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8 Popular Computer Courses After 12th In Delhi

Have you just finished your 12th grade? Are you thinking of taking advanced steps to strengthen and further enhance the foundation of your studies? And thus, you are looking for computer courses after 12th in Delhi? Now, have you been responding affirmatively to each question? Then this is the article for you. Conclude your browsing with this article that constitutes the finest choices of computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


List of the best computer courses after 12th in Delhi


Aside from degree programs, several computer courses after 12th in Delhi are a common pick among students who want to get a head start on their new career path.


Though computers are extremely common in the hands of pupils since almost everyone has used one at some point. And thus, students are aware of computer basics. But with the increasing prevalence of computers, specialized computer skills needs are also undergoing a paradigm shift. Digitization has infiltrated all job domains, requiring the workforce to develop and advance mostly through it.


A computer course of choice after 12th grade, with a degree course, is a well-trodden yet successful path nowadays. There are computer courses after 12th in Delhi that complement every job search, with a few being industry-specific. Such courses provide career-oriented skills and holistic knowledge of the target industry diving into every loop of the subject matter.


One must be aware of the varieties of computer courses after 12th in Delhi, their applications, and how they are going to prove to be helpful in the pursuit of a successful career.


The following list of computer courses after 12th in Delhi has been compiled in the attempt of providing a clear and whole picture of computer courses after 12th in Delhi. It shall also be useful to determine the future potential of the skills acquired in the course which is followed by the list of institutes providing computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


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Top Computer Courses After 12th in Delhi


Let’s start with the basic computer courses after 12th in Delhi that help across the different sectors and also establish a strong foundation to learn other computing skills.


1. MS Office


No computer system comes without an MS Office application because it is the primary reason for which people use computers. It comprises Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and OneNote.


MS Office is beneficial to students since it can help with producing presentations, managing calendars and emails, storing numerical data and conducting sophisticated mathematical operations, recording e-notes, writing documents, forming creative designs, and many other tasks.


It is the first step towards learning basic computer skills as one or the other application of MS Office comes into use time and again. You learn computer fundamentals, stand-alone applications for personal and professional use. Plus, a few basic MS Office courses include the teachings of dos and don’ts of the internet and browsing.


Institutes offering the course

  • YMCA
  • DGA
  • Croma Campus
  • High Technologies Solutions
  • Classes of Professional Studies


Udemy and Coursera are the good options to learn MS Office basic as well, in addition to other offline courses in Delhi. Like other Delhi institutes, they offer certification courses that are valuable.


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2. Typing course


Though not frequently used and not easily found, a typing course still has its relevance in a number of constructive tasks. And as the name suggests, it is about typing skills which n=mainly includes typing speed while maintaining high accuracy.


You must have heard the term ‘typist’. A typist used to be employed with the sole purpose of typing to maintain records and produce paperwork. And still, there are jobs for typists for which a typing course will surely be a good investment.


You might also want to enhance your typing skills for personal purposes or for want to employ the skills in a different field, then online sources and various types of software available for free online help immensely. Besides, a typing course also includes stenography where it teaches to transcribe and write in shorthand as well.


Institutes offering the course


  • YMCA
  • Balaji Typing and Steno College
  • Vidya Typing and Computer Institute


Hereafter, this post continues to look further and discuss industry-specific computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


3. Graphic Designing


The graphic Designing course is a basic skill for those who mean to advance into the designing industry and mastering some skills and tools beforehand will make the learning of higher concepts comprehensive.


The graphic design course is beneficial not just for learning the fundamentals of computers but also prepares students for a career-focused approach to design.


Graphic design primarily entails the creation of images, posters, booklets, and flyers, among other things. However, it has a wide range of applications in various creative fields such as fashion design, photography, animation, and so on.  As a result, graphic design courses fulfil both personal and professional goals.


Graphic designing also proves valuable in digital marketing where the emotional connection with the aesthetics of the design creates the impact of the marketing campaign and in turn generates the sales of a business.


A graphic designer’s jobs include making logos, flash designs, marketing designs, product illustrations, product packaging, corporate brochures, billboards, publishing designs for magazines and book covers, and animation designs for video games and television animations, among other things. In a nutshell, graphic design is concerned with both creativity, comprehensible design, and trends.


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Institutes offering the course

  • CABA Innovatives
  • DG Royals Institute and Company
  • Graphic Design Institute
  • TGC


4. Web Designing and Development


Web development and web design are two distinct fields that, nonetheless, are intertwined. On the one hand, web design is concerned with appealing images and appealing presentations, and on the other web development is concerned with the website’s construction, code, and functionality.


And as designing and development of the web go hand in hand, courses in Delhi provide a comprehensive amalgamation of both in one course. If you want to start a career in the IT business, web development and design course is a wonderful place to start.


Wherever the term design appears, it always refers to the aesthetic appeal of the product. Thus, web development, like graphic design, entails the creation of aesthetically pleasing web pages with the help of a designer.


But it is not as simple as graphic designing as web development necessitates knowledge of a few programming languages that aid in the creation of a website. And the website to function properly requires regular maintenance which further requires consistent use of programming languages.


