What Is Copywriting? Here Are The Complete Details About It.

The Question In Mind, What Is Copywriting? Here Are The Complete Details About It.


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More than 3.9 billion people on planet Earth have access to the Internet.


More than 50% of the population of the human species is online!


It is a digital era we live in.


The world is gradually shrinking into an online global village.


Education, business, health care, banking, governance, entertainment; every aspect that drives our civilisation is going online!


A large scale migration of the brands worldwide towards e-commerce is being witnessed on a daily basis. These brands are making collective efforts to build a strong and impactful online presence.




According to research, more than 61% of internet users worldwide, seek help from search engines results to thoroughly educate themselves about the product they wish to buy or the services they want to avail themselves. Research suggests that the top few search engine results attract users to their websites. The compelling content of these websites provides the information the user is searching for and eventually empower them to take a well-rounded action, usually a purchase.


Therefore, it is quite safe to conclude that the success of this brand is directly related to how strong its online presence is. The strength of this presence is dependent on how much traffic their websites attract.


More the traffic, more the sale!


The amount of traffic attracted is directly correlated to the rank the websites score in a search engine result.


The competition is huge. There are many brands in the marketplace that provide similar services.


What empowers a brand to stand out from the crowd? Copywriting does!


Who is a copywriter?


They are highly skilled individuals hired by brands to create compelling content for the targeted audience; from blog posts, articles, social media content, the script for video testimonials to even emails, flyers, and brochures. The information about a particular product, service is crafted by a copywriter in a manner that is concise, catchy, compelling and usually quite creative, essentially consisting of elements from the daily lives of its customers to create a feeling of familiarity. The more a customer is able to relate to the content created by a copywriter, the higher are the chances that they will make the purchase.


Copywriting is one of the most highly paid jobs in the world.


No matter how good a brand is, its success is heavily dependent on how its products and services are marketed and advertised to its potential customers. Before the advent of the internet, copywriters were hired to create publicity content for platforms like newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, TV and radio advertisements. After the explosion of the world wide web, the demand for copywriters has touched new heights. The emergence of the gigantic digital space for brands to directly reach out to their potential customers has significantly improved the scope of copywriting.


What is copywriting?


  • Copywriting is a craft, the main aim of which is to increase sales.


  • The factor that decides the quality of the copy is one-directional.


  • If the content created by the copywriter does not increase sales, it is a flop copy!


  • If the content created by the copywriter increase sales, it is a great copy!



Copywriting is a craft practised by people who are usually creative, quirky and have great observational skills. Copywriters tend to know the psychology and need of their customers and accordingly develop their content.

So, coming back to answering the question in detail; who is a copywriter and what is copywriting?

There are a few qualities that you will find common amongst the most successful copywriters of all times.


Copywriting experts are:


  • Creative


Copywriting is regarded as one of the most creative types of jobs. This field attracts people with a creative mindset who view the world from a non-conventional perspective. Copywriting experts are expected to deliver brainstorming ideas to create advertisement testimonials that are compelling enough to touch a chord and provide a safe and trusted space for the potential customers to make the desired purchase.


  • Open to criticism


Copywriting experts are the people who take criticism constructively from their seniors and clients. This, in turn, helps them to further refine and improvise their work. This quality helps them to learn valuable lessons that make their copy more sharp and relevant.


  • Witty


Copywriting experts have a great sense of humour which generally gets reflected in the copy they create. Witty ad copies work to create a large scale positive impact on the targeted customers, in turn increasing the sales.


  • Up-to-date


Copywriting experts are generally up-to-date with every event that takes place worldwide. They are always well acquainted with the latest news, views, and trend. They also reflect their knowledge of the burning issues in their work, hence creating a sense of familiarity with global customers. This in turn also provides a good insight into the values and culture of the brand being advertised.


  • Psychology enthusiasts


Some of the best copywriting experts of all time are known to have a knack for studying human behaviour and manipulating the minds of people to their own advantage by creating content that indirectly attacks the fears, anxieties and deep desires of the customers. This insight into the thinking process of a human mind and the eventual projection of it in the ad copies help to create a magnetic effect between the brand and the customers.


  • Storytellers


Copywriting experts are amazing storytellers. They create a compelling narrative revolving around the lives of the targeted audience incorporating the elements of the socio-economic issues and showcase the need of the product or service in their day to day routine. Such ad copies create a positive impact ethically and help a brand grow.


Do you believe you have what it takes to become a copywriting professional?


If yes, read on!


What you need to know at this point is that copywriting experts also have a great command of language. But this skill along with the other qualities that all amazing copywriting experts have in common, the craft of copywriting is mastered with experience.


However, this craft has a basic framework that works for all kinds of brands and all kinds of channels that accommodates the promotions.

So, what do copywriting experts do? What is copywriting all about?  How to create a copy that sells?


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The first step to create an amazing copy is to undertake extensive market research and conduct a survey to understand the behaviour of the customer base. This empowers the copywriter to discover the point where the brand can add value to the lives of the customers and eventually learn where the market for their products or services actually exists. This knowledge narrows down the number of directions where the efforts need to be channelized to get maximum output.  


The second step is to generate an idea that is quirky, concise, unique and relevant. A great copy is supposed to revolve around an idea that is the unique selling point of the brand. The USP of a product or service helps it to stand out from the crowd. It is the USP that attracts the attention of the customer. Creating testimonials by incorporating this USP in the whole framework of the copy helps to increase the sale and create a unique identity of the brand in the marketplace.


The third step is to create a copy that manifests this idea into as many forms as required; the traditional TV or radio jingle, a newspaper or magazine ad or the digital copy including blog post, article or the trendy social media meme. The traditional set of copies and the digital copies together work to promote the brand, helping it to achieve the required objective.


The fourth and final step is reviewing the copy and taking into consideration the feedback provided by the various authorities. It is important to do so because the act of creating a great copy is not a solo task. It is teamwork and it is the collective effort of the whole team that delivers a copy that sells!


Now we have a basic idea about who is a copywriter and what does a copywriter expert do. Let’s know a bit more about the prospects and the nature of the job of copywriting.


Copywriters are in heavy demand in the advertising and marketing industry. With some very lucrative opportunities to work for the popular advertising agencies and media houses that have the world’s biggest brands as their clients, copywriting also provides avenues to channelize your creativity in multiple directions to promote transparent consumerism.


Copywriting is a financially rewarding career for people who are passionate writers. Still, for very obvious reasons a professional training from industry experts provides an edge for aspiring copywriters to enter the fascinating world of copywriting.


So, the next time you see an advertisement on your TV, radio, social media handles or simply search for the relevant information of a product or service you wish to buy on Google, observe your behaviour, your preference and everything that goes through your mind. I’m sure it will blow your mind!


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