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What is Creative Writing? The Ultimate Guide 2024

What is Creative Writing? Creative writing is a very celebrated format of content writing. As the name suggests, this type of content writing involves creativity over other writing practices. Many people these days aspire to become creative writers, but do you know what is creative writing, what are the job roles in it, career scope, and more in it? Well, let’s find out through this article.

What is Creative Writing The Ultimate Guide

Creative writing is a very celebrated format of content writing. As the name suggests, this type of content writing involves creativity over other writing practices. Many people these days aspire to become creative writers, but do you know what is creative writing, what are the job roles in it, career scope, and more in it? Well, let’s find out through this article. We all have seen the rise of content writing in recent years which introduced many new formats of professional writing such as technical writing, academic writing, SEO writing, and more. However, creative writing is something that has always existed.

At present, we look at content writing as a digital marketing practice that brings the audience towards the website. The content is usually responsible for the website to rank higher on the Google Search Results Page (SERP) for certain keywords. However, as we go deep into creative writing, we will find that ranking and SEO are not the main priorities of creative writing.

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Digital Marketing is a very recent addition to the marketing industry after the internet revolution happened. Creative writing existed long before there were any traces of digital marketing and content writing being a mainstream marketing practice.

So, by now you must have understood that creative writing is one of the oldest formats of writing and has been practised long before digital marketing and content writing were introduced. Ranking and SEO are not the prime priority of any creative content. More than the marketing parameters, creative writing focuses highly on relating with the audience’s emotion, may it be humour, sorrow, grief, anger, etc.

Although creative writing doesn’t keep marketing tactics like SEO as their priority, you must not be surprised to know that creative writing is one of the most used types of content by marketers and website owners.

Want to Understand Why is It So?

Well, along with good SEO, quality content that offers value is equally important for a piece of content to work. And creative writing is what keeps the audience hooked as it relates to the audience’s emotions making it interesting to read. As we learn more about creative writing in this article, you will get to know about the exact places where creative writing has a major role to play in digital marketing practices. You will also learn about how a good balance between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and creativity in content can boost the performance of your content drastically.

Well, other than that we will also explore how creative writing is used beyond the means of the internet. So, stay hooked as we pour down immensely valuable information throughout the article for you. That was little from a lot about what is creative writing and ahead in this article, we will learn about the types of creative writing, the career scope in this field, the best places to learn creative writing, and a lot more.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the article and learn every little detail about creative writing.

Job Roles in Creative Writing

Since there is such variety in creative writing itself, it is very evident that there must be several job roles for this kind of writing. Because someone who masters the art of writing humour-based content might not be the best person to write grief or pain-themed content.

Since emotion is one of the most important elements of creative content, the quality of writing to express a certain emotion shall not be compromised to any level. This is the reason; different job roles are offered for different types of creative writing styles.

So, let’s try and learn about the various job roles that an aspiring creative writer can pick professionally to keep propelling their career in this field.

Script Writer:

The video content scene is very evidently booming. The amount of video content we consume is huge and that is the reason, many production houses and individuals also are looking for good scriptwriters who can give shape to a concept by turning it into a script.

A script is the base of any planned and conceptualized video, and thus writing the script becomes super-duper important. Having a script makes it very clear for all the people involved in the video production, starting from the artists, to cinematographers, directors, and the crew to be on the same page and align their efforts in the making of video or film content.

Like it has been mentioned already, creative writing existed long before any digital marketing tactics were introduced. Scriptwriting is one such practice that was being practised ever since the concept of theatre plays and dramas started.

Scripts are not just necessarily needed for just videos and films but for many more purposes. There are many more performing arts that need a script to be performed in front of an audience. Like, it has just been mentioned, theatre plays and dramas are something that demands a script.

Many plays are also based on books that can also be counted as creative write-ups. One of the other very famous performing arts that need a script is “Stand-up comedy”.  It is a very celebrated form of performing arts and involves a good amount of emotional features that the audience can relate to.

Not just stand-up comedy but the domain “comedy” itself needs script because the art of making people laugh has a lot to do with saying and performing the right things at the right time that the audience can relate with. For example, you’ll easily find comedy sketch videos on streaming platforms like YouTube, and the making of such content also requires a script that has to be written by a creative writer who can grasp the theme of the sketch.

