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Top 9 Trending Creative Writing Courses in Delhi

When you look for creative writing courses in Delhi, you will find out a plethora of courses by elite institutions based in Delhi. These targeted courses can transform and mold you as a celebrated writer. Perhaps, you are gifted with inborn talent, but the writer in you is not ready to come out on its own because of the fear of embarrassment, doubtfulness, etc. In that case, you need a specially designed course, and “creative writing courses in Delhi” will help you a lot in this regard.

List of best creative writing courses in Delhi

Let me name and discuss some of the elite institutes in this article, which may help you choose wisely. Creative writers are in huge demand across industries and it is a timeless skill with great potential.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing can be defined as an act of manifestation of the crystallized thought process of your mind into the paper. Here you will develop the inspiration of a particular thread into a literary piece which can be in any form i.e. fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poetics, novel, novellas, stories, short stories, memoirs, etc. The ultimate aim of this piece of work is to present to the reader your imagination that may reflect real-life characters to which the reader can relate possibly.

For creative writing education, unlike the older times, modern society unfortunately constantly relies on the shortest visual media presentations during this social media age where a lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are available as it is easy for them to educate themselves and it is ephemeral as mind’s natural evolvement not shaping up in these exercises.

Some of the Features of Creative Writing Are Described Below:

  • Attempt to connect reader emotions
  • Specific points of view in writing
  • Well-arranged text to develop a narrative structure
  • Imaginative or descriptive usage of language

Literary devices like metaphor and foreshadowing are used in creative writing to develop a narrative and present a theme, but this usage is not necessary. Fictional works include dialogues that can be excluded and literary work need not be fictional. Creative writing broadly includes dramatized representation of true stories, novels, novellas, entertaining observational humor pieces, etc. 

Categories of Creative Writing:

Though Various Types of Creative Writing Forms Exist, the Common Ones Are Explained Below:


The 18th century is marked as the novel originating century. When people think of books today, novels are categorized as books in their imagination. A novel can be interpreted as a fictional story that typically contains anything about 60,000 to 100,000 words in general. However, it can be as short as 40,000 or go beyond 100,000 words. Stories that contain around 10,000 to 40,000 words cannot be called short stories but novellas. And anything around 7,500 to 19,000 words included stories are named “novelette”.

Short Stories:

Fictional stories that contain approximately 5,000 to 10,000 words can be called short stories. Short stories present the reader with complete stories just like novels and have at least one character, some sort of conflict, and at least one theme. The stories below 1,000 words are classified as a work of flash fiction.


As a genre, poetry can be hard to interpret for it is so open-ended. There need not be any specific format, length, or rhyme for a poem. Poems can be classified into broad categories like sonnets, haikus, sestinas, blank verse, limericks, and free verse accordingly to cultures all over the world.

Poems need not specifically follow a format, length, or perfect grammar. But if you are writing a specific type of poem, like a haiku, you have to follow a specific number of lines or structures. However, a poem needs to evoke the emotions of the reader, arise from a specific point of view, and convey a theme. 

Plays, TV Scripts, and Screenplays:

As we all know plays are performed on stage, likewise TV scripts are meant for television programs, and screenplays are written for films. Other types of video scripts produced for other platforms fit in this category as well. Each of these works has a lot of connection with novels and short stories and though they are identical in evoking emotions, they are meant to be performed in their respective medium.

Unlike novels or short stories, they rely on dialogue as they do not have the luxury of lengthy descriptive passages. Script writing can be an aberration as it needs to work on dialogues and stage or scene directions as well.  

Creative Nonfiction

Apart from fiction writing, creative nonfiction includes all the other types of creative writing that can be classified below.

Personal Essays:

Personal essay writing is telling a true story in a narrative format of recollections and events and which also consists of personal insights and interpretations of those same memories as well. 

Literary Journalism:

Literary journalism presents true incidents just in a way that feels like personal essays and short stories and it is enhanced by using creative writing techniques.


Memoirs can be defined as a book-length collection of personal memories which is based on a specific story that reflects opinions, epiphanies, and emotional insights into the narrative. 


Autobiographies are known as what you write about yourself at length about your entire life’s events and memories.

Humour Writing:  

Forms of humor writing include stand-up comedy routines, political cartoons, and humorous essays.  

