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5 Best Interior Design Courses in Delhi With Practical Training

Interior design is an in-demand skill in India and the face of interior design has drastically changed in the past three decades. Does Interior design fascinate you as well? But you do not know where to start from and may be wondering if it is a good fit for you. You can know all about interior design in this article and with Delhi becoming the hub of interior design education, you shall also find a well-researched carousel of interior design courses in Delhi. That should surely help you with your obscurity in the matter.


List of the best interior design courses in Delhi


What is Interior Design?


Interior design is about organizing a space optimally which is aesthetically pleasing as well. It involves various combinations of technical abilities and designing expertise to transform a space into the desired look.


It is not only about designing that can appeal to the eyes but utilizing the space to provide useful purpose to the area for whatever reason that is being designed. Thus, designers cannot stick to designing protocols that they must learn while educating themselves for the career, because designs are produced in consideration of the client’s emotional appeal and aestheticism.


Interior designing incorporates style and comfort by the play of layouts, construction, color scheme, fabric, furnishings, and decorations. Hence, interior design courses in Delhi have evolved into hybrid conjoined courses of architecture, decoration, and design.


Ultimately, an interior designer’s job is to convert an existing space into a harmonious establishment in terms of colors, style, aesthetics, emotional appeal, architecture, and utility. And the space that needs designing can be an office, house, hotel, public places, etc.


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Interior Designer or Interior Decorator?


Though the terms are used interchangeably, they have a significant difference. An interior decorator is concerned with only those elements and objects that can beautify the place. While on the other hand, an interior designer works in close proximity to the architecture to make definitive plans that involve structural planning aligning with the client’s requirements.


Thus, an interior designer works from the start of construction and carries wider perspectives of space utilization in correspondence with technical knowledge of space decoration.


Elements of Interior Design


When you are learning and acquiring knowledge of interior design, what interior designers do when working on a project is vital to know. Even before entering the design field, it is wise to get a taste of the nature of the work beforehand to find if it is the right fit or not. As, generally, any field of work, here specifically interior design, requires a vast range of skills and versatile handling of the job intricacies.


There are 7 elements at the core of interior design namely space, lines, form or shape, pattern, light, color, and texture. Let’s have a look at these in more detail.


  • Space – It is the area where objects are placed and the space that is left between those objects. It is a must to structure the area so that the room is not congested and a clear passage can be navigated through the room.


  • Lines – Lines can be vertical, horizontal, and dynamic. The brain associates lines with space, symmetry, and energy in the room. A simple perception of lines in the room can make a room look bigger, lofty, or airy.


  • Form – Form refers to shapes formed by lines or outlines of the objects in their entirety. It can be any geometric or non-geometric shape. They can generate a sense of softness in the room’s aesthetics. For example, a rectangular table, oval lamp, or a round rug.


  • Light – It is a combination of natural and artificial light. When it comes to aesthetics, an appropriate amount of light is considered right. The task of installing light and lamps can focus on ceiling areas, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, study desks, artifacts, etc.


  • Colors – It is the primary focus of any client and designer. The colors have the power to set and change the mood of the room. They also contain properties of magnifying a small space if chosen correctly.


  • Texture – It sets the feel of the room. It is like choosing pastel crayons, watercolors, or oil paints for a painting that can suit the drawing best.


  • Pattern – It is like the design on the surface but used in harmony with other elements of the room. It can be geometric, floral, abstract, lines, circles, etc., and incorporating patterns give infinite combinations of interior design.


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5 Best Interior Design Courses in Delhi


1. IVS School of Design


The Design Institute was founded by Urbane – The Design Workshop, a premier architecture and interior design organization that has been in operation since 1997. Urbane’s mission is to invent and then institutionalize the value of “Experience Design.”


In its more than a decade of business, Urbane has carved out a position for itself in the field of interior design by providing exceptional service to its clients, who include Bharti, Ranbaxy, Schlumberger, McGraw Hill, and Bosch & Lomb, as well as Fortis, Holiday Inn, and Crown Plaza.


IVS is exceedingly competent in organizing its structure of work and teaching methodologies. With CMS (Content Management System), it keeps up with the latest educational technology and has centralized the control of education quality to stay up to par.


In its list of interior design courses in Delhi, you can find diplomas, master diplomas, and degree programs in interior design. A diploma course of 1 year has been sighted here.


Course Content


Module -1

  • Drawing and Basic Art
  • Design I – Drawing equipment
  • Workshop I – Carpentry and 3D
  • Tech Theory I – Building materials
  • Market Survey I
  • Photoshop


Module -2

  • Drawing and Basic Art
  • Drafting of standard furniture
  • Workshop II – Mockup models and factory visits
  • Technical Theory II
  • Market Survey II
  • Auto Cad 2D


Module -3

  • Drawing and Basic Art
  • Design III – Process and case studies
  • Workshop III – visit to commercial sites
  • Technical theory III
  • Market Survey III


Module – 4

  • Drawing and Basic Art
  • Design IV – Corporate interiors
  • Workshop IV – visit to commercial sites
  • Technical theory IV
  • EDP – entrepreneurship and project management traits
  • Google Sketch


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The YMCA Institute of Media Studies and Information Technology is based in Delhi. The YMCA, which was founded in 1927, has made great strides in terms of establishing competence in the field of education. The institute provides courses that support the idea of youth empowerment for a better city.


It is a well-organized institute that offers a wide range of courses on campus and has a strong track record of placements.  It shelters the library and computer lab facility at the teaching center, procuring a healthy environment of learning.


The institute offers a Diploma in the interior design of 1 year. The course also includes 2 months mandatory internship for practical training and real-world work projects. Among the interior design courses in Delhi, the YMCA offers a promising and structured curriculum of the course. Besides academics, the overall development of the students is positively influenced by guest lectures, workshops, mock interview sessions, and regularly conducted group discussions.


