Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In India In 2023 (Updated)

Data Analytics is the course where we learn the compilation of various sets of data. In easy language, it is said to collect, store, and analyze the data set for perfect business goals. We will cover the top data analytics courses in I2ndia here to give you a clear idea of what to expect from training programs on data analysis. 

The image portrays top 10 data analytics courses in India

In India, We all are facing employment issues much from a year back. The people are moving towards trying out something new with their skills for getting a new and best job opportunity for themselves. We all are having a certain career goal; we try to fix certain goals for ourselves. So, that we can try hard to achieve it.

Here we see that various types of courses in the market going around and within all the types of Courses. I find the perfect course which has set its remark which left behind all the courses that are Data Analytics courses. This course is a masterpiece this you will get to know when you will learn it and get all the knowledge around it.

The main and most important purpose of each and everyone is to get a nice future opportunity, which you will grab by doing this course. The opportunities you will get in corporate sectors, government sectors, and businesses also. In every field, we need a smart data analytics master, who can help to achieve the future goals of the companies, Businesses, or wherever it is needed.

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The below mentioned the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses provided by the different institutes, mentioning both classroom and Online learning classes, which one is favorable for the candidates who want to learn the Data analytics courses. The list is as follows:

  1. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy has made its excellent remark by skilling the people by teaching courses like Data analytics, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Software development. This academy is certified by IIM Indore and it provides all the required courses under the certification by IIM Indore, Manipal University, Hacker U, and Jigsaw Academy.

The Data Analytics course is provided by the Jigsaw academy with the name of Full-stack Data science program. The Course covers up important modules like Data interpretation, Data manipulation, Data integration, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive analytics, statistical analysis, and Data visualization.

The tools which are covered while teaching the program are python, Tableau, Anaconda, SQL, Tensor flow, Kesar.

The mode of class is online by the institute. Get the hands-on learning experience, Learn from the experts, Assignment based classes.

Dual Certificate awarded by the NASSCOM Future skills and Jigsaw academy at the end of the completion of the course.

Duration: 4 months


  • Basics in programming and statistics
  • Data science enthusiastic
  • Preferably Graduates

Fees: INR 48000

Career:  Full-stack Data scientist.

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  1. AnalytixLabs

Analytixlabs is an institute that offers a wide range of Data Analytics Courses. This institute ranked number 1 and is also awarded as India’s best institute for Data Analytics Courses.

The institutes provide job-oriented attractive learning to candidates who do not have prior knowledge about Data analytics.

The Course name is Business Analytics 360 which covers all the modules of the Data Analytics and the add-on modules also.

The Course covers in their curriculum taught respective tools like Data Visualization and analytics, Data Science with R, Python, Tableau, SQL, Predictive Modeling, and intro to ML and Data analytics with VBA (e-learning).

The skills are covered in this course MIS Reporting analytics, Statistical analytics, and modeling, Predictive modeling, Reporting Analytics, Data blending, and manipulation.

The Institute provides self-paced e-learning, classroom & Boot camp, and Interactive online class. It also covers up the course by giving the assignment to the candidate and projects. The course comes under certification by the side of the institute after completion of the full course.

Duration: 99 Hours+66 hours of learning.

Eligibility: Beginners with a qualitative background in business management, Maths, and Finance.

Fees: INR 32000 ONWARDS.

Career: Analytics Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, Statistical Analyst.

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  1. Simplilearn

The Simplilearn conducts the Data analytics courses and Data sciences courses with the Joint partnership with IBM. The main role of IBM is to make students ready for the corporate industries in the field of Data analytics. IBM is a well-recognized university that makes most of the investment in Research and development.

The Course name is the Data analyst Master Program. This course will teach you to master descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, data blending, data extracts, and forecasting. The learners will get to learn Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI. The tools covered in this program are python, pandas, NumPy, Scipy, Power BI, R, and Tableau.

The addition to the course is the Access to the IBM Cloud Lite account and Industry recognized Certification of Master program on Data analyst from Simplilearn. It has the job assist also which will prepare you for the job means make you job-ready.

Duration: 120 plus hours.

Eligibility: Candidates must have some qualitative background like Maths, Engineering, and Business management.

