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The Best Jobs for Graphic Designers In 2024

Graphic designing is a craft where professionals communicate their messages by creating visual content. Designers use typography and pictures to meet user-specific needs and focus on displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience. The role of a graphic designer is that of the encoder or message interpreter who works on interpretation, ordering, and presentation of visual messages.

The Best Jobs for Graphic Designers

Graphic Design As A Career Guide

Graphic designers are required for many projects in various fields, including marketing and advertising, publishing, healthcare, and digital communications. There are an array of job opportunities for graphic designers.

For qualified candidates with an inclination for creative visual expression, graphic designing offers wide opportunities to work flexibly and at the same time express yourself artistically.

Graphic designers who create designs through digital formats are much more in demand than those who focus on printed materials. In addition to this education, training, experience, and an impressive work portfolio, enhance the chances of getting hired for graphic design jobs.

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Qualifications For A Graphic Designer

The requirement of a degree is not a must for all employers and some considerable knowledge of basic design elements (like composition, use of color, typography) and basic skillset to employ a graphic designer.

If you do not want to pursue a graphic design degree, then you can consider one of the schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

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Skills Required For Graphic Designers

To get the best job for graphic designers, knowledge of graphic design technology is essential. Also one needs to be well versed with design software, computer graphics, and other platforms.

One needs to be pro at using various tools like the Adobe suite of design tools which includes InDesign, Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dream Weaver.

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Here is a list of graphic design jobs that can be obtained with graphic design training:-

  1. Multimedia Designer:

“Multimedia” is a word that means using more than one mode of communication. A multimedia designer takes the help of these elements such as art, sound, and design to create videos, audio, and animated images.

The multimedia designer can work in numerous fields including television or film production, set design, and video game development.


Visual communication skills are a must to add on in IT and programming skills. A creative mindset with an innovative approach will go a long way to succeed as a multimedia designer.

Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, multimedia digital art additionally one must be pro at using flash, photoshop or Dreamweaver and a certificate in designing software will add further in enhancing the career prospects.

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  1. Web Designer:

If you are both creative and technically inclined then one of the best jobs for a graphic designer can be as a Web designer.

The web designer’s primary role is to develop websites by creating web pages, designing page layouts, navigation menus, etc. including the entire structure of the website. Their task is to make a website user-friendly but at the same time ensure it makes aesthetically appealing to the user.


Requirements involve skill and training in computer graphics, graphic design and a bachelor’s degree in web design and development, computer programming or computer science is an added advantage.

This is an industry wherein style and preferences continually change, hence one needs to sharpen their skill set regularly.

This is a huge demand for skilled web designers in today’s multimedia industry which has led to ample employment opportunities for web designers.

Well-trained web designers are very much in demand in a wide number of fields such as advertising, entertainment, web development, multimedia design, or e-commerce.

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  1. Logo Designer

Logo designers are primarily responsible to develop visually appealing graphics or symbols with distinct colors, shapes, and designs to represent a company, brand, product, or service. A logo is more than a symbol and it’s one of the ways by which a company gets brand recognition from its consumers.


Bachelor’s degree in graphic design is required to establish oneself as a logo designer

Job requirements for a logo designer vary based on the company, but someone pro at strong illustration and someone who has a fairly good understanding of customer advertising can be considered in place of someone who has a degree

Companies spend a lot of money updating logos to look innovative hence job opportunities to design logos are vast, hence logo design is one of the best jobs for graphic designers.

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You can explore more courses mentioned below:

  1. User Experience (Ux) /User Interface (Ui) Designer

UX designers make the entire journey for a user smooth and enjoyable right from the products, processes, and services seem absolutely seamless.

UI designer designs each screen or page a user interacts with and ensures that the layout visually works with the overall path in conjunction with the path created by the UX designer.


Most of experienced UX designers will have a Master’s degree or higher. Additional experience is required for training, and developing software and technology to gain entry into UX design.

UX design is one of the best jobs for graphic designers but involves a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, a creative mindset, and a flair for smooth design.

This is one of the best options for technology-savvy designers since it requires a culmination of design and web technology skills.

UI designers need to have an eye for colors, designs, and patterns since they need to design functional interfaces since you need to understand how each visual element impacts the overall user experience.

A background in graphic design can be useful, but anyone can learn graphic design skills.

  1. Creative/Art Director

Creative/Art directors are in charge of the creative team, including graphic designers, artists, photographers, copywriters, and production staff. They perform supervisory and administrative work. This is one of the best jobs for an agraphic designer and the sky is limited in terms of remuneration for a creative or art director.


A bachelor’s degree in any art or design field is required, but some employers require a master’s degree in business or art.

Art directors also require some experience to understand the basics of business.

  1. Packaging Designer

The Packaging Designer’s primary work is to develop the labels on the box, container to protect the product and communicate the features to the customer. They conceptualize, design, and execute using design elements to create packaging that is functional and more appealing to customers.


A bachelor’s degree in graphic design, product design, or art is required for a career in packaging design.

Additional packaging design experience is preferred by employers.

