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Best 5 Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

The City of Manchester has experienced rapid economic and industrial up-gradation. Ahmedabad is popular for its textile manufacturing units. Along with the cloth business, we could also see great higher education platforms and tech companies around the city. People now aspire to work with these software companies. Yet, some have a belief in art and literature. For those who dream about novels and poetry, creative writing is the solution. So, you have to procure the required skill and knowledge. Confused about the course selection? Let’s analyze the best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. 

List of best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad

What is Creative Writing?

The practice of writing has prevailed in this land from around 3200 B.C. Our ancestors have recorded their day-to-day lifestyle, culture, and values in the form of words. The historical accounts, facts, and events have been carefully maintained and passed down to the following generation.

As a result, written words have become an integral part of society’s shaping. While decoding world history, you can see how the written form has evolved and flourished. A write-up is a collection of your views and thoughts. The art of delivering your experience is known as creative writing.

Human emotions are conveyed through this type of writing. People are attracted to a novel or poetry that triggers their feelings. Creative writing highlights a story with character building, plot development, and imaginary twists & turns. In the case of educational or knowledge-sharing write-ups, you could see more technical-based facts. The readers look for such writings only when the situation demands it. On the other hand, creative ones are found to entertain people. 

Types of Creative Writing

Stories and poems are the topics we think about when asked about creative writing. Yet, it is found that there are various forms of creative writing. Exploring these types will enhance your knowledge in this field. You could identify your interests and make a career from them.

The Types of Creative Writing Are as Follows: 


A literature form that employs rhyming words and aesthetic explanations. Poetry often portrays the pleasure of nature, beauty, and imaginary events. This writing form has carried historical events like wars, army encounters, the reign of a monarch, etc. The vocal form of our early humans has taken this shape. Though with all these popular features, poetry is not much appreciated. 


We love stories, right! Don’t we? Some of us like to read them. While others like to hear the narrative. In both cases, the end-user benefits. A relatively long word collection that depicts a narrative story is known as a novel. The novels may contain a real or imaginary plot. The success of a novel lies in its comprehensive and continuous flow of writing.

An ideal novel has about eighty thousand words. Latin and Greek communities were the first to introduce these long narrative fictions to the world.  From historical, and gothic to psychological write-ups, novels have a 2000-year background. An author has full liberty to exploit his imagination and adventure in this type of creative writing. 


A novella is seen to have a brief and compact story. The plot is less complicated and always directed to one certain point. The prose length is short when compared with novels.  The history of the novella is dated to the Italian era. This narrative structure is well-oriented and realistic. The unification of short tales under the same genre is seen in this type. The entire tale speaks about one event with one or two key characters. Novella was written to deliver humor and real-life stories.

Short Story:

Short stories, novellas, and novels- all fall under the same division. The prime purpose of these three writing styles is to convey the plot to its readers. They only differ in terms of the story building structure and its related complexity. In the case of a short story, you could finish the entire book within hours or minutes. The most welcomed form of writing is also the oldest writing format known to us. Epic tales like Odyssey and the Ramayana were framed with these short write-ups. 

Here are the best Short Story Writing Courses


Mass media platforms employ scriptwriters to develop a plot and pen down the dialogue sequence. The screenplay and emotional impact of the film depend on its screen write-up. This writing style requires huge creativity skills. The first notable script writing was recorded in the 1900s. The script can be for a film, series, or stage show. The types include spec scripts, mass media & game show writing, commission, and doctoring the script.  Television script writing is one of the fast-growing sectors. The scripts are formatted according to the producer or director’s suggestions. 


Expressing your opinions, analyzing & reporting real-world situations, and publishing journal papers fall under this line. Writing for a news agency or magazine company is the predominant work for people who have an interest in journals. You have no limit in voicing out your thoughts here.   


Memoirs and biographies are misunderstood to be the same. An autobiography tells a person’s entire life tale. But a memoir features a particular incident or series of memories. The author’s viewpoint dominates the memoir. This writing carries the actual human emotions. There is no room for story-building and imagination. From ancient times, people have written their life lessons. 

