Business Accounting & Taxation Course

Learn GST, Income tax, Balance Sheet, Tally, Excel, Payroll, MIS Reporting

4 Months Self Study Online BAT Course (Recognized by Govt of India)

120+ Hours Lectures | 60+ Hours Practical Assignments | Hands On Learning

Internship Opportunities | Dedicated Placement Cell | Tool Based Practical Learning

100% Interview Guarantee | Mentorship by Top Level CAs | Lifetime Support

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  • 18500+ Trained

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Get your hands on the Most Relevant and Purposeful Tools such as Quickbooks, Tally, Excel.

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Achieve absolute first-hand experiential learning with countless case studies,
assignments, and weekly tasks.

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The curriculum of Business Accounting Taxation Course

Our explicit, exhaustive courseware is expertly designed and curated by industry leaders having years of experience in the disciplines of accounting and taxation. Keeping in mind the industry standards, the courseware is conceptualized and modulated to make the students ready for the real-world market as soon as they complete the course which makes IIM SKILLS BAT Course as Best Business Accounting and Taxation Course in India.

Module-1 Accounting and Accounting in Tally (25 Hours)

Section-1 Business Accounting – 5 Hours

  • Basics of Accounts (Accounting, meaning, definition, objectives, scope, basic, terms, accounting principles, branches of accounting, uses & limitations of Accounting, Concepts & Conventions, Accountings uses, Accounting information, Accounting equations – Meaning of accounting equation, compensation of accounting, effects of transactions)
  • Accounting Standard (GAAP)
  • Types of Accounts

Section-2 Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime – 15 Hours

  • Basics of Tally
  • Creation / Setting up of Company in Tally
  • Creating Accounting Masters in Tally
  • Setting up Accounts Heads
  • Group & Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Debit & Credit Note
  • Creating Inventory Masters in Tally

Advanced Accounting in Tally

  1. Recording of Transactions
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Bill Wise Details
  4. Cost Centre and Cost Categories
  5. Invoice Entry using voucher categories
  6. Payment vouchers
  7. Stock Journal
  8. Adjusting Forex Gain / Loss
  9. Bank Reconciliation
  10. Interest Calculation
  11. Creating a Group Budget
  12. Order Processing in Tally
  13. Sale / Purchase order processing
  14. Display columnar orders & Stock Details
  15. Reorder Levels
  16. Tracking Numbers
  17. Bill of Materials
  18. Price Levels & Price Lists
  19. Stock Valuation
  20. Depreciation Entries
  21. Preparation of Trading and Profit & Loss
  22. Preparation Account Balance Sheet
  23. Balance Sheet Review/ analysis
  24. Ratio analysis
  25. Columnar Report Review/Analysis
  26. Shortcut Keys

Module -2 GST and GST in Tally (22 Hours)

Section-1 Basics of GST – 10 Hours

  1. Introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  2. Structure of GST
  3. Registration under GST
  4. Types of Taxes under GST
  5. Composition Scheme under GST
  6. Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
  7. Point of Sale (POS)
  8. Input Tax Credit & Payment in GST
  9. Invoicing in GST
  10. Credit Note in GST
  11. Bill of Supply in GST
  12. E-way bill in GST
  13. GST Return (GSTR1, 2A, 2B, 3B, CMP-08, 4, 9 an 9C)
  14. GST Input Reconciliation – GSTR2A vs GSTR3B vs Books
  15. GST Output Reconciliation – GSTR1 vs GSTR3B vs Books
  16. GSTR 1 and 3B Correction

Section-2 GST in Tally – 8hours

  1. Basics of GST in Tally
  2. Recoding of GST Entry in Tally
  3. Input and Output Tax Reconciliation in Tally
  4. File GSTR3B from Tally
  5. File GSTR1 using Tally
  6. Generate Eway Bills using Tally

Section-3 GST Filing (Online / Offline using GST utility) – 4 Hours

  1. Filing of GSTR-1
  2. Filing of GSTR-3B
  3. Filing of GSTR-9 and 9C
  4. CMP-08 and GSTR-4
  5. LUT

Module-3 TDS and TDS in Tally – (20 Hours)

Section-1 Basics of TDS – 8 Hours

  1. Introduction of TDS
  2. TDS Process
  3. Transactions Involving TDS
  4. Payments of TDS
  5. Generating TDS Challan
  6. Transactions involving TDS
  7. Adjustments in TDS
  8. TDS on Expenses with Inventory
  9. TDS on Fixed Assets
  10. TDS on Sales Commission
  11. Computation
  12. TDS and Challan Reconciliation
  13. TDS Return
  14. Out Standing (TDS Payable)
  15. TDS Not Deducted

