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Top 6 Google SEO Certification Courses in 2024

If you are searching for the best Google SEO certification courses, then read the article because it features the distinguishing highlights offered by the best Google SEO certification courses.

Google SEO Certification Courses


Reasons Join Google SEO Certification Courses:


With global digitalization, digital marketing and content writing industries have started to flourish. Since Google is the most popular search engine, understanding and learning the best SEO practices is important for any company or website to increase its brand awareness. Furthermore, Google keeps on changing its algorithms, and with that, the SEO technique gets changed as well. Therefore, one needs to be updated about the latest SEO techniques to draw more traffic to a particular website.


To make the process of being updated and learning about the latest SEO techniques, various institutions offer various platforms and SEO certification courses. In this article, I will share the best Google SEO certification courses to update their knowledge and practice the best and latest SEO techniques.


Google offers various certification courses like Google Ads, Analytics Academy, Marketing Platform, My Business certification courses, and many more. But, Google does not offer SEO certification courses. Instead, various institutions offer SEO certification courses. Therefore, this article will focus primarily on SEO certification courses, and now, let us know about the benefits of pursuing such courses.


Benefits of Pursuing Google SEO Certification Courses:


Learning about the latest SEO techniques will provide you with multiple job opportunities. Also, it will be helpful for you if you are planning to work as a freelancer or set up your online business. The benefits of pursuing a Google SEO certification course include:


1. Job Opportunities: Learning SEO techniques will help you to cater to market demands. The companies are hiring people who are well aware of these techniques to get a higher SEO ranking.


2. Successful Marketing Campaigns: Drawing more traffic to the website is very important for any company. Having good knowledge about SEO plays a very important role in making digital marketing campaigns successful. Having the proper knowledge of SEO techniques will place you at the forefront of the job market.


3. Better SEO Ranking: After drawing more and more traffic to a website, the next step is to convert the traffic into leads and then to customers. For that, you need to grab the attention of the audience. No matter how well you present your content or invest in making your digital marketing campaigns successful, your content or business will never reach a larger audience if you are unaware of the SEO techniques. So, if you are planning to start your own online business and grow it, opting for such Google SEO certification courses is a must.


4. Update your CV or Resume: The best way to update your CVs and resumes is by opting for such courses that will add a new dimension to your existing knowledge and help you upskill your career.


Let us learn about the best Google SEO certification courses and their features that mark these courses as the top Google SEO certification courses.



The Top 6 Google SEO Certification Courses to Join:


  1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the most prominent ed-tech companies that provide Google SEO Certification Courses with a focus on functionality and application. This SEO course has facilitated numerous students and working professionals to make a mark in the industry. Let’s have a look at its features:


  • Live Interactive Sessions: Unlike most recorded sessions, this course is based on live interactions where you can converse with mentors and peers. Another good thing about live lectures is the curriculum is updated regularly, so no more stale knowledge.


  • SEO Fundamentals: In this program, you will learn about the fundamentals of SEO, and how search engines work. It will teach you about crawling, indexing, and ranking. Once you are thorough with the basics, the mentors arm you with advanced SEO concepts and the latest SEO trends.


  • On-page SEO: You will learn about the on-page optimization processes to rank your website on page 1 of Google. These include meta descriptions, keyword density, image optimization, designing, formatting, etc.


  • Off-page SEO: As a part of the program, you learn about the 200+ factors of Google webmasters, which Google uses to rank articles.


  • Technical SEO:  Learn about the advanced concepts of SEO such as rich snippets, videos optimization, optimizing site speed, etc.


  • Research: The highly-qualified mentors train you about the ingrained research process to target the right keywords to meet client requirements. Besides, you also learn to carry out effective competitor analysis.


  • Free SEO Tools: This popular SEO training program comes with free SEO tools worth 20K. These constitute Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, Speedtest tools, GTMetrix, etc. By mastering these intrinsic tools, you can stay ahead of your competitors.


  • Algorithm Update: As you join this course, you become an integral part of the SEO community. You will learn about the algorithms and how to assimilate the latest algorithms to get an edge over your competitors.