Lyric Essays:

Here conventional grammar and stylistic rules are often ignored when writing about a concept, event, place, or feeling. And though these can be identified as essay-length poems essentially it is not poems as it generally provides a more direct analysis of the subject matter than a poem would. 

Here Are a Few Other Recommended Courses in Delhi You Should Consider for Career Enhancement:

Let us dive into the top 10 Delhi-based elite institutions that offer specially designed creative writing courses when you look for “creative writing courses in Delhi”.

The List is as Follows:

  • IIM skills
  • SACAC (Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication)
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Centre of Excellence
  • Skillshare
  • British Council of India
  • Oxford University


Search for creative writing courses in Delhi will take you through IIM SKILLS’ “Master Content Writing Course” by search engines. This course naturally enables every participant to become an expert in their domain irrespective of their background or education, but the only key is indispensable interest in the chosen domain as it contains a module for creative writing also.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

The course contains 16 hours of live lectures followed by 3 months internship program where you will practically perform the given assignments on a real-time job basis with the advantage of writing blogs for Times of India and publishing an e-book on kindle or google play books.

Being in the field of education for the last several years, IIM SKILLS faculties are highly experienced professionals who will guide each participant in building up their confidence and developing writing skills through the wide range of industry-oriented training, aimed to fulfil their ambitions.

An innovative and interactive training program helps you to achieve the required skill through active participation. The students can avail the benefit of accessing free tools and recordings of the live sessions from anywhere around the globe. Complete freedom and flexible schedules can help each participant without compromising their present ongoing jobs or any other programs.

After the successful completion of the program, everyone will be awarded a globally valued certification from IIM SKILLS and Hub Spot. Apart from the above details, the participants are allowed to contact for their future doubts or clarification that arises naturally.

Career guidance is assured 24*7 and each successful participant is assured of job placements from a wide spectrum of industries. The online training program allows any student to enroll and continue the training program from anywhere or anytime around the world.

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: Rs. 14900   

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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


Since 2003, Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) a multi-disciplinary mass communication and arts institute is operational and their creative writing courses in Delhi aim to systematically design and develop the generations of media professionals accordingly as per their beliefs based on media creativity where an open, responsible and creative media can ensure a diverse, exciting and just world.     

SACAC curriculum is based on the thoughtfully designed mix of theory and practice to assist each student in their future endeavors to express themselves in creative realms with the help of technical and conceptual skill sets. They make sure that each student begins their endeavor with utmost confidence and this vision can be noticed in the past successful students who had excelled in various career fields like advertising, public relations, photography, filmmaking, and sound design.   

SACAC students are enabled with unlimited possibilities by an interactive method with industry members and academicians. The creative writing courses in Delhi offered at SACAC emphasize the experience of learning through practical assignments. 

They believe in creating a generation of creative freedom, positivity, and support and their students move forward with super extra confidence without any fear and exhibit professional excellence and proficiency in realizing inner souls’ eagerness. 

Course Name: Certificate Course in Creative Writing

Duration: 3 Months

Mode: Online – weekend

3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU is a Govt. of India-established national open university. They offer an affordable high-quality training program in creative writing when you search for creative writing courses in Delhi. Anybody with a 10+2 pass eligibility can apply for the diploma course in creative writing. Various methodologies ensure each participant’s progress at their own pace. 

Course Highlight:

  • They help to evolve each participant’s imaginative writing capability and nurture artistic expression.
  • Their training program consists of article writing, story writing, scriptwriting, and poetry writing.
  • The course is an enhancement course and it develops stage-wise.

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4. Udemy

One of the popular platforms in the online method of training program Udemy offers their creative writing courses in Delhi through the same. More than 150,000 courses contain in their basket that offer a wide range of courses and participants can choose any course anytime from anywhere around the globe.

This platform is utilized by around 4 million users around the globe. The courses range from learning Makeup to Pilates and some of them are free and some others are paid ones, and paid ones are not expensive either. Lifetime accessibility is the specialty of the courses.

Unfortunately, the institute is not an accredited one, and the acquired skills through this institute can help showcase your knowledge and receive a lot of appreciation. India-specific multiple courses in creative writing or creative writing courses in Delhi online allow you to choose wisely.