Section-2 TDS in Tally – 4 Hours

  1. TDS Features in Tally
  2. Enabling TDS in Tally
  3. Recording Basic TDS Transactions
  4. Recording Advanced TDS Transactions
  5. TDS Reports
  6. Reversal of Excess TDS Deducted

Section-3 TDS filing – 8 Hours

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) / Tax Collected at Source (TCS) E-Filing

  1. Payment to other than Salary Return 26Q
  2. TDS Return Form 26Q
  3. Salary Components with Payroll
  4. TDS Return Form 24Q
  5. Tax Collection at Sources
  6. Payment to Non-Resident 27Q
  7. About Traces Website
  8. Interest & Penalty
  9. TDS on Property & Rent
  10. TAN (Tax deduction & collection)

Module-4 Payroll and Payroll with Tally – (12 Hours)

Section-1 Basics Payroll – 8 Hours

  1. Payroll Accounting & Compliance
  2. Accounting for Employees PF Contribution
  3. Processing Employer PF Contribution
  4. Payment of PF
  5. Processing Employer ESI Contribution
  6. Payment of ESI
  7. Payment of Professional Tax
  8. Generating Payroll Reports
  9. Pay Sheet
  10. Payroll Statement
  11. Payroll Register
  12. Employee Pay head Break up

Section-2 Payroll with Tally – 4 Hours

  1. Configuring Payroll in Tally
  2. Processing Payroll in Tally
  3. Accounting for Employer ESI Contributions

Module-5 Income Tax with Tally – (23 Hours)

Section-1 Basics of Income Tax with Tally – 15 Hours

  1. Introduction to Income Tax
  2. Configuring Income Tax in Tally
  3. Income Tax Master Configuration
  4. Employees Income Tax Declarations
  5. Override Income Tax
  6. Tax Configuration
  7. Pay Head creation for Income Tax Deduction
  8. Processing Salary with Income Tax Deduction
  9. Income Tax Reports
  10. Income Tax Returns

Section-2 Income Tax E-Filing – 8 Hours

  1. Introduction of Income Tax
  2. Computation and Filing of ITR01
  3. Computation and E Filing of ITR02 ( Income from House & Property )
  4. Computation and E Filing of ITR02 ( Income from Capital Gain & Agriculture )
  5. Computation & E Filing of ITR03
  6. Computation of Presumptive income & E Filing of ITR04
  7. Computation  of Partnership Firm & E Filing of ITR05
  8. Computation  of Companies Return & E Filing of ITR06

Module-6 Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting - (18 Hours)

Section-1 Advance Excel – 10 Hours

  1. Introduction of Excel
  2. Entering, Editing and Formatting Data
  3. Formatting Numbers
  4. Managing Worksheets
  5. Modifying Rows and Columns
  6. Understanding Formulas
  7. Changing Views
  8. AutoFill and Custom Lists
  9. Conditional Formatting
  10. Tables
  11. Data Tools
  12. Referencing Formulas
  13. Ranges and Dates
  14. Lookups
  15. Conditional Logic
  16. Text Formulas
  17. Introduction to Charts
  18. Formatting Charts
  19. Adding Graphics to Spreadsheets
  20. Outline, Sort, Filter, and Subtotal
  21. PivotTables
  22. Protecting Data
  23. Collaboration
  24. Printing
  25. Saving a Workbook
  26. Macros

Section-2 MIS Reporting and Financials – 8 Hours

  1. Objective and Advantage of MIS;
  2. MIS Reporting Using Excel
  3. Financials in Excel

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At:


Skill Development: Get the Hang of these Desirous Skills with Our Competent BAT Course

In the realm of business, accounting, and taxation, IIM SKILLS offers you the best BAT course to equip you with the nitty-gritty of business accounting and taxation. With an equal focus on all the aspects, the versatile course trains you to become a skilled professional replete with insider knowledge of the industry’s best practices. 