  1. Publication Designer

The publication Designer decides how images and text will go together on a page or screen collaborate with editors on how articles should be arranged on the page. The designer is responsible for developing the images and graphs and incorporating them in a visually appealing manner and is considered to be the best option for graphic design jobs.


A bachelor’s degree in graphic, visual, and print design is required for a career in graphic design.

These designers need to be a lot more creative in making a sketch and developing the appropriate graphic to best display data.

  1. Flash Designer

Flash is a multimedia graphic design for use on the web for creating interactive and animated websites. The job profile can vary from company to company.


It is essential to take training courses in Flash which will teach you to how to create and customize different effects like text, navigation, animation, video & audio.

One of the best options is to become a certified flash designer which will go a long way in gaining the trust of the potential employer that you have the skills necessary to perform the task.

  1. Photoshop Artist

This is one of the most sought-after a career with a graphic design degree and a large number of eCommerce companies needs a product photographer. Photo editing software allows users to take digital photographs and edit them, crop or color correct them.

It is one of the well-known and widely used software among professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, photo editors, interior designers, and engineers.


Training courses in Photoshop will enable one how to use Photoshop and edit and customize images, design, graphics, and manage color and scan old photos and slides.

  1. Animator

Animator produces multiple images which, when sequenced together create an illusion of movement known as animation Animators typically work in 2D, 3D model or computer-generated animation. They create visually appealing media content to fulfill their employer’s objectives. More and more brands are increasing their online video presence which is a boon for graphic designers and is one of the best jobs for graphic designers


To become an animator one can opt for a diploma course in animation. One can choose to pursue a diploma from courses like Graphic Designing, Web designing

  1. Brand Identity Designer

One of the best career options for graphic designer graduates is brand identity positions. A brand identity design is nothing but a company’s visual identity or “image” which is integrated throughout all elements of the company’s materials such as business cards, stationery, media advertising, and promotions, etc. which can be represented through a unique logo or signage.


Brand identity designers require a high level of creativity and a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, advertising, or any closely related field.

  1. Layout Artist

A layout artist is one of the types of commercial artists known as graphic designers who design the structure and layout of images and text for printed media, which can include magazine work, brochures, flyers, books, CDs, booklets, and posters. Layout artists are responsible for arranging the images in such a way that is pleasing to the eye and directs the reader in the right direction.


Layout artists typically require a Bachelor’s degree in a field pertaining to art or graphic design.

  1. Advertising Designer

Advertising Designers are the people who create advertising campaigns that are targeted towards consumers to buy the ad’s featured product. Their work involves research and developing advertising strategies that can increase sales.


Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as graphic design. Developing a professional portfolio to showcase design work is crucial for advertising designers who are seeking employment.

  1. Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer is responsible for the design process of nearly every and every phase of a product like physical appearance, functionality, and lasting value. They develop concepts for manufactured products like cars, home appliances, electronics, etc.


You need a bachelor’s degree in areas like industrial design, architecture, or graphic design. Having an MBA degree will go a long way in adding skillset level in strategic design and their professional marketability.

  1. Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the promotions and positioning of a brand or the products or services that a company sells. Marketing managers are expected to oversee everything from brochures, website design to written communications.


Having a background in graphic design will help with roles that only brief creative such as marketing


Start Your Career In Graphic Design:

There are ample benefits of having a degree in graphic design since generally employers expect an associate degree or higher along with a reputable portfolio. If you want to progress in your career then you may need a higher degree of education.

Associate Degree In Graphic Design:

For many beginners in this field having an associate degree in graphic design is the basic stepping stone towards building a solid career.

This degree will ensure to one get some entry-level positions in this field

With this degree, one can easily work as a junior graphic designer alongside senior graphic designers to create content for print media. These professionals can create page layouts, storyboards, and website mockups.

Bachelors Degree In Graphic Design:

Post associate degree in graphic design many earn a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Individuals with this degree have a wide variety of employment options.

Graphic design is a versatile field and if you are passionate about your work, then your passion can take you almost anywhere. Many a time, people get stuck in a profile or a job since there is a dearth of opportunities within that field. In this field, there is more out there to explore, hence one can try multiple options in case one is unsatisfied with a particular profile.

The graphic design foundation can be applied to any creative project, on any platform, using any media or technology. The principles of design are always on top of the mind, and the educational background can take you to several specialties.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the career scope of graphic designers?

Technology is one of the rapid growing sectors in India and worldwide. With the growing technology there is also rise in demand for the graphic designers. Hence, undoubtedly graphic designers have good scope of career in future.

Q2. Which course should you pursue to be a graphic designer?

There are wide range of courses to choose if you plan to do graphic designing. These courses can be done after 12th grade too. Diploma in Graphic Design, BDes Graphic Design, BA in Graphic Design etc. are the courses you can pursue for graphic designing.

Q3. What are the subjects in Graphic Design?

Following are the subjects included in Graphic Designs:

  • Design techniques
  • Drawing
  • Art
  • Illustrations
  • Digital Designs
  • Visual Communications Theory etc.

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