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7 Best Financial Modeling Course In Delhi With Excel Training

This article will discuss the nature of financial modeling, how it will enhance your career, and some of the best options for a financial modeling course in Delhi. Originally conceived in the late 1970s by Dan Bricklin, the financial modeling spreadsheet offer organizations the ability to calculate ‘what if’ situations and, therefore, a better idea of whether the results would be profitable or not.

Financial modeling courses in Delhi

The critical importance of financial modeling to both private companies and governments lies in its definition. A spreadsheet decision-making tool is used to create a report of the earnings and expenses of an organization that is then used to forecast the consequences of strategic decisions or events.

By studying an organization’s historical performance and combining this with key variables such as future revenue and expenses, the most likely outcomes can be identified; the organization then responds to future events with agility and speed. Effective financial modeling has numerous areas of application, and businesses encountering different situations will require different models for forecasting, budgeting, raising capital, project finance, corporate finance transactions, making acquisitions, company valuation, and organic business growth.

These forecasts are constructed via various approaches including year-over-year growth rate, top-down analysis, and bottom-up analysis. The financial modeling analyst should have a high degree of skill with Microsoft Excel, the ability to keep calculations and formulas clear and simple, using as many keyboard shortcuts as possible, and the ability to create outstanding infographics, such as graphs and charts.

Correctly applied, these tools will play a significant role in an organization’s continued growth, and a financial modeling course in Delhi is an excellent career step for the right individual.

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Why You Should Do a Financial Modeling Course in Delhi

The potential value of financial modeling skills for your career is clear. A Google search will reveal thousands of well-paid positions in the financial industry worldwide. Organizations in both the public and private sector, large companies, small businesses, and startups constantly require financial modeling analysts with genuine training and expertise to provide the models that help them navigate changing economic conditions, both locally and globally.

A critical advantage of financial modeling in the pandemic/post-pandemic world is its position as a service that can often be provided completely remotely, and the fact that financial analysts will be both in demand and be able to provide their services from remote global workspaces significantly adds to its attraction as an intelligent and resilient career choice.

It offers the individual an opportunity to escape the restrictions of their geographic location. If you use a course and perhaps an internship to establish yourself as a modeling analyst, you will also have provided future employers and clients with a proven track record in several key business skills.

The ability to solve problems; the ability to manage time; the ability to use spreadsheets with a high degree of skill; and the ability to take complicated and often confusing data and present it to colleagues and clients in a simple, clear, and logical manner. These are valuable transferrable skills that will serve you throughout your career and their importance should not be underestimated.

It is a classic error to construct any kind of report that, while packed to the brim with impressive-looking numbers and complicated data, actually is so confusing and complicated that it swiftly annoys the audience it is intended to inform. The potential result is that the same report will be given to another analyst to restructure, and your reputation will have been damaged.

If you develop the expertise to use clarity, brevity, and excellent infographics in your presentations, you will significantly enhance your career. Undergoing your financial modeling course in Delhi, India is particularly suitable due to the state’s position as the political, cultural, and financial hub of one of the most dynamic and developing economies in the world, with the capital of India, New Delhi, located there.

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Career and Scope

Examining potential career options more specifically, course graduates of a financial modeling course in Delhi will increase their opportunities for employment in numerous parts of the financial industry.

Portfolio management funds, private equity funds, including hedge funds and venture capital funds, equity research, credit departments in commercial banks,  corporate finance, research, and outsourcing companies; and investment banking are examples of parts of the financial industry where a well-trained analyst can get to work quickly and advance through the organization.

Importantly, all of the above career opportunities are going to require further skills and experience—perhaps even as an intern. Therefore, while the likelihood of being asked to demonstrate an actual financial model during your interview may be small, it will certainly be advantageous.

It is because to be properly trained and confident in advance of joining the organization, not just because having it on your CV will increase the prospects of success, but because it will be far more difficult to learn financial modeling as a complete novice within your new company.

It’s arguably better to have a solid foundation of knowledge in place rather than try to pick up financial modeling while learning numerous other skills “on the job.” A financial modeling course in Delhi will provide this foundation. While not an absolute necessity, the candidate who wishes to successfully augment their existing skillset with a financial modeling course in Delhi will often have a background in math, engineering, or accounting, and certainly an excellent knowledge of Excel and infographic design.

