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Top 8 Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2024

Choosing keywords is the foundation for any search engine optimization strategy. They serve as the basis for the content displayed across the internet. Understand more about how keyword research tools can help in finding appropriate keywords.

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What is Keyword Research?


A keyword is a critical component of the online world and search engine era. Keywords are the phrases on a webpage that, when searched, allow the Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) to retrieve and display content relevant to the search. Without the correct usage of keywords, the website would not reach various clientele.


Identifying the relevant keywords for your business and incorporating the same in your website, articles, blogs, social media would help propel your business into new realms. This article will help you learn all about keyword research tools. Let us see some of the tools which many content writers swear by.


Keyword research tools provide information regarding the search volume, SEO difficulty, keyword density, paid difficulty, cost per click (CPC), total traffic, organic traffic, paid keywords, Est. Visits, competition, the probability to rank, and much more. The tools suggest topics surrounding your keywords. Suggestions on long-tail keywords, based on the phrase included. Though the main purpose of the tools remains the same, there is some difference in the various tools. Let us read on to know more about the tools.


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Top 8 Keyword Research Tools


1. Google Search Console


Google Search Console helps you learn and improve how Google views your website. With the help of various tools, the Google search console helps you to validate that Google can find and identify your site. Handle any indexing issues and request re-indexing for updated content.


Show statistics for traffic data, how many times google yielded results with your website, search queries which display your site, how many clicked on your website from the search results, and much more.


One can get alerts when Google faces issues related to indexing, spam, or others on your site. Give you details about the sites, which link (external) to your website. Understand and solve issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other search features.


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2. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is one of the most commonly used Keyword research tools. You can download and add it as an extension to your browser. When you search for any keywords or topics in google search, you can view the basic details like search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, pay per click. In advanced searches, the categories are further grouped by age display.


With Ubersuggest, one can get the top SEO pages report. This report will enable one to understand how the competitor’s pages are working. One can find out the keywords searched, which keywords are generating clicks, and many more. There are free keywords suggestion tools that will suggest hundreds of keywords with seasonal trends, volume, and competition. In addition, one can also find top delivering content pieces so that you could also produce content around similar keywords.


Ubersuggest provides details about where people are backlinking their articles on your website. With these details in hand, you can approach them to link their articles to your website. Your link profile will improve and one can learn how the links are influencing the business.


UberSuggest offers various plans at many rates. There are plans to suit different requirements.


One can opt for a free trial for a week. There are plans for individuals, businesses, and agencies. Step by step training on SEO, templates, and worksheets are all provided to the user. The Ubersuggest team supports you through email, coaching, and interactive biweekly calls. Signing up for Ubersuggest will give access to your google search console, enabling the Ubersuggest team to perform better. You can upgrade plans or downgrade plans or cancel your subscriptions at any time.


3.Google Trends


One of the fascinating keyword research tools by Google is Google Trends, a part of the Google News Initiative. This free keyword research tool is beneficial to the news and journalism bodies. In this internet era, Google Trends helps one understand what and how the keywords are used across regions.


Also one can compare more than one keyword at a time, effectively understanding all details. One can find the daily search trends and the real-time search trends for any region. Not only the current news, but we can also search for news over the past days, weeks, or even years.


In the daily search trends, the searches which are high in the past 24 hours are highlighted. The details are continuously updated on an hourly basis. It also shows which are the keywords people are searching for at any given time.


The real-time search trends are a collection based on knowledge-graph topics, search items, and Google News articles. All these parameters are detected by google algorithms. The searches are connected with real-world things and places through the knowledge graph.


In the real-time search trends, the algorithm groups together the trending topics on both Google News and Search at any given time. These stories are ranked according to the relative increase in volume and the total volume of searches.




WordStream, a free keyword research tool is supported by Google and can help you with an extensive search across various industries and geographies. One can get the list of suitable keywords, which includes long-tail keywords too. The relevant search volume from Google and Bing is also displayed.


To understand how the competition is producing content, one can enter a competitor’s website URL. This will display the results of keywords and suggestions to write similar content. Whenever a search begins, the top 25 keywords are visible on the tool. The complete list will be sent to your email id for free. Or you can download the file and use it later for your content or Google Ads/Bing Ads.


A unique feature of WordStream is that based on the industry selected, the competitive and keyword analysis is determined. This tool is compatible with Bing and Google search engines and provides complete information for PPC campaigns. Additionally, details of competition and cost are also produced.




One of the popular Keyword research tools from Ahrefs is the Keyword Explorer. There are almost 7 million keywords in the Ahrefs keyword database. Every month, new keywords are updated in the database. Keywords from around 171 countries are supported by the tool. Keywords from across platforms like Youtube, Bing, Baidu, Amazon are used to periodically update the search volumes.


The Keyword difficulty (KD) score from Ahrefs guides you on how challenging it will be for your keyword to rank on the internet. The scores are determined with the help of the present high-ranking pages.


Not everyone, who initiates a search, clicks on the search results. Ahrefs tool shows the estimated number of clicks for any keyword. On a single page, they can be hundreds of keywords that are ranked on the internet.


One can search for multiple keywords at a given time. On entering multiple keywords, Keywords Explorer will generate thousands of ideas in six different ways from the most popular ten keywords.  Phrases that contain your target keyword are matched by the tool, providing ideas according to one or more keywords. Autocomplete suggestions are displayed for target keywords.


Check out other tools from Ahrefs like Content Explorer, Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, Site Audit.




