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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Delhi With Practical Training

Over the past ten years, data has transformed how we see the world. The approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day worldwide include the innumerable emails, texts, and YouTube movies we view. A data analyst gathers, filters, and analyses data sets to provide an answer or provide a solution. As a result, data analysts are sought after by the largest corporations in the world, making data analysis one of the most in-demand careers globally. Their benefits and pay only reflect the demand for this position, which is expected to continue expanding at an exponential rate. A lot of institutes are providing Data Analysis courses in Delhi and beyond, to cater to this rising demand.  In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi that are going to help you acquire the required skills and prosper as a Data analyst. 

Data Analytics Courses in Delhi

Let us first begin with the basics of Data Analysis.

What is Data Analysis?

The process of cleaning, analyzing, interpreting, and displaying data using multiple methodologies and business intelligence tools is known as data analysis. It is concerned with converting unprocessed data into useful knowledge, statistics, and explanations. Predictive analytics generates future projections, the diagnostic analysis explains why something occurred, the descriptive analysis explains what happened, and the prescriptive analysis generates recommendations for what to do.

Role of a Data Analyst

A data analyst is a person who utilizes technical expertise to provide accurate and high-quality data. Better decision-making for people, businesses, and organizations is possible after data analysis, design, and presentation.

There are various types of Data Analysts:

  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Medical and Health Care Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Intelligence analyst

Find here the other top-ranked courses in Delhi for career upliftment:

Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi:


The Data Analytics Master Course is an all-encompassing program conducted by IIM SKILLS. The course comprises 6 months of training with 2 months of internship.

Modules Covered


Module NameImportant Topic
Module 1: Basic and Advance Excel
Introduction to Data Handling
Data Manipulation Using Functions
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data Visualization in Excel
Overview of Dashboards
Module 2: Visual Basic Application
Introducing VBA
How VBA Works with Excel
Key Components of Programming Language
Programming Constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Error Handling
Controlling Accessibility of Your Code
Communicating with Your Users
Module 3: SQL
Basics RDBMS Concepts
Utilizing the Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)
Data Manipulation (DML Commands)
Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT
Optimizing Your Work
Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services
Basics of SSRS
Creating Parameters
Understanding Visualization
Creating Visualization Using SSRS
Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services
Understanding Basics of SSIS
Understanding Packages
Creating Packages to Integrate
Creating Project Using SSIS
Module 4: Power BI
Data Preparation and Modeling
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)
Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python
Introduction to Basic Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials (Core)
Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Data Visualization with Python
Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing
Module 6: Tableau
Getting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)
Module 7: R For Data Science
Data Importing/Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Using R with Databases
Data Visualization with R
Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems
Module 8: Alteryx
Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts
Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type
Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings
Filtering Data/Data Processing
Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources
Data Cleansing
Impute Values
Random Sample
  • Course Name – Data Analytics Course 
  • Course Duration – 6 months of Training + 2 Months  Internship (Non-Paid)
  • Course Fee – INR 49900 + Taxes

Tools covered are as follows:

MS- Excel
Power BI

The course is an ideal ft for sales professionals, managers, people with a penchant for mathematics and statistics. A working knowledge of numbers will be advantageous but is not a prerequisite. people from the field of marketing, sales can excel in this field.

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Dig in here and find the advanced courses:

2. Data Analyst Course – Simplilearn

After taking this IBM-sponsored Data Analyst course, you will become a master of data analytics. The most recent analytics tools and methods, SQL database administration, R and Python programming, the art of data visualization, and the use of statistics and predictive analytics in a corporate setting are all covered in this course on data analytics. It introduces students to a blended learning strategy that is fully integrated and trains them in data analysis. Masterclasses from IBM subject matter experts are also included in this online course. It is one of the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi.

Course Duration: 1 year

Course Fees: INR 54,000

Mode of teaching: Online

Course Modules:


  1. Introduction to Data Analytics
  2. Business Analytics with Excel
  3. Data Analytics and Programming Basics with Python
  4. Tableau Training
  5. Data Analyst Capstone
  6. Certification


  1. Power BI
  2. Programming Refresher
  3. R Programming for Data Science
  4. Data Science with R Programming
  5. SQL Training
  6. Industry Master Class – Data Analytics

Tools Covered:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • PowerBI
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • MySQL
  • R Programming

Course Features:

  1. The Data Analyst course is made to make it simple for people in the non-technical sector to pick up skills in data analytics that are suitable for the workplace.
  2. Descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, data blending, data extraction, and forecasting will all be topics covered in the course program.
  3. The learning process smoothly combines practical projects and demonstrations with theoretical data analytics ideas.
  4. A capstone project that builds a product that is relevant to the industry and incorporates all the major concepts covered in the course serves as the final assignment for this course.
  5.  It is one of the best Data Analysis courses in Delhi. 

