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Best SEO Tricks in 2024: Increase Website Traffic

Here are the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks to boost your website traffic and get the desired visibility and recognition. 

Thenimage describes the Article on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks


What is SEO?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the procedure of improving the quality and quantity of a website by driving more traffic to the website as well as the content on the website and web pages through the search engines. In simple words, it is the process wherein it makes the website more visible to more people and more opportunities to convert those prospects into customers.


A good SEO makes a site attractive or appealing to the search engines and, to the users. It is a good combination of both marketing and technical. Suppose if understanding traffic’s intent is one side of the SEO, delivering it in a way a search engine can find and understand it is the other side.


What are Search Engines?

Search engines are the answering machine in other words. They search from billions of content pages and evaluate thousands of factors to determine which content is most likely to answer the question. The results are usually the website that has the content relating to the search query. It is a software system which helps people to get answers to their queries very quickly. This online tool helps people to search for anything they want worldwide.   


How Do Search Engines Work?

In the digital era, search engines are like libraries. Instead of storing copies of books, people store copies of the web pages or bookmark the pages which they want to store. In simple people can type their query into a search engine such as Google or Binge, it looks through all the pages in its index and tries to give the most relevant result. All the search engines have the same goal to show the most relevant and best result to their users.


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When was SEO invented & how did SEO grow?

Although it is always argued that SEO and relating tools such as search engine marketing started with the launch of the first website in the year 1991, the official story of search engine optimization starts a little later, somewhere around 1997.


According to the author of “Digital Engagement “Bob Heyman,” we can thank none other than the manager of rock band Jefferson Starship for helping give birth to a new field that we would know as “search engine optimization.”


Actually, the evolution of Google gave rise to changes in strategies used by SEO professionals around the globe to achieve high search rankings. Some of the significant moments in the changes of the SEO are as below –


1. In the year 1997, the manager of the well-known rock music band was not happy with their website not ranking on the top place of the search engine. This is when the word “search engine optimization” came into the picture. It is also believed that the founder of MMG John Audette while meeting Danny Sullivan first used this term to convince him to join the company. Almost a decade later he founded the popular publication “Search Engine Land”.


2.In the year 1998, gave birth to the website of Goto.com. This website allowed the website owners to bid for the spaces above the organic search results. These paid searches were shown next to and below the organic search results. In the same year, Yahoo absorbed Goto.com. In this year MSN also entered the search arena with its MSN Search


3. The year 1999, saw the first official search marketing event which was conducted as an SES conference.


4. In the year 2000 Google AdWords was introduced. This was the period when web users got accustomed to “Google Dance around the world.


5.In the year 2003, Google took over Blogger.com and started dishing out contextual Google AdWords ads on various websites through its new service Google AdSense.


6. Local search and personalization became major trends in the year 2004


7. In the year 2005 many changes were made to better shape the page rank. No follow-up tags, meant to push back swampy linking, were invented which could better shape the page rank.


8. Google acquired YouTube for millions of dollars in the year 2006. This led the SEO experts to work deep on the video optimization techniques and the brands using video streaming platforms for promotion to create a strong online video voice. Google Search Console which was previously known as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics was introduced in the same year of 2006. With these two new features, users could view the search keywords for which their websites were ranked on the priority page. Along with this the users could also view their errors in inclusions bounce rate and many more.  


9.In the year 2007, Google universal was invented wherein instead of just plain search, other features like images or videos were included.


10.The year 2010 saw the invention of Google Instant. Whenever the user would type in the search bar it would show some of the relevant search query suggestions also.


11.In 2012, Google came up with Google’s Knowledge Graph. This is was a major change in understanding the search intent. In Google’s Knowledge Graph billions of the internet’s websites can serve as Google Knowledge’s database. This would help it to draw the most relevant information which would be in the form of knowledge or the form of boxes etc.


12.The Hummingbird the new Google algorithm in the year 2013 was introduced. This update was intended to redefine the natural language search for cell phone devices. This is considered Google’s biggest search update since the year 2011.


13.The number of mobile users exceeded users of desktop users in the year 2015. This is mainly because of the increase in mobile users. Also, their smart cell phone would be helpful to retrieve information when on move. In the same year, Google acknowledges RankBrain as a major component for its search algorithm. 


14.In the year 2016, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) was launched by Google. This would instantly upload the content. This Accelerated Mobile Page is used by the media house very extensively.     


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What will be the future of SEO?

With so many evolutions and deep study Google has become vastly more intelligent and vigilant. It is continuously developing for the rapid growth of SEO tactics. Users now also desire more contextual and quick and wholesome search results with their own minimum efforts.


