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7 Photography Courses in Delhi With Practical Training

Photography is not just a skill that one wishes to acquire out of nowhere. But it is a passion and an artistic ability towards which one is inclined naturally. Photography courses in Delhi are comprehensive of such appeal. They offer a creative approach and cutting-edge techniques through experiential learning teachings. Numerous institutes offer photography courses in Delhi out of which some top picks have been mentioned here for you.


List of the best photography courses in Delhi


Photography courses in Delhi come in various forms and structures. There are certificate courses, diploma courses, and integrated courses as well. Each course discusses the basics of photography and ways of being creative with it. But there are a few courses that are thorough with the techniques used in photography and offer a well-structured course complemented by post-session trips for practical training. This article attempts to provide well-researched and decision-making information on photography courses in Delhi.


Other courses to look at for career-oriented skills:


Photography and Its Types


Photography masters say that clicking a picture is not photography but providing a perspective to what you see in a different light reflects photography mind. Yes, an artistic approach is required but every photo does not require to be unique. It can just be simple however it should covertly tap on one’s visual, intellectual, and emotional senses. In other words, aesthetic appeal is a must to a photo to be considered a product of good photography.


Since anything and everything can be captured by the lens, the photography genre swells with the variety and scope of creative fields. Starting with the common and high-demand photography type – wedding photography, it is one sure-shot event where photographers will be present to capture the memories for life. The business gets tricky here as with each day, creativity raises its bar in such photoshoots. From underwater to mid-air wedding photoshoots, photography standards are getting tough to attain.


Similarly, other types of photography like wildlife photography, fashion photography, food photography, travel photography, sports photography, advertising photography, portrait photography, product photography, lifestyle photography, etc. have their part of difficulties in photoshoots. With such immense multitudes of photography, it is rapidly evolving day by day.


From the aspects of making a career in photography, mastering the skills that are highly in demand, and touching upon the other photography classifications, would be the right combination to start with. And under the same vision, there are photography courses in Delhi that incorporate different kinds of photography with modules devoted to a specific kind.


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Top Photography Courses in Delhi


1. Delhi College of Photography


Delhi College of Photography is a professional photography school that provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about the aesthetics, techniques, and business of photography through hands-on, experiential projects while learning to use cutting-edge technology, equipment, and software.


The institute offers numerous photography courses in Delhi. Its one-year diploma course is an extensive take on photography education that establishes a strong base for its students. The institute has earned a reputation for being a leading source of photographers with its innovative teaching approach.


It prepares students to develop skills that will help them build a career in professional photography, the fashion industry, or filmmaking by offering a variety of courses with specializations in all areas of photography including creative, organizational, and commercial.


Course content


Semester – 1

  • History of Photography
  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Exposure Triangle
  • White Balance
  • Depth of Field
  • Composition
  • Creative Shutter Speed
  • Speed Light Photography
  • Developing a Creative Eye – light, and composition
  • Special Techniques – Candid and Smoke Photography
  • Photo Processing


Semester – 2

  • Introduction to Fashion Photography
  • Studio and Glamour Lighting
  • Understanding Fashion Styling
  • Understanding Make-up Techniques
  • Lighting Manipulation
  • Types of Lighting – Butterfly, Loop Lighting, etc
  • Understanding Shadows
  • Understanding Natural Light
  • Grey Card
  • Digital Light Meter
  • Use of Reflectors
  • Hard and Soft Light
  • Types of Modifiers
  • High Speed Sync (HSS)


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Semester – 3

  • Introduction to Commercial Filmmaking
  • Direction
  • Production Design
  • B-Roll Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Hyperlapse Videos
  • 360-degree videos
  • Lifestyle Videos
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Stop Motion
  • Short Film
  • Storyboarding
  • Equipment Handling
  • Sound Design
  • Special Effects
  • Editing


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2. Delhi School of Photography


The Delhi School of Photography offers specialized classes in all genres of photography, from basic to advanced photography, where the aspiring photographer learns to see and capture a subject.


If you wish to earn photography on the side and are not able to spare much time then you can learn photography by taking a mix of weekend and weekday classes where the curriculum is organized into graded modules to provide options to choose a course according to the need.


