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Top 15 Essential Blogging Tips for Bloggers In 2024

Digital proliferation has seen a great boost over the last few years. With the digital advancement that has taken over the lives of internet users, blogging has become a pivotal part of the inbound marketing strategy as a whole.

Top Essential Blogging Tips for Bloggers

Today we are going to talk about the top blogging tips But before that, let’s look at what Inbound Marketing is. The Inbound Marketing process aims to attract customers to your product or service by providing value to them through content that evokes a positive response from the readers. That content is presented to you in the form of blog articles on various websites. The art of creating and distributing content that informs and inspires you to make educated decisions is known as blogging.

In other words, blogging is your way of communicating with your consumer’s potential, and existing and apprising them of your products and services. The blog demonstrates how they could be of use to your target audience.

In this article, we are looking at different blogging tips that will help you in generating leads and turning them into consumers through a strategic approach to disseminating useful information to the public.

According to Hubspot, 55% of marketers emph2asized that blogging is their top priority in the Inbound Marketing process. The reason is not hard to guess. Blogging is likely to get you more than a 12% return on investment (ROI) than companies, organizations, and individuals who don’t feel the necessity of blogging about their products or services to the consumers.

Today as you visit several digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others, you will find bloggers writing and creating content about a myriad of topics. 

The topics are carefully selected after vigorous research on what the consumer likes and is willing to devote time to read about. That is one of the first steps to creating a successful blog. Understanding the pulse of your target audience is everything. 

Let’s take a moment and just think of the number of popular subjects that you find on the internet on which various articles are written. In a minute you will find that you come across at least 10 to 12 topics that are very popular and all over the internet sharing valuable information to the public. 

Some of These Topics Are:

Food, traveling, lifestyle, music, fitness, sports, fashion, do-it-yourself, beauty, motherhood, parenting, medical, business, and personal blogs. These are just out of the many that come to your mind when you think of articles that we find on the internet that rank exceptionally high on the search engine rankings. 

If you ask seasoned bloggers who are actively involved in creating content for consumers, you will see that they are one excited group of people who are always focused and committed to delivering knowledge that is of import to the target consumers.

A blog is a sure-shot way of connecting with your customers, creating camaraderie with them, and instill a sense of faith that you are going to be there when they need you.

The main purpose of your blog is to derive traffic to your site through clear, honest, sharing of useful information to your target groups.

Now Let’s Look at the 15 Most Essential Blogging Tips and Strategies to Make Your Blogs Successful in 2020 and Beyond.

#1. Select a Niche Topic

This is the primary decision that you have to make when planning to start a blog. You have to make rigorous research on topics that are relevant and popular. Jot down five popular topics that you also incline to write on. Select three among them and see which one you are the most proficient in in terms of writing. This is one of the top blogging tips for anybody be a beginner or an expert in writing. Make sure that you select a topic that is specific and has a high search volume. You might have heard of the term “Search volume”.

Let’s See What It Means:

The search volume of a topic is the number of searches that are made for the topic in a particular month. There are several tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Search, Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Semrush, Keywords Everywhere, and many others that help you to get an idea of just how popular the topic that you selected is in the online domain. There are general topics that are better avoided. And then there are some topics that you can select that are for a specific set of the target audience. For example, a legal blog will cater to people who are in the legal field or someone involved in legal processes.

Similarly, a blog on mutual funds is to help people who want to invest in mutual funds as well as people who deal in shares and work in the mutual fund sector. A website that specializes in information and education will provide value to students processes teachers online tutorial classes and people who are in the education sector through their blogs.

Your blog topics should have a definite purpose and should know who they are targeting and which industry. Once you have zeroed in on a topic it is time to start writing on it.

There are many tools like Yoast, All In One SEO Pack, Premium SEO Pack, Rank Math, and other plugins that help you to optimize your content for Search Engine Optimization rankings.

They have a plethora of features incorporated in the plugins like readability, sentence variation, and other SEO aspects that are covered in the plugin which help you to create the best content that will help you rank on the first page of a search engine.

Assuming that you have already created a website for your blog make sure that the look and feel of the website are aesthetically pleasing and the structure of your website is comforting to the eye. Make sure the colors you use are not jarring to the eye. Keep enough gaps in the positioning of different buttons like social media sharing buttons, CTA. 

#2. Be Clear About Your Mission, Vision, and Voice

When we talk about blogging tips this point cannot be emphasized enough. Since you have selected a topic for your blog the next step is to have a strategic approach to creating the content around that topic. A lot of time, commitment, dedication, and diligence goes into creating a blog post.  You should have time on your hands when you start working on your blog.