Along these lines, IIM Skills empowers you with the coveted skills to lead a successful way in this industry:

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of advanced accountancy standards.
  • Acquire working knowledge of accounting using cutting-edge tools like Tally.
  • Discover a complete understanding of the GST taxation system and related nuances. 
  • Learn the doctrine of MIS reporting using Advanced Excel. 
  • Know it all about Payroll and its policies
  • Get educated about financial auditing and reporting.
  • Ascertain notable understanding of Income Tax using Tally
  • Polish your book-keeping and account-keeping skills
  • Expose yourself to the real-world business and its functionality.

Acquire The Functionality of Requisite Tools with Our Profound BAT Course

Tools and software are the way forward to get a leading edge in any domain, so is the case with the Business Accounting Taxation Course. Become competent with the precise use of relevant tools and software to maximize your potential and deliver extraordinary results. 

At IIM SKILLS, we aim to condition you with real-life scenarios using accounting software and other relevant tools in the industry. It is always a good idea to invest in the right kind of tools and software to simplify and speed up the process. Indeed, we help you capitalize your efforts by putting these tools to apt use. 

Learning technologies and tools are the chief skills that accountants must have right now. Determine the functionality of the below-mentioned tools with our comprehensive program:

  • Quickbooks: The Quickbook software comes in handy- when you want to create a repository of confidential information, financial statements, or any other data. Nonetheless, with all its benefits, it is one of the most reliable tools in the domain of accounting. 
  • Advanced Excel: To generate, extract and track business data and requirements through an interactive dashboard, Excel becomes your buddy to create MIS reports. It allows you to manage, track, and use data to get actionable insights. Further, use these insights to make tangible decisions for your business with contemporary trends in the market. 
  • Tally: Another prominent tool in the toolkit of accounting professionals, Tally ERP software is the perfect business management solution and GST software. With an ideal mix of control, function, and in-built customisability, Tally emerges as the most favoured accounting software in India.
  • BUSY: Potent business accounting and management software. It assists you in key business processes such as Customer Management, Advanced Inventory Management, GST Billing, Return Filing, Payroll, financial accounting, and more.

Business accountancy can be intimidating. Learn to simplify and organize things with our 360-degree BAT program.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Accounting Taxation Course

There are no set rules or pre-requisites to become a part of the Business Accounting Taxation Course at IIM Skills. Most significantly, this course is ideal for you, if you have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in commerce or related field from a recognized and reputed university. 
  • Basic working knowledge of computers.
  • Fundamental written and communication skills

Fresh graduates can take this course as a springboard to fly off their careers in the field of accounting, taxation, and business. Those already working in the industry can consolidate and streamline their goals to get better job opportunities in the market. It’s a win-win for anyone aiming for a career in the discipline of commerce and economics.

Objectives of the Business Accounting Taxation Course

The Business Accounting Taxation course aims:

  • to attain useful information in accounting concepts, taxation, payroll policies, and disciplines of economics. 
  • to witness a wholesome perspective of the accounting industry. 
  • to absorb the umpteen elements of business management
  • to learn the art of book-keeping and account-keeping

Details for Upcoming Batches for Our Business Accounting Taxation Course

Weekdays Batch 27th Dec 2022

(Tues, Wed, Thu & Fri) 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM (IST)

Sunday's Batch 25th Dec 2022

Sunday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (IST)

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you do not like our course, you can claim a 100% money return after your first session.

Certification Fee: Price includes exam and certification fees.

Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.

Business Accounting Taxation Course Program is an Excellent Fit for:

The affluent BAT course at IIM Skills is customized to suit the needs of players at all career stages in the business, accounting, and taxation domains. Whether you are a rookie or a professional, there is something for everyone to climb the upward spiral to the top of the staircase. 

Ambition, determination, and perseverance are all you need to set your talents ablaze with this rich Business Accounting & Taxation course. In common parlance, the course is an ideal choice for you if you fall into any of the below categories: 

  • Commerce Graduates: Fresh graduates with a degree in BBA/ LLB/CMA or any other related degree can leverage this BAT course to become qualified entrants in the field of Accounting and Taxation. As BAT is equal to a PG course, you can master and explore the accounting field in-depth and go on for incredible career options. 
  • Tax Experts: As tax experts, you are already familiar with the intricacies of the taxation system in India. In that regard, this business accounting & taxation course can add stars to your resume to make a switch to high-profile office jobs. Moreover, you can take an extra leap to discover other domains of accounting and finance. 
  • Finance Professionals: Existing finance professionals seeking career upliftment or career switch can make the most out of this BAT program. Not only do you have the option to upskill, but also swap careers to taxation or business operations. 
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs: Since BAT is all about business management, it is a true benefactor for entrepreneurs to cultivate rock-solid results in their businesses. 
  • MBA aspirants/professionals: Already having a grasp over management, business accounting & taxation course can take you places. You can shift your base to finances or taxation or upskill yourself to land high-paying jobs in business management. 
  • CA/CS: Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries can power up their skills with essential accounting tools. Run an extra mile to learn the prerequisites of the corporate world. 
  • Startups: Those eyeing a startup agency for business-related solutions, taxation, or finance can again strengthen their skills. Learn to resolve client issues and provide profitable advice. 

