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7 Most Popular Basic Computer Courses in Delhi

It is evident that digitization is penetrating every sector of work and education. With the newly emerging techniques every day, it is paramount to gain computer knowledge. In this scenario, enrolling in one of the basic computer courses in Delhi is going to bring a remarkable difference to how one operates and performs a computer task.


List of the basic computer courses in Delhi


Knowing little of a computer is not enough. Daily tasks at the workplace require a thorough knowledge of computer operations. Now, in terms of your current job responsibilities, upskilling for a better job title, or advancing in education, there are various short-term basic computer courses in Delhi to go for.


Continue reading to find out the most popular basic computer courses in Delhi essential for your growth and fitting to your needs.


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Let’s first understand in brief the types of basic computer courses in Delhi coupled with the jobs they help in.


1. MS Office


Microsoft office is the chief application of any computer. It envelops seven features of the Office namely  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher.


  • MS Word uses texts and pictures in different fonts and layouts to produce text documents.
  • MS Excel works in spreadsheets and deals with numbers, calculations, and data.
  • PowerPoint is the go-to choice for preparing presentations involving graphics and text.
  • MS Access is for data analysis and reading data relationships.
  • OneNote is used for taking notes, as the name suggests.
  • MS Outlook is for managing personal data and tasks like mails, calendar dates, logging data, etc.
  • The Publisher is for creating copies for marketing purposes.


In one way or the other, all the applications are introductory to their basic purpose and are required in every job role. In true terms, MS Office comprises basic computer skills.


What do you learn in the MS Office course?

  • Computer fundamentals
  • Identifying computer parts
  • Basic typing practice
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Publisher
  • Basic of internet and browsing


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2. Programming


Programming skills are about writing code to develop computer software. Though it is a career-focused course, coding is common knowledge among school students as well.


To write code, JavaScript, C++, Python, etc. are common programming languages. Without coding, a software program cannot function. Written codes instruct the computer what to do by translating the commands into computer language.


Learning programming is a way to enter the IT industry. Besides, programming is fun as it allows you to freely create your own software combining your creativity with coding. There are numerous skills to be acquired in programming and multiple short-term courses are available exploring different programming languages and algorithms.


What do you learn in the programming course?


  • How to code
  • Basic and advanced programming in C++
  • Data structures
  • Coding in Java
  • Control structures
  • Computing in Python


Subtopics include arithmetic expressions, branching statements, iterative number systems, and basic statement syntax.


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3. Graphic Design


The graphic designing course is not only good for understanding the basics of the computer but it also paves the way to a career-centric approach towards designing.


Graphic designing primarily concerns the creation of pictures, posters, pamphlets, flyers, etc. But it has a vast number of applications in other designing industries like fashion designing, photography, animation, and the like.


Thus, graphic designing courses can serve personal as well as professional purposes.


What do you learn in the graphic designing course?


  • Typography
  • Illustrator
  • Art and visual graphics
  • Fundamentals of computer
  • HTML/Java
  • 2D-3D animation
  • User interface design
  • Graphic designing tools
  • Corel draw


4. Web Development


Similar to graphic designing, web development is about the creation of aesthetically appealing web pages incorporating the skills of a designer.


Web development requires learning a few of the programming languages that help in developing a website. The designed website requires regular maintenance for functioning uninterrupted.


Web designing courses can also be taken to the next level with advanced degrees and can be transformed into a career well rewarding.


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What do you learn in a web development course?


  • Creating layouts
  • Designing website
  • Web technologies
  • HTML
  • One programming language
  • Tools
  • Multimedia and its applications
  • Arithmetic expressions


5. Animation


Animation is common in use nowadays, especially in the hands of creative minds, who brew fantastic stories with the help of animation.


Animation is the process of manipulating images and compiling them to from a video. Now, animation is expanding its wings to all sectors like filmmaking, education, the entertainment industry, TV media, etc.


The advertising industry is also not left behind in using animation to its full capacity. Adding to that, independent bloggers, YouTubers, educators utilize animation for their job and marketing purposes.


What do you learn in the Animation course?


  • Character designing
  • Compositing
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Audio and video editing
  • Drawing and concept design


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6. Tally


Tally is accounting software used for organizing and managing business data. It is in use by small and medium enterprises. In addition to Tally, much more software handle financial data in large companies.


It is eminently prominent in the accounting business, that a simple tally course in combination with GST can bag you a job. The tally course will provide opportunities in both, private and government sectors. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep yourself updated with the latest versions of Tally.


What do you learn in the Tally course?


  • Basics of accounting
  • Fundamentals of tally
  • Accounting features
  • Inventory features
  • Vouchers entries
  • Taxes
  • Technological advantages
  • Generating reports
  • Payroll accounting


Besides these advanced features of the Tally software, some basic courses explore interest calculations, balance sheets, cheque management, restoring data, etc.


7. Adobe Photoshop Course


In the era of social media, where the aesthetics and presentation of the content are the prime factors of its success, digital editing skills are central to creating a career in digital designing. Doing photoshop is about editing photographs and removing any flaws that disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the picture.


Photoshop skills are required in numerous professional fields like photography, graphic designing, advertising, video editing, media, entertainment industry, visual designer, and more.


What do you learn in Adobe Photoshop Course?