Be it about the product or service that you want to inform your readers about in the blog, you should have clarity of vision as to what exactly you want from your readers when they go through your blog and read about your topic. Make a few points for yourself as to what should be your aim in writing on that particular topic.

Be clear about the topic of your writing from the very first paragraph. It is as important for SEO rankings as for your readers to understand what the article entails so that they can decide whether the topic is of their use. Engage your audience from the very first sentence. Grasp the attention of the reader, then you know you’ve made a successful attempt at engaging readers into your article.

For your readers to be able to derive value from your writing, you have to foster a culture of nurturing your leads through ethical writing, honest dissemination of information, and a clear mission statement. 

Nothing is more delightful for a customer than abject honesty in providing details about your product. A mission statement has a lot of human qualities to it. The main purpose of creating a mission statement is to connect instantly with your readers.

Let’s Take Examples of a Few Mission Statements:

  • Tata group “to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve true long-term stakeholder value creation based on leadership with trust”
  • Nike “do everything possible to expand human potential”
  • IKEA “to create a better everyday life for the many people”
  • Tesla “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”

If you notice, all these statements have a human quality to them that helps to engage with potential consumers.

Another important feature of blogging is to provide a voice to your writing. The voice that you give to your writing should be aligned with the goals and objectives of your brand. It is the identity of your brand, If it is business, then it has to be formal. If it is an FMCG product that you aim to get people to know the tone should be friendly if it is sportswear the tone should have intrigue and passion in it. If it is an educational blog there should the quality of the teaching aspect in the tone of your writing.

In this way determine the voice of your writing based on the product that you are going to provide information on. Use active voices as much as possible. 

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#3. Create Content That is Valuable Inspirational Consistent With Your Main Goal

The importance of creating content that is consistent, valuable, honest, and inspirational cannot be reiterated enough. 

Good writing is not only crucial to your online image but it also helps to gain customers for long-term purposes. They can turn advocates for your brand, product, or service in different digital media channels.

You can see a lot of examples of celebrities and influences who create videos and blogs on social media channels to promulgate a product or brand they DM is going to help the target audience.

Therefore, good content not only helps you to create a positive value for your brand in the web arena but also introduces you to a whole new bunch of customers expanding your lead base.

The content should be crisp and should impress your readers from the very first moment they start reading your article. If you can help create that intrigue and excitement around your writing, only then will you be able to draw readers to the whole article and they will turn into staunch loyalists of your brand.

#4. Include CTAs & Inbound Links to Other Articles on Your Website

Your main objective of creating a blog is to drive traffic to your website through the value of content and to boost sales. To achieve that you have to be careful in allocating Call to Action options throughout your blog posts and inbound links to the other content on your site to improve the conversion rate

CTA should have a compelling write-up and should be aesthetically placed so that it will direct readers to the pages you want at regular intervals without appearing cluttered.

For example, when we write a detailed article on content writing on the educational website of an institute, it is desired to provide links to the courses offered by the institute for more visibility, exposure, and information sharing.

#5. Competition Analysis

You might not be overly concerned about your competitors but keeping track of how they are is performing and what they are emphasizing helps you to get insight on what works and what doesn’t work based on the performance of that competitor’s website. Through that information, you will know what trends they are focussing on and whether those are yielding results. Your content must be great but you should also keep an eye out for how your competition is faring in your niche sector. 

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#6. Analyze How Your Blog is Faring Through Analytics Tools

You have to very carefully monitor the performance of your blog over time. You can do this by using tools like Google Analytics to measure exactly how well your blog is doing considering your specific metrics for success. The figures can help you create even more relevant content based on the different results you get from the metrics.

Some of the points that can be taken into account to create successful blogging strategies are the number of page views, the number of backlinks you get for your web page, the number of subscribers, whether there is an increase in the comments, and the overall performance of your blog through referrals, conversions, and other factors. 

#7. Incorporate the Other Modules Like Email Marketing Mobile Marketing to Give Your Blog a Boost and Visibility.

Emails play a very major part in driving traffic to your websites or blog. Your email list is one of the most important areas for you to concentrate on when you write an article on your blog. Emails give you the option of personalizing your emails to suit the needs of your consumers and create compelling email copy that will attract the consumers to your blog.

Successful email marketing can help in creating a positive rapport with your customers and your target audience. This in turn will help your blog to reach a maximum number of people in a very short time.