Overview of Business Accounting & Taxation

The business playfield is changing at an unprecedented scale. Businesses do not run the way they worked in former centuries. With the advent of technology and the world becoming a global village, the business market transposed. But some things remain the same, no matter what changes come up. These are maintaining financial records, tax payments, sales records, and most importantly- account management!

Accounting itself has turned up as an in-demand area of expertise over the years. Every industry and organization, irrespective of its size, necessitates skillful experts in the fields of finance, accounting, and taxation.

As the gap widens between the skilled professionals and industry requirements, Business Accounting Taxation course program comes up as a savior.

Unfortunately, the conventional UG degree does not suffice to cover the topics of accounting in detail. It surely sets the base for the profession, yet to bring your feet to the market, you need something more.

Business accounting and taxation work processes have evolved and become more complex- rendering precise results. At the same time competition is stirring up like wildfire. Thus, accountants are expected to be proficient with the latest accounting tools and industry knowledge. That’s the only way to stay ahead in the game.

Taking into account all these parameters, the BAT course is structured to train aspirants with industry-specific skills, tools, and software. Thus, making them job-ready equipped with the acumen to manage real-time job work. Altogether, this soaring demand coupled with a whopping number of openings makes BAT course a coveted opportunity among the masses.

Prominent Features of Our BAT Course

Super-interactive Sessions

Yes, our courses are absolutely online. But, unlike most institutes, we are far from old-school practices of pre-recorded sessions. Being a part of this online BAT course will be no different from an actual classroom where you interact, share, and exchange ideas. Not only will you converse with the mentors, but also have your share of understanding with peers.

Flexible Scheduling

In a fast-paced society like today, learning while working has become a common practice. Keeping in mind the compulsions of working professionals, we have flexible schedules and batches. Both weekday and weekend batches are available. Laptop/computer and internet connection is all your need to discover accounting with us.

Exceptional Faculty

We take pride in our exceptional faculty members with a wealth of experience. Besides being subject-matter experts, they are trained professionals who use instrumental teaching methodologies to make your journey bliss. Beginning with the basics, they make you familiar with the advanced concepts, tools, and bounteous tips. What's more to it? The laser-sharp techniques induced by the mentors let you experience real-life challenges front and centre. Put the learned concepts to practice, and brace yourself for real-work life situations.

Learning Resources

With our user-friendly Learning Management System, you can access all the courseware, resource material, and session recordings 24*7. The best part is there is no time-ticking clock or limited views. Everything is available for as long as you want it.

Master Certification

Trusted by corporates pan-global, IIM SKILLS BAT Master Certifications are shareable. Add it to your LinkedIn profiles and portfolios, flaunt it to your potential employers. It is a manifestation of your lifelong learning and skill development. Clearly, it displays your cognition of business management to prospective employers.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Physical classes are no more a barrier to learning something new. All you need is a steady net connection and a device to play on. Access the online virtual classes via zoom on your laptops, mobiles, Ipads, etc. Whether you are cozy at your home or out for a run, access classes and recordings anytime anywhere.


Industry leaders have sculpted this immaculate courseware that explodes you with optimal information about the business accounting and taxation world. Built on the foundation of the industry best practices, the courseware is all-encompassing covering accounting, GST, TDS, payroll, financial data, business operations, and what not! All the course modules are wired in a streamlined manner for easy comprehension. From basic account management to taxation to financial planning, we have got you covered! Each module session is a perfect blend of conceptual understanding and practical application with an equal focus on tool usage.


Digital transformation brings forth speed, easiness, and competency in the accounting sector. At IIM Skills, get hands-on training on the most suitable tools for the industry. Make the most of these tools to bring out error-free work and keep yourself ahead of the competitors.

We have handpicked the best industry-aligned tools to make your work a breeze. Flaunt your par excellence in the industry with the right set of tools in your toolkit.


