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Top 6 Python Courses in Delhi With Placement Assistance

Out of all the programming languages in existence currently, Python takes the third position in the list. The top two are Java and C. However, Python’s ubiquity is not a surprise to those who understand the utility and functions of the language. Grasping an early hold of Python’s demand presently, Python courses in Delhi are designed to meet the needs of novice, self-aware aspirants and also for an in-depth advanced dive into the programming world.


List of the best Python courses in Delhi


The Python courses in Delhi tag along vital offerings influencing final decisions and scanning on the surface wouldn’t do any justice to the providers. Thus, this article puts together tidbits of the Python courses in Delhi to simplify the search for a perfect course for you.


Here are some other relevant course options that you can consider:


What is Python?


Python is a very popular choice among other programming languages due to its syntactical overlapping with the English language that in turn makes it easy to use, read, write and analyze for debugging software.


Python is the pick of the litter for its utility that can save a lot of time in programming and is also compatible with different operating systems. It is not only quicker to write the program using Python but also the programs can be executed immediately. Technically, it is an interpreter-based language that doesn’t consume any time in the process of converting into the executable functions for which it is programmed.


Uses of Python


Python has been in the hands of programmers in colossal corporate bodies like NASA, Google, Facebook, Pixar, Spotify, and Intel. That shall attest to the pervasive nature of Python as a programming language.


With the popularity that the language carries, it is versatile and used for web development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, data visualization, programming applications, desktop applications, machine learning, game development, software development, finance and business applications, SEO, design, and the like.


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Top 6 Python Courses in Delhi




Started up in 2003, APTRON is well-known for its foresight in the field of corporate training. The institute has various offices across India.


The institute proudly boasts about its well-structured and extensive curriculum that draws on the elements acquired in its years of training sessions conducted with global leaders including Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, and SAP.


It offers a variety of job-oriented IT courses and features a specialized placement cell for 100% placement help, with the goal of imparting certified and in-demand skills.


Among other Python courses in Delhi, the one at APTRON is designed to meet the learning needs manifold. From basics to advance, the course curriculum covers all the topics. Students can access the lab facilities 24X7 to implement into practicals.


And if you cannot spare much time for the course then the course is also available in the weekend track and the fast-track formats where it can take from 5days in fast-track mode to 60 days in regular mode. All the course theory complements its practical training and students are made job-ready.


Course content

  • Introduction to Python
  • A brief history of Python
  • Python Basics
  • Variables and data types
  • Decision making and Loops
  • Functions of Python
  • Modules and Packages
  • Exception Handling
  • Files and Directories
  • Classes Objects
  • Regular Expressions
  • Socket Programming


2. Ducat


A rising name in IT and skill training, Ducat is the SAP authorized partner. With DUCAT 2.0 coming in another location, the institute is expanding with its creative approach to training and tech education.


Conjoining Python and SQL, it is one of the advanced python courses in Delhi with the duration of 2 months entailing a detailed curriculum. The classes are led by expert instructors who can be approached anytime for additional support and resolving queries.


Not only the placement assistance crowns the course, but the workshops conducted regularly imparting practical knowledge complete the course. Providing mentors to its trainees is a commendable job done at Ducat, where mentors’ development is also at the focus of the organization.


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Course content


  • Introduction To Python
  • Writing And Executing Python Program
  • Fundamentals Of Python
  • Python Conditional Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Standard Data Types
  • String Handling
  • Python List
  • Python Tuple
  • Python Set
  • Python Dictionary
  • Python Functions
  • Modules And Packages
  • File Handling
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Exception Handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • GUI Programming
  • Multi-Threading Programming
  • SQL
  • Introduction To Database
  • Python Data Base Connectivity


3. TechStack


With expertise in the field of digital education, Techstack offers various cybersecurity and web development courses. TechStack’s Advance Python certification program, in addition to other Python courses in Delhi, is a great choice because it takes a comprehensive approach to learning and providing job-ready abilities.


It has a proven track record of placements, and the number of pupils at the academy keeps rising with 145000 and counting. It works with Orangus Digital and E-dinerio Group companies while also gaining media attention.


The highlight of the course is the list of additional perks that students get to take advantage of while studying at TechStack. There are mock interview sessions, one-on-one mentor sessions, resume-building support, and capstone projects.


It is a 2-months course that requires 80+ hours including time spent on case studies. If you choose to take this course then the number of reviews and upvotes on this course is slightly reassuring as well. The content that follows doesn’t include the number of live projects that the institute offers but the detail of the course is worth taking a look at.


Course content


  • Introduction to Python
  • Variables and Data Types in Python
  • Program flow control using Python
  • Lists and Tuples
  • String, list, and dictionary manipulations
  • Functions, modules, and packages in python
  • File handling in Python
  • Python object-oriented programming
  • Exception handling in Python
  • Database Handling in Python
  • Numpy Package in Detail
  • Email sending automation
  • Socket Programming
  • Tkinter GUI application


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4. ExcelR


ExcelR has grown to become a global leader in the management and technical training, with operations in 40 countries. It is a trusted training delivery partner of 350+ corporate clients and universities globally, with 140,000+ professionals trained across various courses.


Based in Delhi, and in collaboration with Steinbeis University, Germany, ExcelR offers a blended learning format unlike other Python courses in Delhi. The classes are a mix of e-learning and classroom training sessions.


Along with access to Learning Management System (LMS), students gain alumnus status of SGIT, Germany. Upon the completion of the program, students gain dual certification from ExcelR and SGIT. In turn, the placement journey smoothes out which is alongside assisted by its dedicated placement cell.


