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8 Best Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

There are 26 alphabets, and when you write them in different forms, they make different meanings, which becomes the reason for the changes in some people’s lives. Writing has several structures, types, and tones. This post will guide you through the best online creative writing courses for Beginners.


List of best creative writing courses for beginners


In one book, Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Creative Living Beyond Fear”, she said that living and achieving goals, and always striving to be in the top place of a career is not creative living. Doing the favorite and habitual things; extracting happiness from them is creative life.


The main reason behind the book is that there are plenty of things scattered in life; focus on that thing and do it in a way that gives you happiness. Likewise, creative writing has different forms as poems, stories, and daily journaling. When it comes to pursuing a career or starting a new habit, it requires different techniques to learn. You will find various creative writing courses for beginners and how to take a step to start writing here.


What is Creative Writing?


Creative writing, as the name suggests, evokes writers to be creative in writing. It varies from other professional, academic, persuasive, analytical writing, and social media posts. It might be imaginative writing but it requires some skills. In today’s world, everyone thinks and writes easily.


A consistent and evocative attitude is needed for the creative writer. The Internet makes it easy to find the opportunities at hand. Earlier it was hard to find a job with a mere degree. Now the world wide web makes it easy for us to learn and acquire different skills; this is an opportunity that differs from the conventional education system. 


There will be plenty of courses awarded, you have to make a shrewd decision to go ahead. Among different courses for writers, creative writing is a good opportunity to pursue a career. Mere hope is not going to help, so before knowing about the creative writing courses, you can see what are the various career perspectives available for you after completing the creative writing courses. 


Career Prospects After Completion Of Creative Writing Courses For Beginners:


  1. Writer- It is a broad term that covers writers who can write content in different niches from food, travel, and education to trilogy. With this title, you can write blogs, website content, books, stories, etc.


  1. Creative Director- The main role of the creative director is to take care of marketing and advertising campaigns and they are responsible for hiring and managing the people. They can do the jobs of copywriter and designer.


  1. Digital Copywriter- You can work either as an employee or a freelancer, your role is to promote brands and products on the website.


  1. Editorial Assistant- Greater communication and grammar skills are needed. Several manuscripts, books, news, and magazines are given to the editorial team, and the job of an editorial assistant is to assist the senior editorial staff in their job.


  1. Proofreader/ Copy Editor- Correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes in books, journals, newspapers, and articles.


  1. Copywriter- In the content writing arena, copywriting is the most demanding and high-skill required area. Copyrights play a major role in providing engaging content for customers. In today’s competitive world, businesses are struggling to create an advertisement that has a greater and longing impact. A new brand needs frequent promotional campaigns, the copywriter can attract customers, and their writing makes the customers believe in the brand.


  1. Script and Sketch Writer- Scriptwriting is a difficult and unstable career. Writing scripts and stories for movies requires a high level of creativity. You cannot expect immediate earnings from this job. Sometimes lack of creativity creates inconsistency in this area. These writers require greater consistency and discipline in writing, if thought processes are not generated properly, most of the content looks manipulative. In addition to movies, many companies also require a script and sketch writers. Their role is important for creating differences in the products from competitors.


  1. Blogger- Blogging is a fresh and frequently used term. Before the pandemic in India, many people didn’t have any idea about blogging. Not many times have they come across these terms. The pandemic provides a way to use social media effectively. People who have the habit of journaling find this blogging is a good activity to keep pace with life and earn money. 


Many blogs are flooded with content related to food, education, spirituality, travel, and technology. You can create your blog or write another person’s blog for income generation. Starting a blog does not provide you immediate income, consistent content creation and regular updates make your blog rank on the google site. After the popularity, other companies ask you to place their ads on your blog, this creates income for your blog.


Benefits and Outcomes Of The Creative Writing Courses For Beginners:


  • Creative stories indulge you to give alluring and captivating content. The deep thinking to evoke and write quality and fresh content result in new ideation. Experience is the most valuable thing in life to buy; it requires time which is more valuable than money. The process of creative writing hypnotizes you into a creative world which is the best opportunity for you to explore.


  • Creative writing requires high research skills to produce content, you will start reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Whether copywriting, story writing, script writing, or blogging, all creative writing employs different skills. Pursuing creative writing courses brush up on your content and help to produce plagiarism-free content, and avoid grammatical errors. 


  • While learning, you will start reading, writing, understanding, listening, and interpreting new content or things. Your endeavor to give understandable content to the audience will improve, and this leads to the polishing of your communication skills. This will help you in proofreading and editing the content.


  • Creative writing courses for beginners demand you to write short stories, scripts, copywriting, blogging, ebook creation, work for different brands, and produce content in various niches.


  • Training leads you to write or read different things continuously. It enhances knowledge and creativity. Time management is the breaking down of activities like reading, writing, listening, and exploring new ideas with proper gaps to utilize the time efficiently. These courses help to keep time on track.


