Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Coimbatore With Practical Training

Nowadays, individuals frequently enroll in data analytics courses in Coimbatore in the hopes of landing a well-paying position. Data analysis is a time-honored notion that became even more crucial with the advent of computers by facilitating rapid business choices. Regardless of size, data nowadays affects every sector; data analytics is nothing more than a collection of data. The course on data analytics aids in teaching students how to gather, store, and analyze data. Even though many schools are offering this course, we are talking about the top 5 data analytics courses in Coimbatore.


Top Data Analytics Courses In Coimbatore


Every year that goes by, more data is produced. The involvement of experts like data analysts is vital, even though there are top automation techniques that can manage these raw data. The study of data analytics helps organizations all around the world function better. They interpret the information and reach more informed conclusions. You need the appropriate education to become a top data analyst.


The analysis of data on human consumption is done by this profession using the most recent technology and methods. As a result, positions like data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and others were made possible. And thankfully, there is a tonne of courses for obtaining a Data Analytics Certification.


What is Data Analytics?

The concept of data analytics encompasses the vast range of the discipline and refers to the act of examining raw data to identify patterns and provide answers. However, it consists of several strategies with a wide range of objectives.

Several projects can be supported by just a few phases in the data analytics process. A good data analytics program will provide you with a clear picture of where you are, where you have been, and where you should go by merging these elements.

The majority of businesses constantly gather massive amounts of data, yet this data is meaningless in its basic form. Data analytics can help with this. Data analytics is the practice of examining unstructured data to get valuable, practical insights that can be utilized to guide and motivate wise business decisions.

A data analyst will take unorganized, raw data and arrange it before analyzing it to turn it into cohesive, understandable information. The data analyst will then share their results with the firm in the form of ideas or recommendations for the next course of action.


The Process of Data Analytics

Learning how data is examined in businesses is the next step in comprehending what data analytics is. The data analytics lifecycle consists of several phases. With the use of an analogy, let’s examine it.

Imagine that you are the owner of an online store with a clientele of around a million people. Your goal is to identify specific business-related issues and then develop data-driven solutions to help your company expand.


The Actions You May Take to Address Your Issues Are Listed Below:


  • Recognize the Issue

The first phase in the analytics process involves comprehending the company’s challenges, identifying the corporate goals, and creating a profitable solution. E-commerce businesses frequently struggle with problems including anticipating product returns, providing pertinent product suggestions, cancelling orders, spotting fraud, maximizing truck routing, etc.


  • Data Collection Method

To solve the issues your company is having, you must next gather transactional business data and customer-related information from the last several years. The data may include details such as how many total units of a product were sold, how much money was generated from sales and profits, and when the order was placed. The future of a firm is greatly influenced by historical data.


  • Data Cleaning

Your whole collection of data will now frequently be disorganized, and disorganized, and contain undesired missing values. Such information is neither relevant nor appropriate for data analysis. Therefore, to prepare the data for analysis, you must clean it to eliminate unnecessary, redundant, and missing variables.


  • Exploration and Analysis of Data

Executing exploratory data analysis is the next crucial step after collecting the appropriate data. To evaluate, display, and forecast future effects from this data, employ business intelligence tools, data mining techniques, and predictive modeling. By using these techniques, you may determine the influence and connection between a certain characteristic and other factors.


These Are the Outcomes of the Analysis That You Can See:

  • You can tell when a buyer buys the following item.
  • The length of time it took to deliver the merchandise is clear.
  • You gain more knowledge about the types of goods that customers are looking for, product returns, etc.
  • The sales and earnings for the following quarter will be predictable.
  • By sending only pertinent items, you may reduce order cancellations.
  • The quickest path to transport the merchandise will be determined, among other things.


  • Interpret the outcomes

The findings must be interpreted to determine whether the outcomes live up to your expectations. You might discover occult patterns and upcoming trends. You’ll be able to obtain knowledge from this to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Tools for Data Analytics

After examining the various data analytics phases, let’s look at the tools used to carry out the aforementioned procedures. Seven data analytics tools, including a few computer languages that can aid you in doing analytics more effectively, will be covered in this article.


  • Python

The open-source programming language Python is object-oriented. A variety of libraries for data modeling, data processing, and visualization are supported.


