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5 Popular Fashion Designing Courses in Delhi

Struggling to find good fashion designing courses in Delhi? This post shall provide you with a list of popular institutes that offer various fashion designing courses in Delhi.  You may just want to do a basic course or might want to take a full-fledged degree course in fashion designing, Delhi provides all kinds of opportunities.


List of the popular fashion designing courses in Delhi


Many countries have their fashion industry that in turn has made the industry worth around 2 trillion dollars globally. Before fashion designing came into existence, bespoke tailoring and home stitching were the trends. But with increasing awareness and scope of creativity for career building, the fashion industry is on the rise since it’s been identified in the 19th century. And yet struggling to find the right path, many students search to get a good find of fashion designing courses in Delhi.


The general concept of fashion designing is simply about making new and innovative designs of clothes. But fashion designing is about handling any fabric or material for the purpose of designing not only clothes but also its accessories. From clothes to shoes, and handbags to belts, fashion designers put their minds to designing all of these.


In doing so, a fashion designer handles fabrics, various types of materials, colors and their combinations, patterns, and designs. At the core of fashion designing, is aesthetic appeal along with the functional value. Fashion designers have a sensitive aesthetic sense that equips them with the ability to choose material and differentiate between mild colors. Let’s take a look at what skills are vital to becoming a fashion designer.


Other courses to look at for career-oriented skills:


Skills to Become a Fashion Designer


1. Communication skills


Needless to say, though, a fashion designer needs to present ideas and covey the thought behind the designs effectively to put the designs across the table. Otherwise without speaking and listening skills, if working in a team, one may lose opportunities to grow, learn and evolve.


2. Artistic Ability


Designing is all about creativity. Having a creative bend of mind is a must to become a fashion designer. One may rely on natural instincts to recognize the ability in designing and creativity along with a passion for fashion designing. Fashion designing courses in Delhi incorporate multiple methodologies and tactics to develop enhanced creative skills and artistic ability but an inclination towards designing should be natural as well.


3. Stitching and Sketching


Being inspired and overwhelmed with ideas may sound terrific but it is of no use till the time it is not put on paper for others to see as well. Through sketching, a design is presented on paper and then further analyzed to check its functionality and aesthetic appeal. And of course, stitching is not only the basics of fashion designing but also various types of stitches become a part of a design on apparel itself. Drawing skills should be in one’s possession in advance of enrolling in fashion designing courses in Delhi, although further the skills can be honed while doing the courses.


4. Knowing Materials


Let’s say, one defines a new design with colors and patterns, but the design has actually worked out to be different in textures and touch, such as using a synthetic fabric instead of a natural one. Thus, knowing different types of fabrics, their made, textures, patterns, and usability, is vital to entirely enliven a design in motion.


5. Team Player


A fashion designer works in the vicinity of various individuals like merchandisers, patternmakers, stylists, etc. Working in a team comes with its challenges and one needs to be careful of how one collaborates and runs with the team’s objectives.


6. Detail-oriented


A general ability to be observant of details can be counted as detail-oriented. Though, the eye for detail to be required in fashion designing can be distinguishably built in the permutation of other skills while doing the course.


7. Up-To-Date


With multiple elements that have yet not been explored completely, the fashion industry keeps evolving incorporating new trends and styles every season. Relying entirely on natural artistic skills can not help in producing successful designs from the aspect of marketing. The designs that match the trends, and styles sell better in the market and a fashion designer needs to keep up-to-date knowledge of the same.


8. Computer skills


No field of work has been left untouched by technology. The fashion industry is yet another stream where technology assists in producing qualitative work. There are many computer software that has been developed specifically for designing work such as Adobe (CAD), which are a must for a designer to know. And no need to worry about knowing it in advance as fashion designing courses in Delhi covers the technical basics as well.


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Top 5 Fashion Designing Courses in Delhi




The YMCA, based in Delhi, was founded in 1927and  has come a long way in terms of establishing competence in the field of education.


It is a well-run institution that provides a diverse selection of courses on campus and has an excellent placement record. It provides a safe studying environment by sheltering the library and computer lab at the teaching center.


This one-year course lays the groundwork for students to become autonomous thinkers and imaginative creators. This curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s fashion business. This curriculum seeks to familiarize students with worldwide fashion and teach them innovative creative techniques.


Course content


Semester – I

  • Color and texture
  • Sketching-I
  • Introduction to textiles
  • Drafting and pattern making-I
  • Social and economic aspects of clothing
  • Tradition Indian textiles
  • Communication and soft skills


Semester – II

  • Drafting and pattern making-ii
  • Textile science
  • History of fashion
  • Traditional Indian textiles
  • Sketching-ii
  • Computer application
  • Draping – 1
  • Fashion merchandising


2. Pearl Academy


For the past 28 years, Pearl Academy has been a catalyst for student achievement in the creative professions as a top design, fashion, business, and media institute. The institution has campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, and offers more than 40 specialty courses in Delhi, including fashion design.


The academy has evolved into a known educational center with a focus on internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability, as well as catering to the design, fashion, business, and retail industries, since its inception in 1993.


Pearl Academy’s Fashion Design and Technology program is a four-year professional diploma program. Anyone who has completed their 12th grade in any subject can apply for the course. The curriculum is focused on research and encourages critical thinking and creativity.


This course enables students to develop competencies in both design and construction using cutting-edge technology for sustainable design solutions, with the goal of reinforcing core skills in design, realization, and fashion theory.


Students will also develop professional competencies and build a career graph in addition to exposure to traditional Indian fabrics, surface ornamentations, and live industry projects with top Indian fashion giants.