Top 12 Types Of Creative Writing:


1. Free Writing:

Free writing is the form of prewriting. Academicians give this activity in schools and colleges to evoke imaginative ideas or inspiration for main stories. Most writers follow this technique, they choose a silent environment and then start scribbling in the notepad. 


2. Journaling:

Daily writing practice to maintain consistency is called journaling or journal writing. Some writers maintain this as a habit, other types are dream journaling, memory journaling, gratitude journaling, and all-purpose journaling.


3. Memoir:

It is non-fiction writing. It narrates a personal story or experience. It is dissimilar to an autobiography because it includes personal experience along with fun facts. It contains an account of events from one person’s life. It doesn’t include the beginning and end of life. It is a particular event that occurred in life. Non-fictional writing is written with fictional factors. For example, a Himalayas travel memoir. 


4. Storytelling:

It encompasses both fiction and non-fiction writing. It is collective writing which includes novels, novellas, flash fiction and memoirs, journal, and diaries in the non-fiction category. This writing is a wholesome package of writing. Storytellers have a greater talent to replicate any form of writing into a story. It is a valuable skill that evokes first-hand and second-hand emotions in the audience. These storytelling courses help to cultivate writing from poetry to speech writing.


5. Vignettes:

Similar to movie teasers, vignettes are a teaser to a particular plot. It might be fiction or creative non-fiction form. It is descriptive and uses symbols and senses. In vignettes, there will be no need to express the character’s name. It comprises several paragraphs or pages. 


6 Short Story Writing: 

Creative writing courses for beginners provide basic understanding through different writings. Short story writing is the stepping stone to starting a writing career. This writing gives wings to fly in an imaginative world. Story writing is a great way to maintain consistency in a writing career. 


Find here the best Short Story writing Courses


7. Novellas:

It provides the understanding of characters up to the extent that is not a brief story like short fiction nor as long as novels. Novellas contain 10,000 to 40,000 words. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


8. Novels:

Novels are long fiction that explains the characters, plot, and other minor elements. Writing a novel requires greater skill and patience, it has different genres like romance, thriller, and crime. The word count in a novel is 60,000 to 1,00,000 or even more.


9. Scriptwriting:

Scriptwriting includes writing scripts for movies, advertisements, radio programs, reality shows, and Youtube videos. Depending upon the above varieties, the script will be long as well as short. But all the scripts are in written form, it gets body when transforming into video with direction.


10. Personal essays:

A personal essay is a conversational autobiography. It evokes an audience response and creates intimacy with the personal statement. It is helpful in college admissions. It plays a greater role in acquiring college seats. The content makes a personalized connection and the whole content is written in a nonfiction format.


11. Poetry writing:

Poetry writing is the collection of words in small verse which contains different rhythms and figures of speech. Haikus, sonnets, limericks, free verse, ode, couplets, acrostic, etc are types of poetry.


12. Letters:

It is creative and unimaginative writing which contains facts. Love letters are the best example.


Have a look at the excellent Online Creative Writing Courses


What Are The Best Creative Writing Courses For Beginners?


Although the internet has made it easy to find and learn things, to stabilize and brush up on creative writing skills proper training and schedule to practice different skills will be provided in different courses. 


8 Best Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners


1. IIM Skills


Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) from IIM Skills is a broad course comprising all types of content creation, from creative writing to academic and legal writing. IIM Skills CWMC is one of the best creative writing courses for beginners. For students who want to pursue content writing as their main career, IIM Skills provides a trajectory to pursue and assist you from beginning to lifetime support.


It is 4 weeks live online classroom program. After successful completion of CWMC, 3 months of unpaid guaranteed internships are provided based on your flexibility. This program contains 30 hours of training which includes 16 hours of lectures plus 14 hours of internship sessions. They will provide free tools of 35 thousand worth with a CWMC completion certificate and Hubspot content marketing certificate. 


Their 16 Modules Teach You Different Writing Styles Including Creative Writing For Beginners:

  • Module 1- Introduction to content writing (an overview of the complete content writing journey).
  • Module 2- WordPress (Hosting of the website)
  • Module 3- Digital content creation (Article writing- listicle articles, blogging, and website content)
  • Module 4- Copywriting (high demanding skills in the market).
  • Module 5- Media support for marketing.
  • Module 6- Email marketing (A broad-based digital marketing skill explained in a general way).
  • Module 7- Social media marketing and video script writing.
  • Module 8- Creative writing.
  • Module 9- Statement of purpose or personal statement writing and business listing.
  • Module 10- Legal writing for the law firm.
  • Module 11- Technical writing
  • Module 12- Optimized content creation (SEO- Search Engine Optimization).
  • Module 13- Content marketing.
  • Module 14- Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense
  • Module 15- Content writing for aspiring freelancers.
  • Module 16- Resume writing or resume building.