Another scenario where we can see a pretty decent need for scripts is Podcasting. The culture of podcasts is booming at an extraordinary pace and therefore, it is a good opportunity for creative writers to showcase their skills and make money as well.

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Podcasts are audio alternatives to video content. So, it is either people talking about a subject, giving pieces of advice, opinions, narration and more. Many creators run out of ideas, or at least do not know how to shape their idea into a 40-minute long podcast, and that’s where they need a scriptwriter to develop a podcast script.

So, these were few areas where one as a scriptwriter can work. The craft of writing scripts has certain key features that you must learn about to become a professional scriptwriter. Along with that, the art also demands a good level of creativity for the writer to be able to frame the concept in a way interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention and keep them hooked.

Short Stories/ Comics/ Fiction Writer:

As a kid, you must also have enjoyed the funny comic books, or weekly write-ups that come in the newspaper or magazines as well. Such write-ups are written by creative writers only. Newspapers and Magazines specifically hire creative writers for this purpose.

The write-ups need not necessarily be funny but could also be thrillers, or a crime series and that too would be considered a creative write-up. If you happen to have the kind of creativity that you’re able to frame interesting stories then possibly, you are the right person for such a profession.

The usual process to find a job as a fiction, comic writer at any one of the magazines or newspapers is by applying directly to the organization with writing samples. Getting a column in any newspaper itself is an achievement and many creative writers aspire to find that spot.

If you manage to get the job of a weekly comic writer at one of the reputed newspapers, the payouts are likely to be high since the content will be consumed by lakhs of people across the region. So, it is a good career role as a creative writer to consider and it does need a specific set of skills to write such content and some professional details of the craft that you might need to learn.

Such content is not only limited to physical newspapers, but also e-papers. In the age of the internet, the rise of e-papers and e-magazines is very evident and this signals the increasing flow of opportunities for creative writers to find a job as writers for such magazines and newspapers.

There are several media units as well such as Vice, ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed, One37pm, PureWow, and more that are not mainstream news blogs and thus they also hire creative writers for developing content for various purposes. So, that was about the job of a fiction, comic, or short stories writer and you must keep the mentioned pointers in mind if you genuinely aspire to become a creative writer or a professional fiction writer for any magazine or newspaper.


This is one of the most important job roles in creative writing because copywriting deals with the balance of digital marketing and creative writing. As a creative writer, one has to consciously think about how certain content will appear online and frame it accordingly.  In the last few years, copywriting has become very popular among aspiring creative writers as a profession. It is a well-paying profession and has an immensely important role to play in making digital marketing campaigns successful.

For those who have no clue about what is copywriting, it is the craft of creating content that persuades people to take an action may it be subscribing, buying, liking, or sharing a post, etc. Copywriting is used almost everywhere, and most forms of advertising use copywriting in some way.

All the fancy taglines and one-liners that immediately grab attention are nothing but the work of a creative copywriter. Like it has already been mentioned that creative writing focuses slightly less on the SEO part and more on keeping the content creative and engaging. It applies to copywriting as well. Copywriting is more about eye-catching content that has an impact on an emotional or subconscious level that makes the content consumer activities such as make a purchase, subscribe to a service, or anything of that nature.

Copywriting is not necessarily limited to one-liners and taglines but a lot more than that. The radio and Television commercial ads that we see are written or scripted by copywriters only. Other than that, the copywriting practices extend to writing product descriptions, product pages, landing pages and thank you pages as well.

While browsing through the web, it often happens that we come across some content that intrigues us to click a link which then leads us to the actual product. Well, that is exactly what a copywriter aims to do. The job role of a copywriter is to create content that makes an impact on a subconscious level for the reader.

If you are an aspiring copywriter, you must know that the scope for copywriting has grown immensely over the years and there are good opportunities with a decent payout. Since copywriting persuades the reader to perform actions, the ROI on copywriting is more than any other form of content writing which justifies why copywriters are among the highest-paid content writers.

