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Top 8 Ways To Write Perfect Product Descriptions That Sell

How many times have you checked a product description while shopping on an e-commerce site? Once? Twice? Every time!! Right? Because that is the only tool that gives us information and specification of a particular product. Nowadays, from a rubber band to a washing machine, marketing sites provide these product descriptions to every product. You can also observe that the larger the product, the more detailed it gets. If you can write these descriptions precisely and effectively then there are various numbers of jobs that you can go for well-known marketing sites like Amazon or Flipkart that are specifically dedicated to writing these product descriptions.

Top Ways To Write Perfect Product Descriptions

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Why are Product Descriptions important?

  1. Customers at the physical stores can check and analyze the product on their own. Now in the era of internet shopping, a Product Description helps to fill that gap.
  2. It gives the customer a clear and precise idea of a specific product.
  3. Because of the product description, a customer can trust even an expensive product with their money.
  4. A good product description helps to increase sales.
  5. It is an effective way to attract the customer to buy a specific product.
  6. A detailed and specific product description helps customers to learn more about the product and trust the site in the future.
  7. It helps customers to solve their doubts then and there only! For example, in the description of clothes if you mention the fabric quality, if it’s washable or not, then the customer does not have to change the tab and search for it in some other place.
  8. The product description is a crucial part of any marketing site.

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Here Are Some Easy Ways To Write Product Descriptions That Sell.

1.    Know Your Audience.

To write an effective product description you need to remember that knowing the buyer is the first step to attract the buyer. Writing only a robotic description may not interest your buyer as much as describing the product while considering your buyer’s lifestyle. That is why, when you describe the product make sure you are considering the buyer’s needs, doubts, and concerns regarding the use of the product.

For example, mentioning the product’s suitability for different genders and its use in different areas, in that way product description, focuses on the benefits of the product. Writing relatable content makes the customer shop comfortably and trust your product quickly.

Although it is not always the case, the description of the product may change age-wise. For example, in the above pictures, you can see a slight change of tone in descriptions. In the first chart where the description is about the kid’s bottle, it is less complex, fun, and easy to understand. It also covers little concerns that parents may have while purchasing the product.

While describing the product like sports shoes for adults, it should have the right use of words considering the change in the age gap and cover highlights and right points using suitable use of language.

2.    Product Benefits Over Product Features.

While writing the product descriptions you need to remember that most of the time buyers already know the features of the product they are buying. But still, they choose to have a look at the description to solve their doubts and concerns regarding the use of the product. That is why your description must have more “product benefits” points than “product features” points.

For example, the description of a woman’s handbag. It should clear most of the user’s doubts like whether the bag fits for traveling or not, whether it has enough space to handle travel necessities and if it is convenient for daily use. Including such points highlight your product and its beneficial side in a better way. It can also play a major role in your SEO strategies.

3.    Don’t Forget The Authenticity Of Your Natural Language.

Another important aspect of the product descriptions is your language. Try to keep your language technical but at the same time fun, warm and comfortable. Be polite about what words you are using and how you are framing the sentence.

For example, the description of shoes.

“When you and your friends or family members go on a vacation in a group, choosing our water shoes can obviously improve happiness.

It is very meaningful to give them as a gift to people around you. Mainly for their special qualities like

  • Comfortable
  • Pleasure
  • Harmonious”

In the above example, the language is easy and describes the benefits perfectly. It does not just include the product, but also its user and the experience they will get after purchasing this product. Good use of words helps to keep the flow of your product description and helps to form the connection between the customers and your product.

Some ways to keep the language natural in your product description.

  1. Use of good and familiar words.
  2. Including buyer in the description.
  3. Through the natural language, build an effective connection between the product and the buyer’s lifestyle.

4.  Focus On Keywords and SEO Techniques

Keywords and SEO play a huge role in product descriptions. The more accurate and detailed keywords you use the more chances to rank high in the Google search bar. Points to consider while using keywords in the product description.

  • Keep in my mind the target audience.
  • How long the description is and the number of times the keyword is being used.
  • Title of the product.
  • Checking if your product description covers all the beneficial points.
  • Create unique sentences that consider SEO ranking and highlight the keywords.

For example, in the above Google search page for high-waisted jeans, you can see how products are described not just by their brand names but by considering their use. Words like “Bare Denim Light Blue”, “Rise Straight-Leg”, “High-rise Skinny Jeans” or “Baggy Jeans” express more detailing of the product and keywords.

For SEO try using different tools like SEMrush or KWFinder. These tools will help find:

  • Most searched words or search volume
  • To find related words and long-tail keywords.
  • Frequency of difficulty in ranking the specific keyword.

Through SEMrush, from volume and keyword difficulty to keyword variations and related questions, you get every help to improve your SEO techniques and solve problems like finding the right keywords.

You can always try using other effective and widely used tools like Google Analytics and Ubersuggest.

5. Build A Story

Including a story in your product description is always a fun way to connect with your customers. All you have to do is build a fun story that refers to your product. Twist and mold it while including some of the features of the given product. Instead of being too technical, keep it light and fun but informative.

6. Try Good Use Of Images, Charts Or Tables That Refers To The Product.

Product descriptions can be a much easier task with the use of some charts and images. Try using charts that compare different features and prices of different products. Using Images helps to give a clear idea of the various angles of the product and it is the best way to show detailed instructions of different parts of parts if any.

