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6 Most Popular Psychology Courses in Delhi

There are a plethora of psychology courses in Delhi. From certificate to degree courses, universities and colleges offer courses in various branches of psychology. This article aims to compile a comprehensive list of available psychology courses in Delhi with other basic and significant information on psychology.


List of the best psychology courses in Delhi


Know About Psychology


When you hear the term ‘psychology’, you immediately associate it with the functions of the brain. Psychology is a scientific study, that is common knowledge, but it is the study of human behavior. It studies how human behaves in different circumstances and consequentially, what is capable of altering human behavior.


The study comprises environmental effects, biological composition, and social factors, along with the conscious and unconscious state of the brain. This way, psychology studies help in understanding behavioral issues and provide solutions.


Thus, psychology is an academic discipline and applied science of human behavior. People explore psychology as a subject for various reasons and in various professions. For example, teachers, entrepreneurs, career counselors, coaches, mentors, etc. know the psychology that is relevant to their field of work. And a few take extensive and advanced psychology courses and training to become certified psychology practitioners.


Also, do not let the terms ‘psychologist’ and ‘psychiatrist’ confuse you. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists have medicinal training in the field and psychology is their specialty in medicine. While on the other hand, psychologists approach mental issues with therapeutic methods and coping mechanisms.


These courses might interest you to upskill further for lucrative career options:



Now, let’s evaluate the options of psychology courses in Delhi.


1. School of Undergraduate Studies


SUS works in affiliation with Ambedkar University Delhi. It is a public university with the mission of liberating education from the bonds of discrimination and giving quality access to higher education. SUS aims to break the traditional methods of teaching and get into the learning through teamwork and creativity.


The courses at SUS are valuable as the university specializes in the humanities and social science stream. And the psychology course in Delhi, that you are looking for, you’d find BA Psychology honors at SUS.


Besides the core curriculum of psychology honors, every course at SUS has foundational skills courses like communication skills, writing skills, analytical reasoning, etc. where students have the option of choosing the course related to their discipline of study.


Eligibility: The 12th pass with a minimum of 50% of the best four subjects without electives


Course content


  • Identity through popular narratives
  • Human cognition
  • Understanding personality
  • History of psychology
  • Psychology in action
  • Social psychology
  • Statistics
  • Methods in psychology
  • Understanding childhood
  • Experiments in psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • Understanding psychology
  • Case study
  • Psychology for India
  • Psychological testing
  • Organizational behavior


The course content is vast and comprehensive of the relative psychology topics. Dissertation is also part of the curriculum. The curriculum is covered over the span of three years i.e., 6 semesters.


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2. Council India


Council India is a network of counselors and psychologists consulting and offering their services across the globe. The organization aims to change the outlook that aspirants have on counseling and offer the maximum support possible in making careers in counseling.


The organization has received the recognition of Startup India for its work in practical psychology and training in India. It is an employee-friendly organization with a strong team of more than 50 members who have produced 1000+ psychologists all over the globe.


Council India has simplified courses that help in securing jobs or having your own setup. In the process of simplifying courses, it provides six psychology courses in Delhi.


Courses offered by Council India


  • Counselling Master Class
  • Counselors Entrepreneurship Program
  • Therapy Mater Class
  • Psychology Internship Program
  • Certification Program in Child Psychology
  • Counseling Build-Up Program


The organization adds influential value to the soul of the counseling profession by providing its services for free to armed forces, NGOs, and Sports services. As it is an organization of services and education simultaneously, students get to have perks of working opportunities and internship options. With that, the course incorporates sessions in teaching with a practical psychology approach.


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 3. Christ University


Christ University is deemed to be a university present across India and offers undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses in Delhi. You can spot BSc Psychology honors and MSc psychology in the list of courses.

The learning experience at Christ University is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a serene campus environment. Students enjoy the learning and are able to extract the best learning outcomes from the different approaches of teaching methodologies at the university.

The courses are designed to deliver the skills that will develop endurance and familiarity with the real fast-paced work environment. And the psychology course is structured to cross over with the interdisciplinary connection of psychology for exploring the career prospects in different fields.

Out of the two psychology courses in Delhi region, BA Psychology honors is the focus here and mentions the same. It is a 3 years course like any other bachelor’s degree and divided into 6 semesters.


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Eligibility: Any 12th pass from any stream and board with a minimum of 55%


Course content


  • Experimental Psychology
  • Psychological processes
  • Academic writing and journal club
  • Social sensitivity skills
  • Electives and open electives
  • 2 months summer internship
  • Statistics and behavioral sciences
  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Artificial intelligence and neural networks
  • Supervised dissertations
  • Cultural psychology
  • Sports psychology
  • Human resource management
  • Positive psychology


The curriculum is diversified with entering the domains of sports and cultural psychology and stands by the promise of unwrapping the critical and creative skills within by synthesizing the knowledge of psychology.


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4. PDM University


Established in 1995, with the campus spread over an area of 95 acres, PDM University has been magnetizing students since its inception. It is present in the vicinity of Delhi NCR and has other institutes for technical and medical education.


The impressive list of its associations with Cisco, Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, SAP, and CADD Center invests in its vision of imparting leadership skills with innovation and research practices.


The psychology course at PDM is different for its special assistance in digital education where different software is there for evaluating self-developed psychological techniques. As a result, it develops in students a scientific attitude and methodical approach towards human behavioral problems and solutions.