Copywriting is also very valuable because it has a lot more to do than just being creative. Yes, the writer is required to understand the psychology of the audience and create content that is most likely to convince the reader into taking the desired action.

That was all about copywriting and if you have the needed creativity, then you might just try and learn the key elements needed for creating a good copy. It’s not very difficult, however, requires you to understand the reader’s psychology and frame content accordingly for making an impact and getting desired results.

In a broad sense, these are the job roles that any creative writer may aspire to pursue as a professional. Are you aware of the career benefits as a creative? Well, you must know what it is like to have a career in this industry to understand whether or not you can make it big here.

So, let’s now dive and explore the career scope in creative writing.

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Career Scope in Creative Writing

 Considering the present conditions. it won’t be very difficult to guess that there is very good potential in the creative writing industry and the career scope is also good. This kind of writing does offer great payout as compared to other forms of content writing.

There are writers actively making 6 figure income solely through creative writing and therefore if you have the slightest bit of creativity, then you must consider learning what is creative writing and try this career path.

How and Where to Learn Creative Writing

Now that we’re clear about the craft of creative writing, the career aspects, job roles, types of creative writing, and all other such details, it’s time we must know from where and how we will be able to learn creative writing.

You must be wondering that, if this kind of writing only demands creativity, then why would one need to learn it. Well, like it has been mentioned already, creative writing isn’t merely writing but a combination of a lot of things, and more importantly, every piece of creative content has a motive.

The motive could be to make someone laugh, feel grief or sadness, express or increase awareness, or persuade the reader to perform a certain action. All these goals cannot be achieved with mere writing with creativity, but it also takes format, structure, layout, and use of words, keyword density, and much more for one to create a wonderful copy.

So, without this knowledge, you might write creative pieces, but chances are they won’t get approved. You’ll have to know about minute details that shall be taken care of such as not overstuffing keywords because then it looks spammy.

Each type of creative content has a format that appeals to the target audience hence, you need to learn those formats to be able to write effectively. Let’s now try and understand how and from where we’ll be able to learn creative writing.

At present, it is not difficult at all to assume that the internet is by far the best means to learn absolutely anything. Every piece of information about creative writing, types of creative writing, and the very details of it is available on the web.

However, one must know what to look for to be able to learn from the web.  If you don’t have any knowledge about the fact that a concept like a keyword research exists, then you definitely won’t search it up on the web.

This is the reason some courses have been created in a way that they cover all the little details of creative writing to help you master the craft. IIM SKILLS happens to be the best course out there for learning what is creative writing. This statement is backed with several solid reasons, facts, and statistics.

Let’s explore a few details about the course to help you understand why you must go for this one if you ever choose to go for a course.

Expert Trainers:

The lessons are taught to the students by some of the most credible and qualified trainers who have more than 10 years of experience. These trainers have worked for some of the biggest companies before switching their profession of guiding thousands of students about the best content writing practices and career assistance through this wonderful course. The institution is led by Mr Vaibhav Kakkar, one of the most renowned content writers and digital marketers in the world. He’s listed among the best content writers in the world and understands the core terminologies of the craft which helped him develop one of the finest, comprehensive, practical, industry-oriented professional content writing courses that also covers creative writing and certain aspects around it.

Practical and Industry Oriented Course:

These are two different yet very important aspects that one must be aware of while trying to understand what is creative writing. The content writing master course by IIM SKILLS is 100% practical, meaning the institute doesn’t believe in just theoretical education, rather they believe learning becomes most effective when the theory is practised in real by the learner. This is the reason the course allows the students to have their hands on every module from the very first day.

This is very helpful for the students trying to learn what is creative writing and the practices involved in it because, when they follow the content writing practices by themselves, they’ll realize the mistakes they’re making and thus understand the core concepts through a practical approach instead of mugging up the theory.

It can be very well explained with the example of learning a bike. Just like we cannot learn to ride a bike until we have our hands on the vehicle and try it out, similarly, creative writing or just content writing isn’t possible entirely through theory and thus needs practical learning.

The other highlight of this point is that it is an industry-oriented course. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that content writing is very closely associated with digital marketing and the trends in digital marketing keep changing from time to time.

