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6 Best Short-Term English Courses in Delhi

Does the list of English courses in Delhi puzzle you? Do you look for all-in-one English courses in Delhi? And do you also find yourself skeptical of the quality and standards of English courses in Delhi?


That’s all right, as English is the universal language. That means English is the primary language of communication when it comes to intercultural interactions. Even with more than 1.3 billion speakers of English, English is the second language for the maximum of the population. So having skepticism is a good thing in this case.


List of the best short-term English courses in Delhi


Thus, in the attempt of learning the best practices of English, short-term English courses are the most sought-after thing. They are time-saving and allow you to incorporate multiple functions of the language into your set of language skills by taking the specialization courses of your choice and need.


Let’s first clear the conundrum of sorts that must be there before choosing a course. Starting with understanding the functions of English that are associated with short-term English courses.


Some top picks for vocational courses:


Purpose of English Courses in Delhi


1. Academic


As the name suggests, this type of functional English is used for academic purposes like writing research papers, academic speech, summaries, essays, reports, etc. The understanding of academic English is also helpful in studying the study materials.


This kind of English requires objectivity in language to present an unbiased outlook of a topic. It is complex in nature with a separate repertoire of vocabulary to lift the standards of written language.


2. Career


In this category, English is for business purposes.  Now it does not mean that those who do business can only learn this English. Rather, it involves English for communication purposes. Communication between two work parties can be written and verbal.


Written communication includes reports, emails, circulars, and verbal communication is further divided into conversational and communicative English. Small talks, presentations, meetings, negotiations, and discourses come under verbal communication skills.


The English language is looked over from a different standpoint in such communications where strict grammar rules can be ignored.

3. English for assessment purposes


Exams like IELTS and TOEFL assess a learner’s proficiency in English and grade accordingly. The score obtained afterward is globally accepted in colleges and universities for admission purposes and attests to the efficacy of the learner’s capability as a student.


Such preparations for assessment exams are quite thorough in their approach. From covering the basics of reading to communicating with purpose, the courses do not hover over the ground but go in-depth.


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4. Technical English


It is relatively new to the board of functional English skills. Earlier, these skills were not available in a course format and one has to learn them with experience in the work environment.


With the advancement in technology along with globalization, technical English became the need of the hour for technical vocations and students in the technical field. It removes the scope of error in the translation of technical documents and provided clarity in terms of terminology.


5. General English


English that is learned for day-to-day communications and purposes, is general English. If you call a doctor’s clinic to make an appointment, then the conversation between the person behind the desk and you would be a conversation using general English.


Thus, general English focuses on basic grammar, clarity in speaking, reading with comprehension, listening with understanding, and conversating with coherence.


These are major areas of functional English and the primary focus of a learner. Every course revolves around these functions and courses are also designed keeping in mind the same.


What type of courses you can choose?


Based on functional English, English courses are designed with different objectives. Hence, the course content differs corresponding to its learning objective. Courses and their content have been discussed later in this article.


The classes of short-term English courses in Delhi are skill-based and are available in batches and one-to-one sessions as well.


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Why take an English course?


The subtleties of the English language are such that it is not suggested to acquire them by self-learning. The slight change in tone and language can be offensive.


To prevent oneself from facing embarrassment, a learner should acquire knowledge on the following along with taking other English courses.


  • Formal and Informal English
  • Colloquial and Slang
  • Idiomatic and Figurative Expressions
  • Importance of Learning Vocabulary


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Now, you should be able to figure out your objective of learning English. Continuing, let’s dive into the best choices of short-term English courses in Delhi.


6 Best Short-Term English Courses in Delhi


1. IELTS by British Council


British Council is a non-profit organization based out in the United Kingdom. The institute has its physical presence in many countries across the globe. In India, it runs mainly three learning centers: New Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai adjoint to its library.


It is popular for its educational services of preparing students for abroad studies and providing them with opportunities of studying in the UK.


At its learning center, IELTS Coach is among other English courses in Delhi. And students over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for this course. IELTS training is subdivided into two forms: Academic and General Training.


Both the courses are of 42 hours spanning over four weeks. Courses are delivered in online mode.


Highlights of the courses


  • Improve test related skills
  • Gain test awareness
  • Develop effective test strategies
  • Gain the confidence to get IELTS ready
  • 12 hours of writing and speaking
  • 30 hours of listening and speaking
  • Feedback from trainers
  • Additional webinars


Address: Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

Phone: 0120-4569000

Email: [email protected]


2. Career Skills by inlingua


At inlingua, communication skills are considered to be the key to success. And that is not wrong as well. Present in more than 34 countries, inlingua’s reputation rises by its association with corporate clients like Honda, Radisson, LARSE, etc.


Out of its 308 centers across the globe, Delhi houses 8 of its centers. The institute offers various English courses in Delhi but Career Skills catches the eye. It is a short-term course of 60 hours including workshops.


The course name aptly justifies the course content and objective. The course design aligns with the needs of working professionals looking for the upliftment of their speaking skills necessary in their work environment.


