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Top 3 FREE English Speaking Courses in 2024 (Updated)

Are you struggling with learning to speak English fluently? Don’t worry I have got you covered with some amazing free English-speaking courses available online. These free English speaking courses will not only help you in learning to speak fluent English but also help you gain great confidence.

Top 3 Free English Speaking Courses 

Except for the free English speaking courses, I have also mentioned some tips and tricks that can help you learn to speak English as well as some obstacles that you can outdo. So, let’s not wait and get into the good stuff!


Table of Contents:

  1. Why is it Important to Learn Speaking Fluent English?
  2. 3 Best Free English Speaking Courses.
  3. Who Needs These Courses?
  4. Some of the Practices that will help in your process of Learning to Speak English.
  5. Why Can’t you Learn to Speak English?
  6. Some Tips and Tricks to Learn English Speaking


So, before getting to talk about the free English speaking courses, let’s talk about why is it essential to learn to speak English frequently.


Why is it Important to Learn Speaking Fluent English?

Speaking English has become a necessity and if you don’t know how to do that it is considered that you are lacking skills. English nowadays is being used everywhere to communicate. More so in the professional and official world. Even in casual conversations or interactions, English is spoken everywhere we look around and so it becomes important to learn the language.

Hence, below are some of the pointers which are because speaking fluent English is so important.

  • Interviews. Interviews call for speaking fluently in English and often time not being able to do so might be a deal-breaker as well as a great job challenge.
  • Workplace. There is a frequent need to speak in English. From giving presentations to conveying ideas, to group discussions and marketing products and services. There is a great need for fluently English.
  • School. All schools or rather an education institutions have made it compulsory to always talk in English. And if it’s an English medium institution then obviously it’s mandatory. Hence, knowing how to speak fluent English is also important in educational institutions.
  • Most Common Language. English is the most widely spoken language all over the planet. Hence, to communicate with different people out there you should learn the language.
  • Get Better Job Opportunities. For any job in this world, good speaking skills are very important. And speaking amazing English is going to help you in landing great jobs.
  • Knowing the Language helps easier to travel. As it’s widely used all over the world. It is very beneficial when travelling to different countries.
  • Gives Access to Various kinds of Entertainment. You learn to speak in English you get to consume all kinds of content in the English medium.

I hope with all these important pointers. You get the gist that how important speaking English well is essential. So, keeping all this in our mind, let’s move forward with the top 3 Free English Speaking Courses.


Below are the 3 Best Free English Speaking Courses, all are online. I mean who doesn’t like free online courses. So, why not take a look.

Top 3 Best Free English Speaking Courses are:

  1. Speak English Professionally
  2. 14-day English language fluency course
  3. Learn English Online


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Speak English Professionally

This online free English speaking course from Coursera will not only boost your English speaking skills but also improve them and help you speak at a professional level. Your pronunciation will improve, fluency will increase and you would get to learn so many new words. You’ll learn how to speak professionally in job interviews, on calls, and speak efficiently in your workspace. This course teaches you how to speak in perfect English in group discussions when pitching for any product and service. In simple words how to efficiently market with your speaking skill.

This course readies you for anything and everything that’s out there. You just enrol, practice and practice. That’s it!

So, let’s look at the course details now.

Course Details

  • Total Course Duration: 16 hours
  • FREE online course
  • No certificate is provided.
  • Includes Video tutorials
  • Includes over 14 language subtitles.
  • Also, includes vocabulary quizzes
  • Flexible Deadlines


What You’ll Learn in This Course

  • English speaking will improve and change for the better.
  • Pronunciation and vocabulary will enhance.
  • Be able to learn how to speak in group discussions and discussions in general.
  • How to speak fluently in an interview.
  • Enhance professional speaking. You’ll be able to speak English fluently in the workplace and professional spaces.
  • How to convey information in fluent English and respond to call in perfect English.
  • How to market your company’s or business’s services and products efficiently.
  • The kind of confidence and body language that should come along with your speaking.
  • Speak culture appropriately.



14-day English language fluency course

We present you with a Udemy free English speaking course which teaches you how to speak English fluently in just 14 days. This course is beginner-friendly and for anyone who is looking to learn to speak English from the scratch then this course might be your perfect pick.


You’ll learn to speak fluently on 10 topics and would be confident enough to speak in front of a few audiences. This course believes that the only way to learn English is by speaking and you get plenty of space to learn and speak in this course. So, learn together with the instructor and learn to speak efficiently like a pro.


Let’s look at the course details now.

Course Details

  • Total Course Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Total Lectures: 55
  • Beginner Friendly
  • No certificate is provided.
  • FREE
  • Includes Video Tutorials


What You’ll Learn in This Course

  • Learn new words, more than 100, and increase your vocabulary.
  • Be able to speak fluently on over more than 14 topics.
  • Get to learn and improve English in just 14 days.
  • Ability to speak confidently after the completion of the course.
  • The learning is enthusiastic as well as very fun. Hence, you won’t feel bored and learn quickly.


