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Top 13 Financial Modeling Course In Ahmedabad with Placements

Financial modeling skills are in high demand in current scenarios where businesses depend on data science to build Financial models and forecast future trends. It has a lot of scope in a combination of finance and related segments and is very distinct from traditional accounting and auditing professions. Financial Modeling training is emerging as one of the most favorably sought-after prerequisites for finance experts in India. Experts with Financial Modeling skills working in Investment Banking, Credit Ranking Analysis, Financial Analysis,  or Fund Management enjoy an edge over others. So, we bring you the best Financial Modeling course in Ahmedabad.

Financial Modeling Course In Ahmedabad

What Is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is the method of forming a summary of a company’s earnings and expenses in a spreadsheet to estimate the effect of a future affair or decision.

A financial model has multiple uses for company executives. Financial analysts most often employ it to study and predict how future events or executive decisions might impact a company’s stock performance.

What Is a Financial Model?

A financial model is only a means of built-in spreadsheet software like MS Excel to predict a business’ financial performance in the future.  The forecast depends on the business’s historical performance and beliefs about the future.

 It needs to prepare a balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and supporting schedules ( 3 statement model). From there, more refined types of models can be created like leveraged-buyout (LBO), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), discounted cash flow analysis (DCF model),  and sensitivity analysis.

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What Is the Use of a Financial Model?

The result of a financial model is utilized for decision-making and conducting financial analysis. It is used both outside and inside the company. Inside a business, executives will employ Financial models to create decisions about:

  • Raising capital 
  • Making acquisitions 
  • Growing the business organically 
  • Selling or divesting assets and business units
  • Budgeting and forecasting 
  • Capital allocation
  • Valuing a business
  • Financial statement analysis or ratio analysis
  • Management Accounting


Financial Modeling Course in Ahmedabad:


The top online educational technology institute in India, IIM SKILLS, delivers the best professional courses to assist you in making the correct decisions according to your inclination and revamping your career. The learning structure at the institute offers the necessary knowledge and understanding to the candidates. The professional courses here discuss the most basic to the very state-of-the-art concepts through theory and practicals. 

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course Name: Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST

IIM SKILLS designed courses are industry-relevant and job-oriented. Careful research has resulted in developing the curriculum for each professional course to enable students to upskill and acquire the best training possible. The job-oriented programs by IIM SKILLS span up to 12 weeks for professionals, new job seekers, homemakers, students, and work-from-home professionals.

The institute has trained over 25,000 students in various professional courses and provides placement support and resume assistance with their course programs. The course programs here prepare one for work from home and full-time jobs. It also enables you to launch yourself as a freelancer. The following are the course details of the Financial modeling course by IIM SKILLS:

Prominent Features of This Financial Modeling Course in Ahmedabad:

  • Interactive live online course
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Practical assignments
  • Hands-on learning
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • 100% interview guarantee
  • Tool-based practical learning
  • Mentorship by top-level professionals
  • Community access to the alumni
  • Lifetime access to the LMS
  • LMS consists of live classes & recordings
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied
  • Accredited master certification from IIM SKILLS
  • 24×7 learning and technical support etc.

Tools You Will Learn as a part of the Course Program:

  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint

Who Can Enrol in This Course:

  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B.Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

The other course programs by IIM SKILLS are:

Know About Our Students From Across The World

2. Mentor Me Careers:

Mentor Me Careers desire to make learning affordable, inclusive, and targeted to provide employment.  The institute doesn’t recognize degrees, talents, and designations for their material value.  The institute’s primary focus is on the core finance enterprise, which has always been a massive space for jobs. 

The institute began and will always focus on preparing students to commence their careers.  It accomplishes this by always understanding the latest job opportunities and trying to discover critical skills required for it.   Mentor Me Careers plan to uphold the ethical standards of delivering the correct learning for the right candidate. 

Mentor Me Careers offers a Financial Modeling program in Ahmedabad. It is one of the most extensive courses offered in India and is a one-stop solution for those who like to kick-start their profession in investment banking.  This course will train you for the skills required for the role from the basics.  The following are the course details: 

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 200 Hours

Fee: ₹24,999/-


  1. Financial Modeling Tools- Part I
  2. Finance Fundamentals-Part II
  3. Project Finance Modeling- Part III
  4. Equity Research DCF Modeling- Part IV
  5. Placement Success Stories
  6. Specializations
    1. M&A
    2. LBO
    3. IT Services
    4. Solar Project
    5. Aviation
    6. Ed-Tech
    7. Road Project
    8. Shipping
    9. Real Estate
    10. Start-Up Modeling
    11. Algo Trading
    12. E-Commerce

What Includes in This Online Financial Modeling Course:

  • Live online classes 
  • Personal mentorship
  • 12 specializations
  • Lifetime content access
  • Course certification
  • 12 specializations 
  • 200 hours of live training
  • 22 case studies 
  • 21 modules 
  • 100% placement assistance

What Are the Learning Outcomes of This Financial Modeling Course in Ahmedabad:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of operating with Excel and advanced excel operations for financial modeling
  • Be comfortable in financial mathematical computation.
  • Capable of developing financial statements hands-on
  • Examine the financial statements of a business and related data
  • Make a valuation Model and recommend stocks.