The course is named Foundation Course which is an amalgamation of basic and advanced photography. The course is suitable for those who need to start from scratch and also master the advanced techniques subsequently. It is a short-term course designed to help enthusiasts and beginners to discover their inner photographer.


The course also imparts detailed instructions and learnings on handling the camera and its settings that in turn boosts confidence in taking a wide range of self-inspiring images in a number of settings. It’s ideal for travel, street, and documentary photography.


Course content


  • Basics of Camera
  • Understanding lenses
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Aperture Control
  • Exposure Time Control
  • Depth of Field
  • Image Noise (ISO)
  • Seeing the Subject and Light
  • Composition
  • Creative Use of Exposure
  • Basics of Photography
  • Studio and Artificial Light
  • Replicating Sunlight
  • Photograph Editing
  • Photowalk With Faculty




SACAC is a Delhi-based institute that offers both online and offline classes. It is a 5-week long course with weekend classes. The curriculum is largely aimed to instill abilities such as having a good sense of mood and aesthetics, a good sense of color and effects, and the ability to capture effective photos.


This course introduces the technical components of photography through a structured program that will assist in building skills from the ground up. The classes are instructive and simplified to deal with the complexities of the visual language, as well as its syntax. And it all comes to light with Portfolio creation that brings the classes to a close.


Course content


  • Essentials of Camera-work (Aperture, Viewfinder, Focusing, shutter release)
  • Kinds of Cameras (Analog/Digital, SLRs/Mirrorless, Small/Medium Format)
  • Aperture (F-stops)
  • Modes (M, A, S, P)
  • Depth of Field: Blurring the non-focused areas
  • Essential Camera Functions (Drive, Image formats/ quality and Picture profiles)
  • Shutter Speed
  • Shooting motion
  • Panning (demonstration)
  • Exposure Compensation
  • ISO (Controlling the exposure)
  • Histogram and Expsure meter scale
  • Exposure Triangle
  • Benefits of Mirror-less
  • Focusing Modes (Area and others)
  • Shooting in Manual Mode
  • Creative Composition
  • Color Temperature and White Balance
  • Fundamentals of Lensing: Focal lengths, Angle of View
  • Perspective matters
  • Camera Stabilization
  • Trends and technologies of image-making
  • Story-Telling through images (Conceptual frame-work, mood-boarding)
  • Landscape and Cityscapes
  • Introduction to post-production
  • Optimal processing of RAW images
  • Color theory (Color Harmonies)


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4. Institute of Photography


Institute of Photography offers advanced diploma and professional photography courses in Delhi. The advanced diploma course has multiple modules, each of which focuses on a different topic of photography.


The course’s structure emphasizes equally hands-on learning and classroom-taught theoretical principles. This gives a thorough awareness of the different aspects that can affect the quality of one’s photography skills. The curriculum also removes the problems that are likely to be experienced when taking photographs.


The course offers skills that prepare students to be job-ready or start as a freelancer immediately after the completion of the course. And the highlight of the course is its 24 photo walks to complement the practical training.


Course content


  • DSLR Camera Operations
  • Composition
  • Studio Lights
  • Advancing Your Photography
  • Picture Editing
  • Videography & Editing
  • Photo-Walks & Trips


5. Pixel Institute of Photography


The institute has been established with the goal of providing its students with a systematic and logical approach to learning photography. It is a well-equipped and reputable training facility that offers Certificate and Diploma programs. Also, it is known for its most up-to-date digital photography techniques.


It offers a four-month advanced technical course of photography that covers all aspects of equipment usage and operation entailing practical and real-world activities to hone applied skills. The course covers a wide range of topics in photography, including products, moving objects, fruits and vegetables, fashion, tours and travel, real-life, position shoots, and more.


And then the advanced topics take their place such as photo editing, PowerPoint presentations, and composition once the students have mastered all aspects. Assignments and practical classes are also provided to take an in-depth dive into photography.


