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Top 9 Excellent Creative Writing Courses in Kerala

Do you want to make a career in creative writing? Are you curious to know more details about creative writing? And are you searching for the best creative writing courses in Kerala to pursue the necessary knowledge by staying in your hometown? You have landed on the right flight! Let’s take off from here to your destination, buckle up buddy!

List of best creative writing courses in Kerala

Creative writing is the most necessary and demanded skill to possess to make your career in a creative job. One should be able to narrate the content of the story to make the reader connect with the character along with the character development and the whole situation of the story by elaborating even a single detail without making the reader get bored. The primary job of the creative writer should elevate the curiosity and make sure to retain the reader’s interest.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is about elaborating unique thoughts and imaginations which is never been registered or written by anyone before. A creative writer must produce fresh content. An expert creative writer should come up with a sufficient amount of new ideas and imagination.

A good creative writing work should be well structured and aligned so that makes the reader understands the story. Creative writing is about expressing feelings and construing their thoughts in a written way. Creative writing is not only about composing thoughts in words, it also includes varieties of ideas and ways to present the story as more interesting.

The work is so precise that a creative writer should also design the character’s behavior and also be more specific with the vocal tone of the character. Creative writing is generally about composing poetry, fictional or non-fictional stories, and includes the unveiling of imagination compared to academic or journalistic writing frequently. Creative writing mostly focused on screen-plays, scripts, short stories, and novels (fiction and non-fiction).

Advantages of Creative Writing Course

Creative writing courses help to construct and grow your career. The skill of professional writing is the most demanded skill for an employee, it’s also considered an added advantage. An expert writer brings up the thought process, enhances understanding and explanation, chopping out unnecessary information. 

This course helps you to develop your writing skills through daily exercise and challenging project that helps you to practice writing and builds the skill to identify and rectify errors. These are the main advantage of the creative writing course:

Communication Ability:

When you invest yourself in writing, you should also invest yourself in reading and listening to content from various genres to develop vocabulary knowledge and get inspiration from great writers and others’ work. This leads you to stay motivated and gives you the habit to write every day, composing your content while keeping it simple and brief, proofreading and formatting your content, and focusing on the reader’s mindset and impactful emotion from the character.

Getting involved in these regular activities trains your subconscious mind and helps you to build a good communication ability gradually. Social skill is necessary to progress in a career.

Get Detailed Content Writing Course Brochure below:

Improve Creativity and Memory:

Regular practice of writing could break you out of stress. It improves your memory, imagination, and creativity, most importantly in the era of the digital world where a large scale of people depends on smartphones and smart devices. Creative writing trains you to speed up the learning process and pushes you to think and makes your mind perform effectively.

Ability to convey thoughts understandably and easily with the proper format. Ability to deep think about every piece of content and come up with varieties of ideas to create an enormous amount of content without losing its quality in the process of developing it.

Sharpen Research Ability:

Publishing online requires research to compose a character development for a feature or short story and advertisement script, or news script. To get varieties of perspectives, research helps to enhance your idea and adds more details to develop a piece of interesting information. Helps to produce unique and avoid plagiarism.

Signing up for a creative writing course helps to get into an atmosphere with a goal mindset and get to meet new people to share knowledge with fellow candidates. Helps to have a situation of exchanging information with each other and can get a company to prepare together.

Research helps to analyze and remove unnecessary data and formate the data to give a shape for the content and finalize the result. Research supports in providing proof and ideas.

Enhance Ideas and Perception:

To find your niche, you have to understand yourself and focus on what you’re good at it, and concentrate on that theme to produce the content. The creative writing course trains you to develop your observing ability helps to overcome writer’s block and helps you to find a fascinating idea.

The ability to observe helps to come up with the innovative idea to identify the problem and provides solutions. Analyzing the implementation of new ideas and working with different perspectives to finalize the product. You will get the ideas from the faculty’s incidents, even through personal life experience that helps to make content with new ideas and perceptions.

Better Option to Explore Career:

A creative writing course gives you the knowledge to produce content in varieties of genres like advertisement, screenplay, fiction, and nonfiction and makes you edit the content and publish it online. Assignments from every genre will give you practical knowledge with exercise.

Your faculty will help you to explore a wide variety of career range options like similarly content writing, copywriting, journalist, web content creation, proofreading, primary executive, content editor, social media manager, writing teacher, and content manager.

You can take on various positions with reputable marketing, advertising, or public relations firms, publishing houses, or firms that provide technical or editorial writing services, media outlets, MNCs, NGOs, and government agencies.

Skills That You Gain From a Creative Writing Course

These Are the List of Skills That You Can Learn From the Creative Writing Course:

  • Ability to narrate
  • Time distribution
  • Proofreading and editing skills
  • Innovative thinking
  • Tech skills
  • Researching skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Marketing skills 
  • Problem-solving skills

Career Opportunities For a Creative Writer

There is an enormous demand on a global level for a creative writer. An expert creative writer should possess a lot of imagination skills, and observing skills. Should understand and work for poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction like a combination of all the characteristics.

Here are the best options for Online Creative Writing Courses you must consider.

Jobs For a Creative Writer are Listed Down Here

  • Scriptwriter
  • Author
  • Copywriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Journalist
  • Travel blogger
  • Editor
  • Social Media specialist
  • Screenwriter or songwriter
  • Public relations

Best Available Creative Writing Courses in Kerala


The Content Writing Course from IIM SKILLS is the best course to master all types of content. The duration of this course is 4 weeks, which is a live virtual class and includes 16 hours of lectures with 14 hours of internship sessions. A guaranteed internship for 3 months with flexible hours is also provided.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Candidates will have a decent portfolio after the course and they will be guided to develop further. They provide lifetime support after the course on technical and consulting. They help to publish and produce your first book online on a platform like Kindle or Google books.