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Learn English Online

This online free English speaking course is from Perfectly Spoken. This site brings for all the English learning enthusiasts an extensive list of courses in English speaking. They have 3 plans included for their English speaking. The Free Plan, Student Plan, and Pro Plan. Except for the Free Plan, all the other plans are paid.


You can choose your course and level of English proficiency which is the best part. It is specially designed for your level of learning. The learning platform also helps you out if you are confused with your level of English proficiency. They give you a test to take to identify the level which is best suited for you!


Every English speaker learns with only the experts, is given study materials to study from and practice. Grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and much more are taught in an interactive and fun way. That stay embedded in our memory. Certification is also provided by the program after completion of every course.


Therefore, an extensive course with a lot to take. Let’s look at the course details.

Course Details

  • Duration: Up to 10 hours of video classes every month.
  • Beginner-friendly. You can even choose your level of English proficiency. And if confused about the same, you can even take a test for it and identify your level.
  • FREE online course.
  • It is an Ad-free online course.
  • Three types of plans are available. Free Plan, Student Plan, and Pro Plan. All plans include different specifications. But, the free plan is the only one that is free. All other ones you would have to pay.
  • 300 FREE video lessons provided by professionals.
  • Tests are given to check your progress.
  • The study material is provided. Which you must solve and practice.
  • Various levels and English speaking courses are available. You can choose your perfect pick!


What You’ll Learn in This Course

  • You can increase your vocabulary to up to 8,000 new words with this free English speaking course.
  • Speak fluently with confidence.
  • People interested in IELTS will learn and be prepared for the same.
  • Will learn important grammar rules in spoken and written English.
  • Learn to communicate and interact well in fluent English.
  • This course gives you the confidence and ability to even speak with the native English speakers well with absolute confidence.
  • The course includes high-quality video lessons that you can watch whenever you want to practice and help you practice regularly.
  • Finally, gain utmost confidence in speaking English well without any fear.

This course is among all the three of them is the most comprehensive one and includes a wide variety of material and learning. You can pick this one if you are looking for an extensive English speaking course.


Who Needs These Courses?

  1. Students struggling with speaking fluent English.
  2. Small kids, newly learning to speak the language.
  3. Working professionals face difficulty in speaking fluency.
  4. People who want to learn to speak English as a language.
  5. Want to enhance their speaking skills for job interviews.
  6. People with very little confidence to speak the said language.


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Some of the Practices that will help in your process of Learning to Speak English

  • Always make it a habit of speaking English. At least in the initial stage. It is not only a good practice but also you practically speak with real people.
  • Try to interact with native English speakers if possible. That not only will give you a degree of confidence. But, also improve your English to a much better stage.
  • Find others who are trying to learn to speak English. Practice with those guys, learn together and become English speaking buddies. Help each other out and learn together efficiently.
  • Listen to meaningful English language music. As we know listening helps more in learning something. So, plug in your earphones and listen to that music. Enjoy and learn at the same time!
  • Make a habit of listening to Podcasts. Podcasts that are English spoken. Also, pick up a podcast that you are genuinely interested in. Now, we don’t want it to make you fall asleep!
  • Learn quirky and attractive words by watching movies and reading books. Watch various kinds of movies and series, and that might help you learn many new phrases and words.
  •  Play games and learn English. Crosswords, scrabble, jumble words, and so on. You can easily learn English by just playing these games. Just a click, download them today on your mobile phones and see how many new words you learn.


Even after taking up a course or teaching if you are unable to speak English then the below pointers must be it. Take a look and you might know what’s wrong!

Why Can’t you Learn to Speak English?

Even with all the right courses and mediums why can’t you seem to learn to speak English. I am here to point them out for you and tell you how you can improve on them. Let’s look at these pointers:

  • Lack of Confidence: This can be a major factor that contributes to you not fluently speaking English. Confidence plays a major role in your speaking. So, don’t be afraid of any laughs, mocking looking, and comments. Just focus on improving and don’t care about anything.


  • Less Practice: Good English speaking skills comes with practice and the more you speak the more you’ll improve. So, less practice = poor English speaking abilities. Hence, keep practising and you’ll surely do great. Because English speaking is something that everyone’s improving daily!


  • Stop Reading but Actually, Start Practicing: Now reading English is not going to make you speak fluently. It will surely help you learn new words, learn the right pronunciation, increase your vocabulary but it won’t teach you how to interact in English. And that’s what is needed. Speak more rather than just reading. Do both simultaneously.


  • You are Afraid to Practice: You are afraid and shy to practice. You are afraid that people might laugh and judge you the way you speak. Also, you don’t want to be laughed upon. But, if you always consider all these things then you would never be able to learn to speak English fluently. So, don’t be afraid of learning something new, it’s for you not for others. Hence, never consider what others might think!