  • SEO Audit: An important aspect of website optimization, SEO Audit plays a mak=jor role. You will learn how to perform an in-depth SEO Audit, recognize the issues, and fix those problems.


  • Lifetime Support: The best part about the IIM Skills SEO Course program is you get lifetime support for consultation d technical support. You can reach out to your mentors at any point in life to clean out your career dilemmas. Moreover, you get lifetime access to all the resource material and updated knowledge without any extra cost.


  • Placement Support and Interview Preparation: Once you learn all the basics and advanced concepts of SEO, you will receive all the support to get into the real market. Whether you want to land a job, begin your own agency or pitch clients, you will get all the help required.


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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

2. SemRush Academy:


It is one of the most popular Google SEO certification courses that has helped the students to bring a revolution in the world of digital marketing. It is particularly famous because of the variety of courses SemRush Academy offers. Let us know about the features in detail:


  • Free of cost: The Google SEO certification course offered by SemRush is free of cost. Anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge and build a successful career in the marketing industry can pursue the course.


  • SEO basics: The learners will learn about the basic techniques to optimize the content or a website in the course. It is included in the course offered for beginners and will provide them with the basic knowledge of SEO.


  • Technical SEO: They also teach how to meet the technical requirements of the Google search engine, and the topics they teach their students are the process of crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.


  • Mobile SEO: Most internet users browse the internet on their mobile phones. That is why a digital marketer or a business holder needs to have basic knowledge about optimizing the website and its content in a way that will be mobile-friendly. Learning mobile SEO techniques will ensure that the content and the website design appear equally appealing to all mobile users.


  • Local SEO: If you are planning to start a local business and want to reach an audience mostly belonging to your area, learning local SEO techniques will be very helpful for you. Because your company or business will have less competition, you will have more chances to drive traffic to your website.


  • Website audit: It plays a very important role in assessing whether your website is adequately optimized to draw larger traffic or not. If it is not, then you can improve it. In addition, you can learn about the performance of your web pages, and you will be to track your leads.


  • Competitive analysis: Learning this technique will provide you with a clear idea about the market competition. You can track the performance of your business competitors and strategize your marketing campaigns accordingly.


  • Keyword testing: It is one of the most important factors to get a better SEO ranking. Since search engines like Google cannot ‘see’ your content, learning the proper technique to use keywords properly will help your website get a better SEO ranking.


  • On-page SEO: By learning On-page SEO techniques, you can improve the quality and quantity of your website content based on the market demand and get more traffic to your website.


  • Link building: To get a higher SEO ranking, you should learn about the technique of using inbound links properly. Knowledge about link building will help you optimize your content and website in a better way to get a better Google SEO ranking.


  • Rank tracking: Learning the rank tracking technique will help you track the positions of keywords in content that contribute to getting a better SEO ranking.


  • Free certificate: A course completion certificate will be provided to you after you complete the course, and it proves the authenticity of the Google SEO certification course.


  • Easy-to-understand: The mentors have divided the course module into several short sections to understand the entire subject matter easily.


  • Short video lessons: We always learn better when we visualize, and if the topic being discussed is presented in video formats, it becomes easier to grasp the entire thing. Also, the videos are short in length so that the teaching process does not appear monotonous to the students.


  • Study material: They also provide the students with the required study material in text format so that they can be prepared beforehand.


  • Practical life hacks: Renowned personalities who have mastered the art of making digital marketing campaigns successful and have acquired deep knowledge about SEO techniques will teach the learners by showing them practical examples.


3. MOZ:


It is a renowned SEO software manufacturer. But they are also famous because of offering the Google SEO certification course. The features that make MOZ a famous course provider are mentioned below. They provide the students with knowledge regarding:


  • SEO basics: Students will learn about the basic SEO techniques to optimize their website and content.


  • Search robots: Search robots like bots, wanderers, spiders, and crawlers are used by search engines like Google to use links for locating and establishing communication between numerous web pages via inbound or outbound links. The students will learn in detail about these search robots and their functions.


  • Key queries: Learning about key queries in detail will help you to build an idea about how to frame keywords that will help your content get a higher SEO ranking and draw more traffic.


  • On-page SEO: They will also enlighten you about improving and optimizing your webpage content according to SEO techniques.