For example, the way SEO used to operate a few years ago is not at all the way it works these days, keywords are no longer the only deciding factor for search engine results page rankings and therefore, one needs to stay updated with the present norms and standards of the course.

The course is structured and designed in a way that it contains modules and lessons that match the present standards and practices of the content writing industry. Almost all the companies looking for a professional content writer expect the candidate to know the latest industry practices and this is where the course turns out to be super useful.

The course is constantly updated so that the students are aware of the latest practices making it easier for them to find content writing jobs.

Placement Assistance:

The students are also provided with placement assistance through this course. Not just those who wish to learn what is creative writing, but everyone else who joins the course, joins it for a purpose, and most of the time the purpose is to find content writing jobs.

To help the students with kickstarting their professional careers as content writers, IIM SKILLS through the content writing master course offers a 100% placement assistance program where the students get to learn about the best career path to follow to succeed in this field. The guidance is offered by the experts themselves, and the reviews suggest, the students are quite impressed and satisfied with the kind of assistance they received.

The placement assistance program has worked well for many students helping them start their content writing agency, raise different start-ups, and crack high-paying content writing jobs at reputed firms. They also guide the students about best practices to follow to scale your freelancing business as a professional content writer.

This was little from a lot about the amazing placement assistance that students get through this content writing master course by IIM SKILLS.


What is the first thing that an employer would want to see before hiring any candidate? The qualification, right? Well, then what can be the documents that authenticate the mentioned qualification of the candidate? A certificate.

Yes, a certificate is one of the most important documents when you’re going for an interview or even applying for a job. When the certificate is issued by a reputed organization, the value of the issued document increases tremendously.

IIM SKILLS offers 2 highly valuable and internationally recognized certifications through the content writing master course. The two certifications offered are, the IIM SKILLS content writing master course certification and HubSpot Content Marketing Certification.

Considering how big of an organization HubSpot is, the certification holds an immense value that can help the students get through job interviews, applications, and more. Not just HubSpot, but IIM SKILLS has also trained over 10,000 students from 30 + countries.


Tools happen to be one of the most useful resources when it comes to content writing or even digital marketing as well. As of now, we have tools that have the outstanding capacity to scrape through millions of websites and gather website metrics in a matter of seconds.

These tools can be very useful while trying to find the right keyword for the article while trying to do a competitor analysis, and more. Well, such tools are useful and at the same time, they are expensive since they provide such premium services.

IIM SKILLS provides free access to premium tools worth INR 35,000. This is one of the major highlights of the course as getting the opportunity to use such tools would help the students become properly versed with the operations and application making it easier for them to effectively use the tools when they work for any organization.

Companies want candidates to have such skills to operate tools to make the best strategies and marketing campaigns as well and align their content according to the campaign. Some of the tools are UBERSuggest, SEMrush, Ahref, etc.

Lifetime Access:

Upon completion of the course, the students get free lifetime access to the course resources including the video lecture and study material. This is one of the very highlighting features of the course and very assuring that even after you’re done with the course, you will always have access to the material in case you need any kind of assistance.

Let’s suppose after completion of the course you managed to find a job, and while you are on an assignment, you doubted the keyword density or conducting research, you can immediately refer to the video lectures and materials to get your doubts solved. This feature of the course by IIM SKILLS has been accepted very positively by the students and has proved to be very helpful for many.

Alumni Status:

The students who have completed their content writing training from IIM SKILLS are now working at some of the finest organizations out there. The alumni status of any institute speaks about the quality of training students to go through. Many students kickstarted their freelancing career in content writing right after completion of the course and have managed to scale it well with a good number of high-paying clients.

Several others started their content marketing agency or created some kind of start-up and used the knowledge from the course to fuel their online presence. One of the most interesting facts about IIM SKILLS is that many students who completed their content writing training from IIM SKILLS managed to crack jobs at companies like BMW, Accenture, American Express, Barclays, and more.

This clearly shows the quality of training and thus proves IIM SKILLS as one of the finest institutions that one to learn what is creative writing and the professional aspects of it can go for.