Course Highlights:

  • Preference for language is available
  • Subtitles, practice tests, and quizzes are included in the creative writing course
  • Video duration of the courses ranges from 3 to 17+ hours
  • Participants can choose multiple levels of training and elements of training

Course Name: Topic-based

Course Fees: Anything around $9 – $300

Duration: Minimum 30 hours of lecture with a lifetime accessibility

Contact: www.udemy.com

5. Coursera

Their curriculum is fundamentally designed and focused on the most critical or challenging aspect of creative writing i.e. story or plot. Here the participants will acquire the skill of how the story keeps moving, and how it affects our feelings, expectations, and desires. The program helps us to understand the nuances of storytellers that catch our imaginations and drag us into a fictional world and keeps us there. Participants will analyze how to develop an outline and structure a plot, discuss narrative, etc., pacing and reversals and reveal the inevitable surprise connecting the beginning, middle, and end.  

Course Highlights:

  • Flexible deadline – Convenience to reset schedules
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Online program – 100%
  • Duration – 6 hours for completion
  • Language – English 

Skills You Will Learn:

  • Short story writing skills
  • Fiction writing
  • Creativity
  • Copy editing

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6. Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence creative writing online courses simply aim to enable you to express emotions, thoughts, and feelings using the written word. Their course intends to improve your creative writing skills, test new techniques in different writing styles, and be able to create compelling works of fiction.

Though publishing is the main agenda of this course, it is not just concentrated on that alone but to heighten your creative writing abilities with unmatched standards of professionalism. Creating imaginary plots and forming descriptive scenes with a lot of vivacities can make you satisfied completely.

How to create a fascinating short story as well as build larger-than-life characters can be captivating the power in you.  If the publication is your agenda, it will be a long journey but an enjoyable path to success, and you can utilize the acquired craft and intersperse it into your writing techniques.

Consider their creative writing courses in Delhi online as a stepping stone to move forward with your potential power in the creative world and travel along with imaginative characters with their nuances thus becoming a celebrated published writer.

Course Name: Creative Writing Diploma Course

Course Details: 14 Modules, Lifetime Access, and Study Group access as well

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7. Skill Share

Skill Share’s online creative writing courses in Delhi help to reach the untouched horizons when you learn more about creative writing. Creative writing techniques, tools, and topics like outlining, storytelling, character development, creating a compelling plot, and how to make your words more artful are some of the features of their course.

These online creative writing prompts will help you to develop new skills to create character-driven stories. If you aim to write a page-turning thriller or work on a short story about a personal experience, you can master the technique with ease and each class is broken down into short lessons.  Skill Share’s creative writing courses are divergent enough and aspirants can choose one from a wide range of training programs.

8. British Council of India

British Council of India offers online creative writing courses in Delhi where you can learn a variety of techniques to enhance your creativity as well as writing abilities. Their course covers plot, characters, dialogue, and setting in fiction writing. Writing travel blogs, learning to segregate news reports and feature articles, screenwriting and writing memoirs, exploring the tools of a poet, and learning to write poetry, experimental writing, and children’s fiction are some of the features of their course. Lively and interactive sessions are the key point of the course that helps your ambition to become a celebrated writer.

Course Name: Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1

Duration: 36 hours, 9 weeks, and weekend online classes

Course Fee: INR 10,000 per participant

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9. Oxford University

Oxford University offers online creative writing courses in Delhi where you can develop your creativity by enrolling in their short or award program. If you aim for an extra push into the creative sphere or you want to enhance your analytical reading skills, this course is designed for you. It doesn’t matter where you are in your writing journey or where you are in the world, their part-time course is tailored for you. Their short online courses in creative writing include live-time weekly classes, day and weekend schools, and flexible online courses.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the scope of creative writing?

The scope of creative writing in terms of job opportunities is wide and unending. A good or excellent creative writer is always in demand across industries with huge compensation.  

Q2. What is the average salary of creative writers in India?

The national average salary for a creative writer in India is approximately Rs/-30,448 per month.

Q3. Is creative writing in demand?

The answer is 100% yes to this question. The demand for freelance writers is showing an upward trend as companies prefer to hire a freelancer for a particular endeavor rather than employing full-time employees. Therefore, creative writers and freelancers are in huge demand. 


This article intends to portray the importance of creative writing and its vast and diversified genres of writing. Some of the particular aspects of creative writing courses are also showcased and anybody who wants to develop their creative writing skills can choose any of the elite institutions mentioned in the article. These institutions could help you in realizing your dreams of becoming a celebrated writer and particularly earning a seasoned income when you follow a career in creative writing.    

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