For more information on this financial modeling certification in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: 7821018605 / 8459738033 

Email Address: [email protected]

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3. Knowledge Hut

KnowledgeHut is a top training provider, enabling professionals across industries and sectors to develop new expertise and bridge their skill gaps for credit and growth in the global corporate world. Designed to provide high-value training through creative and practical approaches, KnowledgeHut offers services like learning, training, and development in technology and management.

KnowledgeHut provides excellent global training solutions and delivers training and proven educational support for on-demand course programs like PRINCE2, CSM, Agile and Scrum, Six Sigma,  PMP, Big Data, Hadoop, and Microsoft Office products, Cloud computing, and many more.

Their courseware in Operations, Marketing, Sales,  Management, and Consulting, aims to deliver measurable gains in business performance and productivity. Professionals who have completed their training possess state-of-the-art technical skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of their careers. The following are the course details of the Financial Modeling course in Ahmedabad by Knowledge Hut:

Course Name: Financial Modeling with Excel

Duration: Not Available

Fee: Not Available


  1. Accounting Bootcamp
  2. Financial Structure and Accounting
  3. Extra Excel Applications

Highlights of the Course Program:

  • 24 hours of live instructor-led learning
  • Training by acknowledged industry experts
  • Practical exercises for adequate retention of concepts
  • Tips & techniques to create robust financial models
  • Master excel methods with hands-on-training
  • Course completion certificate from Knowledge Hut

Who Should Learn the Financial Modeling on Excel Program:

  • Financial analysts
  • CFOs
  • Financial controllers
  • Analysts
  • Credit managers
  • Risk managers

What You Will Discover in the Financial Modeling on Excel Program:

  • Discover the correct approach for all your financial modeling projects and obtain desired results.
  • Create a strong base & pinpoint the major differences between the three major financial statements.
  • Learn to employ Excel to make a table of content, calculations, skeleton structure, and error check pages.
  • Learn to operate around breakeven, what-if, model sensitivities and scenarios, and payback analysis.

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: +91-84484-45027 

Email Address: [email protected]

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4. Foresight school:

Foresight School is a learning body set up by practicing experts to impart excellent education to students in finance, aptitude, and management. Our goal is to help students evolve into competent professionals who can contribute entirely to society. The following are the course details of the financial modeling program by Foresight School:

Course Name: Financial Modeling

Duration: 25-30Hours

Fee: ₹ 29500/-

Topics covered:

  1. Projected financial statements
  2. NPV, IRR, and other advanced financial functions
  3. Ratio analysis
  4. Capital budgeting
  5. Cost of capital
  6. Dividend Discount Model
  7. Discounted Cash Flow Models
  8. Relative Valuation techniques
  9. M&A and LBO analysis
  10. Beta calculation
  11. portfolio Optimization

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: +91 98252 04615 

Email Address: [email protected]

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5. Corporate Finance Institute:

Corporate Finance Institute helps you gain a rounded skill set that seamlessly communicates to real-world systems. Interactive exercises, experienced industry professionals, guided case studies, and always up-to-date video learning are some highlights of the institute. Here you also test your on-the-job readiness through practical-based tests and simulations.

The institute has the most in-depth online learning library in finance, with 120+ online finance programs consisting of thousands of classes and hundreds of hours of video learning. The following are the course details of the financial modeling course by the institute:

Course Name: Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)

Duration: 4-6 months

Fee: $497 / year

Highlights of the Financial Modeling Certification in Ahmedabad:

  • 29 courses with over 1550+ lessons
  • 170+ interactive exercises to understand by doing guided simulations
  • Expert instructors for you to learn from the very best
  • Monthly new courses on the need-to-know subject matter
  • Blockchain certificate to prove your skills
  • 500,000+ 5 star ratings

Skills You Learn From the Program:

  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Presentation & Visuals
  • Strategy

For more information on CFI Financial Modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: 1-(800)-817-7539 

Email Address: [email protected]

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6. EduPristine:

With 10+ years of expertise, EduPristine has refined its training methodology to make a powerful impact on aspiring minds, leading to a thriving and well-planned career. They deliver training in certification courses like CMA, ACCA, CPA, CFA, FRM, etc. They offer customized online and classroom learning solutions.