Try referring to clothing sites like Myntra, you will see charts and images are the most used techniques to highlight different prices and explain different sizes and fitting. If you observe, many sites have size options in the forms of small, medium, and large and that can be super confusing for your customers. It is also part of the reason why most people prefer physical shopping for clothing. Adding this extra touch of detailing in the product descriptions is a great way to compete with other e-commerce sites and improves your sales.

In the above picture, you can see that the site not just gives size options but extra information and instructions about how to measure the size. These small details are very important in your product description, especially with the products of high prices like clothes, electronic gadgets or furniture, etc. It helps to build trust between the products and customers. And the more transparent and clear the representation of your product is, the more fixed customers you are attracting for the future!

7.  Include Easy To Scan Points

One of the most important parts of the product descriptions is adding bullet points and making your writing scannable. Many times, when customers like a specific product, they dig deep for the information. If they find information even more convincing, they’ll continue reading your description till the end or show interest in any detailed information you have mentioned. It is important to not take any customer of any product for granted.

Especially while writing the description of electronic gadgets, it is challenging to mention bullet points. It should be described precisely as customers are likely to read the description of a product where they are investing large amounts of money.

One more point to keep in mind is that the structure or format of your product description should be mobile-friendly, as 79% of users tend to shop with their smartphones.

As you can see in the above example, The title of this product not just mentions the product name or brand name but it includes the features of the product too. Words like “4 in 1 Microwave Oven”, “Easy-clean interior” and “1.0 cu. ft” help the product to rank high on the page. Also, all the bullet points describe the product’s features cleanly and easily. The language that is used here is relatable to the customers and words are much likely the same that customers would prefer to type in a search bar.

8.  Include High-Quality Images

  1. Nowadays you can hardly find a product description with no image at all. Still just using the image is not enough. More than 40% of people still choose to shop physically as they want to touch the product or see it or to be completely sure about it. That is why images play a subtle but pretty huge part in the selling of the product.
  2. Make sure you are not only showing your product but its use too. A simple example can be clothing sites, where 90% of the time sites show models wearing the products.
  3. Not just clothes but you can even consider a simple product like a table lamp. It shows more effect if the lamp is on and placed on a table. It not only makes the customers comfortable to shop as they can see the product in action but also helps them analyze that product by seeing the factors like how much light the lamp can spread or how small it looks in a real space.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing Product Descriptions

1.    Be Consistent

Every site has its type of product description. Some are lengthy, informative with proper formatting and pictures. Some are short but proper technical research-based. In both cases, descriptions can play their role effectively as most of the part depends on what type of audience you want to attract. That is why it is important to not copy or change your product description style because other sites are using it. Understand if you both have different types of platforms and if your product is making a profit, be consistent with your style.

2.    Don’t Go Overboard

It is important to make product descriptions easy-going, short, and fun but don’t get carried away with words. However fun your story is, keep it short and effective. Remember to not stretch the tone when you are being too friendly with the words, try to keep it natural but professional.

3.    Consider Customer’s Knowledge.

Product descriptions should indeed have benefits over features. However, while shopping, benefits are not all those customers care about all the time. In many cases, features hold equal values, especially in electronic gadgets where even the smallest features matter to the customers. One more thing to consider is the customer’s knowledge. You never know how much the customer knows about a product, hence do not describe the product like you are talking with a child. When you don’t know what type of customer you are dealing with, it is always better to use an equal tone and a humble approach.

4.    Don’t Use a Passive Voice.

You need to remember that you are convincing the customers to buy the product, not ordering them. Try using more appealing sentences. For example, instead of using, “Our new floral perfume is designed to smell like real roses.” use “Smell fresh like real roses with our new floral perfume.”

5.    Knowledge is Power.

Because you are writing different product descriptions doesn’t mean you always have all the knowledge about all the products. It’s never wrong to do your research irrespective of how relatable and common the product is. When you are asking the customers to trust the product, you must be honest with your knowledge. Try to know about the product as much as you can.

Product Description FAQs

1.    What is a product description?

A product description gives the overall idea of a specific product. It helps the customer to know briefly about the product they are buying. It is an effective way to give the consumer product benefits, specifications, and information, all in one place.

2.    How to write product descriptions on amazon?

  1. Choose the correct keywords as it is the way to rank on Amazon’s search results.
  2. Try to use different kinds of long-tail keywords.
  3. Focus on the product’s benefits rather than features.
  4. Use strategic SEO techniques and try to make lists (Top 10, Top 20).
  5. Write user-friendly descriptions and keep them short & informative.
  6. Keep more bullet points.

3.  What are product description writer jobs?

  1. You can try to be a content writer on Amazon.
  2. Copywriter for YouTube channel description.
  3. Content marketing manager.
  4. Migrating listing from Etsy to Amazon.
  5. Writing Landing page description.

4.  What should a product description include?

Apart from precise and brief information, some points help to get more customers. For example, a polite approach, informative and understandable data, and seasonal language help to win more customers.

5.  Do product descriptions help with SEO?

Yes! SEO plays a major role, not for marketing sites but to rank their product for sale. It also helps to compete with multi e-commerce sites.

6. What is a product specification?

Product specifications are usually written by the product manager. The product manager provides information to gain the target features, technical descriptions, and specifications. To write product specifications you need to have a proper understanding of the product you are selling. You should be able to give clear, brief, and precise information about the product with easy and readable language. You can also get the help of images, tables, and charts to be less complex and more specific.

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