Personal Essays:

A personal essay or diary is a write-up that accounts for one’s daily routines. Diary writing is the closest way to find the flaws, appreciate your success, and analyze your character. This personal space gives you a lot of evaluating time. Other than these mental benefits, your writing skill gets enhanced. The important feature of a personal write-up is to have the date and time of the events recorded.

This could give precise information on your life story. Diary writing helps in the creation of an autobiography. Even the personal writings of some epic people have been published as books. (The Diary of a Young Girl, for example.)


Scope and Carrier Options for Creative Writers

In this era, the subcontinent has job options in every sector. From medicine, finance, investment, robotics, and art to writing, you can take up any career. Even in this digital period, we depend on words to convey our thoughts. Writing and writers are in demand. To grab a carrier in this field, a formal degree is not compulsory.

Anyone who has an interest and good practice in the British language can opt for this industry. Proper usage of the skill can increase your work progress. Creative writing includes the creation of books, journals, scripts, and poetry. So, you can work for a marketing agency, advertisement company, online websites, magazines, newspapers, and mass media platforms (like film, web series, and YouTube channels).

Writing short stories, articles and scripts can be a great way to earn money. Another vital role a creative writer can play is to author a book. Half of the population loves reading. Thus, you get paid for your book. Your portfolio gets strengthened with the former idea.

Creative writing can be done as a full-time job or freelancing. You have the advantage of signing more contracts at a time. You have the privilege to work at your convenient time in case of freelancing. People working in nine to five jobs can do this writing in their leisure time and get paid for the commissioned work.

Delve Into a Few Other Best Skill Development Courses in Ahmedabad:

The Designations Available for Creative Writers are:

  • Author
  • Journalist
  • Article writer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Creative director
  • Librarian
  • Web content administrator
  • Social media manager
  • Lexicographer
  • Proofreader or editor
  • Advertisement manager.

Finest Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: A Summary

For excelling in a subject, you must procure analytical and practical skills. Creative writing programs offer tools and techniques to shape your passion. The below write-up details the best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad.


IIM SKILLS is known for its online teaching venture. Started as a knowledge-sharing blog, the institute now has trained over 15000 people around the globe. Academic sites such as Career360, CourseDekho, AdvisorUncle, and CourseReport have referred IIM SKILLS training program as the best one.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Their focus is to give first-class education through live interactive sessions. This institute provides courses in varied domains such as taxation, content writing, digital marketing, and SEO. People who aspire to determine a career in writing can enroll in this course. The training program is for 4 weeks.

In addition to their virtual classes, you have an option for a non-paid internship for about 12 weeks. This content writing course is much suited for candidates at both the beginner and expert levels. As the classes and internship are in online mode, you could procure this course from anywhere around the world.

The session recordings help people who have missed their virtual classes. Along with this, you are given lifetime access to their LMS site. Writing techniques and tools worth 35k for free are the vital takeaways from this training program. This explains why IIM SKILLS institute tops the list of creative writing courses in Ahmedabad.

The curriculum consists of content writing basics, the development of a website using WordPress, social media content, creative writing, freelancing, search engine optimization techniques, etc. You gain a certificate after passing an online test. Candidates get 24*7 support from the helping desk. You could get mentored placement assistance here.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University

Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University is a higher education platform located in the textile hub of Gujarat. The institute offers certification courses, and graduate & diploma programs in multiple domains. 38-course programs are included in their curriculum. Founded in 1994, the university has educated around 10 lakh students.

They provide distance learning options in the post and pre-degree programs. The institution offers diploma programs in creative writing in Hindi, English, and other regional tongues. Students receive one year of training following the admissions process. People with a 12th passing certificate are eligible to apply for this course. 

The content writing courses in Ahmedabad plan contain article writing techniques, basics of script writing & social media content, and short story composition. The curriculum bestows the person’s creativity and innovative notions. Offline education creates a huge space for teacher-student interaction.

In this atmosphere, you are exposed to real-life situations. Accordingly, you are in a position to solve them (learn from your experience). This institute could be the finest option for people who are searching for offline creative writing courses in Ahmedabad.