EduPristine has designed its Financial Modeling program in collaboration with the BSE Institute Ltd. The course discusses all the elements of Financial Model building and trains the candidate to create various models like the Comparative Company Analysis model, Sum-of-the-parts model,  Merger & Acquisition (M&A) model, Discounted Cash Flow model,  Leveraged Buy-Out (LBO) model, Industry-specific financial model, Option Pricing model, and Corporate Finance model. The following are the course details: 

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 14 days (70 hours)

Fee: Not available

Course Curriculum:

  1. Excel Tips
  2. Case Study FMCG
  3. M&A I & II
  4. Macros, Charting, and Project Finance»
  5. Accenture Case Study

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: 1800 200 5835 

Email Address: [email protected]

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The following are some of the Financial course programs you can surely consider learning in Ahmedabad. Each of these courses is unique and can prepare you for a great career in Financial modelling:

7. Go skills:

Course Name: Financial Modeling Techniques

Duration: approximately 29 hours 30 minutes

Fee: $497 / year


  1. Overview 
  2. Financial Statement Theory 
  3. Timing Sheet 
  4. Adding and Linking the Financial Statements
  5. Revenue 
  6. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 
  7. Operating Expenditure (OPEX) 
  8. Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
  9. Debt
  10. Tax 
  11. Equity 
  12. Completing the Balance Sheet 
  13. Indirect Cash Flow 
  14. Summary 

For more information on this financial modeling certification in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number:+1 650 822 7732

Email Address: [email protected]

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8. Super 20 Training Institute:

Course Name: Executive of Finance and Investments Course

Duration: 3 months (covers internship)

Fee: $497 / year

For more information on this financial modeling certification in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number:+91 7069 646028

Email Address: [email protected]

9. Proschool:

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 300 hours

Fee: not available


Semester I

  1. Data Analysis in Excel
  2. Business Statistics
  3. Visualization with PowerBI
  4. Visualization with PowerBI
  5. Business Communications
  6. Financial Markets

Semester II

  1. Financial Performance & Analysis
  2. Financial Management
  3. Business Economics & Industry Analysis
  4. Project Finance & Equity Modeling
  5. Business Analysis, Valuation & Pitchbook
  6. Business Simulation

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: 9619207323

Email Address: [email protected]

10. National Institute of Financial Market:

Course Name: NIFM Certified Financial Modeling

Duration: 2 Months (48 Hours)

Fee: Not available

Course Curriculum:

  1. Overview of Financial Jargons
  2. Excel Shortcut
  3. Economics on Excel
  4. Discounted Cashflow Approach
  5. Risk & Return Models

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: 011-45646322,/ 09910300590

Email Address: [email protected]

11. EY Virtual Academy:

Course Name: Certificate in Financial Modeling and Valuation

Duration: 36+ hours

Fee: ₹ 10,000 plus taxes

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: + 91 9811638456

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12. Udemy:

Course Name: Advanced Financial Modeling and Valuation

Duration: 7 hours

Fee: ₹1,299


  1. The Three Financial Statements
  2. Assumptions
  3. Calculating Revenue, Costs, and EBITDA
  4. Working Capital Module
  5. Calculating Depreciation
  6. Calculating Interest and Borrowings Schedule
  7. Calculating Taxation
  8. Preparing Cash Flow Statement
  9. Preparing Balance Sheet
  10. Calculating Net Debt/EBITDA, Debt Service Coverage Ratios, and Net Debt to Equity
  11. Scenario Analysis
  12. Investment Appraisal for Waste to Electricity Project
  13. Financial Modeling for Multiplex Business | PVR Cinema Case Study
  14. Financial Model for Project Appraisal
  15. Preparing 3 Year Business Plan
  16. Discounted Cash Flow Model
  17. Financial Modeling—Investment Banks and Startups
  18. Financial Model for Hotel with M&A Option
  19. Case Study- Financial Model for Hotel project Case Study_Facebook IPO
  20. Case Study_Alibaba IPO
  21. Case Study_Uber
  22. Case Study_Covid19 Model
  23. Case Study_Manufacturing Startup
  24. Quiz to test your understanding
  25. Business Valuation: Key Issues and Overview from a Practioner’s Perspective
  26. Practice Material

13. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin is a Global educational technology company with a customer base in 97+ Countries. They rank amongst the Top 500 Edtech companies worldwide and Top 100 Edtech companies in India. Their business verticals include Skill Development Programs, Books, Public Programs, Corporate Programs,  Consulting, College Programs,  Services & Assessments, etc.