This background, when combined with the relevant practical skills of professional attention to detail; the ability to use data to forecast and make reasonable predictions; and the above-mentioned ability to reflect the various streams of data in a simple, clear, and logical manner for clients and colleagues will be in a strong position to secure good employment as a financial modeling analyst.

Salary and Details

The salary of a financial modeling analyst will, of course, be influenced by various factors, such as location, level of experience, difficulty, and importance of the task, relevant niche of the financial industry that they are working in, and the particular organization or client that the analyst is working for.

In the United States, the financial centers of Chicago and New York offer good salaries, sometimes reaching 80,000 US dollars, with the rates usually declining elsewhere. In the UK, a financial modeling analyst can reasonably expect to earn around 40,000 GB pounds, while in India, a reasonable expectation could be to enter the industry at 6.4 Lakhs, ideally reaching the top tier of 19.4 Lakhs with time and dedication.

Advancing through the industry on a continually ascending course will require exactly this time and dedication, combined with investment in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), taking a proactive approach to your own learning and growth. The first step in this process will be via a financial modeling course in Delhi, either in person or online, and attaining the relevant certification for yourself as a trained financial modeling analyst.

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Certification Offered

Certification and accreditation for a financial modeling course in Delhi will vary significantly from training provider to training provider, without any clear industry standard, and the individual student will have to decide carefully which option is most advantageous to their career.

Some training providers have relationships with higher-level academic institutions, such as Coursera and the University of Pennsylvania, while others maintain relationships with industry players and also offer educational credits.

The Corporate Finance Institute, for example, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. Financial Edge, a training provider specializing in financial modeling for investment banking, will award successful graduates with a micro degree which is accepted by some leading investment banks.

Best Financial Modeling Course in Delhi

To take your first step and choose a financial modeling course in Delhi, you’ll find a selection of training providers selected for their professional reputation, course content, and price. Some providers will offer training and certification worldwide via distance learning.


Finance is a field that requires well-trained professionals who can oversee ins and outs of the financial structure of the company. And to fulfill the need, IIM SKILLS is dedicated to providing the whole of practical training to learners. This organization is the first choice of thousands of students, whether they need assistance with digital skills or are in a need of training to adopt expertise in a financial environment.

The financial modeling course in Delhi at IIM SKILLS has multiple benefits. It is an education center that not only helps you ingrain the core concepts of the subject but also trains you to make profitable or money-spinning decisions to protect the firm smartly in disastrous circumstances.

IIM SKILLS Financial Modelling Course Content & Modules:

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • Course Name -Online Financial Modeling Course
  • Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST

IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Details

The training program is conducted online where you can directly interact with your trainers who are the industry experts and assisting students for so long. What makes the course so rewarding is the practical assignments that are given during the training program.

You may find it manual but once you start working on the projects, you will get to know about ground concepts as all the assignments are designed under the guidance of experienced and skilled modelers who know what to practice to be exposed to the real scenario. The course comprised 100+ hours of assignments and 5+ case studies.

Key Benefits of the Course

  • It is 100% practical training. At the end of the program, you will be ready to work as a professional financial modeler.
  • The institute has 150+ placement partners that increase the chances of their students getting easy employment at recognized organizations.
  • Also, they provide internship opportunities that help the learners build their skills and portfolio.
  • You will be certified with master certification from IIM SKILLS which is recognized by the government of India.
  • And, of course, you can reach them at any stage of your life to seek guidance. They provide lifetime assistance to their students.

Financial Modeling Course Curriculum At A glance 

Skills You Will Aquire

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Coursera

This course is immediately notable because of the established reputation and prestige that Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania enjoys. The school is an extremely popular choice for those wishing to begin a career in private equity, venture capital, and investment banking. Well-established business figures such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Elon Musk have studied at Wharton; therefore, considering the pedigree of the school, its financial modeling course deserves consideration.

The course is delivered online in partnership with Coursera, and the program includes five modules:

  • Quantitative Modeling Fundamentals
  • Spreadsheets Introduction
  • Risk Modeling
  • Scenarios and Decision-Making
  • Financial Modeling Capstone from Wharton

The monthly cost of the course is 79 dollars, with the average student taking six months to complete it. However, there is a seven-day free trial from Coursera, which allows the chance to cancel without charge during this period. An important consideration is a fact that while certification is provided on completion of the course, this final certificate is provided by Coursera, rather than Wharton School itself.

