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Top 10 Courses After Science Stream In Delhi

Are you also trying to scrutinize your career options before you make the big decision of doing a course that cannot be undone? It’s a heavy decision to make and the more your search, the more it entangles the brain wires. 

 Now relax and take a deep breath. You are going to get a detailed and comprehensive description of all the available choices of courses after science stream in Delhi.


List of the courses after science stream in Delhi


A standard 12th grade curriculum encompasses five subjects where English remains constant in all the combinations. The other subject combinations are PCBM (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics), PCCM (Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics), and PCMH (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Home Science).


There are choices for choosing an extra regional or foreign language like Telugu, Marathi, Urdu, French, Spanish, German, etc.


Moreover, vocational subjects have also taken place in the curriculum like legal studies, mass media, financial literacy, artificial intelligence, beauty and intelligence, marketing and sales, multiskill foundation course, taxation, web application, and many more.


With these many choices in hand, plenty of career options opens up in the world where you can find the best one suitable to your skills, goals, and desires.


The Different Types of Courses After Science Stream in Delhi


There are mainly three types of courses after science stream in Delhi to ponder over: certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses which include professional degrees and integrated long-term courses.


All short-term courses are skill-based while long-term courses equally emphasize the theoretical part of the subject. All the courses make you job-ready and extra certification or diploma course along with a degree course certainly adds value.


Before picking any one of the courses after science stream in Delhi, you need to understand what these courses do and how much they are valued in the outside world. Also, the fact how much time you are willing to invest may influence the course of action.


After Pandemic, the online mode of education does not pose any more questions on the quality delivered in the courses or the efficiency gained after the successful completion of the course. And thus, in this article, you’ll find only the best choices of courses, whether they are available in online or offline mode of education.


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Certificate Courses After Science Stream in Delhi


1. Content Writing Course


It’s a course that anyone from any stream can do. As the name suggests, it is about writing content and it can be digital or in print. Content writers write blog posts, articles, scripts, brochures, news releases, writing for social media platforms, marketing campaigns, etc.


The writing process involves research, planning, writing, proofreading, and editing the content. It may sound easy but a particular set of skills is required to start content writing like technical skills, language skills, research skills, creativity, and basic internet knowledge.


A short-term online course covers all the basics of content writing and a good course will provide relevant hands-on practice.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course is one of those that provide internship opportunities and makes you work-ready. Content writers are high in demand and a content writing certification course will go along with any advanced three-year degree for better job opportunities.


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2. Digital Marketing Course


Digital marketing is on the rise with the increasing digitization and several social media platforms in use by millions of users. Social media opens a new mode of marketing for companies and it is an in-demand skill.


Digital marketing includes Facebook and Instagram marketing as well. Content writing also becomes part of digital marketing and thus the digital marketing courses cover relevant content management basics.


There is no age limit for this course, though a learner is expected to know the basics of the internet before starting the course. IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course is a complete course to become job-ready. The institute offers a bouquet of opportunities to upskill and upgrade in digital marketing, and consequentially, the course will complement all long-term courses.


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3. Web Designing


Another course in the field of digital content is web designing. It is also a non-science course available after 12th but comes with numerous options.

Web designing is about developing web pages that are not only aesthetically pleasing but web page functioning is also optimized.

It requires a lot of hands-on practice of digital tools and guided learning to pick up the designing skills. Certificate web designing courses can be completed in 6-12 months followed by an internship for real work experience. Web designing can be done in other formats as well like diplomas, UG, and PG level degrees.

Though it is suggested to gain some experience of work beforehand, web designers can work as freelancers as well.


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4. Graphic Designing


Digital content comes in many forms like pictures, videos, art, and modern digital designs. Graphic designers handle all such kinds of content and deliver graphic designs to the demand of clients.

Graphic designing revolves around presenting business ideas or messages in graphic form to appeal to the targeted audience. They use digital tools to create meaningful graphics for businesses to convey the right message in form of pictures and videos.

There are a number of institutes in Delhi led by industry experts offering graphic designing courses and providing relevant work experience with a paid internship option to promote 100% job placements.


5. Computer Programming


Computer programming entails a complex process of analyzing and generating algorithms to execute a software program. Programming languages like C, C++, Python, and Java are at the core of it. Diploma courses are also suitable for computer programming courses after science stream in Delhi.

There are various online free courses to introduce yourself to the programming offered by Coursera. Though this course can be done by anyone, if you had computer science in 12th then you would know what you’d be getting into if you possess computer programming skills.

Computer programmers are hired in the field of IT by software developing companies. And the certificate course of computer programming is tightly knitted to other BSc or BTech degrees with mathematics to support further learning in computer programming.

Technical knowledge in combination with content writing skills can pave way for the high in-demand technical writing skills.


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 Diploma Courses After Science Stream in Delhi


1. Fashion Designing


A diploma in fashion designing is one of the non-science courses after science stream in Delhi which is a gateway to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The industry incorporates all kinds of designing products like shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc. The fashion designing courses are about bringing imagination into designing and developing skills that help in creating the designs.

