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Top 20 Professional Courses in India For Massive Career Growth

India is a diverse country with people from various cultures, interests, habits, and beliefs. People here speak a variety of languages and have grown up in different surroundings. So, students here have different interests and requirements and to meet them all is a challenge in itself. But to make it a little easier we can pin down a few professional courses in India that are in huge demand and are here to last.

Professional Courses in India For Massive Career Growth


Most of the professional courses in India can be pursued after completing higher secondary exams successfully in different streams of one’s choice. After that, one has to appear for an entrance exam. Also, few courses have 2–3 rounds of these tests where students have to take written tests and then interviews or group discussions where students are scrutinized and then selected accordingly. We will look into all of that one by one.

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How to Select Professional Courses in India

In most cases, students get really confused about the profession they should get enrolled in. It can be an overwhelming thought and procedure but few simple steps can make it really easy and hassle-free.

1. Pen It Down– Before doing anything the best thing is to pen down everything that interests an individual career-wise. One should understand their interest and passion and then choose a profession accordingly. 

2. Research– Once an individual knows what is his or her liking then they can start researching on the internet or ask experienced people about the courses available according to their interest. Like if an individual feels they like machines they can research for engineering courses if an individual likes plants and other such things then courses related to botanic can be looked for.

3. Shortlist the Courses- Once an individual knows what interests them and they have researched about the courses, they should then start shortlisting the courses that match their interest and other factors like finance, surroundings, knowledge, etc. If someone is interested in art and craft and at the same time, they have an interest in the latest trends and fashion then that person should look for courses on Fashion Designing. Similarly, many courses can be shortlisted according to an individual’s interests.

4. Go for Career Counselling- Sometimes it might happen that even after all the research work and shortlisting one is still unsure about the course he or she wants to get enrolled into. In such situations, one can always seek help from a counselor. A counselor can guide an individual correctly and help clear the doubts that one has regarding his or her career. These days a lot of people go for career counseling.

5. Go to an Educational Consultant– Once an individual is sure about the profession he or she wants to go for, then he or she should visit a consultant to know the procedure that has to be followed for getting enrolled in that particular course. Consultants also advise students about the exams that they have to prepare for.

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Admission Procedure for Professional Courses In India

Every college has its own procedure through which one can get admission. Generally, students have to clear the secondary and higher secondary exam with a minimum of 50%, and then they are eligible for the entrance exam that the college organizes for the students.

Once the entrance exam is cleared then a few colleges call students for group discussions’ round in which a topic is given to the students and then their involvement, general knowledge, confidence, and other skills are judged. Once the students clear the Group Discussions round, then they are called for an interview round where their knowledge is checked. This is the general procedure that many colleges follow.

But this is not the only procedure, there are different ways through which students can get enrolled in any professional course as it differs from college to college. One should visit the college website and check the procedure and then follow the same to get enrolled in their preferred courses.

Benefits of Doing Professional Courses In India

Professional courses set an individual apart from other candidates. These courses provide the best skill sets that are required to survive in any field. They improve the candidate’s personality and enhance the quality of their CVs. We all know in today’s situation where jobs are limited and candidates are unlimited, every individual needs special skills that set them apart from the crowd. It makes their survival easier and their job secured. It helps an individual shine brighter than his or her competitors.

As we all know our education system is not very creative. It is like a machine that produces similar products. In such a situation getting into a professional course brings uniqueness and enhances an individual’s creativity. This helps an individual in dealing with problems smartly and creatively. 

When an individual pushes his or her boundaries and incorporates new skills, then it gets easier for them to come up with new and fresh ideas. These help them a lot in building a successful career that can become the talk of the town in a good way.

Once a professional course is done, it gives new and better job opportunities to the candidates. Degree courses make an individual academically sound, however, professional courses make sure that a person becomes street smart and practically intelligent. New doors open for such individuals who are both academically and practically sound.

Let Us Look At The Different Types Of Professional Courses In India That Are In High Demand:

Professional Courses In India #1 –  Digital Marketing Course

When the world is becoming digital and everything is now available on the internet. It is an excellent time to create a career in digital marketing. There is a high demand for digital marketers in today’s world. In this, the main aim of the professional is to understand how a product or a service can be well marketed and made known to people through the medium of the internet and social media. There are many short- and long-term courses through which one can become a digital marketing professional.  

Check out these courses

Professional Courses In India #2 – Teaching

Just like medicine, teaching is also an age-old profession that is very respected by the profession. It is a course that will never go out of demand and will continue to remain a professional course till people want to learn and get educated. It is one of the best professions that one can indulge in. There are long as well as short term courses for teaching. One can take up teaching as a full-time or a part-time profession. There are many institutes from where one can do this course. Generally, candidates have to complete Bachelors in Education and do some teacher training courses and then only they can become a teacher professionally.