Google will definitely recognize, research, study the patterns of the users. They would even use external platform data to achieve its objective where website users can prepare something by optimizing in-app content to make it more users friendly and more tailored. In all the main goal is to feature well-optimized content, images, or videos having high-resolution across all the devices and various and in all possible forms that are it can be on desktop sites, mobile sites, or even the voice search with care. The main prerequisite would be reaching out to the customer base for more feedback on the online presence and reaching maximum content creators.      


How does SEO work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization changes and evolves all the time. Every year certain new methods are introduced in the process of Search engine optimization. In simple words, SEO works by demonstrating to the search engine that how your content is the best for the topic searched. Although the search engine continuously refines how they can rank the web pages, there are main two key elements that determine Page One result –


  • Onsite – Onsite SEO is the process of optimizing the factors on the website that includes
  1. Content on the website 
  2. Targeting the best keywords
  3. Targeting specific keywords to existing content on the website
  4. Creating new content to match the new keyword cluster


  • Offsite – Offsite SEO is the process that incorporates sites that links to your thus giving you authority.
  1. Having a relevant and active presence on social media
  2. Having backlinks about your articles on other websites


Why SEO is important?

People around the world now a day’s depend upon the internet for everything. You can say that the internet has put people around the globe at their fingertips. When people need any information about any products, services, or are looking for any information they go online. They get their required information in very few clicks. For every business in this competitive market, SEO is more important than ever.


  • If your business is online, or you own your own website or a blog, SEO helps you to get a free targeted audience from the search engines.
  • Usually, people have trust in search engines. Having a presence in the top position of the search engines also increases the website’s trust.
  • The majority of the time people click the pages which are listed on the top position of the search engine. SEO will help to gain more visitors to your website by appearing in the top position of the search engine.
  • SEO is an essential technology that helps in the smooth running of the website. Any website which has more than one author can get benefit from SEO in many ways. 
  • SEO is not all about the search engines but it also helps to improve the user experience and website usability.   
  • SEO can help you to be ahead of your competitors. For example, If two companies are selling similar products online, the company which uses SEO is more likely to have more customers and more online sales since their website would be ranked in a higher place than the other


SEO as a marketing strategy

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important digital marketing strategy that makes your website and your business visible on the search engines. SEO is always not appropriate for marketing or is not a marketing strategy for every website. There can be other marketing strategies that are online such as paid advertising through pay-per-click campaigns depending upon the website owners or operator’s goal.


Search engine marketing can be said as the practice of designing, running, and optimizing sear engine ad campaigns. The difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is only the difference between the paid and unpaid ranking in the search engine results. In simple words, Search Engine Marketing is the digital strategy to obtain traffic to your website through payment mode, mostly through ads. Thus search engine marketing strategy can be one of the ways to attract traffic to your website and your business.    


Some of the Best Seo Tricks 

Search engine optimization has become an important part of every company’s online marketing strategy. Although search engines such as Google or Binge or Yahoo will make continuous changes so that their users can get better and quick search results. So it is very important to stay up to date with the latest SEO tricks for every company promoting their business online. These tricks will help them to keep their website ranked higher on the search engines.


Below are some of the tricks which can help or can also improve your SEO rankings.


1. Seo Tricks – Speed up your website – 

  • Make sure your website works faster. Website speed is one of the important SEO tricks which is often overlooked. Many of the users expect the website to open in 2 seconds with many abandoning if the website does not open in 4 seconds. This shows that the speed of the website is not only an important aspect of the search engines but also to the users using the search engine. These users may also decide not to return to the website again if it takes too long to load.


  • Google has been using website speed as one of the major factors in SEO since the year 2010. There are some of the factors that determine the speed of your website. One of the biggest factors is the size of images uploaded on the website. When the images uploaded are compressed the size of these images can be cut down by 30% to 40%. These images can result in faster loading of the web pages when searched.


  • Other than optimizing the size of the pictures on the website there are other factors too that determine the speed of the website such as reviewing the elements of the page that are providing unnecessary factors resulting in the site load time. Or deactivate the unnecessary plugins on the website which are slowing the speed of the website. Also, enable browser caching which enables the repeat visitors to load the website faster.


2. Seo Tricks – Make your website a secured one – 

  • The second important factor is to secure your website with HTTPS. HTTPS is a more secure version of web protocol. HTTPS version works together with SSL better known as Secure Sockets Layer to communicate in a much safer way.
  • If the website is a secured one it provides the site visitors a safer experience. HTTPS has another benefit as it provides more accurate data on the referral traffic in Google analytics. The traffic from the referral source can appear as direct traffic.
  • An HTTPS website has a referral domain visible which makes it easier to see where the traffic is actually coming from.