Post-training support. Relish a lifelong journey with your favorite mentors. Feel free to contact and seek support anytime you face a dilemma in your career. Revel in the giant business taxation & accounting community.
Pay zero for backup classes. Missed a class due to unforeseen circumstances, fret not. Catch up with recording sessions that are updated on the LMS. Watch, re-watch and learn for clear conception. In case of a doubt, get instant doubt-clearance from highly-proficient mentors.

Job referrals and Interview Preparation. As a bonus, we instruct you with resume and interview preparation in alignment with the industry requirement. Among other things, we provide job referrals to suitable candidates.

Free backup classes. Missed classes are no more a gap in your learning. We provide recordings of all sessions for you to visit or revisit and strengthen your understanding.
Free interview prep. From a worthy resume to grooming for interviews, we will counsel you on the best practices and expectations for a career in technical writing.
Free Job Referrals: We also go the extra mile in providing job referrals to suitable candidates.

Get Industries Most Trusted Certificate

Business Accounting and Taxation Certificate

Certified Business Accounting & Taxation Certification Process

  • 1


    Become an entrant to Business Accounting & Taxation Course by registering for the same. As soon as you fill in the details and get done with the registration process, you will get access to the LMS. LMS is pre-loaded with the resource material, and you are all set to take a plunge.

  • 2

    Select Your Batch

    Chart out your own plan of study and choose between the flexible batches. We provide both Weekday as well as Weekend options. Pick as you please.

  • 3


    Obtain 70% attendance (mandatory) to appear for the Business Accounting Taxation course examination. Due to unanticipated circumstances, if you miss a few classes, learning through backup recordings will be counted as attendance.
    Note: Video Recording is calculated in your attendance.

  • 4


    Post attendance clearance, you get to take up the Online BAT examination. Scoring 50% and above is your way out to become a certified BAT professional.

    Online Certificate copies will be delivered within 15 days of your results on your mail.

  • 5

    Get Certified

    Once you pass out the examination, you will be accoladed with your Master BAT certification via a soft copy. Et Voila!

    Note: The soft copy of the Master Certification will reach you within 15 days of your result in your email.

  • 6

    Placement Support

    Being a well-recognized name in the industry, many organizations reach out to us to fulfill their hiring needs. Thus, we offer placement assistance in terms of job referrals, interview preparation tips, and customized career guidance.

    Note: Assured placements are most specifically based on your merit and individual aptitude. We do promise assured interviews only.

  • 7

    Happy Graduate

    Congratulations! on you being a certified BAT specialist. You are all suited up to thrive in the market and explore promising career options. As a business accounting & taxation expert, you can:
    go on for a full-time, lucrative job in top MNCs.
    initiate an agency or organization offering accounting solutions.
    Engage in freelancing work from home options

Interested? Lets Start With

Complete Details about the BAT Course: Career, Salary, and Prospective Scope

Prospect of Business Accounting & Taxation

The domain of accounting has detected explosive competition over the years. Individuals and both- public and private organizations have realized the potential of accounting and taxation for business growth and expansion. The result is evident, heightened demand for accounting professionals. 

Indeed, every small, medium and large enterprise needs business accounting and taxation experts. The more the number of businesses, the more the number of BAT executives required. While giant companies hire full-time professionals, small businesses often resort to outsourcing options. In both cases, the mounting demand for BAT specialists finds a commonplace. 

Most companies have gradually realized that state-of-the-art technologies and techniques lead to profitable accounting solutions. This paradigm shift to advanced software training makes accounting a more sensitive and accurate activity. Hence, big giants are willing to pay more to proficient accountants equipped with cutting-edge BAT training. 

If we look at the accounting prospect through a future glass, there is immense opportunity for growth. For one, BAT is all about finance, taxation, and accounting, which is recession-proof. Secondly, the perception of accountancy skills fosters individuals to contribute to the nation’s economy. Also, statistic reports suggest there are around 135,000 vacancies for accountants and auditors on an average each year. Fascinating!

The integrated trio of business, accounting, & taxation opens up a plethora of opportunities in varied industries. A qualified BAT professional can explore work in umpteen fields like taxation, budget analysis, real estate financing, account management, finance consultation, etc. 

Clearly, business accounting taxation is an underrated yet viable career option. Extensive training in the Master BAT course can lead you places in and around the world. 

A Career After Business Accounting & Taxation Course

Business Accounting & Taxation course opens up an array of career options for individuals with in-demand skills. From auditing assistant to tax assistant to finance expert, you can pick whatever piques your interest. 