  • Stressing About your Fluency: Stressing about your improvement and fluency will not take you anywhere. You’ll just ruin what you have already achieved. So, don’t tend to stress about your improvement. You’ll do well Pal!


  • Procrastinating: That would not lead you anywhere. If you keep your speaking practices to tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, then you would never be able to truly learn. And the English language is something in which you learn something new every single day!


After all, if you feel like not taking up any free English speaking courses or investing your time on it a bit later then you can look into the tips and tricks to get started with learning to speak English.

Some Tips and Tricks to Learn English Speaking

  • Youtube:

You can watch various tutorials on English speaking and learn to speak English for free. There are so many YouTubers that are teaching spoken English on youtube, so why not make use of it. You can watch a video right away.


  • Movies

Hollywood Movies will be a great help in this case. You’ll not only enjoy watching it but also get some spoken English lessons. At first, if it’s complicated to understand, then I would suggest keeping your subtitles on, to help you understand what’s going on the screen.

Trust me to try this trick out, I’m sure you’ll never get bored of this ever. It’ll be the best speaking English class ever.


  • Books

Books are also a great way to learn to speak English. Pick up your favourite genre and a book with a bit of easy language. And go on a reading sphere.

This will help you improve your English speaking skills as well as improve your vocabulary greatly. You’ll learn new words and your English speaking journey will become easy. A small tip: if you wanna speed up this process you might want to read a bit loud to help your brain learn quickly.


  • Conversing in English

Always try to interact and converse in English with your friends and family. This will be a great practice for your English speaking. And be at it regular to benefit you more.

Also, what is advisable is that find a person or people who are good with their English speaking skills. And converse with as often as possible. Because they might help you point out your mistakes and help you improve your speaking skills.


  • Internet

I mean isn’t it obvious that we can learn how to speak English from the net. The Internet contains everything and one might find anything they are searching for. So, you can use the internet to learn some basic English speaking skills.



These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) related to online free English speaking courses. Hope some of your doubts and questions will be answered below. Start looking for your answers below!


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spoken English Class Helpful?

Yes, spoken English classes can be quite helpful and come into use in different aspects. Starting from education, job, workplace, interviews, public speaking. Spoken English comes to many uses.


How You Can Learn English for Free fast at Home?

You can take up any online free English speaking courses that are available on the internet. You can yourself search for different free courses and decide for yourself. Or else you can look into the 3 listed courses that have been talked about in this particular article.


Where do I Start to Learn English?

I would say Youtube and Movies are the best places to get started when you are essentially wanting to learn to speak English. Also, you could take up some courses and start your learning process.


Which is the Best Online Free English Speaking Course?

In the article itself, I have talked about the top 3 best online free English speaking courses. Any one of these can be the right pick. Choose yours according to your preference and level of English proficiency.

Still, do your research and then choose a course!


How Can You Learn English By Yourself?

You could take up an online course and learn to speak English quite easily. You’ll get to learn the techniques of speaking well, new words, different phrases, enhancing your vocabulary, and so on. But, the only thing you would have to do is practice speaking to get better at it.


How can you speak English fluently without any stammering?

You can speak English fluently without any stammering by just practising. Practice is the key. The more you speak, practice and converse the more you will move towards speaking English fluently.


How Can You Learn English in 10 Days?

I would not say that you will be well equipped with the English spoken language. But, you would surely learn a lot. The whole practice will not be done in just 10 days, you will need a good amount of months in your pocket to master the language. And if you are confident enough then you might end up learning it quickly.


Where can you start to learn to speak English?

You can try to learn from any English series or movies. Books or podcasts. This stuff can help you initially to learn some English.


How can I speak English fluently?

You can or anyone can speak English fluently with a lot of practice and confidence.


Which Book is the Best One to Learn to Speak English?

Skip the book and just speak. Because English speaking is all about speaking rather than just studying. So, if you want to learn to speak English fluently then just speak, interact and practice. That’s all you need to do!


How can you Improve Your English Quickly?

Taking up a course, listening to some podcasts in English, watching English movies and series, reading books and so on might help you improve your English Quickly. Interacting every day in English and conversing daily with people who speak English well will also help improve your English speaking skills.


Final thoughts on free English speaking courses and their importance

Speaking English is often considered to be very difficult but actually, it is not. What you need is some confidence and the zeal to learn something new. Hope this article was useful and you could take away all the good stuff. I am hopeful these free English speaking courses will help you in your journey to becoming fluent communicators. Do let me know in the comment section which course is your pick and were the tips useful. Your feedback is of utmost importance!


I'm Diksha. I'm a content writer and currently am a student. I'm crazy about books and love Thai dramas. Also, want to make my own identity in the digital world through content writing.

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