  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basic Image manipulation
  • Advance manipulation techniques
  • Color basics
  • Painting tools
  • Brush settings
  • Selections
  • Filling and Stroking
  • Layers
  • Text editing
  • Drawing tools
  • Masks and Channels
  • Typographic designs
  • Basic photo corrections
  • Gradients
  • Vector compositing
  • Hyperlinking
  • Creating GIF
  • Automating steps
  • Color consistency


The institutes in Delhi have designed a curriculum of courses based on specific skills required to cover the basics of computers in-depth. Make a note, the following courses may also be listed in different names under different categories on their website.


Now let’s go through the list of institutes offering basic computer courses in Delhi.




YMCA, based in Delhi, is the institute of media studies and information technology. Founded in 1927, YMCA has come a long way in gaining expertise in the education sector. The institute offers courses that align with the vision of empowering youth for a better city.


It is a well-organized institute running a plethora of courses on campus and showcases an impressive history of placements.


The course duration varies from 2 months to 1 year depending on the type of the course. There is a long list of courses taught at the YMCA among the basic computer courses in Delhi.


Courses offered by the institute


  • Computer Application
  • Photography
  • Digital Video and Broadcast Animation
  • Tally
  • Graphic Designing


Address: Jai Singh Road, New Delhi

Phone: 0091-11-43644000

E-mail: [email protected]


2. DGA Professional Institute


With offering all the in-demand courses, DGA Professional Institute runs under industry experts’ supervision. The institute aims to prepare its students for corporate work with industry in-demand skills and qualitative knowledge of the subject matter.


The number of students’ placement is grand due to the practical projects provided in the courses. Furthermore, as the list of courses goes by, it is the one-stop shop for all the basic computer courses in Delhi.  A free demo session can also be availed before enrolling in any of the courses.


Courses offered by the institute


  • E-Accounting
  • Certificate in Computer Accounting
  • Web Designing
  • Web development
  • Graphic designing
  • Basic Computer Courses
  • Advanced MS Office
  • Computer Programming Courses
  • Corel Draw and Photoshop training
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • ERP9
  • Core Java Training
  • Advanced Java Training


Address: Plot No. 1, 2nd Floor, Dwarka Mor, New Delhi

Phone: 011-25357891

Email: [email protected]


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3. COMPUTEC Professionals Group


With the heavy experience of 23 years, Computec professionals group has basic and specialization courses in diverse subject training. Students have the option to choose from certificate, diploma, master diploma, and tool-driven training courses.


Since the field of courses is too wide, they can take from 3 months to 2 years. The learning experience at the institute is enhanced with the use of projectors, LCDs, hands-on assignments, and interactive lecture sessions.


Students can enroll in more than two of their targeted basic computer courses in Delhi at Computec. The training is completely project-based with the option of flexible online and offline study modes.


Courses offered by the institute


  • Certificate course in Java
  • E-accounting
  • Web and graphic designing
  • MS Excel
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe in Design
  • MS Access
  • Bootstrap
  • C and C++
  • Tally
  • Python
  • Cloud computing
  • MS Office


Address:  Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059

Phone: +91 9810104810

Email: [email protected]


4. High Technologies Solutions


Another institute offering variety of basic computer courses in Delhi is HTS. Starting in 2000, the institute added many feathers to its cap with its long-standing dedication of highly contributing to the education and corporate industry.


With a proven track record of students’ placements in renowned companies, HTS stands strongly among other institutes in Delhi. The institute has its hands in students training, corporate training, and industrial training.


Courses offered by the institute


  • Python: Base and Advanced
  • MS Office
  • Web designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Java Core
  • Tally
  • E-Accounting
  • Tally Prime Advanced


The institute has successfully trained over 15000 students in each course in the last decade and counting.


Address: N-18, Kalkaji, New Delhi – 110019

Phone: +91-9311002620

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are basic computer skills?

Basic computer skills include handling of hardware and software of a computer. From switching it on to shutting it down, everything is computer basic. The common features to know to strengthen your base of computer knowledge are MS Office, short-cut keys for different programs, using designing tools, internet browsing, etc.


  1. What jobs require basic computer skills?

Every job require requires basic computer skills. Though a few job tasks can be done manually, but employers prefer candidates with basic computer skills for optimum job performance.


  1. What are the benefits of doing basic computer courses?

Learning computer basics first and foremost brings to the table upskilling opportunity. Then the utilization of the skills may differ in terms of benefits that can be extracted from computer basics knowledge. For, example, knowing MS office is beneficial for everyone from a homemaker to a financial accountant. On the other hand, knowing web designing would only be beneficial for those who would like to design for personal or professional purposes.


  1. Are there any prerequisites for learning basic computer skills?

No. There are no prerequisites to learn basic computer skills. Moreover, it is highly recommended to try the hands at digital skills, at least once. Additionally, the skills are not hard to acquire as it is a mandatory part of the primary education curriculum.


  1. Which computer skills are in demand?

Besides learning the basics of computers, other in-demand digital skills include data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, DevOps, blockchain, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), cybersecurity, and more.




Definition of basic computer skills may differ from person to person depending on the skills they aim to acquire. However, the use of computers is extensive when it comes to different sectors of occupational affairs.


Learning the basics of computers is of paramount importance irrespective of the job profile. Computer skills come in handy when it’s time to go the extra mile in your job for some brownie points. Besides, being skilled in the digital arena saves time, increases productivity, keeps one organized, and helps in expanding working experience for a better work profile.


There are basic, advanced, and even long-term basic computer courses in Delhi. A quick analysis would surely help you in choosing one. Make a mark of curriculum, course duration, timings, and other facilities provided by the institutes relevant to your choice of study, then you are good to go.

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