Contact Details:

Call: 1800-212-7688

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3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate -Coursera

With the help of this program’s more than 180 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based tests, you’ll be able to practice the real-world data analytics situations that are essential for professional success. It is one of the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi as it is highly interactive, and Google workers with extensive data analytics knowledge created the content.

Course Duration: Less than 6 months

Course Fees: After a 7-day free trial, Coursera charges INR 1108 per month in India.

Mode of Teaching: Online

Course Modules:

  1. Foundations: Data Everywhere
  2. How to make Data-Driven Decisions
  3. Prepare Data for Exploration
  4. Process data from dirty to clean
  5. Analyze data to Answer Questions
  6. Share Data
  7. Data Analysis with R Programming
  8. Google Data Analytics Capstone

Tools Covered:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • R Programming

Course Features:

  • Conducted by prestigious institutions and businesses
  • Affordable programs
  • Apply your knowledge to practical projects.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Course readings and videos
  • Graded tests and projects
  • After completion, a shareable certificate is issued

Contact Details: Check out the website.

Find out here the advanced courses for faster learning:

4. Data Analyst Certification Course Training – EXCELR

To give students and computer workers high-quality upskilling opportunities, ExcelR and tech conglomerate IBM have partnered. The Data Analyst Course has been designed to meet the needs of the industry as well as individuals who want to advance their careers in a digital field where coding is not the norm. Get Certified by completing this top-notch IBM-powered Data Analyst Certification Course. Excel, Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, and the Fundamentals of R & Python are just a few of the technologies covered. In addition to theory sessions, you can apply the principles you learn through a variety of practical tasks and projects. It is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Delhi.

Course Fees: INR 39999

Course Duration: 160 hrs

Mode of Teaching: Online

Course Modules:

  1. Business Statistics
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. MySQL
  4. Tableau
  5. Basics of R
  6. Basics of Python
  7. Power BI

Tools Covered:

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Programming
  • Python

Course Features:

  • Top instructors from different MNCs
  • 60+ case studies and exercises to ensure practical application
  • projects involving actual data
  • committed placement support
  • 350+ corporate companies in a network
  • Jumbo pass: Attend as many live online or classroom sessions as you’d like for one year.

Contact Details:

Call: 9108238354/7732003007

Also, read here the excellent and most-opted:

5. Data Analyst Nanodegree Program – Udacity

You have the chance to learn data skills that are in demand by top businesses, such as Python and statistics, through the Data Analyst Nanodegree program. You will have developed a portfolio of work by the program’s conclusion that demonstrates your capacity to resolve challenging data problems.

Following graduation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities required to work for a sizable or small business or even go it alone as a freelance data analyst. You will receive individualized support as you develop in-demand skills that make you eligible for high-paying positions in the data industry.

Being one of the top Data Analytics courses in Delhi, you’ll get career guidance in the form of profile and portfolio assessments to make sure you’re prepared to launch a prosperous data career and find a position you enjoy.

Course Fees: INR 77676

Course Duration: 4 months

Mode of Teaching: Online

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Data Analysis
  2. Practical Statistics
  3. Data Wrangling
  4. Data Visualization with Python

Tools Covered:

  • Python 
  • SQL

Course Features:

  • You’ll master the IT skills employers demand thanks to real-world projects and an immersive curriculum created in collaboration with top-tier businesses.
  • The experienced mentors lead your learning and are committed to addressing your concerns, inspiring you, and maintaining your progress.
  • Reach your personal goals on the most efficient timetable by learning at your own pace.
  • Submissions and feedback loops are limitless
  • Best practices for the industry and useful advice
  • Additional resources that could help

Contact Details: Check out the website.

Must Check here the top-ranked:

6. Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning – Imarticus Learning

The goal of this course is to help you develop the precise set of skills required by the majority of the world’s top employers of data scientists. It was developed in partnership with the data science and analytics sector. This curriculum includes capstone projects, real-business initiatives, pertinent case studies, and mentoring from relevant industry professionals to assist you in becoming a skilled data scientist.

For students who succeed in the program, there are guaranteed interview opportunities. It is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Delhi, they have recruited students and held placement drives with their over 400 placement partners.

Course Duration: 

The 6-month full-time program for recent graduates is offered on weekdays (4 days a week with 4 hrs of sessions each day).

The 9-month part-time program is offered only on weekends for working professionals (Saturday and Sunday with 4 hours of sessions each day).