Opportunity to Intern:

Upon completion of the course, given a student has performed up to the standards, IIM SKILLS offers them a guaranteed internship of 3 months. In this internship, they get industry experience and become comfortable with professionally performing the practices they have learned from the course.

On top of that, the candidate becomes well versed with the core terminologies of content writing. The internship is a valid experience and once you have earned experience from an organization like IIM SKILLS and have become good to some extent, you may then find it easier to get through job applications and interviews for well-paying jobs.

Get Your First Article Published in the Times of India:

It goes without saying that it is not easy for just anyone to go ahead and publish their article on the Times of India blog. One needs to keep their write-up aligned with the standards set by the organization. So, IIM SKILLS through their course helps you to get your very first article published in the Times of India blog.

This can actually be the highlight of your profile or resume while starting your career and can help you find freelance clients to kickstart your career in the content writing industry.

Get Your First E-book Published:

E-books are a great way to building credibility for your profile as a professional. If you’ve managed to build a strong personal brand, then you might as well generate a good passive income from books however writing and publishing a paperback version of your book is very complex and the process is hectic as well.

At this point, e-books are the new normal, and people now prefer to read more e-books than normal ones and therefore, IIM SKILLS helps you publish your first e-book. Isn’t it great? It can be a major factor in your CV to help you crack job interviews, find clients, and much more.

Media Mentions and Features:

IIM SKILLS has always remained a symbol of authenticity and quality and several features validate how authentic and good any organization is. One such factor is the media mentions and features. As one of the leading ed-tech companies, IIM SKILLS has been constantly featured on several media networks such as Times of India, DNA, India Today, The Statesman, Mid Day, Prime Time, and more.

Reviews and Ratings:

Last but not the least, IIM SKILLS content writing course has the finest reviews and ratings as compared to any other course. You’ll easily find the reviews on several social and review platforms such as Quora, Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, and more. The students seem very satisfied with their decision of going with this course and spending their valuable time, energy and money on this course.

Many show their gratitude for the trainers and instructors who very patiently addressed all the queries and confusion of the students. The ratings and reviews very clearly reflect the nature, of course, quality of training, and student’s experiences, and considering all the mentioned details it seems a fairly good option to consider learning what is creative writing and the professional aspects of it.

You may also read IIM SKILLS content writing course review here, or just try watching this video of a demo session conducted by IIM SKILLS to help you understand the very details of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is Creative Writing?

The process of developing content is entirely meant for the purpose of keeping the audience engaged. This practice involves more creativity and less SEO as the focus is less on making the content rank and more on making the content readable and interesting.

Q2. What are some examples of creative writing?

There are several forms of creative writing and some of them are scriptwriting, copywriting sketch and short story writing, and more.

Q3. How is the career scope in creative writing?

Considering the present status of the industry, creative writing can be a very profitable career option however unlike other forms of content writing this involves a lot of creativity as well as a good understanding of how content is perceived online.


That was little from a lot about what is creative writing and the professional aspects to it. Overall, creative writing is the simple process of developing content that is purely created to keep the audiences hooked rather than making the content rank and this is one of the prime reasons why a lot of SEO practices are not followed when it comes to creative writing.

There is a good scope in creative writing since the content developed actually engages with the audience and persuades them to perform and action may it be subscribing, clicking a link, liking a post, sharing, commenting, buying a product, trying a demo or even a service.

There are several types of creative writing and it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to find examples of creative writing in our daily lives. The commercial ads we see on television and radio are actually written by a copywriter and the performing arts like stand-up comedy, theatre, and video sketches we see are also written by creative writers only. Other than that, the product pages and landing pages which spice up the specification of any product and make us want to buy it is also the work of a creative writer. The several types of creative writing include copywriting, script and sketch writing, etc.

If you wish to learn creative writing then certainly the internet is the right place to do so, however, you must know what to look for. Anyways, there are several courses that can help you through learning and mastering the craft of creative writing. IIM SKILLS is one such course that helps you not only master the craft but offers several other features like placement assistance and more.

The least you can do is try attending the free live online demo sessions by IIM SKILLS on their website and see if the course details are appealing to you or not. You may get in touch with the team directly over e-mail and phone, however, the website and the course page contain enough details to make you understand what the course is going to be like.



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