Furthermore, the course dates are set and the recordings are all pre-recorded without personal access to tutors. However, the content quality is excellent, the monthly pricing structure allows for the student to save money if they move quickly through the course, and the reputation of the supporting university is advantageous.

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3. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) program from the Corporate Finance Institute is an extremely detailed and in-depth dive into many of the most important aspects and applications of financial modeling. A clear advantage of this program for the complete novice is that it begins with optional preparation courses.

Corporate finance math, the fundamentals of accounting and Excel, and understanding financial statements are some of the relevant topics introduced. This option is reassuring for the new student considering investing in a course, and more advanced students can move straight to the core courses, including the fundamentals of financial analysis, forecasting and budgeting, and constructing a three-statement financial model.

The third stage of the program involves the students taking a minimum of three elective courses that are more specialized and focus on topics such as advanced Excel, real estate, and renewable energy. On completion of all the required courses, students will then undertake the final exam, requiring 70% to pass, and then receive their FMVA certification via blockchain certificate.

Two pricing structures are provided for Corporate Finance Institute students: a self-study option of 497 dollars per year, or an immersion program of 847 dollars per year, with the average student requiring less than six months to complete the course.

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4. Udemy

  • Financial Modeling for Startups

For students, small entrepreneurs, and professionals on a budget, the Financial Modeling for Startups and Small Businesses course is a good place to start. The advantages of this Udemy course include a comparatively low price of 129.99 USD, lifetime access to all the course materials, and a money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages include the fact that prior knowledge of Excel is required, a comparatively lower amount of course content, and the resulting lower credibility that will result from a low-budget course. Upon successful completion of the course, an in-house certificate is provided by Udemy, and the certificate, as with the course, may be more useful for small entrepreneurs rather than students aspiring for positions in large financial corporations.

  • The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp

A second Udemy course is the Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp by Justin Kivel. Again, the price is comparatively low, and Excel training is given in advanced functions, hotkeys, and shortcuts. Best practices and techniques of real-estate financial modeling are provided, as are debt modeling and scenario analysis. Lifetime access to 9.5 hours of video, 3 articles, and three downloadable resources is included in the Udemy cost.

  • Complete Financial Modeling for Project Finance in Excel

A Udemy course that is focused on financial modeling for infrastructure projects, this 10.5-hour training offers a toll road project case study as an example of how to construct a project finance model from beginning to end. Modeling of a Debt Service Reserve Account and a Maintenance Service Account is taught with the intention of educating financial professionals from infrastructure companies.

Being a short and highly specialized course where the basics of financial modeling and Excel are not taught, some prerequisite knowledge of investment concepts and Excel in the context of financial modeling is required.

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners

Unlike the previous Udemy course, the Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners is intended as an introduction to the field for individuals without any previous experience in financial modeling and Excel.

One of the course aims is to teach basic finance and accounting skills relevant to financial modeling and provide a basic foundation in Excel for modeling. The course has six hours of content and includes the usual Udemy advantages of low cost, a money-back guarantee (30 days), and certificate of completion.

  • Financial Modeling for Business Analysts and Consultants

The final Udemy course on the list is concerned with providing financial modeling from the perspective of an analyst or consultant, which requires going from a basic description to a financial model using utility and speed without loss of quality. A case study is provided of hand-made products constructed from clay. As with the previous Udemy course, a basic knowledge of Excel and finance is required.

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5. LinkedIn Learning

Another low-budget option for a beginner or someone with a casual interest in financial modeling is LinkedIn’s Financial Modeling Foundations course: It is one of the least expensive and briefest courses on this list. To take the course, a paid subscription to LinkedIn learning is required, which will cost the subscriber between 19.99 and 29.00 USD per month.

Training in building financial models with Excel is provided with a LinkedIn certificate available on completion. The entire training can be completed in as little as three hours online but is available via videos and downloadable Excel files so students can work as they wish. An added benefit of this course is the Q&A area where students can interact with each other and content experts.

