certification of completion after completing the 34 core topics.


The Main Aspects Include:

  • Research
  • Technical Communication
  • Writing Processes
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Designing Documents
  • Formatting
  • Increasing Readability
  • Industry Jargon
  • Correspondence
  • Proposals, etc.


The course helps students marginally improve their skills like communication skills and personal development practices, formatting, writing, structuring, editing, differentiating technical content from other formats, etc. In addition, they also teach students the intricacies of structuring technical writing as well as steps to avoid errors.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8.  Information Developers Foundation


Information Developers Foundation is a platform for content writers as well as writers in the technical writing niche. They provide quality technical writing education in their courses and are definitely one of the best technical writing courses in Delhi.


The Information Developers Foundation provides courses that cover a vast variety of topics from content writing, technical writing, and documentation to the related aspects of marketing and content strategy, email and influencer marketing, blogging, etc. These courses are affordable and are well updated as per the latest trends in their individual niches.


At Info Dev, they provide the Technical Writing Mastery Course which equips aspiring technical writers with all the skills required to become a knowledgeable professional in the niche. Students are placed in a friendly, enthusiastic community of learners and this vibrant environment itself accelerates their learning curve. They also offer a free workshop.


9. Pure Trainings


Pure Trainings is a subsidiary branch of one of the most established software organizations, Pure Software Pvt Ltd. It provides one of the most popular technical writing courses in Delhi. Pure Software usually provides consulting services and guides clients with respect to matters regarding software investments as well as procedures in the business.


They offer two technical writing courses – one in the classroom mode, and one in the online mode.

The Online version is a fast-track course, made for undergraduates, graduates, professionals, editors, engineers, call center execs, business analysts, etc. The student is introduced to several aspects of technical writing along with the advanced ones.


They are also taught about the different tools and technologies in the market that can help them live up to international standards.


Features Of The Online Course:

  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Cheap
  • Self-directed


Other important features of Pure Trainings Institute are that they provide quality career guidance as well as in-demand skills in their niche. Beginners are provided with a comprehensive study with apt coverage of the main industry standards.


They also have faculty with several years of experience. They have impressive infrastructure as well as updated technology to provide the most relevant learning journey for students.


10.  Henry Harvin


With a rating of 4.4 stars on 5 and over 19,000 learners, The Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course is ranked #1 in India by The Tribune. According to their page, their course has accreditations and affiliations with international bodies like the AAEFL, UKAF, UK CERT, & MSME.


The course is a 9 in 1 course that includes the training and projects, in addition to an internship as well as a certificate, complemented by E-learning, boot camps, Hackathons, Placements, as well as a Gold Membership status.


Other Features:

  • 1 Year Gold Membership of Writing Academy
  • 24×7 Lifetime Support
  • Interview skills
  • Recorded Videos
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Monthly brush-up sessions
  • Live Projects
  • Weekly Job Support
  • Career Services


They have 15+ years of experience and have training partners that have been invited for more than 100 keynote classes for their course. They have delivered over 350 lectures that contribute to their status as industry experts at Henry Harvin.


Their integrated curriculum is designed by these experts to make students career-ready to meet all kinds of challenges in the technical writing niche, thanks to their 100% practical training that gives students hands-on training with several technical writing projects, as well as GCAO Pedagogy and experiential learning.




1.  What are some other technical writing courses in Delhi I should consider?

Some great technical writing courses in Delhi are Udemy and Coursera, in addition to the Oregon State University’s online Technical Writing Certificate.

2. What are the main skills involved in writing technical content?

Knowledge of the latest tech trends, clarity and readability in writing, graphic illustrations, problem-solving, interaction with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are all important skills in the technical writing field.

3.  What are some similar courses I should take along with technical writing courses in Delhi?

Some great courses to complement your technical writing skills would be content writing, graphic design, and other related courses that can equip you with the skills required to become a technical writer.




In conclusion, technical writing is one of the most promising careers for students getting into the scientific writing niche. There is an immense variety of careers that can open their doors for you if you decide to pursue the technical writing niche. The potential you have acquired from selecting the right technical writing course to initiate your career will have a huge role to play in your success as a technical writer.


Therefore, make your decision at leisure, weigh how each course satisfies your learning expectations, do a bit of your own research, and add several criteria in your search for the perfect technical writing course to aid you in your future career.


Acquiring just the right skills is going to be rather important when learning technical writing. There are several different career prospects for technical writers, with most of them demanding a different skillset from the applicant.


Trying to be a jack of all trades will hardly get you far in this case. So the best bet would be to round down to a certain job category within the technical writing industry, acquire the skills necessary to ace in that particular field, and then hit the job market.


That said, I hope this article helped you find your choice among the various technical writing courses in Delhi.


  • I’m trying to become an engineer. I enjoy writing a lot, and I have a lot of ideas that I’d want to post in the form of a blog. But I want to produce content that appears professionally written; I don’t want to produce content that looks sloppy and informal. As a result, I looked for some courses that can help me achieve this. Your article discusses a variety of Technical writing courses in Delhi , making me unsure of which school to pick. As a full-time student who can only work on the weekends, please suggest a school that offers part-time instruction.

  • I am a student who has studied content writing as part of a college course that also includes creative writing. Technical writing seems unfamiliar to me, and I assumed that graduating would suffice. However, after reading your essay, I realised that in order to write properly, I need to be familiar with some technical phrases. Technical writing, I suppose, is straightforward and devoid of frills and fancies, which I like the sound of. I’m curious if there are any prerequisites for enrolling in technical writing courses in Delhi. I would be interested in enrolling for a course of short duration and part time .

  • I am a beautician and I have launched a range of homemade facials creams and facewashes In Delhi. Recently I have started making face packs and face and body bleach products . These are delicate products for specific skin types and have to be applied in a step by step procedure . It is for this reason that I want to enrol in a Technical writing courses in Delhi so that I am able to write clear and direct instruction mini booklets for my clients . This course states it helps form technical content . I also want to know if the same teaching matter is covered by all the institutes . Also which institute provides recorded lessons so that I can take the course at my convenience . Thanks

  • Hi, I own small clothing business in Delhi. I was looking for a second source of income. I am an engineering grad and have a keen interest in technology and gadget, therefore, technical writing is one of the options I am considering. Thank you for providing me with the list of top technical writing courses in Delhi. With the above mention courses, I am sure I will be able to choose one and get properly skilled. Thanks

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