  • R

The open-source programming language R is mostly employed for statistical and numerical analysis. There are several libraries available for analyzing and displaying data.


  • Tableau

It is a streamlined analytics and data visualization tool. This enables you to develop reports and dashboards to display insights and trends, as well as a range of visualizations to present the data interactively.


  • Power BI

A business intelligence application called Power BI features a simple “drag and drop” capability. With characteristics that appeal to data aesthetically, it supports a variety of data sources. You may query your data with the help of the tools that Power BI provides to get immediate insights.


  • QlikView

Huge amounts of data can be analyzed using QlikView’s interactive analytics and in-memory storage technologies, which can then be used to make decisions. It provides integrated supervised analytics and social data discovery. It can quickly and accurately process enormous data collections.


  • Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an open-source data analytics engine that does advanced analytics using SQL queries and machine learning techniques. It analyses data in real-time.


  • SAS

With the aid of SAS, you can execute statistical analysis, construct SQL queries, display data, perform analytics, and create machine learning models to forecast the future.


After seeing the data analytics tools, let’s go on to viewing the data analytics apps.


What Do Analysts of Data Do?

The duties of data analysts vary greatly from business to business, however the majority work toward the following main goals: 1) Gather information from several sources, including databases, Excel workbooks, and CSVs. 2) Run the data via statistical analysis. 3) Simplify information into formats that are simple to understand. 4) Produce dashboards, summary reports, and visualizations

A data analyst adds value to a business by assisting in the improvement of decision-making, which leads to increased revenue.


Comparing Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist

Often, being a data analyst comes before becoming a data scientist. If we were to compare the skill sets of the two positions using a Venn diagram, the data scientist’s circle would completely enclose the data analyst’s.

Although both data analysts and data scientists utilize data, the main difference between the two is in the way individuals are using it


  • Data analysts look for tendencies in massive data sets to create charting and convey information visually. This facilitates the improvement of corporate strategic judgments.


  • On the other hand, data scientists develop and construct novel approaches to data modeling and creation using prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and original analysis.


In essence, data scientists build new data pipelines and employ cutting-edge tools and techniques to solve more challenging problems, while data analysts use existing data and pipelines to derive insight.


Data Analyst Techniques and Skills

The courses you take will depend on your desired role and the skills you currently possess. Data analysts employ a variety of technologies and techniques. One organization could want an analyst who specializes in Excel and Power BI, whilst another would require someone with SQL and Tableau knowledge.

The fastest way to become job-ready if you have no programming expertise and are new to data analytics is to become proficient in spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets and tools for data visualization like Google Data Studio or Tableau.

Alternately, starting with SQL, Python, or R might be a fantastic alternative if you have some programming knowledge. If studying SQL is your main interest, feel free to check out my selections for the top SQL courses, which rate the best courses for learning SQL in general. SQL is mentioned in the majority of job postings. I concentrate my SQL recommendations in this post mostly on utilizing SQL for analytics.


Data Analytics Applications 

Let’s review a few of the business sectors where data analytics is used:


  • Retail

Retailers can forecast trends, suggest new items, and grow their businesses by using data analytics to better understand their customers’ wants and purchasing patterns.

At each stage of the customer experience, they improve retail operations and the supply chain.


  • Healthcare

To offer potentially life-saving diagnoses and treatment choices, the healthcare sectors examine patient data. Data analytics also assist in the identification of novel methods for the creation of pharmaceuticals.


  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries might find fresh cost-saving potential by using data analytics. They can address complicated supply chain problems, personnel shortages, and equipment failures.


  • Banking industry

Analytics is used by banking and financial companies to identify potential loan defaulters and customer turnover rates. It also makes it easier to spot suspicious transactions right away.


  • Logistics

Data analytics is used by logistics organizations to create new business models and improve routes. In turn, this guarantees that the delivery will arrive efficiently and on schedule.

These are just a few instances of data analytics applications. This article will also concentrate on a Walmart case study to make things easier. You can see how data analytics is used in this case to help a firm expand and provide better customer service.


List of Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore


Here we have mentioned the list of top 5 data analytics courses in Coimbatore:


1. Imarticus

Imarticus provides one of the best data analysis courses in Coimbatore. After completing the program, Imarticus Learning’s students are guided in a carefully thought-out manner to ensure optimal career development. Experienced learning, helpful guidance, sound counsel, and appropriate assistance to hone their abilities and become subject matter experts in their fields.

The Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics course offers expert instruction through case studies, in-class assignments, capstone projects, boot camps, and hackathons.


Key Benefits

  • It’s a classroom-based course.
  • The program trains the students with the best industry professionals.
  • The course improves the ability to utilize Tableau and Power BI for data visualization, Python and R for data science, SQL, Hadoop, and Spark for big data, and probability and statistics.
  • It offers a 360-degree learning environment and is a tech-enabled learning environment.
  • The training offers case studies and linkages to businesses in the industry.
  • This course’s add-on covers many business issues from diverse sectors.
  • This training also offers 100% placement support.
  • This institution will direct you through the curriculum so that you acquire all the job-relevant skills and receive professional mentoring.


Course Curriculum

  • SQL Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • R and Data Science
  • Big Data & Hadoop
  • Big Data Analytics with Spark
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Data Visualization with PowerBI


Course Duration: 24 weeks

Course Fee: INR 2,10,000


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2. 360DigiTMG

360DigitMG is a trustworthy and well-respected organization that provides data analytics courses in Coimbatore. Their training offerings, developed in conjunction with IBM, cover the whole data analytics life cycle in great detail.


Key Benefits

  • Make use of various data production sources
  • To load, extract, change, and remove the data, turn on the RDBMS.
  • To examine both organized and unstructured data, using a variety of SQL and NoSQL queries.
  • Learn about document-based and row-oriented database architectures.
  • When making business decisions, use data-driven, visual insights.
  • Incorporate daily use into the creation of dashboards and reports.
  • Making educated business decisions requires the creation of real-time reports utilizing streaming data.


Course Fee: INR 29,500

Phone: +91-9989994319

Email: [email protected]


Also, Check these Courses listed below in Coimbatore:



ACTE provides one of the finest data analysis courses in Coimbatore. With the aid of ACTE, begin your online training in big data analytics. ACTE offers Classroom and Online Data Analysis courses in Coimbatore to get started learning.


Key Benefits

  • 40-Hour Course Duration
  • 100 percent job-focused training
  • Faculty with industry expertise
  • Free Trial Session Available
  • 500+ batches completed
  • Assistance with Certification
  • Completely Guaranteed Placement Assistance for New Graduates and Working Professionals
  • You will learn about industry best practices in addition to advanced ideas and Big Data Analytics Certification.
  • Seasoned instructors and a lab
  • Exam Dumps and Certification Guidance for Big Data Analytics Professionals
  • Practical and career-focused training. Practice with situations from real-time projects.
  • We have created a comprehensive course that satisfies both job needs and criteria.
  • Support with Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Statistical Terminology, Analyzing Categorical Data, Hypothesis, Types of Errors, Proc Sort, Proc Format, Keeping, Dropping, Renaming, Transposing, Bagging, and Boosting are some of the concepts covered.


Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Analytical Terminology
  • Analytical Methodology
  • Introduction to SAS, R, R-studio interface
  • Data Collection, Creating Datasets
  • Reading Data From External Files
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Preparation
  • Statistics: ProcFreq
  • Statistics: ProcTtest, ProcAnova
  • Proc Npar1way


Module 2

  • Data Mining: Introduction
  • Introduction to Regression: ProcCorr, ProcReg
  • Dimensionality Reduction Techniques
  • Clustering: Introduction
  • Clustering case study — Task
  • Association Rules — Introduction
  • Association Rules — Case study: Task
  • Density Estimation: Proc KDE


Module 3

  • ProcReg: Case study — Task
  • ProcReg: Model Diagnostics — Task
  • Introduction to Logistic Regression
  • Proc Logistic -Case study, — Task
  • Introduction to Decision Trees
  • ProcDtree, Case study — Task
  • Introduction to SVM, Naive Bayes, Case study
  • Introduction to Neural nets,
  • Neural Nets – the Case study
  • Introduction to KNN, Case study — Task
  • Introduction to Bagging and Boosting
  • Ensemble methods Case study
  • Reinforcement Learning


Module 4

  • Introduction to Time series
  • Proc Arima — Case study — Task
  • Introduction to Text Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis in R — Case study
  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Optimization — Case study


Course Duration: 40+ hours

Course fee: INR 14,000

Phone Number: 91509 10602 / 93800 99996


3. ExcelR

The best data analytics courses in Coimbatore are provided by ExcelR. Both beginners and seasoned professionals throughout the world have profited from the availability of quality, first-rate lectures, and online training. The educational foundation is made up of excellent professors who are committed to addressing industry demands as a consequence of developing technological discoveries. Given that the instruction is solid and ensured, senior-level managers, select it as the greatest data analytics course in Coimbatore.