And its atypical accompaniments to the course make it stand out among other Python courses in Delhi. It lays post-training support, access to the WhatsApp Python community, internship opportunities, real-time projects, and a jumbo pass that allows students to reattend batches for one year. The curriculum is divided into 21 modules as follows.


Course content


  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Variables
  • Module 3 – Operator
  • Module 4 – Decision Making – Loops
  • Module 5 – String
  • Module 6 – List
  • Module 7 – Tuples
  • Module 8 – Dictionary
  • Module 9 – Function
  • Module 10 – Modules
  • Module 11 – Files
  • Module 12 – Directories
  • Module 13 – Exception Handling
  • Module 14 – OOP
  • Module 15 – Regular Expressions
  • Module 16 – CGI
  • Module 17 – GUI Programming
  • Module 18 – My SQL
  • Module 19 – Multi-Threading
  • Module 20 – Framework
  • Module 21 – Data Analysis Libraries




ADMEC Multimedia has built a reputation for excellence over the course of 15 years as a multimedia course provider. It strives to deliver courses that include both academic and practical knowledge in the learning experience.

From video production to data analytics, the Institute offers a variety of multimedia courses and puts forward the options of online and offline training modes from which the learners are free to make a choice without compromising on the quality of the education that they’d receive.


A thing to note is that this course is aimed at advanced teachings of Python for web developers. Although, there are Python courses in Delhi at ADMEC for data analytics, data science, and machine learning as well.


Despite being the advanced Python course, the course covers the basics and takes up live projects to assist in portfolio making that the students can leverage to their advancement when looking for employment in such competitive times. At the end of 2 months of this course, designing applications would be a play for the aspirants.


Course content


  • Python
  • Django
  • Tkinter
  • Installing Python 3
  • Exploring Python rapidly
  • Creating the main script
  • Understanding & commenting code in Python
  • Selecting code and values with conditionals
  • Functions and objects in Python
  • Variables and objects in Python
  • Using numbers, strings, Boolean, etc
  • Datatypes in Python
  • Generator Functions in Python
  • Conditionals, and Expressions in Python
  • Loop, Operators, and Strings in Python
  • Handling Exceptions in Python
  • Understanding classes and objects
  • Containers in Python
  • File System
  • Emailing using Python
  • Regular Expression
  • Socket programming
  • Tkinter GUI app
  • Planning a database application
  • Creating a data-driven application in Python


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6. Red Pixels


RED PIXELS is an ISO-certified institution situated in Delhi that was formed in 2013. With the objective of increasing global access to high-quality education, the institute has done exemplary work bagging various prestigious awards.


The courses are designed to prepare professionals for the workplace of the twenty-first century by focusing on innovation and emerging industries. As a result, the trainers at Red Pixels are industry professionals who stay up to date on the market through numerous means.


The Python and Django course at Red Pixels is taught in instructor-led classroom sessions and day-to-day interaction with the teaching experts helps them grow their skill sets and groom their professional abilities.


The institute is comprehensive of the basic computer abilities required in the work environment currently and thus offers an extensive course covering Django along with Python, leaving no gaps in the final outcomes leading to assured placement assistance.


The classes are also conducted in one-on-one live sessions in the times of Pandemic but in the same duration i.e., 2-4 months for the rapid, weekend, and regular mode.


Course Content



  • Where to use Python?
  • History of Python
  • Python 2 and Python 3: Difference
  • Set up Python Environment for Development
  • Write first Python Program
  • Features of Python Programming
  • Details of Statements
  • Python Input/Output Function
  • Compound Data Type
  • Functions and Control Statements



  • Conditional Statement
  • Looping, Control Statement
  • Python File Operation
  • Python Regular Expression
  • Python Multithreading
  • GUI Programming with Python using Tkinter
  • Object Orientation and Object Use
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Decorators and Generator
  • Python Modules & Packages



  • Web Programming Basics
  • Web/Database Application in Python
  • Database Connectivity in Python
  • Python’s Flask Web Development Framework
  • XML Programming with Python
  • The Django Web Application Framework


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is it worth learning Python?

An iterated fact about Python is its all-present use in IT and how it is the future of IT in artificial intelligence, machine learning, programming, web development, and more. It is not only the most used language but also has given way to the new production of languages. Thus, learning Python is surely a gateway to the higher level of programming and its real-life applications.


  1. Can I learn Python after the 12th?

Yes, you can learn Python after the 12th. However, in most cases, a mathematics background is asked for as coding requires mathematics building knowledge without which the coders would be left with no knowledge of essential tools they need to succeed. Besides, there are no otherwise eligibility criteria for enrolling in a certificate or diploma Python courses.


  1. How much time would it take to learn Python?

Based on the certificate and diploma courses duration, fundamentals of Python and some advanced knowledge can be gained on Python in 2-6 months. But a lot of practice and further studies are required to master the vast array of functions of Python.


  1. Is Python hard to learn?

It is considered to be the easiest programming language as it mostly reads like English. Learning any coding language takes dedication and time, and with Python, it is the same. Basics are taught in almost every course but mastering the language is in the hands of coders with advanced learning and practice.




Python is a high programming language which means the language is easy to comprehend for a human brain. For the same reasons, it is a perfect language for beginners to start with to enter programming and at large the IT industry. Furthermore, there are various well-paid jobs that require Python in the fields of AI, machine learning, web development, and the like.


Presently and in the future, you can expect the demand to persist as it is vital to the emerging technologies and their sustenance. Thus, once again, Python is the most used and easy-to-learn language, and if you wish to start learning then guided learning is a must. Hence, a good list in this article has been compiled of the institutes providing Python courses in Delhi for you to abate the storming confusion.

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