Fees: 44999 INR

Career: Data analyst, Data analyst consultant, Data scientist.

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  1. Udacity

Udacity is an online platform that provides a world-class learning environment on its platform. It is different because they provide Customized solutions, unique approaches, and managed experiences for the seekers.

The program name is Data analysis with python and SQL. With is program students get experience to work with up with the messy dataset. It also includes the related program to this course is Programming of Data Science with Python and Business Analyst.

The syllabus includes the modules like Introduction to Data Analysis, Practical statistical, Data wrangling, and Data visualization with python. The relevant tools which are mentioned in the course are SQL and python.

They also have a list of things that they offer within the program is Real-world projects from industry experts, a Flexible learning program, a Technical support mentor, and career services.

Duration: 4 months

Eligibility: Graduates preferably.

Fees: 77676 INR

Career: Data analyst, Data scientist.

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  1. IMS Preschool

IMS Proschool is the institute working since 1977. It is building and skilling the youth. By giving the youth proper guidance, motivation, and support youth in their career building and getting a shinning future. It is a top-ranked institute by Analytics India magazine for the last 4 years.

The Course name is Business Analyst the related term to it like Big data, Data mining, and Data science they all are terms which relative called to the Business analyst program.

The course includes Statistical techniques, Predictive analysis, Regression techniques, and Machine learning modules. This includes the techniques like Predictive analysis, Data exploration, Clustering, and classification. The relevant tools used are Python, SQL, R, and Tableau.

The institutes have some brilliant features that will call up to enroll yourself with this institute is that you will get active learning methodology and get trained by industry experts.

The program includes joint certification from IMS Preschool and NSDC, one more interesting thing you will get an optional certificate from the NSE Academy.

Duration: 15 weeks.

Eligibility: Graduates preferably.

Fees: 50000 INR (Classroom learning) & 32000 INR (live virtual classroom).

Career: Data analyst, Data scientist, Business analyst, Data Architect, Data administrator.

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  1. Edvancer

Edvancer is the platform that is opened by the IIT & IIM Alumni. The motive of the institute is to provide the best education possibilities to the seekers who want to build up their careers in the field of technology.

The Program’s name is Advanced Certification in Data Analytics-IIT Kanpur. The Course modules include Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, and Data analysis. It includes the tools like R, Tableau, and SQL.

The Program is delivered by the experts of IIT Kanpur and Industry experts of Edvancer. The most interesting feature you will get with this institute is all-time access to the online course content post-completion of the course

More features are it makes you job-ready, practical content, and 100% placement assistance with proper career assistance.

Duration: 180 hours.

Eligibility: Highly suitable for nontech background also.

Fees: 69990 INR (Live online) 44990 INR (Self-paced).

Career: Data scientist, Data analyst, Data architect.

More Courses

  1. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus learning builds you in such a way that you will get proper career growth after completing the program. Experienced learning, Valuable approach, guidance, and proper support to enhance your skill to become an industry expert.

The Course name is Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics. You will be trained in this course by Case study, Inclass projects Capstone projects, Boot camps & Hackathon.

The Curriculum highlights are SQL, Probability & Statistics, Data science with python and R, Big data Hadoop & Spark, and Data visualization with Tableau & Power BI.

The Data analytics course will provide 360-degree learning, Tech-enabled learning, Career Services, and Industry connect. It also has Industry oriented case studies, Real business problems for effective learning, and Business problems from Different industries it’s an add-on skill for learners.

The Institute will prepare you accordingly Job relevant skills, learn life, Get mentored, and learn job-relevant skills. It has the certification by the side of the Skill India program NSDC after the completion of the post-graduate program.

Duration: 24 weeks.

Eligibility: Fresh graduates and Professionals with up to 3 years of experience.

Fees: 2, 10,000 INR (In Classroom)

Career: Data scientist, Data analyst, Data Science Consultant, Business analytics specialist, Web, and social media analyst, Data mining specialist, Business analytics tech consultant, Business intelligence analyst, CRM analyst.