Advanced degrees in web design can be used to take web design courses to the next level and turn them into a lucrative career where web designers are needed by IT firms, software companies, huge corporate organizations, and web design companies.


With web design knowledge and expertise, other digital design careers such as front-end web developer, web analyst, UX/UI developer, and, of course, web designer become attainable.


Institutes offering the course


  • TGC
  • TechStack Academy
  • Frameboxx 2.0
  • Apponix
  • Red Pixels
  • Caba Innovatives


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5. Animation and VFX


Animated videos are generally the first to introduce the magic of animations and superhero movies bring out the power of VFX. They are interlinked in many ways and yet not the same.


The process of modifying images and assembling them into a video is known as animation. Visual effects (VFX) is the art of producing visual effects. The visual effects are made by inserting animated imagery into a live-action video clip to fit the context of a script that would otherwise be unreal or unsafe to perform.


Animation is now spreading its new wings throughout all industries, including filmmaking, education, the entertainment business, television, and more.


The advertising business isn’t far behind when it comes to utilizing animation to its greatest potential. Furthermore, independent bloggers, YouTubers, and educators use animation in their work and marketing.


Alongside, VFX has grown in popularity. From short films to big-budget Hollywood features, VFX has been employed by great filmmakers almost everywhere to save time and lessen the dangers of shooting.


Such courses and the career that they lead to, require technical and creative skills equally.


Institutes offering the course

  • MAAC
  • TGC
  • HiTech Animation
  • AAFT
  • Animation Boom
  • Frameboxx 2.0
  • Admec
  • Apeejay Institute of Design


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6. Programming Courses


Now, the name does not refer to any course named programming but rather the computer languages that helps to program a computer.


Programming is the process of writing instructions that inform a computer how to perform a task. Since computers can’t understand human languages, they are translated into machine language. As a result, programming can be done in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and C++.


Programming is also enjoyable because it allows you to freely design your own software by mixing creativity with coding. Programming requires a wide range of skills, and a variety of short-term courses examining various programming languages and techniques are available in Delhi.


Also, if you are unsure of such courses, a free course from Coursera might be a good idea to get a peek into programming language learning. Though anyone can take this course, if you took computer science in high school, then you may decide straight away without pondering much over the complexities of the course.


And programming languages are enough to secure a job in the IT industry. In the world of IT, the demand for software developers is high and thus the courses are opted by many as well.


Institutes offering the course

  • TCA
  • Red Pixels
  • Coding Ninja
  • TGC India
  • Chroma Campus
  • Aptron


7. Tally


These courses are related to the finance industry but a basic course can be taken by anyone sparing them of the tedious minute tasking of accounting.


Tally is a piece of accounting software that helps you organize and manage your business data. Small and medium-sized businesses use it. A short course in Tally, which is completely computer-based, can land you a job early after the 12th as well.


The tally training will open doors in both the business and public sectors. The only thing to remember is to stay up to speed with the latest Tally versions for which there are other advanced computer courses after 12th in Delhi but a basic one comes first in the sequence.


Institutes offering the course

  • YMCA
  • Aptron
  • SLA
  • Arth Education
  • Classes of Professional Studies
  • High Technologies Solutions
  • TCS India
  • Udemy (online)


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8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing content or a web page on the internet. It is a set of tactics and technologies that are applied to content in order to improve its ranking in search engines and hence boost its visibility.


SEO Course is one of the novel courses after 12th that has been the popular choice among students. And it is imperative to understand that SEO is the life of content on the internet. If SEO tactics practice stays alive, the content will reach people.


As a result, organizations and corporations demand SEO professionals and search engine marketers to manage their online content to drive web traffic to their blog resulting in a higher viewership. SEO can be learned for personal use if you wish to maintain your own blog or website online.


Institutes offering the course

  • IIM Skills
  • Expert Training Institute
  • Delhi Courses
  • TGC
  • Aptron
  • Perfect Growth Studies
  • SEO Training
  • DSDM


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I teach myself computer skills?

There is no direct yes and no answer to this. On one hand, yes, you can teach yourself the basics of computer skills easily with the help of free online tutorials and courses. While on the other hand, it is suggested to take guidance and methodological learning approach to gain some technical and complex computer skills as it saves time and produces better results.


  1. What are computing skills?

It is a term that appears frequently time and again but it is nothing more than a synonym for computer skills. And generally, it refers to basic skills like research, presentation, digital documentation, email, using an application, organizing skills, and skills for remote working.


  1. Which course is best for basic computer knowledge?

For starters, a course in MS Office would be a good choice for a complete beginner. Further, a hardware course would also provide with the skills that can earn opportunities for jobs. Knowing the hardware of a computer is basic knowledge, however, a hardware course is not a must for most of the jobs across different sectors. Besides, for industry-specific courses, there are other courses covering the fundamentals of the subject.




In conclusion, a student has numerous options of computer courses after 12th in Delhi. One may even choose to do multiple courses and explore their field of interest so that further studies run accordingly.


With increasing digitization, it is imperative to learn computer skills and moreover certify the skills with a course if in case the certification is needed to attest to the skills acquired. The article attempts to clear the air around the computer courses after 12th and to help budding learners and explorers to choose the right course that can facilitate their pursuit of a quality education experience.

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