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Course content

Year – I

  • Natural & built environment
  • Body & its extension
  • Design abilities 1
  • Fashion cognition 1 (immersion lab)
  • Culture, history & narratives
  • Identity, memory & imaginations
  • Design abilities 2
  • Fashion cognition 2 (immersion lab)


Year -II

  • Fashion languages and techniques
  • Drawing for design
  • Design of materials
  • Fashion mashup
  • Design milestones
  • Fashion making
  • Brands mood
  • Fashion futures


Year – III

  • Design research
  • Technical tools
  • Studio for construction methods
  • Investigate innovate implement
  • Cultural studies
  • Application of social media
  • International lab experience
  • Live industry project


Year – IV

  • Design opportunities
  • Business tools for designers
  • Specialized studio: function and details
  • Specialized collection
  • Professional practice
  • Portfolio development
  • Final project


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3. JD Institute of Fashion Technology


For the past 30 years, JD Institute has served as an education center for hundreds of people who are dedicated to making their aspirations a reality. The school is dedicated to educating each candidate to be successful exactly the way they envisioned, with the most up-to-date curriculum, infrastructure, and state-of-the-art facilities.


The institute offers various fashion designing courses in Delhi, and this is an advanced two-year diploma course that teaches students how to comprehend the design process from concept to product development.  It will provide an in-depth look at the apparel industry, with a focus on the design side of the value chain.


The student will also gain an understanding of the subtleties of the apparel industry as well as acquire an eye for detail. Also, the program will allow students to build their own design styles that are appropriate for the commercial market.


Course content


Year – I

  • Foundation art
  • Illustration – female
  • Illustration – male
  • Illustration – kids
  • Textiles
  • Traditional textiles
  • Fashion theory
  • History of costumes
  • Cad
  • Pattern making
  • Grading
  • Draping
  • Garment manufacturing
  • Portfolio development


Year – II

  • Apparel production
  • Fashion retailing
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Quality control
  • Principle of marketing
  • HR & entrepreneurship
  • Information technology
  • Visual merchandising
  • Textiles for merchandiser
  • Global marketing
  • Business communication
  • Consumer behavior


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4. International Institute of Fashion


Another institute offering fashion designing courses in Delhi is IIFA. It is an advanced diploma in fashion designing and the course is structured in such a way that it provides the designer with a complete understanding of design and a well-balanced viewpoint on it.


The course’s ultimate goal is to produce a responsible designer who will use innovation, education, and research to cultivate better practices. This course’s syllabus is project-based, thus it not only allows students to gain exposure but also helps the local artisans as it collaborates with them for practical projects.


The course follows the Indian and international fashion industry’s changing trends, conventions, cultural dynamics, and innovations. And eventually, students will be equipped enough o show off their collections on the runway.


The course is divided into four semesters where theory subjects are followed by their practicals.



Semester – I

  • Fibre & yarn science
  • Fibre & yarn science practicals
  • Elements of fashion & design
  • Elements of fashion & design practicals
  • Pattern making & garment construction- I
  • Practicals – I


Semester – II

  • Fabric science & analysis
  • Fabric science & analysis practicals
  • Fashion illustration& design
  • Fashion illustration & design practicals
  • Pattern making & garment construction – II
  • Practicals – II


Semester – III

  • Textile science
  • Textile science – practicals
  • Fashion art and design
  • Fashion art and design practicals
  • Pattern and garment construction – III
  • Practicals – III


Semester – IV

  • History of textiles and costumes
  • History of textiles and costumes practicals
  • Textile and apparel testing
  • Textile and apparel testing practicals
  • Apparel production
  • Apparel production practicals


5. The Design Institute India


TDII stands out among other institutes offering fashion designing courses in Delhi for its well-balanced and structured curriculum. It has all courses from certificate to master’s level.


The diploma course in fashion design is designed to improve students’ creative abilities in the realm of apparel and accessories. The goal of this one-year course is to assist students to establish an influential base in the fashion industry so that they can prove themselves to be skilled designers in a variety of situations and events.


In addition to that, TDII collaborates with major design firms, and all of these firms work together to provide TDII students with the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of fashion and interior design. Along with that, placement assistance is also provided.


Course content

Semester – II

  • Elements of design
  • Fashion Industrial Language
  • Basic principle of fashion
  • Stitching methods & application
  • Draping – 1
  • Practical


Semester – II

  • Fashion illustration
  • Different body drape elements a function of clothing
  • Introduction to the textile theory
  • History of costumes
  • Introduction to pattern making
  • Practical


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a fashion cycle?

As the name suggests, it is a process through which the fashion proceeds and comes back to its beginning stage. In other words, the time period in which the design or style stays in trend or use constitutes the fashion cycle. It has a total of five stages namely introduction, rise peak, decline, and obsolescence.


  1. What does a fashion designer do?

A fashion designer researches current trends, collaborates with other teams for design production, tests the fabrics for designs, decides over fabric’s design, color, texture, etc., and oversees the process of designing. Besides, a designer may also need to develop and maintain relations with clients, sales, and management executives.


  1. What are the elements of fashion design?

There are mainly five elements that are considered while designing an article. They are lines, shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Based on these, a piece of clothing can be described in detail and presented in the form.


  1. What are the principles of fashion designing?

Apart from the elements, fashion designing is also about five more principles namely proportion, balance, emphasis, rhythm, and unity. They refer to design in clothing and represent a cohesive idea of compiling a functional piece of clothing.




The fashion industry is recognized globally today and has the capacity of employing more than a thousand million of the population. It is a vast industry that attracts numerous students every year. It is a competitive industry where preparedness is the utmost priority and to choose a course that aligns with your priorities, this post lists down the popular fashion designing courses in Delhi.

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