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Top 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Delhi

An innumerable number of institutes are offering graphic designing courses in Delhi. Each institute and each course stand out among others for multiple reasons, and comprehensibility is lacking in the collage of all courses. This article presents a quality list of graphic designing courses in Delhi and further discusses the offerings of the institutes.


List of the best graphic designing courses in Delhi


Graphic designing has its relevance in digital marketing. Making any digital copy visually appealing is the work of a graphic designer, and aesthetics in digital marketing directly impacts the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.


Readers or viewers tend to stay longer on the aesthetically appealing page than plain non-attractive visuals. Graphic designs can create a liking for the business and establish the brand image in the market. Also, businesses are able to communicate better with designs and graphics in any digital marketing campaign.


A brand gets its uniquity from the colors and designs it uses in combination with the vision of the brand. A simple presentation of an apple against a plain background gives Apple Inc. its worldwide known identity and consistently creates a strong buzz in the market for its simplicity.


Graphic designing overall relates to creativity and fashion but there are several hovering question marks when it comes to graphic designing as a job. Let’s deal with them one by one.


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What is Graphic Designing?


Graphic designing is a form of digital art where the designer focuses on using digital art tools to communicate an idea. Graphic styling is done keeping in mind the targeted audience and of course, the business agenda of marketing. Designers use various designing tools such as CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, etc. to convey the message and maximize the user experience.


Several elements add to the appeal of a graphic design. The color combination chosen out of the color wheel, the contrast of the colors and images, the typography used, and many more make a good design for the visual senses.


A successful design demands an emotional connection with the audience. And accordingly, a combination of elements is created to a satisfactory level of visual appeal. A design should pass the three tests: pleasurable for the viewers, convey a meaningful message, and optimize the user experience.


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Skills Required for Graphic Designers


A graphic designer combines technology and art. So, technical skills are crucial to becoming a graphic designer including mastery of design software and tools as they are primary to get the job done.  Any working professional is expected to have good communication skills but graphic designers should be in possession of various soft skills as they get into direct dealing with clients.


Technical skills include design principles, ideation process, UI and UX design, and basic technology.

Soft skills are a combination of creativity, communication skills, problem-solving, and time management skills.

Though, different job roles may require a different set of skills depending on the job role such as web designer, technical writer, art director, marketing manager, etc.


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Job Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer


A graphic designer’s role doesn’t stop at designing. The main design is preceded as well as succeeded with a few more steps.


  • Before starting any design, a graphic designer has to determine the requirements
  • Prepare a layout in advance for the client
  • Advise the client with ideas and discuss strategies to engage the target audience
  • Illustrate designs to the client for the best product
  • Then design the graphic asked by the client
  • Prepare a draft for the client’s approval
  • Make changes to the prepared draft, if asked or necessary
  • Work in collaboration with teams such as marketing and sales
  • Check for errors before delivering the design
  • Remain up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the field


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 Let’s Bust Some Myths about Graphic Designing


  1. Graphic designers create still graphics only. But with digitization on the rise, video graphics are the creation of graphic designers.
  2. Graphic designing tools are difficult to use. Learning graphic designing tools is an easy skill to acquire that a simple course will suffice the needs of graphic designing.
  3. Graphic designs should correspond to trends. It can be true in some cases but designs made in trends will end up outdated as soon as the trend goes out of the market.
  4. The right font is the key to graphic designing. Yes, it is but picking the right font is not the primary focus of a design.
  5. A pretty design is a perfect design. Aesthetics definitely play a major role in designing but if the design is not meaningful and doesn’t covey the message, then aesthetics would only confuse the viewers.


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The List of Top 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Delhi




SACAC is an institute based in Delhi offering online as well as offline classes. It is a certificate course in graphic designing and comes under the category of short-term graphic designing courses in Delhi as it is a 6-month long course with weekend classes.


Their industry-professional faculty members take classes offline and deliver the same quality online. The course curriculum is as follows:

  • History of Graphic Design
  • Introduction to the basics
  • Design fundamentals
  • The psychology of color
  • Typography
  • Graphic software
  • Fundamentals of grids and layout
  • Advertising and branding
  • Packaging
  • Information graphics
  • Designing strategy for problem-solving


The institute functions on the belief that a designer thrives on a creative mind and expert skills. The curriculum is designed to primarily impart skills such as possessing an eye for design and aesthetics, a good judgment of color and effects, and practical skill of layout designing for industry-oriented graphic products.


The classes are brought to a closure with assessments and portfolio making. And ends with a final exhibition of the skills developed throughout the course.


Duration – 6 months

Fees – 58000 INR (online mode) & 75000 INR (offline mode)



Address – Adhchini, New Delhi

Mobile: 8800444836

E-mail: [email protected]


2. DG Royals Institute and Company


DG Royals Institute and Company is a leading institute in professional training courses providing the most relevant graphic designing courses in Delhi. It has seven courses that help in enhancing graphic designing skills.



  • Advanced Graphic Design Course
  • Master Graphic Designing course
  • Multimedia Animation Course
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Premiere Pro


The courses are available online as well offline and the institute does not stop at delivering qualitative courses but also organizes regular workshops for continuous professional development. Meanwhile, students get to work on live projects for a better understanding of the variety of design tools.


All the sessions discuss the theoretical part of designing but are more focused on practical knowledge. Also, learners are allowed to record their live training sessions in online classes. Besides that, individual sessions are arranged with the expert faculties for queries.