#8. Share on Social Media Platforms

For tips on blogging this comes among the top 10. Merely writing good, original content isn’t enough. There are plenty of social media channels that can give you the required attention and visibility on the article you write in your blog

Some tools help make your social media management and posting easier. These tools are Buffer, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social Facebook Page Manager, and others

It might happen that due to some reason you are not being able to post your blogging articles on social media when you want to. Tools like these help you to pre-plan your posting schedule so that the application shares the article at the specific time allotted by you for these platforms

For example, if you want to share your blogging article on LinkedIn at a specific time and date two days later, you can just go to one of these tools like Buffer, schedule a post update for LinkedIn on the specified day and time of your choice

Remember today, social media is a major place that contributes to blogging.  Distributing your content on these channels will ensure that you have ample opportunities for exposure and reach that will contribute to the success of your blog.

#9. Network and Engage

When you are in the online domain writing content that is motivational, educational, useful, and holds a lot of information you need to engage with people who work in your niche space or complementary sectors. 

Several bloggers can connect with you globally and know about your business and your blog. Networking with people from different areas can help you to form new ideas, start new businesses and write content that is even more focused and relevant.

There are many collaborative projects with different bloggers and influencers that help you get more from your blogging and improve your chances of getting your business out there for greater ROI with less Cost of Acquisition. Take some time and respond to the comments that you get on your blog. It is important to develop and nurture interactive online sessions with prompt responses and conversations on your blog. Make efforts to answer queries as much as possible and ask for feedback.

#10.  Take Note of Constructive Criticism

Along with the many advantages that come with blogging one of the pitfalls is that you might get negative comments that might sometimes get your spirit down. Remember there is a difference between blatant criticism and constructive criticism.

Take time and go through the comments to see which are constructive criticisms that are meant to help you to improve in your endeavors of blogging and writing. Work on those areas where there can be an improvement.

Don’t get bogged down by such comments. The internet widely recognizes them as trolls. Ignore comments that do not contribute anywhere positively to your whole writing process. 

Writing on the internet, getting your blog out in the open requires you to have a thick hide. Answer questions with full confidence, see if you have gone wrong anywhere, and rectify the mistakes if any. 

#11. Update Content Regularly and Incorporate the Best Practices of Blogging

Your content can be edited and enriched with a lot of new information as and when they appear. You should make efforts to constantly update your blog with the latest information available on the specific topics that you were written about. This practice achieves command authority in your field when your readers see that your blog is updated with the latest content and researched well with providing maximum value.

You should make efforts of repurposing your blog too. Repurposing helps you to increase your online footprints, maximize the time and the effort you put into creating your content, helps in expanding your horizon, reach new target audiences by content diversification in different mediums and digital channels. 

#12. Give due importance to Keyword Research and Create Consumer Persona

Keyword Research is a pivotal part of your writing a blog or an article for search engines. You have to be very careful in selecting your keyword because that can help to become an authority leader in your field by placing your content and blog on the first page of a search engine thereby attracting the most number of readers. 

You can incorporate keywords into your content even after publishing it. This is a part of re-purposing content where you are editing your already existing content for even better value to consumers when they read it with appropriate distribution of keywords in the article. Keywords can be simple single words to Complex phrases that can help to optimize content for Search Engine rankings. They help to bolster your content for search engine rankings. If you are searching for an online course on content writing you will as a searcher, type a specific chosen number of words into the search box to get results.

For example Content Writing Course in India.

Website and articles that are concerned with content writing courses have to keep in mind keywords like content writing in India so that the next time there write an article on creating a website on content writing it will be on the first page of a search engine. This is the relevance of keywords in blogging.

Customer/Buyer Persona

Your Buyer Persona is the crucial detailed idea of who your target consumer is so that you can go back to your Buyer Persona and write your articles based on what would interest them. This helps in creating content that is of maximum value and specifically suited to your target consumers’ preferences, and needs. 

Creating a customer persona requires incisive research on different digital channels to understand how your consumers behave and what their choices, wants and challenges are.

The various sources from which you can get a fair idea of your customers are social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter. Then there are different forums and podiums used by people for questions and answers like Quora, Reddit, Yahoo. You can research the people in your industry with the help of tools like buzz sumo and can also visit various other blogs and websites to see the kind of interaction that goes on and might be helpful to create a representation of your focus group. 