Eligibility: 12th pass from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% aggregate


Course content


  • Environmental science
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Biopsychology
  • Principles of marketing
  • Foreign language (French, German, Spanish)
  • English Communication
  • Psychology of individual differences
  • Statistical methods of psychological research
  • Banking insurance
  • Psychological research
  • Development of psychological thought
  • Social psychology
  • Human resource management
  • Developmental psychology
  • Applied psychology
  • E-Commerce
  • Planning entrepreneurship
  • Psychological disorders
  • Organizational behavior
  • Professional communication
  • Counseling psychology


As apparent with the content, the course delivers quality and in-depth access to the knowledge of psychology in its 3 years degree program. Moreover, the overlap of professional skills with the subject matter makes it one of the best psychology courses in Delhi.


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5. Manav Rachna


Another university offering psychology courses in Delhi is Manav Rachna.  It has BA and BSc honors in Applied Psychology narrowing down the focus of the subject to a specialization to master.


Since the course concerns applied psychology, the teaching methods inflate with imparting qualitative and quantitative research, critical thinking, cultural perspective, and independent research project in the final year.


Following that, the diverse curriculum is well-structured and categorizes the psychology subjects into three major purposes: Foundation, Core, and Elective.


Eligibility: A minimum of 50% in 12th with English compulsory subject and admissions are based on the merit list.


Course content


  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Communication skills
  • Applied psychological assessment
  • Health psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Foreign language
  • Environmental psychology
  • Sport psychology
  • Applied psychology
  • Physiological psychology
  • Research methods and statistics
  • Educational psychology
  • Theories of personality
  • History of psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Positive psychology
  • Clinical psychology (mental disorders, psychotherapy)
  • Organizational behavior
  • Personnel psychology
  • Change management
  • Organizational development


Followed by the practicals in each semester, this is the most diversified curriculum of all the psychology courses in Delhi wherein it touches the health psychology and theories of personality as well.


The course aligns with its industry standards, as a result, the university in association with companies like IBM, TCS, Tata Steel, NTT Data, HSBC, Times Business Solutions, provides placement opportunities.


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6. Amity University


Amity University, Gurugram campus is another choice that students from Delhi opt for. It is a well-known name in the higher studies sector and carries a reputation for quality education. The psychology courses options at Amity are very clear in terms of name and choice.


The two degrees are BA Honors in Applied Psychology and BSc in Clinical Psychology. As it says, BA is for students from any stream but BSc requires a science background as this degree is the gateway to the medical profession.


Course content of BA Applied Psychology


  • Introduction to psychology
  • Elementary statistics
  • Experimental psychology
  • Environmental studies
  • Understanding self for effectiveness
  • Effective listening
  • Human rights values and ethics
  • Readings in psychology
  • Abnormal psychology
  • Advanced statistics
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Industrial psychology
  • Organizational behavior
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Sports psychology
  • Group dynamics and team building
  • Health psychology
  • Stress and coping strategies
  • Corporate communication
  • Life span development
  • Psychometric testing
  • Educational psychology
  • Individual society and nations
  • Employability skills
  • Clinical psychology
  • Child psychology
  • School counseling
  • Research paper
  • Gender psychology
  • Dissertation
  • Practical projects


It is wide and clear with the course curriculum that the course is dealt with in detail leaving no loopholes and making the students ready for all kinds of jobs fit in the psychology domain.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are therapists psychologists or psychiatrists?

A therapist can be anybody who provides support in dealing with mental illness. It can be a clinical psychologist or a counselor. In contrast, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has the authority to prescribe over-the-counter medicine for treating disoriented behavioral issues.


  1. How long is the psychology course?

Depending on the type of course whether it is a certificate program, diploma program, undergraduate degree, or masters in psychology, it can take from 6 months to 3 years.


  1. What makes a good psychology student?

There are skills that one may call the prerequisites to becoming a psychologist. For example, patience, communication, tolerance, critical thinking, ethics, compassion, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, organizational skills, active listening skills, and the like.


  1. What are the types of psychology?

All aspects of psychology can be put exhaustively in the following manner. Although these are not the definitive terms, in large, they are the stems of psychology studies.

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Child Psychology
  • Cognitive Archaeology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Exercise Science
  • Neuropsychology
  • Paranormal Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Prison Psychology
  • Psychology of Laughter
  • Psychology of Music
  • Psychological Testing
  • Transpersonal Psychology


  1. What are the roots of psychology?

Psychology may sound to be a new and modern concept but it traces its roots back to ancient Greek culture. The literal meaning of the term is ‘the study of the mind’.  And now you can find psychology studies applied in the field of military, forensics, businesses, organizations, and separately for understanding child psychology.


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It is understandable if you seek to quench your inner passion of comprehending the brain functions as it fascinates everyone. You may or may not be looking to make a career in psychology, or may just be seeking to learn a bit of it that is useful for your career.


For such sideline purposes, a few sources of online psychology courses are worth mentioning. The popular choices to certify oneself online are Udemy and Coursera. The option of distance education is also available from IGNOU.


The various work opportunities and rising demand of psychologists in India and abroad dictate the need for glorifying psychology and counseling careers. The course curriculum of all the psychology courses in Delhi shares the basics of Psychology and its major branches. Depending on the mission of the course, there are other variables present. A quick analysis shall help you choose one and land on the most suitable one for you.

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