Internship opportunities and job assistance are also on the platter for learners along with interview preparation and portfolio development. The highlight of the course would be the lifetime updates that one gets of all the changes taking place in the graphic designing profession.  With the availability of flexible timings, these graphic designing courses in Delhi are a good fit for working professionals as well.


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Course duration – 2 – 4 months



Address:- GTB Nagar Near, Delhi

Phone : +91-8447726000

E-mail[email protected]


3. ADMEC Multimedia


ADMEC Multimedia stands for its excellence delivered in 15 years of its presence as a multimedia course provider. ADMEC aims to provide courses that incorporate theoretical knowledge and practical skills equally in the learners’ experience.


Institute offers a range of multimedia courses from video editing to data analytics courses. Its graphic design course entails the use of advanced software tools for designing and with professional trainers on the watch.


The only difficult part is to choose one of the many from the list of graphic designing courses. Like other institutes, ADMEC has also been delivering classes online along with on-campus classes. Courses can be completed in any of the modes of fast track, regular, and weekends.


There are short-term and long-term courses with vast curriculum and none of the courses require a graduation degree. So, if the learning experience at ADMEC sounds enticing to you then you will find at least one course for you fitting your learning needs.



  • Digital Painting Standard Course
  • Graphic Master Course
  • Graphic Premium Course
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Master Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Master Course
  • Adobe Photoshop – Photography Special


Course Duration: 1 -12 months



Address: Sector- 7, Rohini, Delhi

Phone: +91 9911 782 350

E-mail – [email protected]


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4. Graphic Design Institute


Graphic Design Institute comes with a plethora of courses and perks in association with ADMEC. The institute offers two variants in graphic designing courses in Delhi: Graphic designing certification courses and diploma courses.


Certification Courses

  • Graphic design standard course
  • Photo editing master course
  • Adobe InDesign Course
  • QuarkXPress Course
  • Adobe Illustrator Course
  • CorelDraw Master Course
  • Visualization Standard Course
  • Photoshop – Photography Special
  • Light Room Master Course
  • Adobe Photoshop Course


Diploma Courses

  • Graphic Design Master Plus Course
  • Advertising Design Standard Course
  • Advertising Design Standard Course
  • Graphic Design Master Course
  • Visualization Master Course


Standard courses are 2-4 months long while diploma courses are long-term courses taking 6 months to a year. Both the courses are delivered in both online and offline mode. Institute provides the flexibility in choosing the mode of training from fast track, regular, and weekends where the focus remains on conceptual thinking.


The classes are conducted in smaller batches with a 6:1 teacher-student ratio and a robust assessment procedure is in place for producing qualitative outcomes. Additionally, workshops are conducted by professionals for an effective learning environment.


The curriculum of the courses is divided into different modules followed by portfolio development. Courses are focussed on job-ready skills with live projects available dealing with various elements of designing.


Learners get lifetime access to the job section developed by the institute for job assistance. The courses are good for upskilling as well as for a beginner as the internship program prepares the learners for actual work.



Address: Rohini, Delhi

Phone : +91 9911-782-350

E-mail: [email protected]


5. CABA Innovatives


CABA Innovatives is in the field of multimedia education since 1993. The institute has been credited with reliability owing to its experience where the institute has educated 18000+ individuals and corporate executives.


CABA has been successfully delivering quality in its courses with the resources at its command. The institute also provides professional services to corporates and thus keeping industry practices approachable for the learners.


Out of all the mentioned graphic designing courses in Delhi, CABA is the only one that promises a 100% job placement or money-back guarantee across all the courses that it has to offer. The diploma in graphic design at CABA is 6-months long and comes with paid internship opportunity.



  • Principles of graphics design
  • Graphics design and typography
  • Game design
  • Designing for the print and publishing industry
  • Web interface designing
  • Designs for UI/UX
  • Tips to start as a freelancer working at home

With renowned placement partners, it becomes one of the complete graphic designing courses in Delhi.



AddressSouth Extension I, New Delhi

Phone: 098117 46259

E-mail: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I do a graphic designing course after the 12th?

Yes. It is very much possible to enroll in a graphic designing course after the 12th. Many institutes take 10 + 2 candidates and also those who have their results awaited.


  1. How to become a graphic designer?

A graphic designer must possess a keen knowledge of relevant tools and the first step towards becoming a graphic designer is to get certified or earn a degree in graphic designing. Meanwhile, developing a portfolio of the work done in designing will be the ultimate step towards becoming a graphic designer.


  1. How many years does it take to be a graphic designer?

Depending on the course type one has chosen, it can take 6 months in a certificate course and 2-3 years in a degree course.


  1. What is the role of a graphic designer?

A graphic designer creates visually appealing designs to be used in advertisements, packaging, logos, digital or print layouts, and anything to be used in marketing material. And they use digital tools to combine different shapes and colors to create designs.


  1. What kind of companies hire graphic designers?

Graphic designers are required in manufacture and corporate branding, internet and software development companies, and advertising companies.




Graphic designing is not such a kind of skill that can only be learned in a specific education stream like science, commerce, or arts. Graphic designing can be done by anyone like an engineer, teacher, or artist. This line of career comes in with various opportunities and in several fields of work where designing skills can make a difference.

The versatile nature of graphic designing makes it a demanding skill in the market and several job titles are out there that demand designing skills. Guided learning is very much valued when it comes to gaining work in the field and graphic designing courses in Delhi are definitely value-packed.

The certification and diploma courses are available in an extensive range from basic designing skills to advance graphic designing, choose which suits your needs.

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