Professional Courses In India #3 – Engineering

This is one such profession that has high demand not just in India but also outside it. India produces one of the largest numbers of engineers all over the world. This is high in demand course. Candidates have to appear for entrance exams such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, etc. conducted by colleges across the country.

4. Professional Courses In India #4 – LAW 

If someone is pursuing law then there are many careers that one can choose from like international law, corporate law, etc. Many multinational companies are opening their chains and branches in India that have increased the demand for lawyers and law-related professionals. Similar to teaching this is one such course whose demand will never go down.

Candidates can appear for entrance exams such as CLAT – Common Law Admission Test, AILET – All India Law Entrance Test, LSAT – Law School Admission Test, LSAT-India – Law School Admission Test (LSAT-India), SLAT – Symbiosis Law Admission Test, BHU BLAT – BHU BA LLB Admission Test, etc. These are organized by colleges all over India and one can appear for these exams after completing his or her Higher Secondary. It is a very reputed profession.

Professional Courses In India #5 – – Fashion Designing

Someone who has a great sense of style, creativity, and an eye for fashion-related things can definitely make a career in this field. It is a great profession where an individual’s creativity and talent can make them successful and famous. Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi are two great Fashion designers which the whole country raves about.

There are many such designers like Payal Singhal, Anita Dongre, etc. If one has creativity and talent, they can make their mark in this profession. One has to work really hard and be aware of all the latest trends and fashion of all times. Candidates can take admission in reputed colleges by appearing for the NIFT Entrance exam, AAC-CET, etc., and then can become certified fashion designers.

Professional Courses In India #6 – Interior Designing

Most of us love to design our abode. We can easily turn this love into a full-time profession. In today’s time, one can get themselves enrolled in a professional course and become a certified interior designer and can design not just their homes but also others.

This is a great profession for creative and talented people. Just like Fashion Designing, one needs to be updated about the latest trends and also about the evergreen classy styles. People love to spend money on making their houses look beautiful why not make some money by helping them in doing so. One can become a certified Interior Designer by getting enrolled in reputed colleges by clearing entrance exams such as SEED Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design, ISDI Challenge, Indian School of Design and Innovation Challenge, IIAD Entrance Exam, Indian Institute of Art and Design Entrance Exam, etc.

 Professional Courses In India #7 – Chartered Accountancy

Just like Engineers India produces the largest numbers of Chartered Accountants in the world. Most Indians like to pursue this course. It is also one of the toughest courses to do. Those who end up becoming Chartered Accountants land up with many exciting roles and jobs.

It can be done in steps. Firstly, an individual has to clear its entrance exam called CPT then there is IPCC where it has two groups and then CA Final which has two groups as well. One needs to clear all the exams and all the groups then only one can become a Chartered Accountant. It is a high-paying and reputed profession.

Professional Courses In India #8 – Medicine

It is not a new term or a new profession rather people have been doing this for ages. It is the most sought-after course in India. In medicine itself many options can opt like students can take up Homeopathy, Allopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, etc. One can choose from a lot of options as in today’s time medicine is not just limited to Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. Candidates have to appear for entrance exams such as CET, NEET, etc. conducted by colleges across the country to stand a chance and get admission in any of these courses.

Professional Courses In India #9 – Journalism and Mass Communication

It is also not a new course but it has gained popularity in recent times. This is one of the most difficult courses to pursue both mentally and physically. If one puts in all his or her hard work and dedication then one can become a professional in this.

With the advancement of the internet and social media spread, this course has gained immense popularity. It is now not just limited to Television and paper media but with the new digital era, one can become an influencer, public relations manager, etc. This job can give name and fame both at the same time if done correctly and wholeheartedly with full dedication and passion.

Professional Courses In India #10 – Graphics Designer

Since we are talking about digitalization and the internet era then how can one leave Graphic Designing. This is not a new thing but, it has gained immense popularity recently. This has become a trendy job. This course is quite in-demand and one can either do a job or can start his or her own business.

This trend is not going to go anywhere so the chances of losing a job or a business failing is really less. Many institutes have graphic designing courses. One can choose in line with his or her preference.

11. Animation

As people are indulging a lot of time in their entertainment animation industry is booming. Animation has become a mode of expression on the internet. It is used not just on Television but also in the digital world and everything else. This skill is now not limited to just Television but has pushed its boundary. Many institutes offer various courses through which one can become a certified animator and start earning his or her living.