Key highlights of the course


  • Learn negotiation Skills
  • E-mail Writing
  • Practice presentation Skills
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Meeting/telephoning skills
  • 45 hours of spoken English classes
  • 15 hours of skills workshops


Address: Nirman Vihar Vikas Marg, Delhi

Phone: +91-8826000937

Email: [email protected]


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3. Spoken English Foundation by BAFEL


Another well-reputed institute offering English courses in Delhi is BAFEL. BAFEL is the acronym of British Academy for English Language. And it offers its assistance to its students in job placement abroad.


Its Spoken English Foundation Course is of 2 months and it is the shortest of all other courses taught at BAFEL. The course objective concerns the learning needs of beginners and lays the foundation for English as a second language.


Key highlights of the course


  • Beginner’s grammar
  • Sentence formation
  • Learn daily use vocabulary
  • Building basic communication skills
  • Learn tenses in context


Address: Sector 7 Dwarka, New Delhi

Phone: 8595798072

Email: [email protected]


4. Written English and English Speaking Course by Engmates


The institute has gained insights on the basic need of learning English as it is comprehensive of the status of English as the second language in India. Guiding students with career counseling sessions, Engmates is a highly top-rated institute for its extraordinary work of 20 years in the field.


The said course is advised to take if you want to enhance your basic understanding of the language. Largely focused on speaking and self-development strategies, the course prepares you for a professional environment as well.


The course takes from 1 month to 6 months to complete depending on the course schedule and fast track mode, if opted.


Key highlights of the course


  • Essential grammar
  • Group discussions
  • Day to day conversations
  • debate
  • Roleplay
  • Podium session
  • Word enhancement
  • Interview phrases
  • Confidence building
  • Molding body language
  • Self-motivation methods


Address: Opp Tilak Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi

Phone: 8010263263

Email: [email protected]


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5. English Language Course by Oracle


Oracle is the institute known for its pioneering work in teaching English to students and professionals of all ages across the globe. The English courses at Oracle are remarkable and extinguish all the brewing doubts of the learner.


The vast coverage of the skills and knowledge of the English language makes the institute stand proudly as an international language institute. The diversification of courses according to the English language purpose and the level of proficiency helps the visitors to narrow down their options to the most suitable one serving their needs.


There is English for kids, businesses, employees, adults, and educational institutions. The good part of the courses is that they focus on the overall understanding of the language and facilitate better learning by forming small batches for classroom sessions.


The institute specializes in foreign languages like Spanish, French, German, Arabic, etc, and IELTS coaching is also a part of it.


Key highlights of the course


  • 360 – degree feedback mechanism
  • Regular assessments
  • Activity-based learning
  • Courses for all
  • Smaller size of batches
  • Online classes also available


Address: Hanuman Road, Connaught Place, Delhi

Phone: +91-11-4940-4131

Email: [email protected]


6. Business English by Fluentia Academy


Based in Delhi and having its hands in corporate training, the Business English course by Fluentia Academy would be the pick of the bunch. The course content is detailed and deals with the intricacies of the business communication gaps.

With flexible timings available, the course takes 30 hours and leaves plenty of time to self-practice.


Key highlights of the course

  • Running meeting
  • Negotiating agreement
  • Starting a conversation
  • Telephonic conversations
  • Small Talks
  • Information exchange


Address: South Extn.-1, New Delhi

Phone: 8929417862

Email: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the best English course for beginners?

Any course that offers to cover the LSRW of the language i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing. As a beginner, focusing just on one aspect will slow you down and take away your interest in learning as well. Once your cover the basics, you can narrow down on your choices of specialization skills to writing and speaking, and move ahead with the same.


  1. Can we learn English without grammar?

The answer is straight away yes. The way you know your mother tongue without knowing its grammar separately, likewise learning English is very much possible without its grammar.


  1. Is English easy to learn?

In the words of the English users, yes, English is easy. It is the very reason for its widespread popularity. The language does not carry nouns with gender; has a simple grammar structure, and comparatively softer and easy sounds to pronounce. Also, it would be easier for the French and Germans for English is lexically 30% – 60% similar.


  1. How can I improve my English speaking skills?

Speaking skills easily come by with practice provided you already know the language. You need to work on your practice methods rather than learning methods like self-talking helps in improving speaking fluency. However, spoken English courses are quite popular for the same reason that everybody wants to improve their speaking skills first. But one needs to understand that every aspect of the language requires a basic understanding of its flow and complexion. So, to improve speaking skills, initially focus on LSRW equally, then further expand your functional aspect of the language.


  1. How can I learn English at home online?

The institutes and courses mentioned in this article also provide online classes with the same quality as the on-campus classes. Enrolling in any of the courses will provide you with the comfort of learning at home.




Now, needless to say, English is the most used language in the world. Whether it is written or verbal use, English outruns all other languages. English is not only in use informally, but it has gained the status of the official language of many countries.


Internet content is around 70% English. A child starts learning English along with the mother tongue. And there are many more stats and facts that may astonish you, amaze you, and baffle you as well.


But the formal education is not enough for learning all aspects of English, especially when it comes to performing publicly and professionally. These courses will provide returns on both money and time investments. And will leave you with your confident self.

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