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Top 10 Interior Designing Courses In India

Selecting a college and field can be a daunting task to do. When you are sure about the college you cannot find a suitable field and when there is a perfect fit of the field there then you might not find all the facilities that one institute should have. There is no need to panic in this case. You have time and internet facility to find out the best college and interior designing courses for your kids and yourself.


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This article will explain some bits about interior design, its scope, and the top ten interior designing courses and colleges available in India.


What is Interior Designing?


We spend a lot of time indoors in our daily routine. Owing to the pandemic, this fact has become even truer. The interior space of any architecture is quite important for its occupants. This is where interior design leverages its importance.


The design of any interior is managed through a mixture of education, planning, experience, skills, and coordination. There are important things to consider in the case of interior design, which include the layout of the place, the comfort of its occupants, safety aspects, the setting and environment, the aesthetics, and the requirements of the clients. Therefore, it is important to be well-versed in this field and only the best courses will help you excel in job opportunities.


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Scope of Interior Design


Interior design is a growing and trendy field in India. The market for interior design is increasing with passing time due to people opting for different aesthetically pleasing designs for their homes and offices. There has been a refinement in the tastes of the Indian population in terms of design and layout due to being connected with the world through the internet.


The increasing property costs have also driven some homeowners to opt for interior design to have different designs according to their taste in the same available space. Hence the demand for interior designers is increasing remarkably in present times.


There are many fields a graduate can work in, such as residential design, kitchen design, and more. The salary is quite generous too.


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Top 10 Interior Designing Courses and Institutions


There are many options in India for people interested in applying for interior designing courses. Ten high-ranking institutions are listed below.


1. ARCH College of design and business


ARCH College of Design & Business, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is one of the best design colleges in the country. After its inception in the year 2000, the college has maintained its reputation for innovation in the area of design studies. Over the past two decades, the institute has expanded to include over 10,000 professionals, graduates, teachers, teaching instructors, support personnel, and artistic specialists.


Experienced staff members are engaged in content planning to ensure that the classes offered to educate students about the most up-to-date methods, procedures, and thought, as well as an understanding of the socio-cultural framework for understanding business and community demands and developing goods and services to meet those needs.


ARCH College of Architecture & Business students not only receive world-class theoretical expertise in design, but they also have the opportunity to expand their practical skills by planning real-world projects and preparing for the future.


Not only does the college flourish in terms of instruction, but it also excels in terms of student services. Students are equipped with all of the necessary basic and advanced facilities so that they can concentrate on their studies without having to think about other things. Some of the additional facilities offered by the institute to the students include a fully fitted library with over 4000 books, classes with fully audio-visual learning aids, stationery stores, conference room, cafeteria, print shop, and so on.


AIEED (All India Entrance Exam for Architecture) is conducted by ARCH College of Design & Business for entrance to UG and PG interior designing courses. Students within the college are not only taught through books, but also through industrial channels and classroom ventures that are an important aspect of the ARCH framework.


Courses: B. Des Interior Designing, B.A. Interior Designing, B. Voc Interior Designing, M. Voc Interior Design, and Entrepreneurship


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2. Vogue Institute of Art and Design (VIAD)


Vogue Institute of Art and Design is a design school in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Vogue Institute of Arts and Design Bangalore, which was established in 1996, teaches students about the fundamentals of fashion and design skills.


Students are often surrounded by people who are excited about their jobs and believe in educating their students with the utmost commitment to help them achieve their career goals. The state-of-the-art facilities impart in the students the virtues of creativity and critical thinking.


The gift of imagination can be nurtured, nourished, and encouraged with commitment and zeal, according to the Vogue Institute of Arts and Design. One of the main factors why VIAD Bangalore is regarded as one of the best options for interior designing courses in India is the realistic and creative approach to design.


Much of this will be for naught if VIAD Bangalore graduates do not find work in this intensely competitive market, which the Vogue Institute of Arts and Design’s placement cell ensures. VIAD Bangalore’s highly motivated and committed placement team ensures that students have no trouble finding their footing in the work market.


The VIAD Bangalore curriculum places a high emphasis on new fashion technologies and trends, ensuring that students are one step ahead of their competitors as they begin their careers. Each year, only such candidates, who have a strong attachment to art, manage to pass the VIAD Bangalore testing procedure.


Courses: Graduate Diploma in Interior Design, PGDM in Interior Designing, Bachelor in Interior Design and Decoration, B. Sc in Interior Design, Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (Spatial and Interior Design)


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3. LISAA School of Design


LISAA is a well-known design school in France. LISAA has campuses in different regions including Bangalore, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, and Nantes, among other places around the world. It is one of India’s most well-known design colleges, with accreditation from France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.


The LISAA Bangalore campus has a cross-cultural atmosphere that fits students from all over the world. The institute is well-known for its cutting-edge laboratories and infrastructure. Students benefit greatly from LISAA and its member institutes’ student exchange programs in terms of acquiring practical experience and expanding their career options.


LISAA Bangalore’s industry-designed curriculum allows students to learn in-depth knowledge of the subject. LISAA Bangalore’s program includes thesis work, and all students must participate in it to receive their degree. LISAA Bangalore’s design development process is systematic, and each student will have the ability to learn much more about the field.