Semrush is a full-featured tool to improve the visibility of online businesses. Its tools help to find marketing insights like SEO, PPC, SMM. Keyword research, competitive research, public relations, content marketing, campaign management, and marketing insights are the other benefits of using the SEMrush tools.


SEMrush offers the six following tools:


Keyword Overview

Find out the organic and advertising value of any keyword based on search volume, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, competition level, SERP Features, variations, and more.


Organic Research

With the help of organic research, get the complete list of their organic keyword rankings and pages, and optimize your organic keywords accordingly.


Keyword Magic Tool

This tool helps to combine several keywords from one seed word. With just a few clicks, the database retrieves over 20 billion keywords.


Keyword Gap

With Keyword Gap, one can compare the keyword profiles of any competitor’s websites with your keywords to discover new opportunities for optimizing your website.


Keyword Manager

You can evaluate the metrics for as many as 1,000 keywords at once to build powerful master lists tailored to your SEO strategy and objectives.


Organic Traffic Insights

By integrating Semrush with Google Analytics, you can find ‘not provided’ keywords and analyze the organic search performance of your website.


7.MOZ’s Keyword Explorer


This is one of the leading keyword research tools available in the market. Though this is a paid service, the first ten queries in a month are free. With MOZ keyword explorer, one can do considerably lot more keyword research in very little time. Additionally, you can find keywords for your site to rank better. MOZ’s keyword explorer gives high-impact suggestions.


One can predict with more than 95% accuracy how much search volume a keyword will experience. Keywords can be prioritized by topic with the help of comprehensive scoring. Or they can also be identified by place or location. All of these parameters can be used effectively for keyword planning.


The keyword research suggestions can be easily exported, analyzed, and applied for further use. Long-tail keywords with high competition, similarly related topics, or keywords in the form of questions, are available for use.


8.Keywords Everywhere


Keywords Everywhere will save one a lot of time usually spent in copying data from one website and searching for search volume on another. Long-tail keyword phrases can be found with Keywords Everywhere along with precise search volume, CPC.


Competition statistics are showcased using Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere also gather the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords from Google and Bing and displays them with volume figures immediately, on the search results pages.


To estimate historical monthly search volumes from 2004, Keywords Everywhere uses Google Trends. On a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis, you can see and download volume data. The top five thousand keywords, from the topmost twenty Google search results for any webpage, as well as the estimated traffic it receives, is available for reference.


Where are Keyword Research tools used?


Keyword research tools play an important role in content writing, content marketing, and digital marketing. Content writers use keywords and phrases to describe what your content is about, and these keywords are used as part of the SEO process.


The keywords are further used by Google, to decide which content is relevant to a specific search query and how the page should rank in searches for that phrase. This is what determines a website’s search ranking. Hence content writers are always on the outlook for appropriate keywords. Professional content writers use several tools to enable them to perform adequately.


In content marketing, keywords have a great impact on your Google rankings. Hence content marketers use keyword research tools to locate the critical keywords for your business content. Instead of using head keywords, which will have a lot of competition, content marketers use long-tail keywords. Also, content marketers look at the top rival’s keywords to see whether they will work or not.


Any digital marketing effort starts with keyword research, though it is a continuous activity. Digital Marketers create and market digital content and pages based on the keywords found during the keyword research. When these keywords are utilized in conjunction with other SEO methods, they can help your websites rank higher and attract more visitors to your business site.


Keyword Everywhere works based on Pay as you go. One has to buy credits whenever required. one credit equals one keyword. Pricing ranges between ten to thousand dollars. The credits expire after a year of buying.


Institutes offering Content Writing and Digital Marketing


IIMSkills is one of the leading online institutes in India, offering courses in Content Writing and Digital Marketing. One can learn all about using keywords effectively in content writing and digital marketing. IIM Skills courses leverage your learning process with an industry-led curriculum and efficient methodology. The mentors instill a flexible learning attitude, making the online classroom an enriching experience.


Over the last five years, IIMSkills have produced 14300+ professionals from 30 countries by training them in various courses like content writing course, digital marketing course, and GST certification course. Before enrolling in any of the IIMSkills courses, a candidate can take a free demo. After completion of the course, you will get an internationally recognized certificate. You can also take the HubSpot exam and get certified.


IIMSkills offers several hands-on assignments and an optional internship. Lifetime access to the recordings and materials is available for all the students. Complete guidance and support are offered during placement services. 100% money-back guarantee is given if anyone is not satisfied with the course.


Over 16 hours of intensive training with 12 modules are covered in the content writing course. There are free tools worth Rs.35,000 for all the participants. Tools like UberSuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Rank Watch, SERP Rank Checker, Wordcount.net, Keywordtool.io, Small SEO tool, Plagiarism Detector are part of the training program.


The Digital Marketing course is for three months with an extensive program covering 40 modules. There are free tools worth Rs.79,000 given to all candidates.


Mailchimp, WordPress, Woo Commerce, Google Ads, Amazon, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Analytics, SEMRUSH are some of the tools covered in the digital marketing course.


Hope this article has helped you understand different Keyword Research Tools available in the market. All these tools are beneficial and have the potential to increase business growth tremendously. Be it a single owner or a small team, or a well-established business, the way forward is through content marketing and digital marketing. Utilize the tools best suited for your business for an enriching experience.

This is Vasantha. I started blogging as a hobby and after a few freelancing work for family and friends, decided to pursue it professionally. My interests are writing for Lifestyle, Parenting, Kids, Food. Creative writing is another line that interests me.

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