For a clear conception, here we drill down some of the popular entry-level and professional job profiles:

Auditing Assistant:

  • This is an entry-level job entrusted with the responsibility of simple auditing tasks. 
  • Newbies and less experienced people can find this a suitable option to jump-start their careers.
  • As an auditing assistant, one is expected to monitor and examine the financial reports of the company. 
  • More so, the incumbent assists the seniors with documentation related to auditing tasks. 
  • Based on the evaluations, they also offer recommendations about the audit and policies of the company. 

Accounting Assistant:

  • Another entry-level profile with a bright prospect, an account assistant is a mainstream job. 
  • An account apprentice evaluates budgets and tracks down financial expenses. 
  • Besides, they do process important documents such as financial reports, invoices, etc.
  • Accumulation of experience may lead to promotions to senior accountant and accounting manager positions. 

Taxation Assistant:

  • A taxation assistant deals with the taxation department of the organization.
  • Monitors tax reports, tax filings, and computing tax expenses.
  • Besides filing reports, they perform basic administrative work. 
  • They are entrusted to take care of meeting the tax deadlines and ensure taxes are filed appropriately. 
  • One who is proficient in mathematical skills can scale up to excel in this field. 

Tax Accountant

  • This role is for experienced candidates possessing accountancy prowess. 
  • They facilitate and guide the firms with the most promising business plans and investment opportunities. Working on other beneficial strategies also comes up under their scope. 
  • Tax filing and related document submission are, among other things, taking care of by a tax accountant. 
  • Also, they calculate the income tax returns of the organization and ensure timely payment of the same. 
  • As a tax connoisseur, he/she advises the board of directors on vital finance and tax-related decisions. 

Finance Accounting Executive

  • Yet another important role for an organization; the financial executive manages the finances of a company. 
  • The role expands to forecasting, drafting budgets, and taking care of taxation regimens. 
  • Other responsibilities include scheduling quarterly and annual reports, accomplishing internal audits, and monitoring and reporting any glitches in the account malfunctions. 

Alternatively, there are a lot more options to consider after a three-fold degree in business, accounting & taxation. These include, but are not limited to accounting supervisors, accounting managers, analysts, accounting administrators, tax managers, and more of that sort!

Launch or scale up your career and find your place in this business, accounting, and taxation industry.

Career Progress with BAT Course

Once you go full throttle into a particular accounting field, you can make your way to the top with sheer determination and perseverance. Since you already are professionally trained with the Master BAT course, you have created a strong foundation. 

With experience, you can further shape up your learning arc to progress to loftier heights. There are ample job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. 

Talking about career progress, you can aim for the “Big Four”- the largest accounting firms in the world. Namely, Deloitte, Ernst &Yound (EY), Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). These giant whales of the accounting field offer lucrative job offers to deserving candidates. 

As per Statista, the top four accounting firms Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and EY have earned a consolidated revenue of $56 billion from the US market in 2018. 

These colossal companies believe in heartily compensating the competent professionals who are well-equipped with the advanced skills and tools repository.  

Learning and upgrading skills and keeping up with the pace of the market can make you an unbeatable candidate in the field of accountancy. The developed practical skills can boost your career at an unparalleled scale- putting you high up on some sort of pedestal. 

Average Salary for BAT Professionals

For most people, a paycheck is a part and parcel to decide their relentless pursuit of a particular job field. In other terms, salary is the driving force behind the choice of profession, for many. Hence, in this section, we will have a look at the salary packet offered to the BAT experts. 

According to leverageedu, the average salary after a BAT course falls between 2 to 8 lakhs. 

However, salary hinges or depends upon disparate factors. These include the experience of the candidate, skill acquisition, job location, job level, job type, etc. As per PayScale, the estimated salaries for different job designations in the field of business, accounting, & taxation is as follows:

Accountant₹126k – ₹463k
Account Executive₹178k – ₹521k
Financial Analyst₹250k – ₹901k
Finance Manager₹272k – ₹2m
Senior Account Executive₹200k – ₹495k 
Tax Consultant₹157k – ₹742k 
Assistant Finance Manager₹385k – ₹1m 
Internal Auditor₹307k – ₹1m 
Tax Associate₹216k – ₹745k 

Why Enrol in a BAT Course?