Around the same time, the project work will improve students’ job prospects. Industry connections, project-based learning, and international student exchange programs are only a few of the many benefits of LISAA Bangalore. These programs encourage students to fully use their talents and abilities while also improving them.


Students from LISAA Bangalore compete in global design and filmmaking competitions. Students participate at a national level in these events, where they have the opportunity to meet professionals and teachers from some of the world’s best design schools.


Courses: Bachelor of Interior Design, Diploma in Interior Design.


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4. CEPT University


Understanding, modeling, preparing, building, and maintaining human habitats is the subject of CEPT University. Its educational programs aim to develop thoughtful experts, and its research programs aim to improve human settlements knowledge.


CEPT University also participates in consulting programs to help make habitats more livable. CEPT aims to increase the impact of habitat careers in empowering the lives of people in India’s villages, communities, and cities through education, science, and consultancy projects.


There are five faculties at the university. In 1962, the Faculty of Architecture has renamed the ‘School of Architecture.’ It focuses on private-sector construction. The Faculty of Planning was established in 1972 as the ‘School of Planning,’ with an emphasis on public-sector planning. The ‘School of Building Science and Technology’ was founded in 1982 as part of the Faculty of Technology, which focuses on architecture and construction.


The ‘School of Interior Design’ was established in 1991 as part of the Faculty of Design. It focuses on interiors, crafts, processes, and items that are related to habitats. Habitat and project management are two of the faculty’s specialties.


The acronym CEPT stands for ‘Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology.’ The Ahmedabad Education Society, as well as the numerous schools that make up CEPT, was created with the help of the Gujarat and Indian governments. In 2005, the Gujarat government designated CEPT as a university.


The University Grants Commission acknowledged CEPT University in 2007 within section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956. The University is known as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) (SIRO).


Courses: Bachelor of Interior Design, Masters of Design, International Master of Interior Architectural Design.


5. Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy is India’s foremost design, fashion, business, and media school, and has been a platform for student growth in the creative arts for the past 28 years. The academy has campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, and offers a plethora of other options apart from interior designing courses.


Pearl Academy has been inspiring artistic minds for over 20 years. Since its establishment in 1993, the academy has grown into an internationally acknowledged institution of higher learning with an emphasis on globalism, entrepreneurship, and employability, as well as relating to the architecture, fashion, business, and retail industries.


The industry is expanding at a rapid pace, and the future promises fiercely competitive competition driven by superior technologies, a corporate organization on a wider scale, and the interaction of business strategies. Pearl Academy has evolved into an industry pioneer, creating classes that address the demands of the whole industry continuum.


The academy maintains that the sectors it serves are staffed with individuals who possess the necessary skills to drive prosperity, creativity, and social development. Pearl Academy is an industry leader in India, integrating programmed hybrid blended learning with real-time seminars to make learning more successful and interactive.


Through constant creativity, exceptional value, and a wonderful environment for students, staff, and industry partners, their goal is to be among the top international institutes in architecture, fashion, business, and media literacy.


Courses: Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Interior design


6. International Institute Of Fashion Technology (IIFT)


Ratnadeep Lal, India’s known fashion technologist, founded the International Institute of Fashion Technology in 1990. He has extensive experience in the world of design in India as well as Europe and America. Mr. Lal, an alumnus of Europe’s renowned design academy, London College of Fashion, and an educationalist with a keen eye in the field of creative technology, has earned IIFT a leading position in the field of fashion education.


Apart from fashion education, IIFT also provides consulting services to producers and exporters in Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as the African subcontinent. The consulting work in the Middle East, Nepal, and Mauritius, as well as the United Kingdom and France, is noteworthy. IIFT’s momentum is now being extended across its recently formed subsidiaries.


Within 24 years, IIFT has formed over 70 branches to impart education and offer consulting services to the industry. Math Laboratory, Academic Space, A/C, Auditorium, ATM, Computer Laboratory, CSC, Convo. Hall, Counseling, and Fest are among the other campus amenities. IIFT also provided overseas consulting services for the Dubai and Mauritius markets.


Courses: BBA and MBA in Interior Designing courses


7. United world Institute of Design


Gandhinagar is home to the United World Institute of Architecture, which is a recognizable design academy. With its legislature labs and hands-on artistic learning, the college was launched to outperform India’s top design colleges.


World Design Organization, Cumulus Creative Linking, IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes), and The Association of Commonwealth Universities are all members of the United world Institute of Design in Gandhinagar. The institute has also received several prizes, including the D Designer Award and the Best Design Institute at the Asia Education Summit.


Both B.Des and M.Des programs’ curricula have been revised to reflect current industry developments. Daily, the college hosts a series of seminars to help students develop their creativity. Aside from that, the college gives internships and job placement opportunities to students, allowing them to work with reputable businesses.


The Gandhinagar campus of the United world Institute of Design is located in Uvarsad, Gujarat. There are several buildings on-site, including a cafeteria, stationery stores, and hostels. UID Gandhinagar’s classrooms are quite well with cutting-edge technology and legislature facilities, allowing students to gain comprehensive expertise in art and design.