Course Fes: INR2,25,000

Course Modules:

  1. SQL Programming
  2. Python Programming
  3. Statistics
  4. Machine Learning with Python
  5. R and Data Science
  6. Big Data and Hadoop
  7. Big Data Analytics with Spark
  8. Data Visualization with Tableau
  9. Data Visualization with Power BI
  10. Capstone Project

Course Features:

  • Maintain a close eye on your academic progress and grades.
  • help you find the job of your dreams by providing you with insider leads.
  • Encourage you to perform well on projects and homework done in class.
  • Make genuine friendships that will help you throughout and beyond the course.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your job hunt by utilizing our private placement platform, which offers comprehensive leads and contacts for the best companies in the data analytics and machine learning sectors.
  • With the help of the CAS team, redesign your CV to best represent you and obtain the position you’ve been hoping for.
  • You can prepare to ace even the toughest Data Analytics and Machine Learning interview questions by role-playing interviews and having access to sample questions and answers.

Contact Details:

Email ID: [email protected]

7. Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis – Udemy

The Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis shows you how to use various data analysis techniques to transform your data into fresh knowledge and insight. You will learn the significance of the type of analysis during the course, and examples of Excel-based analysis will be provided. It is intended for all business professionals who desire to advance their capacity to transform data into knowledge. This one is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Delhi.

Course Duration: 4 hrs (approx)

Course Fes: INR 499

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparing for Data Analysis
  3. Data Analysis – Key Metrics
  4. Comparison Analysis
  5. Trend Analysis
  6. Ranking Analysis
  7. Interactive Dashboard Creation
  8. Variance Analysis
  9. Contribution Analysis
  10. Frequency Analysis
  11. Correlation Analysis
  12. Pareto Analysis
  13. Conclusion

Course Features:

  • Learn data analysis using simple drag-and-drop methods without having to use complicated formulas, macros, or VBA.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the lessons and exercises from a TOP-RATED Udemy instructor
  • Utilizing effective analysis techniques, tools, and procedures, turn data into insight and intelligence.
  • Discover 8 distinct data analysis methods that Excel may use without much difficulty.
  • Discover how to use a variety of approaches, such as comparison, trend, ranking, variance, pareto, and more, to ask the RIGHT questions of your data.
  • It is one of the top Data Analysis courses in Delhi
  • Certificate of completion

Contact Details:

Check out the website.

8. Data Analytics Certification Training – Croma Campus

One of the top universities for teaching IT professionals is Croma Campus. It is one of the most prominent and accredited companies that have ties to the leading MNCs. The Croma Campus is renowned for its cutting-edge and sophisticated teaching strategies. Therefore, work with Croma Campus on a collaboration if you want to connect with data analytics.

The training aids the applicants in assisting with many challenging operations while providing an overview of big data. focuses on various analytics requirements needed to make our organization effective. It is one of the best Data Analytics courses in Delhi.

Course Fees: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: For weekdays batches – 40-45 days

                                      For weekends batches – 7 weekends

Course Modules:

  1. Python Statistics for Data Science
  2. Data Analytics Overview
  3. Statistics Essentials for Analytics
  4. SQL for Data Analytics
  5. Analytics with Excel
  6. Analytics with Tableau
  7. Data Analytics with Power BI

Course Features:

  • Work on industry-based projects that have important real-time use cases to validate your knowledge and skills.
  • The most conventional method of learning allows students to easily learn at any time using internet-connected devices with enhanced visibility, monitoring, and control over their progress.
  • You can connect your learning to practical industry solutions by using case studies built on leading industry frameworks.
  • Enhancing the possibility for development and developing analytical capacities and capabilities through the ideal academic task.
  • With no restrictions on learning and comprehensive insight from continuously available help to address all of your course-related questions.
  • Enjoy lifelong access to the course with the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Contact Details:

Phone: +91-971 152 6942


9. Data Analytics Course Training – Madrid Software

This course teaches you techniques for data analytics that can reveal trends and indicators that would otherwise be lost in the sea of data. Then, using this knowledge, processes can be improved to raise a system or business’s total output efficiency.

This data can be used to undertake competitive analysis to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of sector rivals. As a result, all of that aids businesses and organizations in making wise business selections to satisfy client needs and expectations. It is one of the best Data Analysis courses in Delhi. 

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Course Fees: Not Mentioned

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics
  2. Data Analytics Roadmap
  3. Role of Data Analyst in Companies
  4. Data Analytics Core Components
  5. Python Basics – Data Structure and Basic Syntax
  6. Core Python Programming Concepts
  7. Numpy Concepts
  8. Pandas Package
  9. Data Manipulation using Pandas
  10. Data Mugging with Pandas
  11. Data Visualization with matplotlib
  12. Introduction to Tableau
  13. Working with Tableau
  14. Introduction to MySQL
  15. Constraints
  16. SQL Commands
  17. Introduction to Excel
  18. Formatting Essentials
  19. Functions and Formulas
  20. Dashboard Designing in Excel
  21. Data Analysis Tools
  22. Excel Charts
  23. Pivot Tables
  24. Case Studies
  25. Capstone Project