  • Technical SEO: The mentors will teach the students about the technical requirements to optimize the website and content.


  • Link building: learning about link building will enable you to use inbound and outbound links with much more precision and accuracy that will result in a good SEO ranking.


  • Tracking: Learning SEO techniques will also help you to analyze the traffic report and track the potential leads to strategize your marketing campaigns.


  • Traffic measuring: Measuring and monitoring the analytic report regarding the traffic will help you to customize your website content. MOZ also provides the students with the necessary knowledge about these additional factors that contribute to getting a better SEO ranking.


  • SEO Glossary: The SEO glossary is helpful for beginners to get familiar with the various SEO terminology.


4. Yoast Academy:


It is a popular and one of the most trusted Google SEO certification course providers. Yoast Academy offers two kinds of courses to impart knowledge about Google SEO techniques. They are Yoast SEO Academy Content, and another is Yoast SEO Academy Technical.


The most important feature of the Google SEO certification courses offered by Yoast Academy is that they do not only offer technical education to the students but also enlightens them about creating good content to get better SEO ranking because the key to get a better SEO ranking is to produce and publish good SEO friendly content. Yoast SEO Academy Content focuses more on the creative writing part, and Yoast SEO Academy Technical prioritizes the technical aspects of SEO optimization.


  • SEO basics: The free version offered by Yoast Academy will provide the learners with the basic knowledge and requirements to optimize content and a website according to SEO techniques.


  • Study material: They also provide the students with necessary study material so that they can get acquainted with the SEO terminologies and learn about the basic things by themselves.


  • Promotional strategies: They will teach about different promotional strategies so that the business holders can promote their content considering the preferences of the target audience and will cater to the market demands. It will lead to increased brand awareness and sales.


  • Creating web content: The Google SEO certification course provided by Yoast SEO Academy Content also focuses on the art of creating good web content that is the first step towards the process of getting a better SEO ranking.


  • Evaluation: They also ensure that each of the learners has got proper training and learning the technique well by evaluating individual performance and assessing their creativity.


  • Free of cost: Yoast Academy offers a free version that will be helpful for beginners to get an idea of Google SEO certification. Though, they also offer a premium version that will provide the learners with advanced knowledge in this field.


  • SEO copywriting: Yoast SEO Academy Content course will also teach you how to write web copies that will boost the SEO ranking of your website. It demands significant knowledge regarding various factors like keyword density, style, readability, and clarity of the content.


  • Website structuring: Yoast SEO Academy Technical teaches you how to structure your website properly by internally linking the various web pages of your website. It is very important to get a better SEO ranking because proper usage of inbound links will increase the search appearance of your website and hence, will draw more traffic.


  • Optimization: Yoast SEO Academy Technical will provide the learners with the necessary guidance to optimize their website properly.


  • Data ordering: It falls under the technological SEO techniques that deal with the meaningful structuring of web content. It also plays a very important role in search engine optimization.


  • International SEO: It is another major technical thing to learn. Learning about it will help you to optimize your website content in a way that the search engines like Google will easily understand and locate the target audience belonging to different countries.


  • Access to learning programs: The premium version of the Google SEO certification course offered by Yoast Academy also gives the students access to various online education programs so that they can keep their knowledge updated.


5. Coursera:


It is a highly popular online course provider, and its Google SEO certification courses are very popular among all the other courses provided by them. They not only ensure that their learners are well aware of the basic SEO techniques but also make them job-ready. The features that make their Google SEO certification courses so popular are mentioned below.


  • Short video lectures: They have divided the entire course module into different sections and provide the lessons in the form of short videos that make the process of understanding the concept easier for the students.


  • Assignments: They assign different tasks related to the topic to evaluate their learning process, and if necessary, they will provide those students with better guidance who are not fast learners.


  • Study materials: They also deliver quality study materials to the students and help them to learn and grow by themselves.


  • Short tests: The mentors arrange for short examination in between the teaching process to evaluate their performance and knowledge.


  • SEO fundamentals: The Google SEO certification course offered by Coursera will teach you about the basic fundamental tactics of optimizing content and website. You will learn about SEO in detail and also gain knowledge about implementing SEO techniques to get a higher SEO ranking.