12. Nutritionist

Another profession that is quite in demand these days is that of a Nutritionist. With the increase in consumption of junk and unhealthy food with loads of chemicals and pesticides. People are getting sick more. Many new diseases have started happening due to the consumption of these adulterated food items.

Also due to more desk jobs, the physical work that happens is a lot less as compared to what used to happen in earlier days. So, people want to be more conscious about the products that they put inside their bodies. Hence the need for a nutritionist has increased tremendously. There are many courses available that can make an individual a certified Nutritionist. This is a great career choice.

13. Pharmacist

This is one such course that remains high on demand always. As this is impossible that no one is going to fall sick or would not require any medical assistance. So, this profession is never going to face a downfall. One can earn a lot in this profession. One needs to do a Diploma or a Master’s or a Bachelor’s in Pharma to become a certified Pharmacist. One also needs to get a license to start a medical store. This is quite a smart choice to opt for this profession. 

14. Masters of Business Administration

Any individual who has completed his or her Bachelor’s degree can go for a Masters’s of Business Administration for complete master’s. This is one of the most sought-after courses that most individuals want to pursue. It can be done in various fields including finance, operations, IT, marketing, etc.

This is a high-paying job where candidates get to work both inside and outside India. One can appear for entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, etc. that colleges conduct all over India for admissions in top MBA Institutes.

15. Event Management

These days people organize various types of events and parties. Hence this profession came into the picture as people want their events to be memorable and talk of the town. So, an Event Manager basically handles everything that’s needed to make any event memorable. Many Institutes offer various types of Event Management Courses like a Diploma in Event Management, a Post-Graduation Diploma in Event Management, an MBA in Event Management, etc. This profession has gained popularity and it is a high-paying job. This is quite a flexible job in which one can earn good returns.

16. Hospitality

It is considered today as one of the best professional courses in India to pursue. Thanks to the increased tourist destinations in India, the tourism and hospitality industry is gaining a lot of popularity, making this one of the most desirable professional courses in the country. This is an industry that is never going to go out of demand as people are not going to stop traveling and eating out. Different colleges and institutes in the country help get a professional degree to pursue this course and one ends up earning high if he or she takes it up. This is a great and booming profession.

17. Tourism

Just like hospitality, tourism business or profession has gained a lot of popularity as the number of tourist destinations have increased and also people have started exploring the world more. For any country tourism is a great source of income, hence it can be said that making a career in it is a great move. One can do various courses in Tourism to remain a notch higher. Many Institutes all over the country provide certificate courses in Travel and Tourism. It can be a good career option if someone is really interested.

18. Psychology

With the increasing awareness regarding mental health, we can say that this is one such profession that is much needed. Every individual is different and they have their own struggles, ups, and downs. To deal with all of these one needs psychiatric help. We hear a lot of cases where individuals suffer from ailments owing to stress and phycological condition.

This is as normal as any other physical disease that an individual suffers from. So, the need for a Psychologist is very high. If someone is interested in this field then they should definitely take up this profession. Many colleges offer various professional courses. One can take up any course and become a certified Psychologist.

19. Makeup Artist

As people are organizing more and more events, they like to get dressed up for the same. Hence a makeup artist is needed for that polished and chic look. It is today one of the top professional courses in India. The demand for makeup artists and beauticians has increased a lot as people have become more aware of the different looks that celebrities and influencers are creating every day due to Instagram and other such apps. Nowadays many reputed institutes provide training and other skills needed to become a professional makeup artist. One can get enrolled in any such course and become a certified Makeup Artist.

20. Agriculturist

Last but not the least, India is the land of agriculture. This is one of our major sources of living. Most of the population survives on agriculture. It is one of the greatest and oldest industries in India. We have always been self-sufficient as far as food is concerned. We love farming and irrigation. Most of our ancestors were farmers. Our government also takes a lot of steps in improving this sector so that the demand and supply of food can be balanced with the rise in population. This is an attractive course as this profession can never go out of demand rather the demand is always going to increase.


1. Why are professional courses vital in today’s times?

Professional courses equip students and professionals with additional skillsets over and above their traditional educational qualifications and skills. they help to develop insight into a particular field for career growth.

2. What are professional courses actually?

Professional courses are curated specialized training programs in a particular domain helping individuals upskill and gain superior knowledge for more lucrative opportunities.

3. How to choose a professional course?

Research courses, and training programs thoroughly and opt for a course that aligns with your educational needs for better job prospects.


The above-mentioned courses are some of the best professional courses that can be done in India and one can definitely earn a good living and a great lifestyle by pursuing all of these. There are many professional courses like dance, music, social work, etc. that can also be taken up for a brighter future. It is on candidates to learn any skill that interests them and then that can become their profession. So, choose wisely and come out with flying colours.

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