The nation is noticing a considerable boom in the accounting job market. However, there is a dearth of skilled accounting professionals. That leads to the evolution of this affluent BAT course that aims to transcend proficiency in business, accounting, & taxation. 

This BAT course, at first glance, seems an obvious choice for, BBA, and other commerce graduates eyeing a career in accountancy. Driven by professional knowledge of accounting, taxation, and integral policies of finance, the BAT course is the best bet for graduates and working people from commerce backgrounds. 

For the newbies, this short-term certification BAT course gives a miraculous entry into the business management and operational field. On the other hand, working professionals can find their bliss in upskilling and exploring the diverse accounting field. 

More so, if a person is professional in one field, say finance, they can relish this program to expand their knowledge spectrum about business and taxation. Apparently, the BAT course will give you a leading edge in the market and help you secure high-paying jobs in top MNCs

Above all, the specialized training in Tally and Advanced Excel will give you an upper hand to impress top MNC employers. Altogether, a blended business accounting taxation course is a turn-on to become a full-fledged accountant and compete with the CAs and MBAs. A Master BAT course takes you face-to-face in the real-market, and arms you with the new-age skills and industry best practices. 

We all know, today, in this cut-throat competitive world, theoretical knowledge is insufficient to get you a rewarding job. In lieu, these short-term certifications with the skill development pedagogy are the entry ticket to the well-paying industry jobs. Thus, enrolling in this mastery-level BAT course at IIM Skills is your best bet to strengthen your core skills and competencies. 

With the IIM Skills rock-solid BAT program, prosper as a confident business accounting and taxation professional.

Why Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS, a phenomenal institute of global repute, is the perfect spot for career beginnings, career advancements, and career upliftments. In this fast-paced technology-driven world, keeping up with the latest developments, skills, and acumen is not an option but a necessity. IIM Skills is your conducive space to learn, re-learn, and grow to stay ahead of your competitors and find your place in the professional world. 

With our expertly structured BAT course, you will learn the knack of account management, taxation, GST taxation process, MIS reporting, and bulks of informational skills. Acquisition of both technical and soft skills will help you become a smart accountant.

The faculty at IIM Skills have profound expertise in their field of domain. These highly-qualified professionals use learner-centric pedagogy and proven techniques to make business accounting and taxation a breezy acquisition. 

At IIM Skills, we believe in cultivating the best in you. While you come up as a novice or a trainee, you will certainly pass out as a confident skilled professional ready to step into the real world. 

We pride ourselves on training over 25000+ individuals since 2015, and we aim to offer this lifelong learning journey to as many people as possible. What makes us special is the robust commitment to a first-rate, first-hand, experiential program packed with exceptional student support and an updated curriculum. All of it comes at affordable pricing to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. 

Come join us in our journey to bridge the gap between the BAT professionals and growing industry requirements. Become a part of this all-inclusive program and break down the challenges of interpreting this complex business and accounting industry. 

Alumni's Review's

Business Accounting and Taxation Course Delivered by IIM SKILLS gave me a job in 4 months. I am delighted to pick the right institute to learn Online BAT Courses during pandemics. Special thanks to my faculty.

A perfect course with the perfect delivery structure. The faculty made us learn everything easily. I wished to re-start my career in finance and this program is a get set go training.

BAT Course offered by IIM SKILLS is industries most advanced and detailed training. Many thanks to the technology team for developing the Learning Management System, without it, I could have not completed by missed sessions on time. Overall I recommend this course as Best Business Accounting and Taxation training.

Commonly Asked FAQs Related to BAT Course

What is BAT Course?

BAT course stands for business accounting & taxation course. The aim of the course is to prepare commerce and non-commerce graduates for high-paying jobs with tangible job prospects by delivering an in-depth understanding of accounting, taxation, financing, audits, and analysis. 

What is the duration of a BAT course?

The duration varies from one institute to another. On an average scale, the duration of the BAT course is 2-4 months. 

What are the fees of the business accounting taxation course?

The fee structure inwardly depends on the type of institute, duration of the course, and other factors. On average terms, the fees of a business accounting taxation course fall between 30K to 50K. 

Can I do the BAT course after the 12th?

BAT course is primarily meant for graduates, most specifically commerce graduates. Since BAT is equal to a PG program in accountancy, all the graduates can opt for this course. Apparently, the course is simpler and more beneficial for graduates with a commerce background as it unravels the depths of accounts and taxation. 