They also support you to publish your first blog on the Times of India. Along with this, practical learning with case studies of recent content marketing campaigns and dedicated placement support, and freelance possibility will be provided.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Udemy

Udemy provides varieties of creative writing courses in Kerala conducted online, which are tailored by expert authors. They also categorize every video topic and give the choice to pick the specified topic and pay to get access to the material and start learning. The gives the privilege to choose a particular topic.

In case the other topics may be well known by others, so they can skip that particular video that they already know about that. This prevents expert candidates to spend the entire money as a package. Udemy categorized the creative writing course for every level of candidates from beginners to experts. The lessons are provided through the case studies and explain the essential details of famous books and movies.

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3. Coursera

Coursera creative writing courses in Kerala are offered by Wesleyan University and provide three important categories of creative writing genres. Those are biography, essay narration, and short story. You get to learn the hands-on projects and learn the techniques that most good writers use to compose an impactful story and are filled with unforgettable characters in a fascinating way delivered with a fresh elaborated style. 

There Are 5 Divisions Under Creative Writing Specialization:

  • Craft plot
  • The craft of character
  • The craft of setting and description
  • The craft of style
  • Capstone: your story 

4. British Council of India

British Council of India provides creative writing courses in Kerala, this course is designed only for English experts. It trouts out opportunities to educate the entire initial techniques to enhance ones writing skills. This course consists of plot developing, character development, dialogue writing, and setting. Also covers all different professions for a good creative writer.

Creative Writing Course by British Council of India Helps to Find One’s Uniques Skill of Writing by:

  • Establishing your writing style and viewpoint
  • Help your creativity come to life
  • Improve your literary skill
  • Helps to organize your ideas
  • Learn to thoroughly evaluate various writing dialects

Have a look at the sought-after Non-fiction Writing Courses

5. Skill Share

Skillshare builds an online community providing varieties of classes for curious and creative ones. Skillshare also provides creative writing courses in Kerala online with a lot of categories and teaches several techniques. This course will be convenient for all people from beginners to experts. There are tutorials for tools and building topics story outline, narration, and developing an interesting plot. They support you to develop the ability to improve creative writing with daily exercises.

6. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau provides practical study material which will support people to become better creative writers. This course is designed to benefit anyone of any age or background. They started their services in January 1989 and became so popular among the people who want to know the successful publishing. The Writers Bureau provides creative writing courses in Kerala as a kind of a home study. They improve and update the standards of the courses daily, and their main aim is to offer the best home study experience in a creative writing course.

  • Professional writers are the faculty
  • Teach to develop the style and utilize the techniques
  • Experts advise on publishing and selling the work
  • 4 years of course duration

7. Medcity School Of English

Medcity School of English provides one of the best creative writing courses in Kerala. Creative writing is an art that makes the reader attracts. This course is focused on the purpose of creative writing so the students could get a better understanding of the relationship between reader and author. Creative writing is used to spread information with entertainment. This course motivates people to express their thought through words.

Medcity School of English Covers the Topic of:

  • How to compose a short story
  • Releasing your creativity
  • Bringing your writing life
  • Writing from a point of view
  • Writing dialogue
  • Writing characters
  • Understanding of market and career development
  • How to write poems

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8. Future Learn

Future learn provides creative writing courses in Kerala online. They produce a variety of writing courses from reputed universities. You can find a lot of universities are providing courses through this platform.

Some of the Interesting Courses you can Find are:

  • How to write your song
  • Stylistics: using linguistics to explore texts and meaning
  • Brand strategy and communication
  • Copywriting fundamentals
  • Fairy tales: meanings, messages, and morals

9. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU provides diploma in creative writing courses in Kerala in open distance learning with a course duration of one year. This course provides comprehensive professional knowledge and skills in imaginative writing to enhance creative writing skills. Their course consists of two comprehending courses and four voluntary courses. Candidates for this course should have passion and a knack for writing. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is a creative writer’s average salary in India?

An average creative writer can expect a salary of Rs 4,00,000 per annum. Get paid per hour Rs 205. The minimum range of salary will be Rs 2,65,000 per annum. Experience experts make Rs 7,32,000 per annum.

Q2. Who can apply for creative writing courses in Kerala?

Anyone can apply for a creative writing course. All you need to have is a passion for expressing your thoughts and creativity in words and a little bit of language knowledge of what you going to make content in.

Q3. What is the age limit to become a creative writer?

There’s no age limit to starting a career as a creative writer. It’s never too late to follow your passion as a creative writer.

Q4. What are the difficulties to face as a creative writer? 

The most difficult part of being a creative writer is to make characters believable, enabling the interaction between the subject and structure, and achieving a sense of reality. 

Q5. What is the best advice to become a successful creative writer?

  • Read, read and read: helps to have the refers and stop you from creativity block
  • Write, write and write: to remain motivated and keep notes of your though
  • Set a point of view: to make the narration interesting
  • Utilize literary devices: to boost your creativity 
  • Understanding your audience: helps you to reach the target


The demand for creative writers is increasing day by day, also companies reach out for help from freelance creative writers for a project that needs outstanding writing and communication abilities instead of hiring one for full-time. Creative writing is a skill that only can be developed through daily exercise and practice. The only one that can be successful at creative writing is to understand that it’s like art that only can achieve by practicing it daily with dedicated effort. 

I hope this article may help you in finding creative writing courses in Kerala and clears all your doubts and answers all about creative writing. If you’re a passionate writer and want to make a career out of it, nothing is going to stop you from success. Just keep on practicing and develop the needed skill.

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