Course Content


Semester -1

  • Basics of Design
  • Graphic Presentation & Drafting
  • Materials–I
  • Furniture Design
  • Communication & Soft Skills
  • Computer Applications


Semester -2

  • Advance Designing
  • Materials-II
  • Auto-Cad-1
  • Building & Construction
  • Drawing Techniques of Interior Designing
  • Project – Residential & Comm.


3. Pearl Academy


Pearl Academy is a leading design, fashion, business, and media institute, and has been a catalyst for student achievement in the creative professions for the past 28 years. The college has campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, and provides over 40 specialized courses including interior design courses in Delhi.


Since its founding in 1993, the academy has grown into a recognized educational facility with a focus on internationalism, entrepreneurship, and employability, as well as catering to the design, fashion, business, and retail industries.


Interior Design and Technology course at Pearl Academy is a professional diploma course of 4 years. And anyone after the 12th  from any stream is eligible to apply for the course. The teaching is research-based encouraging critical thinking and innovative solutions.


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Course Content


Year -1

  • Natural & Built Environment
  • Body & Its Extension
  • Design Abilities 1
  • Immersion Lab 1
  • Culture, History & Narratives
  • Identity, Memory & Imaginations
  • Design Abilities 2
  • Immersion Lab 2


Year -2

  • Design Culture
  • Material Principles & Application
  • Hand Drawing & Modelling
  • Spatial Design 1
  • Design Practice
  • Construction Detailing
  • Spatial Design 2
  • Digital Drawing & Modelling


Year -3

  • Cultural Studies
  • Interior Design Project
  • Digital Design Tools
  • International Lab Experience
  • Design Seminar
  • Technical Context
  • Industry Live Project
  • Advanced Digital Tools


Year -4

  • Problem Setting
  • FutureLABS Studio
  • Social Enterprise Project
  • Business Tools for Designers
  • Professional Practice
  • Portfolio
  • Final Project


4. International Institute of Fashion Technology


IIFT was established in 1990 with the mission of professionally educating and teaching fashion designers and garment makers with exceptional talent and global category capacity at all levels of certification and credentialing so that they can become innovators and leaders in their respective fields of technology and business.


Gaining expertise in designing, IIFT ventured into offering interior design courses in Delhi. It curated three formats of the course: Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Course in Interior Designing. The courses take 3-6 months, 12 months and 2 years respectively.


All three courses are open for 12th pass students in any discipline. The following course content outlines the advanced diploma course in interior designing to have a clear idea of the curriculum offered at IIFT.


Course Content


  • Introduction Principles of Interior Designing
  • Architectural Theory and Design Theory
  • Drawing, Sketching, and Illustration
  • Designing of Furniture
  • Designing of Rooms, Storages, Partitions, etc.
  • Construction Theory
  • Fabric / Textile Science
  • Designing of Ceramic Tiles, Mirrors, Glasses.
  • Painting and Lighting Theory
  • Wall Coverings and Flooring
  • Plants and Planters Study
  • Display – Merchandising
  • Financial Analysis
  • Art and Culture
  • Project Work / Portfolio Visits


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AICAD specializes in interior design courses in Delhi. Thus the catalog of interior design training courses doesn’t end at one but swells with furniture designing course, interior architecture course, and BSc degree in interior design.  


It has expanded its training center with the latest technology, tools, advanced strategies, and corporate training. Known for its career-oriented training, AICAD provides in-house training and soft-skills training as well.


For the all-inclusive development of its students, soft skills, and personality development are part of the courses. The curriculum focuses on practical training, in addition, to live projects to bridge the gap between theory and on-site application.


Students are also taught marketing skills in accordance with the entrepreneurial aspirants who wish to gain experience in work before starting freelancing.


The institute also offers a variety of interior design courses in Delhi where the course duration and eligibility criteria change with the type of the course. 2 years Professional Diploma Course in Interior Architecture stands out among others due to its overlapping curriculum with architecture education.


Course Content


Semester -1

  • Basics of Interior design and Architecture
  • Google Sketchup software
  • Space Planning
  • Research in Interior Architecture


Semester -2

  • Building material
  • Building construction
  • Practical Training -1
  • 2D CAD software
  • Photoshops


Semester -3

  • Professional practice
  • Design studio
  • Tenders
  • Building services
  • Landscaping


Semester -4

  • Digital studio
  • Estimation and costing
  • Project management
  • Earthquake resistant building designs
  • Practical training -2


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can interior designers be self-employed?

Yes. Interior designers can work as freelancers.  But it takes some additional piece of work to start freelancing, from establishing your brand to creating an impressive portfolio and marketing.


  1. How long are the interior design courses in Delhi?

A certificate interior design course would require as little as 6 months of time while a full-fledged degree in interior design can be earned after a 3-4 years long bachelor’s program from a college or university. Other diploma courses can take between 1 -2 years.


  1. Can I do an interior design course after the 12th?

Yes. An interior design course can be done after the 12th as there are no pre-requisites as such except for a few colleges that require mandatory mathematics background.




You’ll need to be well educated and have the ability to work across multiple disciplines to be a good interior designer. After pursuing interior design training, you will have a plethora of job alternatives like a textile designer, furniture designer, interior decorator, and many more.

Every day, interior designers confront challenges on a daily basis. A few celebrate the challenges and a few learn to overcome them. Students learn all of the skills and fundamental understanding of interior design through the classes.

Some people may have a natural aptitude for design but you can become a prominent player in the interior design field if you have the right background and put in the work. If you enjoy remodeling and rearranging while experimenting with aesthetics, then a career in interior design is for you.

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