  1. Ivy Professional School

Ivy Professional schools are providing all types of Comprehensive courses since 2004. The institute is ranked under the top 10 for Big Data & Analytics Schools in 2015. The institute is also having official training partners Capgemini, HSBC, Genpact, Cognizant, Pay pal.

Among the different data analytics courses, their course name is Business analytics Certification. There is one relevant course also like Predictive analytics with R certification.

The Course outline the modules with relevant tools are Analytics Essentials, Industry Applicable Core Analytics, Advanced analytics using SAS, and Predictive analysis using R.

The Institute provides Hands-on learning through guaranteed Industry projects and Internships, the best placement support and is taught by Elite faculty from IIIT, IIM, ISI, US Universities.

They also include Classroom training across India, Live online training, and join self-paced Training. The Certification is provided in collaboration with NASSCOM.

Duration: 189 hours.

Eligibility: Graduates-Post graduates with Math/Statistics/Economics, MBA Graduates any stream, Banking/ Finance/IT/KPOworking professional.

Fees: 37400 INR

Career: Data scientist, Data analyst, Big data scientist, Business analyst.

  1. Inventateq

The institute is known to provide Top Data analytics Courses because it is a reputed institute for Data Analytics programs which is mentioned by many top-class magazines.

The Course name is Business Data Analytics. The best thing about this course is that it is a placement oriented course for the learners. You will be taught by the 9+ years certified trainers.

The Course modules with the relevant tools are Business Data analytics with python specialization, Business Data Analytics with R programming and SAS, Artificial Intelligence Course, Machine learning course, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning, Tensor flow classes, Data analytics expert, Probability and statistics courses.

You will be given the Industry-driven comprehensive curriculum; live interaction with machines, Real-world projects & case studies, and the most important thing is all-time access to study materials and videos.

The mode of training is online classrooms and offline training is available.

The Training methodology of the institute is Theory, Practical, Assessments, Certification, Resume preparation, Attend Interview and you are hired by the top industry.

Duration: 2-3 months.

Eligibility: Students/Freshers and Working professionals.

Fees: N/A

Career: Business analyst, Data scientist, Data analyst, Google Business Data analyst.

  1.  NIIT

NIIT is an online institution that is working for a very long period providing us the several job-oriented courses from a technical background. This Institute has made its reach in the market due to its outstanding courses provided by them. It also runs the best data analytics courses for learners.

The Course name Data analysis and Visualization in Excel and Power BI.

The Course module outline is Learning the course while using excel in Data Analysis and Visualization. By using excel’s inbuilt functions and user-defined formulas for Data analysis. Excel Data Analysis Tool pack for Data analysis, Creating and Customizing charts in excel for Data visualization.

Data Visualization in Power BI Desktop and Web. By using Excel Data in Power BI for Visualization. Reporting/Dashboarding using Power BI, Publishing Power BI Dashboards, Data relationships and queries in Power BI, and Data Transformations in Power BI.

The NIIT provides a unique curriculum and study material by the institute. The classroom plus app-based learning for their courses. The Courses are taught by the Industry Experience Faculty. The Faculty guidance through the app you will get in the online learning. Hands-on application of tools by the side of the course which you get a chance to make your learning better and more influential.

The Institute is having a Knowledge Centre in which you can get a chance to see Industry trends by the side of them.

The Data Analysis Course is the Certification program that the individual get after the completion of the course.

Duration: 38 Hours (Classroom-based) 36 Hours (Online-based learning).

Eligibility: Undergraduates and graduates from Math’s/Statistics backgrounds.

Fees: 30000 – 1,00,000 INR

Career: Data analyst, Business analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence, Business analyst, Research analyst.


The Data analytics Courses are booming day by day. The Data says that the Industry is having billions of turnovers by 2025. The Data analysis is for Undergraduates, Graduates, Working a professional who wants to enhance their production skills and be ready for a career in the analytics field. The Course is also famous because it’s a course which is job oriented course the seekers who want to start a new they can do this course. This is assured that by learning the Data analytics you will get the best job options it was the wider scope in different industries and Multinational Companies also. Like the Industry examples which have scope for Data, analytics are IT, Retail, Banking, Pharma, Hospitality, Healthcare, FMCG, Media, and Sports, etc.

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