ExcelR and computing giant IBM have teamed up to provide students and computer employees with high-quality upskilling opportunities. The Data Analysis Courses in Coimbatore have been created to satisfy the needs of businesses and people who want to further their careers in an area of digital work where coding is not the standard.


Course Curriculum

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Basics
  • Python Basics


Key Benefits

  • Prestigious trainers from various MNCs
  • The need for 60+ case studies and tasks ensures practical experience.
  • Real-world data projects
  • Dedicated placement assistance
  • 350+ enterprises in one network of businesses
  • For a year, participate in as many live online and in-person sessions as you desire.


Course Fee: INR 57,999 (classroom) & INR 46,999 (online) 

Phone:  +91 9686916061


4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn provides data analysis courses in Coimbatore through a partnership with IBM. The main duty of IBM is to train students for jobs in corporate data analytics. A respectable institution, IBM, invests the majority of its funds in research and development.

The training is known as the Data analyst Master Program. In this course, you will learn how to master a variety of statistical techniques, including regression analysis, data blending, data extraction, predictions, hypothesis testing, and descriptive and inferential statistics.


Course Module

  • Introduction to Data Analytics Course
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Capstone


Key Benefits

  • 220+ Hours of Live Interaction
  • 12 + Tools Covered
  • 15+ Real-life Projects
  • Job Assistance 


Course Fee: INR 54,000

Phone: 1800-212-7688


FAQs on Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore


Q1. What prerequisites must you meet to enroll in data analysis courses in Coimbatore?

The minimum need for eligibility is a 12th-grade diploma, and after that, it is up to you to decide which course you want to enroll in. It is believed that if you are qualified for the data analytics courses in Coimbatore, you have a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and algorithms.


Q2. What kind of careers can you get after doing data analytics courses in Coimbatore?

Because data is essential to every business and sector, a data analyst may find a well-paying position in any field. Therefore, you will undoubtedly have a strong job choice in front of you if you complete the data analytics courses in Coimbatore from any reputable university and have the necessary market skills.


Q3. Certificates in data analytics courses in Coimbatore are worthwhile?

Every course on this list gives a certificate, which is a great method to demonstrate to yourself that you finished the course and gained a thorough understanding of the subject. However, you should construct your CV as though the certifications you obtain don’t exist. When you lack prior work experience, you should concentrate completely on developing projects that showcase your expertise and skill.


Q4. What is the starting pay in India for a data analyst?

Although it depends on the organization, a graduate and new data analyst may allegedly make at least 4 to 5 LPA in India.



There is a growing need for data analytics courses in Coimbatore nowadays. The only source that can estimate industry turnover or predict an industry’s future strategy is data. This course is open to anybody who wants to advance their abilities and is interested in a career in the analytics field, regardless of whether they are undergraduates, graduates, or working professionals. Finding the best educational facility is made easier with the aid of our list of the Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Coimbatore. Additionally, this is well-known since it is a career-focused course. Anyone may find the greatest employment possibilities and a larger variety in many sectors and MNCs by mastering data analytics.

Although data analytics courses in Coimbatore can be difficult, I am convinced that they will take you to intriguing initiatives, side trips, and fortunate discoveries, whether you are learning analytics for a job or as a hobby.


  • I am Anjana. I have completed BCA and doing a job in a company. I want to upgrade and expand by knowledge base. Entering into data analytics would help me enormously to scale up the ladder of growth. Having good knowledge and practice of Python, MySQL and Microsoft Access,I want to plunge into field of data analytics. Data analytics in the Company and marketing teams is used to get more knowledge to help them become more competitive in crowded markets. The main objective of any brand is to stand out in order to draw customers. With data analytics, you may tailor your brand strategy and the user experience rather than using a more general outreach. So, excelling in this field by joining a data analytics course in Coimbatore, is my goal.

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