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6. Wall Street Prep

For students interested in an accredited, longer, and comprehensive real-estate investing course, Wall Street Prep’s Financial Modeling course is particularly suitable, being intended for financial modeling for the purposes of property development and purchase.

Wall Street Prep was started by a group of former investment bankers and has a client base that includes the private equity and banking sectors. Its financial-modeling training is delivered in the form of a nine-module video course and includes Excel templates specifically designed for real estate financial modeling.

The cost of the course is 499 dollars, including the videos, templates, and online support; if students require additional tutoring, it is available at an extra cost. The course can be completed at the individual student’s pace, and there is a 24-month period to complete the final exam after enrolling.

Certification is available after successfully passing the exam, and the course allows the students to earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, which are beneficial for certified professional accountants.

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7. Financial Edge

For students and professionals wishing to specialize in learning financial modeling of investments, the Investment Banker course from Financial Edge is a good option to consider. While generalized certification can be useful, the fact that the micro degree awarded on successful completion is recognized by several investment banks offers a very good initial networking opportunity.

The company was created in 2016 by a former J.P. Morgan financial professional who specialized in private equity, Alastair Matchett, and while not a cheap option, appears to offer good value for money. The program and modules are comprehensive, including a course app, engagement with both instructors and financial professionals during the course, and lifetime access to the course materials.

The complete Investment Banker course (made up of four smaller courses) is available for 499 USD, providing 43 hours of material and hundreds of Excel practices. There is no guaranteed refund on the course if the materials have already been downloaded.

In order to achieve the micro degree, students must pass four exams; however, lifetime access to materials offers them time to complete them. The app is a particularly useful tool to allow busy students and professionals to study and engage with the course during breaks in their daily schedules.


1. Is a financial modeling course in Delhi of any value outside of the field of financial modeling?

It is without a doubt that very careful consideration should be paid to every investment of time and money in your life, and the more specific your training, the better. However, the skills learned during a financial modeling course in Delhi will have numerous transferrable possibilities, particularly the mastery of Excel, and from the perspective of CPD, the courses will be favorably viewed by potential employers in the financial industry.

2. Do I need to have an understanding of Excel before starting a financial modeling course in Delhi?

That depends on the particular financial modeling course in Delhi that you are taking because some will teach you the basics while others expect a foundation. However, it would certainly be advantageous to familiarize yourself with Excel, and knowledge of later versions, such as 365, would be preferable.

3. If I’m already an experienced professional in my chosen financial field, do I have to sit through every basic module on my financial modeling course?

As an experienced professional, you will pick either a highly specialized financial modeling course or one of the more expensive and comprehensive advanced courses. In the case of the former, there will be little time wasted on unnecessary content, and in the case of the latter, your assessment will normally take the form of a pass-or-fail exam, so if you are confident enough to skip the basic content and attempt the exam, the option will usually be available for you.

  • Hi I am Saakshi. I have made attempts to clear my CA exams, but have failed. Financial modeling course seems a ray of hope for diving into the field of finance and accounting. Financial modeling skill is rampantly in demand, it involves creating financial models that represents some or all aspects of the business’s processes numerically, assists in establishing estimate value of a business or compare to their peer industry, and intended to be used as a decision making tool. I would like to gain certification from a recognized financial modeling institute in Delhi, that will verify my skills as a financial Modeler. With the available opportunity of a free demo invite on this article, I would like to attend it and gain further information to make a better decision. Thanks

  • I’m presently looking for a course to enrol in to enhance my knowledge on fiancé and latest excel techniques and formulas. To gain an advantage over your competitors, I discovered that you need to take a financial modelling course in Delhi. With this training, I’m hoping to improve my talents. There are also new roles that have become available in finance firms and international banks. This also contributes to higher salary. Is your course going to be conducted online? What will the class schedule be like? If you’re able, please direct me to a demo class as well. Thank you

  • Hi. I read your essay and found it to be extremely good and well researched. I’d like to ask you a question. What qualifications do I require before enrolling in a financial modelling course? I am confident that a financial modelling course in Delhi would be advantageous to me. Because I am an arts graduate, I know very little about this subject. But I’d like to learn more about it because it’s something I’m interested in. Do you offer a live interactive session with the instructors before the course begins? I’d have a better understanding of the course before enrolling . Thanks

  • Hi, In 2013 I did my Graduation and after that I worked as an accountant for a law firm in Delhi. Since last 2 years I am stuck and I want to upgrade my knowledge, I am interested to learn something that can help me getting a better job, since finance sector has many courses like business accounting and financial modelling which one I can consider. Also, what is the best institute for financial modelling course in delhi.