3.  SEO Tricks – Have a better cell phone version of the website – 

  • As the number of cell phone users is increasing day by day it has become an important factor for brands to have a mobile version of their website.
  • In fact, Google has made it compulsory for the brands to a website that caters to cell phone users. Google has included mobile responsive sites as one of the factors in its SEO.
  • While building the website site for mobile it is important to keep in mind that there is a difference between the keywords searched on desktop and keywords searched on mobile.
  • Also while making a website the point of pictures should be considered. The smaller the size of the picture it would take less time to upload or scroll down the screen.  


4. SEO Tricks – More User Management – 

  • Google always ranks websites with high user engagement. Generally, when it comes to SEO, user management is measured by the amount of time spent by the user on the website. The more time the user spends time on the website the more they are to be engaged by the content on the website. Thus it a signal to Google that the users are spending more time on the website and are engaging in the content because they find it valuable.
  • One of the other factors is to study and improve the website’s bounce rate. 


  • There are a few ways by which the website owners can make their website more engaging and can drive more traffic –
  1. Content must be easy to read
  2. Use of pictures that are related to content and use of them through the content
  3. Give valuable information at the beginning of the content so that the reads will have an interest in reading and engaging for a longer time in the content. 


5. SEO Tricks – Should have valuable and engaging content – 

  • As discussed in the per factor, the content which is engaging for more period of time is generally considered as the best in SEO.
  • Content marketing plays an important in helping the business to improve its ranking on the search engines.
  • Good content not only helps to reach the audience with the targeted keywords but also helps to connect with the readers for a long time which can set you apart from the competitors.
  • The key to having valuable and engaging content is to do some research and to find out what your targeted audiences are searching for.
  • Content is still the head of all. It should be original, creative, and should be quality long in order the rank up in the search engines. Content with fewer words is not recommended now. That was the thing in the past.
  • Another important factor is how fresh your content is. The search engines reward the website which provides the fresh content consistent basis.


6. SEO Tricks – Social Media Presence – 

  • Social media presence plays an important role in search engine optimization strategy.
  • Social media profile ranks first in the search engines. This is one of the SEO tricks that sounds like that of the marketing strategy.
  • In fact, the companies which have social media profile may appear first in the search engine results. This can also mean that the leads can click on the social media profile to find more about the company.
  • Many times the best social media channels are used by search engines.
  • Now a day’s more users are using social media profiles to check the companies profile or sometimes prefer checking the product’s details on the social media channels. 
  • The conclusion is that the more the company is present and active on social media there is more the opportunity to get connected to qualified leads.


7. SEO tricks – Long Tail keywords – 

  • The use of long-tail keywords in the SEO strategy is one of the principal factors of SEO tricks.
  • Use of long-tail keywords, or long phrases, or long keywords will bring a more specific and more targeted audience to the website.
  • This can be stated as the audience which these long-tail keywords or long phrases bring will be a specific audience and most likely will be interested in the company’s products or service.
  • Moreover, the long-tail keywords or long phrases will have less or low competition in the search engine results.
  • Long-tail keywords give the business more chances to rank on the first page of the search engines for being the specific or most relevant ones.
  • Low competition in the search engine results means more traffic or targeted audience visiting the website.


8. SEO Tricks – Search Engine Snippets – 

  • The new trick is optimizing the size of the content only for the snippets in the search engine results
  • Snippets features on Google search results have become more popular with search engine users.
  • The short answers which the users get at the top of the search engine result help the readers to get answers easily and quickly.
  • Firstly the company can decide on what question and answer should be featured in the search engine snippet.
  • The content in the snippet helps the search engine helps to show the most relevant content to the users.
  • The company while deciding the snippet for the search engine can use the lists, tables, or even a graph in the snippet.


9. SEO tricks – Online Content Video – 

  • In this digital world, most search engine users love video content more than written content.
  • Because of this study search engines mostly Google wants to offer more video content to their search engine users.
  • By creating a more specific video can the company can improve the chances of showing the video results of the search engines.
  • Always need to remember to make an SEO-friendly video that would make the search engine user click quickly. Mostly should include the long keyword at the beginning of the video giving the user the idea of the entire video.
  • Not only should the keywords be included but also the description of the video that will give a clear idea of the video to the viewers.
  • The use of the thumbnails will make the viewer definitely clicks on the video content also.


Ending Up!!

Thus with the above simple and basic SEO tricks, you can create more optimized content in no time. The above SEO tricks are definitely important factors to optimize the content and if followed may help to rank on the top page of the search engine. This may also help the company to drive more traffic to its website.


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