#13. Make Use of the Different Modules of Online Marketing

When you are blogging it can become a great source of income if you incorporate a few revenue sources like Google AdSense Program, Affiliate Programs, or influencer marketing programs to increase traffic to your website. Your income for your blog is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you receive on your website. Engaging with people with similar interests and who already have a following can help increase your revenue. But never lose sight of the long-term goal that is, creating high-grade content, or else these programs will not reap results. 

You have to be sure that your content has a lot of value for the followers and leaders will get by collaborating with influencers or affiliates. 

#14. Provide Information About Yourself in Your Blog

When people read your blog they will want to know the person behind the content copy. Give some details about yourself, what you do, and where your interests lay. You have to build that trust among readers that you can be someone they can rely on when they need to address their challenges. Give your audience information on what your goal is in trying to help your readers. 

#15. Make Sure to Read and Reread Your Blog Article Before You Publish It 

Go through your article thoroughly for grammatical mistakes, typos, and others that can turn off readers while they are reading your article. This HAS to be one of the most important blogging tips. It does not harm to get an extra pair of eyes to go through the article that you’ve written. What happens sometimes is that when you have written an article your eyes can get accustomed to even the errors without meaning. You can miss out on mistakes even it is glaring right at your face. Getting another person to proofread your article for mistakes can help you bring out a crispier, concise copy with minimum errors.

#16. Emphasize Optimizing Your Content for Mobile

It is no secret that mobile comprises the maximum use of the internet among different digital devices. Almost 90% of internet users today use a smartphone. With the involvement of mobiles in the lives of more and more people, our target consumers can be mostly found surfing the net on smartphones. 

The advantage of a mobile device is that it is the most portable device of all. You can access your internet from anywhere with the help of mobiles.  Optimize your website for mobile users. This means, that your blog and website design have to be responsive to the mobile. There are several templates, plugins, and apps available that you can employ to optimize your website or blog for mobiles. Additionally, there are few other considerations on how to take care of my new creating content that mobile users can access.

The most important is the functionality of features like slideshows and other buttons. They should be able to read the article clearly and make sense of infographics, videos, and images fully. Also, outbound links and comment areas should be mobile-friendly and accessible. The page load speed should be optimized for better readability. Consumers tend to leave a page if it takes too much time to load. 

Analyze your site for effectiveness using apps like Google, Gmetrix, and others available in plenty online.

The Quality of Content:

The articles you write in your blog should be crisp, succinct while being incisive. While writing content, remember that no one wants to read language that is too complicated. Articles rife with jargon, difficult words, and phrases that people have difficulty in comprehending will put off readers. Your language should be fluid and simple and your reader should not have to consult the thesaurus or dictionary while reading your content. 

If there are complex words at all, then make sure to provide the details of those words in your blog article itself. Convoluted difficult sentences and phrases do not help your cause. Your article will prove to be moot if your readers are turned off by the writing. Your content should be cogent and should deliver the message with absolute clarity. 

Provide examples while writing articles. Examples help in better understanding and retention of the content people read. Format the content in such a way that it is fully clear. Include a lot of white space between paragraphs to have clarity in your article.


These are some of the blogging tips that will help in optimizing your blog for providing maximum value to your consumer as well as ranking well in the search engines. That in turn, will provide an audience for your blog and website. Don’t make haste and create quality content with a mix of clear writing, relevant images, infographics, when necessary. Incorporate social interaction buttons with CTAs. A blog’s success doesn’t happen overnight.  Therefore you have to be practical and approach it pragmatically. Make sure that you have a budget of time and money panned out from before. This helps to achieve maximum efficiency while creating and promoting your blog.  Since you already have a plan in action you can work accordingly and not make haste or get too slow in writing and publishing your content. Consistency is what you should aim for when trying to make a successful career out of blogging. Go for these blogging tips and see positive results fast!


Q. Can blogging make a successful career?

Yes. Blogging in practical doesn’t require any particular degree or certified course. Also blogging as a profession has no time restrictions. You can have blogging as a career and though it seems easy but its not an easy career. There are many challenges to overcome to be a successful career.

Q. What are the essential tips for a beginner in blogging?

There are many things you must consider before you choose blogging. However basic tips are listed below:

  • Name, select a vey unique name for your blog.
  • Do online blogging
  • Promote- Very important to promote your blog
  • Know your audience
  • Even if you choose a free blog design template, try to tweak and customise it

Q. Is it easy to make money through blogging?

Not easy but yes one can earn fast through blogging. But also its not easier to be rich fast through blogging. You must learn to earn and build your own audience.







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