Can I do BAT along with

BAT certification is an ideal fit for graduates. While some institutes have the strict discipline to offer courses to graduates only, another institute may be willing to let you do the course alongside. It totally depends on the institute and its eligibility criteria. 

Is the BAT course good for your career?

Master BAT course is an appropriate move career-wise as there are a plethora of benefits of doing this course. This integrated trio of business, accounting, and taxation give you the leverage to work in multiple areas. That means you are not confined to the accounting field, you can indeed work in the finance or taxation sector as well. Clearly, it provides widespread career opportunities for both freshers and working professionals. 

Which sectors in the economy demand accounting and taxation professionals?

Many economic sectors have a high demand for business accounting and taxation experts. These include real estate, finance, banking, healthcare, government support services, professional and technical services, insurance, etc. Among other industries, top accounting firms, namely Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, sought-after desirable candidates with the advanced skillset. 


Finding a place in these top companies can be the beginning of a sky-rocketing career in the field of accounting. Additionally, you become an essential contributor to the growth of the economy of your nation. 

What is the admission process for pursuing the BAT course?

Every institute or college has its own enrollment process for a BAT course. You can visit their website or brick-and-mortar college to learn about the admission process. 


In this digital-dominated age, most institutes and colleges are promoting the online admission process with a user-friendly procedure. 

What are some good opportunities available after the BAT course?

A BAT course from a reputed institution like IIM Skills can open up incredible career avenues for you to choose from. Below mentioned are some of the big break options for you:

  1. a) find job prospects as:
  • auditing assistant
  • tax assistant
  • accounting assistant
  • accounting supervisor
  • accounting manager
  • senior accountant
  • taxation expert
  • finance executive
  • MIS executive
  1. b) set up your own accounts agency to meet the outsourcing demands of small and medium businesses. 


  1. c) work as a freelance accounting expert and take up projects as per your expertise level. 

How will BAT certification help in my career?

BAT certification can be a startling game-changer to boost your career prospects in the marketplace. For newbies, a business accounting taxation course can offer the foundational base to step up in the industry to find your place. 

For existing working professionals, a Business Accounting & Taxation Course will assist in advancing their career prospects. In-depth practical acquisition and training in the domains of accounting, taxation, and finance alongside functional knowledge of accounting tools like Tally will provide you with the push to land high-paying jobs in the top MNCs. 

Business Accounting and Taxation Certificate

Is BAT Course recognized in India?

Yes, absolutely! BAT course is a recognized program in India and foreign countries. An equivalent to a PG degree, this course is a highly efficient program for aspiring business accountants, finance professionals, and tax experts. 

Is there any requirement for an internship in the BAT course?

No, there is no such specific requirement for internships. One can directly plunge into junior-level jobs or work as a trainee. 

What is the Master BAT Course syllabus?

A master BAT course incorporates a profound understanding of Tally ERP, MIS reports, internal audit, payroll policies, GST, and other essential parts of the business, accounting, and taxation. 

What would be a business accounting and taxation salary?

In India, the pay scale of a business accounting and taxation professional falls in the range of INR 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs. 

How do I apply for a BAT course?

To apply to a BAT course, you can directly visit IIM Skills or your chosen institute, and fill out the registration form. In case, you need to talk to an expert before registration, you can request a callback. Top institutes like IIM Skills offer this request callback option to help you make rational and better decisions. 

Is the course worth investing in?

A big YES! The course is a groundbreaking prospect to choose a wide variety of work options as per your specialization. Having a stronghold on 3 prominent domains gives you an upper hand in the competitive industry.


Once you finish up this business accounting & taxation course, you will be able to work in both the private and public sectors. 

What educational qualification is required to pursue a business accounting & taxation course?

Aspirants who have a graduate degree, preferably in the commerce domain, from a recognized board are eligible for a business accounting & taxation course. In some cases, candidates who have passed 10+2 from a recognized board can also take up the course. 

What is the scope of the BAT course in India?

In India, the scope of the BAT course is immense and bright. As we all know, accounting is an in-demand area of expertise that almost every industry requires, enormous opportunities are awaiting. Researches show that accounting has been providing 2 million jobs around the world for many years. 


Accomplishing a Master BAT course from a recognized institute like IIM Skills can make you administer multiple work possibilities in varied industries. You can work as an accountant, analyst, finance executive, senior registered representative, tax consultant, auditor, MIS reporter, etc. 

To become a smart accountant manager, you need to have a good grasp of industry trends, tips, and tricks. We empower you with the same. Join our community today!

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