Course Name: Diploma Program in Creative Writing in English

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3. Udemy

Next on our list of the best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad is Udemy. This online platform has trained over 52 million people on the blue planet. They provide courses in 75 languages. With the mission of sharing knowledge with people around the globe, the training institute offers 192k+ professional courses in various domains.

You gain the skill through their self-paced study program. You get video lectures from the instructor after the enrollment process. The course contents include the basics of creative writing and its key elements. Simple grammar rules, structure, theme, character development, and point of view are the main topics covered in this subject.

Evaluating and locating the right medium for your write-up publication is also taught here. The candidates are provided with lifetime access to the course materials. Along with the video lectures, you also get 3 articles and 2 pdf resources.

 When you search for creative writing courses in Ahmedabad, you can either select a virtual session or an offline course. It solely depends on your comfort level. There is no difference in the degree of education given in both cases. The only concern is whether you acquire the skill or not.

Course Name: Creative Writing Masterclass

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In 1985, the Indra Gandhi National Open University was established with the immediate action of the parliament. The institute provides open and distance learning opportunities. This iconic university has served as an upskilling platform for about 3 million people in and around the subcontinent.

The network has 67 regional educational centers and 21 study schools in other countries. The regional center in Ahmedabad offers certification courses, and diploma and graduation programs. IGNOU is regarded as one of the top institutes to give creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. 

This creative writing course is undergraduate level. A much-needed course for people at the starting stage. You have to pay around four thousand rupees for the enrollment. The course plan is for 12 months. Students get access to resource materials and video lectures. Real-world projects are assigned to evaluate your understanding.  

Course Name: Diploma Program in Creative Writing in English 

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5. The Knowledge Academy

The knowledge Academy cannot be omitted while reviewing the creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. The institute provides virtual and classroom education in 190 countries around the globe. The institute emerged from United Kingdom soil. With 30,000+ courses, the academy has educated 15,000+ people.

This venture has gained accreditation from renowned educational institutes such as Microsoft, BCS, APMG, The Open Group, and Axelos. They provide students with a smart screen learning experience. You can also pursue the training session through virtual live lectures or self-paced learning.

Expert trainers educate you about writing techniques and strategies. Character development, author perspective, and dialogue delivery are the key topics analyzed in this course syllabus. You are provided with a training manual. A certification is sent to you after the course completion. 

Course Name: Creative Writing Training

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What do you mean by creative writing?

The practice of writing your experience and imagination is known as creative writing. This category of writing differs from the professional forms. The key focus of creative texts is to develop characters, infuse twists & turns, build a plot and bring out the imaginative side of the author. The author here transports the readers from the real world to a fantastical universe. In most common terms, creative writing exposes human emotions. 

Q2. List down the categories in creative writing?

Creative writing is divided into several types following their word count, style, and purpose. The most general types of creative writing are:

  • Novel 
  • Short story
  • Novella
  • Poetry
  • Diary
  • Screenplay
  • Television scripts

Q3. What jobs I can secure with a certification in creative writing?

The scope for creative writing is immense in our country. Even for online surfing, we need content to read up on. Content writers deliver factual and professional information. While the creative ones infuse their imaginative and humorous thoughts within us. The roles which you can take up with creative writing skills are scriptwriters, social media content managers, librarians, advertisement directors, and editorial writers.

Q4. What are the top three creative writing courses in Ahmedabad?

The top three creative writing courses in Ahmedabad are as follows.

  • Content Writing training program – IIM Skills.
  • Creative writing in English (UG diploma) – Indra Gandhi National University.
  • Creative Writing Training – The Knowledge Academy.

Q5. How can a writer taste success?

Success in any field comes along with consistent work. Overnight triumph is just a myth. In the case of a writer, you could reach greater heights only when there is more and more writing practice. Write, rewrite, analyze the vocabulary and expand your thinking – these are the vital habits to become victorious. 

Summing Up:

The write-up briefs about the finest creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. The study plan, duration, and topics covered in each course are analyzed and given a detailed report. Now, it’s your turn to grab the best training program at your convenience. 

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