The curriculum of the Financial Modeling Professional program is well-designed by their subject matter experts and is organized to make you ‘Industry ready’ to fulfill the challenges of the job market and enjoy a handsome salary hike. The following are the course details:

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Duration: 40 Hours

Fee: ₹ 29500/-


  1. MS Excel Tips
  2. Financial Statement and Ratios Analysis
  3. Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  4. Project Finance Modeling
  5. Equity Research Modeling
  6. Financial Report Writing
  7. Case Study I
  8. Case Study II
  9. Soft Skills Development
  10. Resume Writing

Highlights of the Course Program:

  • Indomitable brand presence and recognition
  • Integrated curriculum
  • 100% practical training
  • Learning with projects
  • Job support + alumni status
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Attend endless sessions with multiple trainers
  • 40 hours of live online interactive classes
  • Projects in benefits realization, stakeholder management, escalation resource management, and more
  • Internship assistance to gain practical experience
  • E-learning access
  • Regular bootcamps
  • Hackathons and competitions
  • 1-year gold membership

For more information on this financial modeling course in Ahmedabad, you may contact the institute on:

Phone Number: +91 9891953953

Email Address: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which financial modeling course is best in Ahmedabad?

Some top-notch institutes in India offer course programs in Financial Modeling. The following are some of the best financial modeling courses in Ahmedabad:

  • Financial Modeling by IIM Skills
  • Financial Modeling Course by Mentor Me Careers
  • Financial Modeling with Excel by Knowledge Hut
  • Financial Modeling by Foresight school
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) by Corporate Finance Institute
  • Financial Modeling Techniques by Go skills
  • Executive of Finance and Investments Course by Super 20 Training Institute
  • Financial Modeling Course by Proschool
  • Financial Modeling Course by EduPristine etc.
  1. What are financial modeling courses?

Financial modeling is the root skill needed for profiles like Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Project Finance, Credit Research, Investment Banking, Financial Planning & Analysis, etc. You can develop the skills to enter into these profiles, be a thriving investor or support your start-up to raise funds.

A Financial Modeling course introduces students to modeling techniques, spreadsheet models, and standard applications for investment study, company valuation, forecasting, etc. It discusses how spreadsheets work and how to use them to build scenarios, forecast performance, and create informed financial and business decisions.

    1. Is financial modeling hard to study?

Finance itself is an intricate field. It is challenging to comprehend the character of relationships between different financial variables that culminate in financial statements. Nevertheless, many consider financial modeling one of the most complex jobs, even in the Financial domain.

    1. Is financial Modeling a promising career?

It is one of the best job options in today’s competitive employment market in Finance. Candidates often think financial modeling courses are the most profitable training program in Finance. All job options open after the Financial Modeling course are majorly in Finance. A candidate can begin a role in government, non-profit organizations, equity research companies,  Private Finance Companies, etc.

  1. Are the financial Modeling studies useful for CA?

While Financial Modeling is no replacement for a CA course, a certificate program in financial modeling from a respected industry body gives experts the confidence to develop analytical and forecasting skills. Also, it provides them with the essential skills to enter into research-oriented positions.


Financial analysts use Financial models to comprehend the company’s execution and forecast its future. The ability to create a Financial model is a requirement for jobs in credit rating, risk management, investment banking,  etc.

The best way to understand financial modeling is to practice. It requires years of experience to become a professional at building a Financial model, and you have to learn by accomplishing it. Reading equity research reports can be a valuable way to practice, as it offers you something to compare your results. 

Enrolling in a good Financial Modeling course could save you the time and effort involved in self-study. In this article, we discuss the best Financial Modeling course in Ahmedabad. We hope it helped you choose the best one for you. Happy Learning.