Courses: B. Des and M. Des in Interior Design


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8. Sir J. J. College of Architecture (SJJCA)


Sir J. J. College of Architecture, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is one of Asia’s first architecture schools. SJJCA, Mumbai’s oldest art institute, was established in 1913 and has maintained strong expertise in the field of architecture through dedication and supremacy.


The University of Mumbai is aligned with Sir J. J. College of Architecture Mumbai. Sir J. J. College of Architecture, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is one of Asia’s first architecture schools. SJJCA, Mumbai’s earliest art institute, was formed in 1913 and has maintained strong expertise in the field of architecture through dedication and supremacy.


The University of Mumbai is aligned with Sir J. J. College of Architecture Mumbai. Admission to SJJCA’s undergraduate and graduate programs is administered by Maharashtra’s DTE (Directorate of Technical Education) and is dependent on valid scores obtained in the corresponding admissions test. In terms of recruitment, the SJJCA has historically achieved a recruiting rate of over 90%.


The college has a dedicated preparation and placement cell that assists students in developing the communication and technological skills required for on-campus jobs. SJJCA Mumbai has a cutting-edge architecture that supports this good library, computer hall with the most up-to-date devices and applications, 24×7 Wi-Fi, medical center, architecture laboratories for architecture, seminar space, and canteen, among other things.


The institute’s purpose is to enable students to improve their academic skills by holding a variety of conferences, exhibits, and lectures led by expert architects.


Courses: B. Arch and M. Arch


9. JD Institute of Fashion Technology


In the year 2006, Sandeep Gola and Shipra Anand are the directors. JD Institute Lucknow has risen to the pinnacle of the fashion world in Lucknow. JD Institute of Fashion Technology Lucknow has been able to provide effective education and develop the professions of many students who are making an impact in the industry sector all over India, with around one thousand alumni JD Lucknow began in 2006 on Faizabad Road and has expanded in terms of enrolments and success in the industry each year thanks to high-quality studies and awareness.


Over the past 30 years, JD Institution has served as an incubator for hundreds of people who are dedicated to making their dreams come true. The institution is dedicated to training each applicant to be competitive precisely the way they imagined, with the most up-to-date education, technology, and legislature amenities.


JD’s courses are designed with a comprehensive content of the most recent university curriculum paired with appropriate business training customized for the candidates’ optimum development by encouraging them to evolve style preferences or particular design languages progressively during the courses.


Every undergraduate and graduate student at JD can collaborate with outstanding business figures, fashion companies, design companies, and international organizations such as UAL, London, on joint projects ranging from sustainable apparel to creative interior design that covers continents.


Courses: Diploma in Interior Design, B. Sc (Interior Designing courses), Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing courses


10. Amity University, Lucknow


Amity University’s Lucknow campus was founded in 2004 and is part of Amity University’s Uttar Pradesh campus. The university is accredited by the University Grants Commission and proposes undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields. The university was initiated to provide a cutting-edge educational environment university campus, which spans 40 acres of land, provides an educational environment rich in global education, science, and creativity.


The university still has over 800 esteemed, knowledgeable, and professional faculty members who work to improve students’ knowledge and skills to train them for today’s industrial skills. The university also places a strong emphasis on college placement and aims to do everything possible to help students construct their futures.


Amity University’s sprawling campus is home to some of the best-in-class laboratories and infrastructures, all designed to continue providing students with an environment rich with global technologies.210 hi-tech laboratories with the new technology, libraries of more than 10,000 books, independent hostels for girls and boys with a capacity of more than 2000 students, inter-disciplinary study centers, and a sports facility with athletic equipment for tennis, football, cricket, basketball, and other sports are only a few of the university’s world-class resources.


A cafeteria with numerous food options, ATMs, catering stores, spas, laundry, and clinics are only a few of the student-centric services on campus.


Courses: B. Sc and Bachelors in Interior designing courses.




As you can see there are a variety of options available in India for creative minds to enter into the vast world of interior design. Not only this but there are online options from Indian and foreign institutes which include both short and long interior designing courses if any candidate prefers them over face-to-face learning. The problem of limited availability of seats in the institutions may be circumvented by opting for online courses.


It is recommended to gain some experience in project management and complete postgraduate studies. Learning 3D and 2D software, such as AutoCAD, photoshop to create renders and images of designs, is also quite beneficial. Interior design is prevailing nowadays and is a good investment for students with an interest in this field. It pays off well in the future since creativity is always appreciable and is in demand nowadays. So, prepare your mind and enroll in one of these interior designing courses.

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  • Interior designing has become the mainstay of aesthetics. Who doesn’t want to live in beautiful spaces. I have done a one month workshop in this field, however, there is a quest to learn more. This is an amazing article it has solved my queries to a great extent. I know now where exactly to go.

  • Thanks for the article on interior designing courses. I had been on a look out for these. I am a graduate in arts and wanted to start my career as an interior designer. Its an ever -evolving field . This article has made my search simpler. I already had an idea though but looking at certain familiar names here, makes me confirm my decision .

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