Course content


  • Introduction to photography and its type
  • Basics of DSLR and its features
  • What is exposure/iris? (ISO, Aperture & Shutter speed)
  • Color temperature and white balance
  • Focusing methods and filters
  • Basics of color psychology in photography
  • Understanding rules of composition
  • Outdoor photo gallery walks
  • Introduction to studio lights and modifiers
  • Invitation to Portraiture photography
  • Understanding fashion photography & its type
  • Shooting catalog and street fashion
  • Introduction to product photography
  • Catalog & Conceptual product shoots
  • Learning basic photo editing tools
  • Photo review session


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6. IIP Academy


Established in 2010, the Indian Institute of Photography emerged as leaders in the booming photography learning business, with the goal of delivering professional schooling to ardent photographers. Today, the institute proudly boasts of its student-centered approach and comprehensive grasp of photography that has turned into s professionally beneficial vocational subject.


The institute is the top pick for photography courses in Delhi due to its highly experienced staff and the well-designed future-ready curriculum. The institute is comprehensive of the needs of the budding photographers and aims to instill passion and love for photography, with creativity and attention to detail along with providing a great platform for students to choose their own degree of expertise and flexibility.


There are two semesters in the one-year Fine Arts-Photography diploma program. Each semester is meant to provide students with knowledge ranging from the fundamentals to advanced photographic methods in order to help them build a great portfolio. Students indeed get to go on a variety of mentored field outings to improve their photography skills in a real-world setting.


Course content


  • Visual Studies Art Appreciation
  • Photography Techniques
  • Basic Image Editing Processing
  • Image Printing, Presentation Sharing Techniques
  • Studio Photography
  • Advanced Photography Practice
  • Film Making with Camera (DSLR)
  • Self-Branding and Commercials of Photography
  • Specialization/Final Portfolio
  • Internship


7. RK Films and Media Academy


The R K Films & Media Academy, based in New Delhi, is dedicated to the promotion of career-oriented education for everyone and has successfully integrated the diverse media and entertainment industry under one roof. It is one of the oldest mass media institutes in Delhi that also offers photography courses on-campus.


The course is available with the flexibility of full-time, part-time, and evening classes options where it can take three months in full-time, 6 months in part-time, and up to 1 year in evening classes.


Professional photographers conduct the training strategically. And the course will serve beginners and professionals alike as it covers all the basics and advanced technical skills.  Besides, the institute has dedicated on-campus photography studios to facilitate practical learning.


Course content


  • History of Photography
  • Theory of Photography
  • Photographic Films & their applications
  • Light sources of photography
  • Photo Journalism: Creating believable stories, working for an agency, working for a newspaper or magazine
  • Techniques of Studio Lighting
  • Camera Lenses
  • Fashion Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Portfolio Photography
  • Techniques of Outdoor Lighting
  • Street Photography
  • Black & White Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Using Photoshop
  • Photography Business and Copyright Laws
  • Making videos using DSLR
  • Studio Setups
  • Photo-walks


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the duration of the photography course?

Some photography courses in Delhi can be completed in 5 weekends whereas a diploma course can take from 6 months to 1 year depending on the course and mode of the course.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in a photography course?

IN terms of basic qualification, a 10+2 can enroll in the course without requiring any degree. However, also knowing the basics of computer skills comes in handy while learning the technicalities of photo editing or filmmaking.


  1. Can photography be a career?

Yes. Photography can surely be a career. There are photojournalists, industrial photographers, fine art photographers, portrait photographers, and fashion photographers that are inconsistent demand. Besides, freelance photographers get to work on various types of projects without restricting themselves to one kind of photography.




You might be looking for photography courses in Delhi because you want to pursue photography as a career or perhaps you want to get better at it for it is your passion. As there are multiple paths in photography like wildlife photography, pet photography, sports photography, event photography, and the like, there is definitely a lot to learn to hone your skills.

Not to forget, photography includes technical knowledge as well as an eye for aesthetics. But since, taking a photo is not an uncommon thing in these modern times, considering a fluke shot an end of the learning would not be a good idea. Learning methodically certainly results in consistent performance and gradual growth. Thus, if you are certain in your decisions, enrolling in any of the mentioned photography courses in Delhi shall provide the necessary base.


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