Tools Covered:

  • Python Concepts
  • Analytics Numpy Concepts
  • Analytics Pandas Concepts
  • Matplotlib Concepts
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Jupyter
  • Text Analytics

Course Features:

  • Advanced Curriculum
  • Live Project Based training
  • Recorded session after every class
  • Case Studies
  • Assessment Test
  • Capstone Project
  • Job Placement

Contact Details:

Ph: 91 – 9560785589

Email ID: [email protected]

10. Data Analytics Training – Aptron

In Delhi, APTRON Delhi provides all-inclusive data analytics courses in Delhi. Live projects and simulations are included in the in-depth practical training offered by the Data Analytics training center in Delhi. The students have been able to land jobs at various MNCs thanks to such thorough Data Analytics courses in Delhi.

The instructors at APTRON Delhi are business professionals with specialized knowledge in their fields who offer in-depth training in data analytics. People who complete the Data Analytics certification have a wide range of employment options in the sector.

Course Duration: Flexible

Course Fees: Not Mentioned

Data Analytics Courses in Delhi Modules:

  1. Introduction to Analytics
  2. Need for Big Data Analytics
  3. What is Big Data?
  4. Data Mining for Business
  5. Concepts and Demo – Hadoop and its ecosystem for Big Data
  6. Understanding Text Analytics
  7. Using Big data for innovation, decision making, and increasing productivity
  8. Impact of Big Data Analytics
  9. Big Data Challenges and Solutions in Cloud
  10. Big Data Visualization

Course Features:

  • Both weekdays and weekends are reserved for data analytics courses in Delhi. Additionally, students have the option of choosing a schedule that is tailored to their needs.
  • The trainers are industry experts possessing more than a decade of experience in training.
  • Mentors not only support students in achieving actual projects but also provide sessions on interview preparation along with placement assistance.
  • A cutting-edge IT lab with the newest infrastructure is made available for the students.
  • Along with technical instruction and training, we provide free workshops on English conversation, group projects, mock interviews, and presentation techniques to help students become more self-assured.
  • They facilitate students with free cost study material, soft copies of PDFs, video training, sample questions for respective certification, and interview questions along with lab manuals.

Contact Details:

 Phone: 7065271000

Email ID: [email protected]


Below are the FAQs related to data analytics courses in Delhi.

1. What are the requirements to apply for one of these Data Analytics Courses in Delhi?

Students from statistics, mathematics, economics, or computer science, backgrounds usually have an edge in the data analyst career path. The requirements are:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • The ability for critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Team working skills

2. Do data analysts make a good living?

The pay of data analysts varies between industries and countries, even though there is a high need for data analysts worldwide and that demand will only continue to grow. Your pay, level of experience, and ability to succeed in this profitable, expanding field are all increased thanks to the data analyst course. The top countries’ average annual salaries are:

INR 440846: India

$74,229: US (New York)

$70,000: New Zealand

$61,766: Canada

3. What tools do data analysts use?

Analysts frequently employ a wide range of tools to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their work during the data analysis process. All these tools are covered in the Data Analysis courses in Delhi. The following are some of the most popular tools in the data analytics sector:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL
  • Google Sheets
  • SPSS and VBA
  • Tableau
  • R or Python
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SAS
  • Jupyter Notebooks

4. What are the job responsibilities of a Data Analyst?

The people in charge of making strategic decisions for the organization’s senior leadership are data analysts. Upon completion of the Data Analytics courses in Delhi, you must perform the following key responsibilities:

  • Analyzing corporate processes and foreseeing needs, among other things.
  • Directing ongoing business activities for enhancing automation methods.
  • Setting new business requirements’ priorities.
  • Effectively informing customers and stakeholders with fresh business insights.
  • Supplying new businesses with business solutions.

5. Which job profiles are available for a Data Analyst?

Students who have completed Data Analytics courses in Delhi can join as:

  • Senior Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • R Data Analyst
  • SQL Expert
  • Excel Expert
  • Python Data Analyst


By the end of 2022, 85% of businesses will have used big data and analytics technologies, according to a World Economic Forum (WEF) workforce projection from 2018. Additionally, it was discovered that 96% of the top corporations planned to hire new permanent employees with the necessary data analytics capabilities to fill positions connected to big data.

The organizations lament the lack of a sufficient pool of qualified data analysts. It has been dubbed the “sexiest job of the 21st century” by Harvard. According to an IBM estimate, 700,000 new hires would be needed by 2020 to fill the yearly demand for jobs involving data. As a result, several institutes are providing Data Analysis courses in Delhi.

It is necessary to meet the growing need for qualified data analysts to fill high-paying roles. You should undertake one of these top Data Analytics courses in Delhi if you enjoy playing with data.


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