  • Hi, I am Rajat. With so many institutes offering financial modeling training in Delhi, poses challenges to decide upon the best. Finding one of these available list of financial modeling institutes in Delhi, one that is most recognised, relevant and trustworthy seems like an overwhelming task – but with the free demo session invite available right here can help determine one, with no cost incurred. I have all the necessary pre-requisites for this course, and gaining practical implementation of this skills and certification is my sole need. Registering with IIM skills will help unlock the potential, and then decide to go with which course.

  • I have a coaching class where I teach basic excel and finance to aspiring candidates. I always look at new ways to make my training new and innovative . keeping that in mind I want to pursue a short term financial modelling course in Delhi which will help me teach innovate methods of finance to my students. I saw the curriculum of various courses and this course is what suited me best as excel and finance is covered in such detail. Please guide me a good academy that provides part time training in financial modelling and structuring . Thanks again

  • People looking to learn more about financial modelling courses in Delhi will find your article to be very interesting. The prospect of taking this course excites me as well. In the modern finance industry, financial modelling is a crucial instrument. Due to the significant value it offers to their services, employers are aggressively seeking for candidates who possess this expertise. I work with a law company. It was challenging for me to obtain a list of universities offering this course 8ff. I’ll research the courses and enrol in the best one that fits my requirements. Thanks for this well written article .

  • I am Paraag. I work for a private firm in the accounts department. Having knowledge of financial modelling is advised if you work in the finance industry. Implementing these skills is necessary to assess a company’s possible liability when making an investment as well as the growth of its bottom line. Thus, as financial modelling operations and analysis are crucial for making financial business decisions, it becomes important to have a working knowledge of them. I wish to join in a reputable institute offering financial modelling course in Delhi to have more hands-on experience and practical knowledge of how it operates. I would want to first have a free demo session to start with in order to have a better knowledge and make an informed decision.

  • I have a work experience of 6 years working as a financial analyst in delhi. I am now looking to enhance my skills in this field. When I spoke to a few of my colleagues they suggested me this course which can help me understand the recent trends of the financial market. There are new roles also that have also opened up. I feel it is very important to update your skills with the recent market trends to stay relevant in the market. This also helps with better pay. Will a financial modeling course in delhi be good? I am also looking for it to be taught online.

  • I want a course to impart the practical knowledge required to work in a professional environment that companies are seeking from their candidates. We live in a practical world where more than your theoretical knowledge your practical skills are valued. In today’s globalized world application skills are much more valued. I like financing and accounting. This course is a highly beneficial as well as an interesting course meant for those interested in the field of finance. A financial modeling course in Delhi gives you the practical skills required to enter this industry.

  • I’m . This course will be helpful in my job searches. I searched on the internet for a relevant course to get and I found the financial modeling course in delhi that has been helping many find better jobs. Companies are also appreciating people with these skillsets. I’m looking forward to applying for these financial modeling courses. I thought about studying a new skill while I am working from home as I have a lot of free time. I would like to enroll in an institute that offers the best learning. Is this course taught by industry professionals who have a working knowledge as it would be a huge plus point.

  • Hi, I am Nisha. I was looking for a course that would add value to my learning and understanding of finance can you guide me regarding this course in detail. I have completed my 12th and now looking for a course to add value. what skills do I need to have before studying this course? is there scope for a financial modelling course in Delhi? How beneficial will this course be for a career upgrade? Can i study this course and do my college on the side or will it prove to be a hectic schedule for me?
    thank you

  • This is Kanika . Needed to know a few things about financial modelling courses in Delhi. I have had a career break of 5 years after a baby. I hold a degree in master’s in commerce and was working as a fund accountant in a KPO for 3 years. I am looking to restart my career and would like to enrol in a course to be skilled with the present financial market and all the details related to fund calculations. Kindly suggest a good online financial modelling course in Delhi which will be beneficial to me. I would also be interested in taking up a weekend course.

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