A creative edge is apparently a must-have for this course and an interest in dealing with fabrics, textiles; and inclination towards art and aesthetics.


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2. Polytechnic


Polytechnic is a diploma course in the engineering field. As engineering can be done in different special streams, in the field, similarly, polytechnic comes with choices in abundance.

Several colleges in Delhi offer a polytechnic course. Some of them are a diploma in electrical engineering, diploma in civil engineering, diploma in mechanical engineering, and diploma in computer science engineering.

Most of the polytechnic courses are 2-3 years long and can be opted by 10th and 12th pass students. It is a complete diploma course to get a job in a good company or start your own services.


3. Animation and Multimedia


A diploma in animation and multimedia unlocks several doors of designing jobs. A number of students choose animation and multimedia after 10th and continue the course along with intermediate studies.

Irrespective of the stream in 12th, the course suits all types of learners but personal interest is the main factor when it comes to choosing any course.

Animation and multimedia are not just about 3D or 4D pictures but animating anything is part of the animation. Animators do not need to worry about their drawing skills as the job requires the use of digital tools.

A diploma in animation and multimedia can take from 6 -12 months and then learners can get jobs as junior animators in animation companies or studios.


4. Foreign language


Whether you want to make a career in language jobs or not, a foreign language always comes in handy when it comes to getting employment in big companies.

Besides that, there are various high-paying language jobs as well. A career as a translator, interpreter, content writer, college faculty, editor, trainer, and hotel manager reap benefits from the skill of proficiency in a foreign language.

Also, as a college student, along with a degree program, knowing a foreign language can bag good job opportunities for you in transcription work.

While the internet unravels the opportunity of learning a foreign language from native speakers through online courses, on the other hand, many reputed colleges in Delhi including DU, provide certificates, diplomas, and degree programs in foreign languages.


5. Nutrition and Dietetics


A diploma in nutrition and dietetics comes with a few prerequisites. It asks for the biology and chemistry background on which learners build their further knowledge of food and its nutrition.

The job of a dietician has recently come into the limelight with the rising awareness of health in public. From young students to adults and elderly, everyone is watching their diets and looking for expert advice as well.

This is a one-year diploma that teaches theory of nutrition and practices applied nutrition as well.

Job description of a dietician varies depending on the sector in which the work has been gained like consultant dietician, sports dietician, clinical dietician, etc.

It is a well-paid field of work and also has a huge scope as a freelancer in the field.


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Degree Courses After Science Stream in Delhi


Degree courses are a minimum of three years and a maximum of four years. There are also integrated programs where UG and PG level of education has been merged to make a four to five-year-long complete course.

Degree courses are provided by government recognized universities and private colleges affiliated with the government and also, private universities.

All the certificate and diploma courses can be extended into degree programs. Starting with engineering courses that are considered professional courses in which admission is done on a merit basis or through an entrance exam. From grade-A colleges to grade-B in Delhi, all engineering degree programs are highly valued by recruiters and thus bag great job opportunities for you.

Honors programs in DU such as BSc [Hons], BA [Hons], and BCom [Hons] are packed with promising courses and impart transferrable skills. An honors degree assures employers of the advanced skills gained in the course and also suggests the subject matter expertise.

BA LLB is the course of studying law and is an integrated course of five years. Admissions are processed based on entrance exams and it is also a complete degree for acquiring a job immediately after the course completion.

Journalism is quite a popular choice among students due to its approach to the media and production houses. A bachelor’s degree in journalism can unwrap various job titles such as journalist, social media manager, media consultant, photojournalist, and news analyst. And the list doesn’t end here.

A bachelor’s degree in journalism is welcome in the content writing and communication field as well, due to the skillful use of language.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What can I do after 12th science?

You can do all types of courses including certificate, diploma and degree courses. The best choice would be to do a short-term course along with a degree course. Though, all courses make you job-ready.


  1. What are the high salary courses after 12th science?

The courses that are taken to become an engineer, lawyer, software developer, system analyst, system specialist, data scientist, mathematician, graphic designer, and much more similar to the fields, provide higher-paying jobs.


  1. What exams can I give after 12th science?

Depending on the career path, there are various entrance exams like JEE Main and JEE advance to take admission in engineering course; NEET and AIIMS for medical fields; CLAT and AILET for law degrees; and NIFT and NID to enter the fashion and design industry.


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Advance degrees surely help in grabbing better job opportunities and pay well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start a job early with certificate and diploma courses. You are free to take any course of your interest along with your degree program. They make all-around development and enhance the chances of better-paying jobs after completing the formal education.

There are many courses after science stream in Delhi, even non-science career options are also open for the students of the science stream. Just find your interest, set your goal and enroll in one of the courses. Remember, knowledge never goes to waste.

This article aims to provide a clear idea of the courses available after the science stream in Delhi and it is suggested to do thorough research on a given choice of course to unwrap all avenues that the field of work has to offer.

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