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fee: INR 14900 + 18% GST 

Mode of teaching: Online


Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

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Benefits From This Course:

  • 3-month internship for acquiring experience.
  • Start your content and creative writing agency.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Well-developed portfolio for job seekers or freelancers.
  • Become a writer, and publish your own Ebook.
  • Publish your content on a stabilized platform like the Times of India and release your press release news portal.


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2. British Council – India


Are you living in an imaginary world? Are you getting scolded for scribbling the stories? This creative writing course is organized and delivered for you. You can be awarded a successful course completion certificate.


You Can Learn:

  • Different plots.
  • Blogging.
  • Character creation.
  • Script and screenwriting.
  • Fiction and memoirs.
  • Travel writing.
  • Poetry writing and tools.
  • Short story writing and experimental writing.


Course Name: Creative Writing Course for Adults.

Course Fee: INR 10,000

Course Duration: 36 hours or 9 weeks.

Mode Of Learning: Online weekend classes.


3. Udemy


One of the greatest achievements of technology is bringing worldwide educational experts on this platform and providing benefits to students to access the course with certification. Most of the creative writing courses for beginners prices start from INR 449 to 550 or more. The notable thing about the platform is frequent discounts to learn different courses. If the person wants to be in a creative world, this platform provides the learner to explore different courses.


Some Of The Well-known Creative Writing Courses Are:

  • Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing and Punctuation- Brian Jackson.
  • All genre Creative Writing- Trace Crawford.
  • Writing Stories for Video Games- Emilio Padulo.
  • Creative Nonfiction Writing- Trace Crawford.
  • Masterclass: Creation of Short Stories- Phil Ebiner and Brian Birmingham.
  • Complete Copywriting course with SEO for Beginners- Ing. Thomas Moravek.


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4. Skillshare


It is one of the online learning platforms. This platform is slightly different for creative writing from other platforms because other online courses will give you only selected courses. One-time payment for a year of membership is provided here. In addition to creative writing courses for beginners, you can learn many other courses. You are unable to take one whole bundle course with all topics. Most of the courses are genre-specific here.


5. Future Learn


Like Udemy, skillshare Future Learn is also a good platform to learn creative writing courses for beginners. The University of Kent, The University of Newcastle Australia, The Open University, The University of Sheffield, The University of Edinburgh, University of East Anglia, University of Reading, University of Michigan, University Malaya, University of York, The British Film Institute (BFI), and University College London are the well-renowned institute providing different writing courses here.


Some Well-known Courses Are:

  • Feature Writing- 4 weeks online course, INR 2269 per one-off payment.
  • Poetry Writing- 3 weeks course, INR 2612.
  • Fiction Writing- 8 weeks online course, INR 1564 per one-off payment.
  • Screenwriting- 2 weeks online course, INR 1564 per one-off payment.
  • Writing and Editing- 4 weeks online course, INR 1564 per one-off payment.


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6. Coursera


Similar to udemy, it is a platform with educational experts. As a beginner to start a creative writing career, you always search for free courses. Platforms like Coursera bring you a few free online creative writing courses.


Some Free Creative Writing Courses For Beginners Are Mentioned Below:

  • Writing your first novel- Michigan State University.
  • A poetry workshop- California Institute of Arts.
  • Writing for young readers- Commonwealth Education Trust.
  • Transmedia Storytelling for a global audience- UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales).


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


7. WritersHQ


They also provide free creative writing courses. They will guide you to access the free course after completing a few steps like small novel creation, preparation of productivity guide, 5-day flash fiction challenge, and editing 101 (editing and proofreading of the sample).


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8. Upskillist


They provide free creative writing online classes. This is 4 weeks course comprised of 1 module with 8 lessons. After completion, you will be awarded a diploma certificate.


Who are Eligible to Pursue Creative Writing Courses?

  • Content Writers.
  • Students.
  • Bloggers and Professionals.
  • Housewives, retired people, unemployed individuals.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What are the benefits of learning these courses?

  • Become a writer.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Increase imaginary and creative skills.
  • Better consistency.
  • Started to search for reading different books.
  • Unravel the thoughts in one area.
  • Find your writing style.


Q2. What is the range of salary of a creative writer?

 The average salary varies from a few hundred to thousands per month.


Q3. Can I neglect these courses and start writing habits with consistency? 

 Yes, but humans have the habit of learning things properly. You can start writing without the courses, these courses will add extra skills and polish your skills on the correct path. First, start your journey with free creative writing courses then choose the paid courses.




When comes to learning there will be a lot of sources and different courses. For beginners it is hard to find the proper creative writing course, the above content with paid and unpaid courses will give you to take the correct decision to choose your career. Although the above courses are mandatory, the first thing in writing is daily writing and reading habits. Be consistent.

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