  • Hello. I am Ravi. I am a willing to explore the field of Financial Modeling to understand and create financial models for securing job in either of these: credit rating , risk management, investment banking, assistant research analyst etc. and carve a successful career for self. So I am searching for best financial modelling course in Ahmedabad to take part into. The article helped me to gain insight and decide for the one. Thanks

  • Hello I am Aditya. I have a year old Portfolio Management and Security Valuation Firm. Having knowledge about financial modeling technique and implementation is my concern. Although, we have an analyst deputed in our firm. I personally want to be familiar with this aspect of financial risk management tool. Financial modeling as a tool plays vital role in enhancing the financial planning and strategic decision making. So having knowledge about every business aspects of your field is of paramount importance to me, in order to have an excellent and knowledgeable conversation with the client. As, client judges the level of knowledge, expertise and experience in the field before building relationship with the firm. With an objective to find the best financial modeling institute in Ahmedabad to participate in, I dived into this article. I would rather book a seat for a free demo session, than participating in a financial modeling training in Ahmedabad. This will help to take an informed decision in a better way. Thanks

  • Hello, I am Shiraaj. I am doing B.Com Professional. Financial Modeling is simply not entering data into the pre-built models, and obtain results. Financial modeling requires the person every so often to construct a financial model from scratch. It requires skill which has to be learnt through enough lessons and practice. And I am here for the same. Having education cannot be enough, if you haven’t put theory into practice. To gain practical knowledge by implementaion of the financial modeling skills through a certified course is essential to me. Benefit it gives is, you get certified as a Financial Modeler with skill and experience from a reputed institution.This gives you an added advantage when you present yourself as a desirable candidate for the job. So, my objective is to gain financial modeling training in Ahmedabad, from a reputed institute. I would like to consider taking a free demo session first , offered by IIM skills to make a better decision.

  • Compared to other courses on the subject of accounting and taxes that I have read online, these financial modeling courses are particularly in-depth. It provides a lesson on taxes that imparts the most recent information about the nation’s taxation structure. I love that the faculties teach students to understand and learn every topic carefully. And also that these online financial courses are delivered over interactive live sessions and not pre-recorded. I was looking through some online financial modeling course in ahmedabad to help me with my studies. After reading your article I found it very informative on the subject.

  • I’m currently looking for a course to enrol in to further my understanding of fiancé and the most recent excel formulas and approaches. I learned that you must enrol in a financial modelling course in Ahmedabad if you want to have an advantage over your rivals. I want to develop my skills through this course. In financial institutions and international banks, new positions have also become available. Additionally, this results in a larger compensation. Will your course be delivered online? What kind of class schedule might we expect? Please point me in the direction of a demo class as well, if you can. Many thanks

  • These financial modeling courses are very comprehensive as compared to other courses on the topic of accounting and taxes. I have heard mostly positive comments over the course delivered to the students who have used this course to further their knowledge of accounting. It delivers the lesson on taxes that teaches the recent updated knowledge about the taxation system in the country. I am joining the financial modeling course in ahmedabad that is the best one for me and I would suggest everyone to research int the institutes and start enrolling.

  • I looked over the course summary for the financial modelling course in Ahemdabad that you placed here, but I’m not sure if they’re appropriate for someone in my city’s needs. My city is a business-oriented city with a varied range of businesses. I manage a company’s store and engage in day trading on the side. I’m not sure if this course covers either of these topics. I’d be interested in taking this course even if there is a middle ground. Thank you, however, for the article. It encircles a large area. If you think this course is beneficial for some one like me who is looking to gain a better foothold in the finance industry then please advice.

  • Hi. I am himaesh. I was looking through google for financial modeling course in ahmedabad . I feel just basic graduation will not be enough for me to get employed in a good firm . the employers want more now from us. This is why I want to register for a financial modeling course. I have some questions. Does financial modeling have a scope in gujarat? What career options will be available after course completion? What are the benefits of learning this skill? I want to prepare myself for the future . If you can answer I would appreciate it.

  • I have completed my degree in Mass media but prior to that I had taken up commerce in my higher school. I don’t feel the world of advertising suits me as the schedule is very uncertain and I want to look for a more stable job. Since I did commerce in my 11th and 12th I thought of building a career related to it. I want to do a course which will help me with practical industrial knowledge for my career restart . The financial modelling course in Ahmedabad seem to be interesting for me and I wish to know more about it before joining so guide me to an institute that provides a demo session before enrolment .

  • Hi. I have read your article and i found it very comprehensive. I have a question. What skills do i need before starting a course in financial modeling? I am sure a certification in financial modeling course in ahmedabad would prove beneficial for myself. I am a B.tech graduate so i know little about this topic. But i would like to learn more as I have an interest in it. I am interested in joining iimskills. Do you provide an interactive live session with the faculties before the course starts. I would get a more clear idea for the course.

  • I am Jai and am looking for advice on some courses to pursue after my H.S.C . My stream is Commerce. I am keen in enrolling for a course that will help me get a good job and pay package in the finance industry. One of the many courses that I scrolled through was financial modelling course and I want to know more about it like the topics covered and the practical implementation of the same . I also want to know what are the career options that I can choose from once I complete a financial modelling course from Ahmadabad.

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