  • Ranking content: The learning of SEO techniques will help you to get your content and website a better ranking on the web pages, and this is how your website will draw more traffic and convert them into leads and customers eventually.


  • Advanced SEO strategies: The course will also provide you with the advanced knowledge of SEO and the practical implication of the learned skills to improve SEO ranking. The topics that are included in the advanced SEO strategies are upgrading existing content, building out topic clusters, running a content audit, removing underperforming content, finding and fixing keyword cannibalization issues, mastering internal linking techniques, and optimizing for featured snippets, and many more. All of these play very important roles in getting a higher SEO ranking on Google web pages.


  • Optimization techniques: The course will help you to master the techniques to optimize your web content.


  • Client report project: You can monitor and track the preferences of your leads and customize your web content accordingly. It will help you to cater to the taste of your target audience, and hence, your business will grow.


  • Social marketing and promoting: You have to follow some techniques and need to have the proper knowledge to promote your content on the website in a way that will attract the attention of the larger audience. That is why learning SEO techniques will be highly beneficial for you.


  • Free: The Google SEO certification course offered by Coursera is free of cost, and you can join it and get benefitted.


  • Certification: Though they offer courses free of cost, if you want to get a certificate of course completion, then you have to pay them. The certificate will cost you around 50 to 100 USD.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


6. Udemy:


It is another very popular name of the course provider. They offer many professional and career upskilling courses, and their Google SEO certification course deserves a special mention considering the current market demand.


  • SEO for WordPress: They provide the students with the knowledge of optimizing WordPress content by suggesting reliable hosting providers, SEO-friendly Plugins, themes, and increasing visibility by following proper SEO techniques.


  • Promoting on social media: They will teach you to promote your web content successfully on YouTube and also on other platforms so that it can lead to increased brand awareness.


  • Local SEO: You can increase the visibility of your brand in the local area and by reaching the local audience. It will help you to grow your business without engaging in competition with renowned brands.


  • Search queries: You will get a better idea of how to choose SEO-friendly keywords used by people when searching for a particular topic on the internet.


  • Link building: You can learn about linking various web pages internally and drawing more traffic. On the one hand, including random outbound or inbound links will not be beneficial for you, and on the other hand, including no link at all is even worse. That is why you need to learn the proper method to include links in a way that will get your website a better SEO ranking.


  • Discounts: They provide exciting discounts and offers on their courses considering the convenience of the students. If you are planning to opt for the Google certification course offered by Udemy, it is better to wait for the price drop.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Does Google provide SEO certification courses?


  • The answer is no. Google does not offer any SEO certification courses. If you want to stay updated about the latest SEO techniques, you can opt for the SEO certification courses offered by various online course providers.


  1. Is learning about SEO techniques easy?


  • SEO has become a topic that is most talked about in today’s world. With the digitalization of the world, Search Engine Optimization has started to play a very important role. To make digital marketing campaigns successful, you need to learn about basic SEO techniques. These are all about some practices that you need to follow regularly. You can also opt for advanced SEO training courses to get a better idea of SEO. The techniques are not difficult. You just have to remember certain factors and put the learned techniques into use.


  1. Do I need to learn coding to optimize my website content?


  • Learning SEO techniques does not involve a process of code learning. It is all about some tactics and using them efficiently. But in some cases, especially technical SEO practices might involve code learning.




These are the five most popular and reliable online course providers that offer Google SEO certification courses. They also offer course completion certificates to the students. Some of them offer free courses, and some of them provide the learners with advanced knowledge of SEO and premium or paid versions. I have explained the features and the services offered by them in detail. Now, the learners can opt for any one of them based on their requirements and also check out other SEO training courses.

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  • My name is Kareem . I recently moved to Delhi and am working in the online writing industry. I also am a freelance content writer on the side and I am very keen to learn about this new technology i.e. SEO. As I was surfing through google SEO courses I came across this article which is nicely put. I want to know about the details of this course and the topics that are covered in the course that will help me. Are there placements offered by your institute as well. Also can I pursue this course part time as I have a job also at the moment .

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