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7 Most Popular Short-Term Courses In Delhi

Short-term courses in Delhi are high in demand and thus the courses are also available in abundance. No matter what is the field, you name one and short-term courses in Delhi will start popping. It is a wise decision as well to take a short-term course to upskill, upgrade or build a completely new skill for the growth in the current hybrid professional environment.


List of the best short term courses in Delhi


Depending on the profession, short-term courses cater to various needs of multiple professions and provide a comprehensive syllabus encompassing basic and advanced techniques and tools for the enhanced learning output entailing advanced knowledge and contemporary teaching practices.


In this article, you will find the various options of short-term courses available in Delhi and also, how they can help in one’s professional growth.


Purpose of Short-Term Courses


Short-term courses are developed to save time in learning the skills that take the experience to develop. Thus, short-term courses are highly valued in terms of attesting a learner’s capability and devotion to perform tasks in a work environment efficiently.


Short-term courses, as the term suggests, require only a few weeks to shape new skills. And the number of short-term courses thriving in the field present you with schooling customized to the learner’s specific needs.


Such courses gained popularity among all age groups owing to their accessibility and variety as several courses can be done simultaneously. Concentrating on the skills to be imparted, the courses aim to produce a pool of efficient and accomplished professionals.


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Top 7 Short-Term Courses in Delhi


1. Digital Marketing


Marketing is the method of promoting products and services to reach the audience and increase sales in the business. But the traditional marketing methods were failing due to the increasing number of internet users and then digital marketing came into play.


Digital marketing courses study different marketing modes and methods like social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, digital advertising, content marketing, etc.


Digital marketing is the top choice among other short-term courses in Delhi due to its constantly increasing demand in the industry sectors.


A certified digital marketer is qualified for various roles in digital marketing namely email marketing manager, social media manager, online content developer, business analytics specialist, search engine optimization specialist, professional blogger, mobile marketing specialist, etc. Digital marketing is not going anywhere any soon with its rapid rate of increasing job vacancies and growth aspects for businesses.


IIM Skills Master Digital Marketing Course is a foolproof course to step into the marketing field and start your new career. The course comes with master certification and uncountable bonus opportunities like writing a blog with Times of India, launching your first podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify, 2 months paid internship, job-ready skills, and much more.


The digital marketing sector is suitable for college-goers, entrepreneurs, engineers, homemakers, business professionals, and anyone who would like to create a career in digital marketing.


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2. Content Writing Course


Content writing is one of the short-term courses in Delhi that has its applicable relevance in the businesses and outside it as well. Content writing primarily is a part of marketing but content writers do a lot more than writing for marketing purposes.


Companies like TCS, Amazon, Myntra, IBM, Cognizant hire content writers for various tasks. For such opportunities, a certificate in content writing is a must-have as there are no other formal education courses that can equip you with pertinent writing skills.


Content writing course is not just about preparing for placements and jobs but exploring the infinite number of opportunities that it opens for learners. It grants you global reach; paves way for all kinds of content like written, visual, graphic, audio; provides lucrative income sources; gives exposure to blog writing, brochure designing, newsletter writing, pamphlets making, etc.


Becoming a freelance content writer is also part of the list and has been a top choice for starting a side-hustle without giving up on the regular income. You also study SEO, affiliate marketing, and web development in this course apart from different content writings.


Online Content Writing Course by IIM Skills conquers all hurdles in becoming a successful content writer. With three months of internship option, the course is designed to crush the challenges that one faces while doing real-time content writing work.


The institute dominates in the field of short-term courses due to its high-quality and sincere efforts to transform the lives of the students.


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3. Web Development and Designing


Web development and web designing are two different arrays but go hand in hand. Web designing is concerned with attractive graphics and pleasing presentations while web development is about building the website, coding, and functionality of the website.


Web designing and web development, both are in-demand skills and don’t require any degree to enroll in any of the courses. The courses prepare you for a professional job and freelancing work.


The course curriculum is quite vast and requires 2-6 months to achieve the desired expertise in the skills, depending on the delivery mode of the course. The course components are Understanding HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Introduction to SCSS, Bootstrap, JAVA script, Jquery, and jQuery UI, SEO concepts, HP MySQL Web Developer Syllabus, and a few other programming languages, if required.


The web designing short-term courses in Delhi come with live website projects for hands-on practice and placement support.


The courses are available online and offline. A few of the popular institutes for web development and designing courses in Delhi are APPONIX Academy, TechStack, ADMEC Multimedia, Chroma, and Web Development Institute.


Web designers develop a fully functional website in unique manners to help businesses create their identity online. They are required in software companies, audio-visual media companies, department stores, government organizations, marketing firms, media agencies, etc. And companies like Infosys, IIM, HCL, ORACLE, and Wipro seek web developers and designers.


Web developing job is not one-time programming responsibility. Throughout managing and updating the website is also the task of the developers. They design pages, create layouts, conduct website testing, and coordinate with different teams to manage the website’s functionality and stability. Web development and designing course is a good option if you wish to start a career in the IT industry.


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4. Search Engine Optimization


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the combination of techniques and tools to be used on content to enhance ranking on search engines, and thus increase the visibility of the content.


No content on the internet can survive without SEO and in the world, where everything starts with the internet and grows on the internet, there is no skipping SEO. It may sound tricky but it is one of the prevailing short-term courses in Delhi with a course duration of 1-6 months.


With that being said, businesses and companies require SEO experts, search engine marketers, digital marketers, marketing analysts, content marketers, SEO managers, etc. and SEO learning opens the path to such career lines.


For entrepreneurs, SEO learning is crucial for online growth, or else freelancers come into play in such cases. Thus, there is a huge market for freelancing in SEO as well. Parts of SEO are studied in their corresponding field of work like digital marketing, content writing, and content marketing. Besides, there are also advanced SEO short-term courses in Delhi.


A standard model of advanced SEO course includes SEO Fundamentals, On-page SEO, Off-page and Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Competitor Research, SEO Content, Link Building, SEO Tools, Keeping up with Algorithms, SEO Audit, Client Onboarding and practical learning with various tools.


While well-known institutes like IIM Skills, APTRON, and Expert Training Institute offer advanced SEO courses, IIM Skills has been able to captivate learners with its premium services and paid internship option.


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5. Graphic Designing


The following short-term courses in Delhi include online and offline graphic designing courses. First and foremost, let’s not confuse web designing with graphic designing. Web designers are concerned with user experience on a website and create interactive designs.


Unlike web designers, graphic designers blend in pictures, typography, and colors to communicate an idea graphically to the audience.


A graphic designer gets to do various types of designing like logo, flash designs, marketing designs, product illustrations, product packaging, company brochures, flyers, billboards, publishing designs for magazines and book covers, and animation designing for video games and television animations.


Institutes in Delhi have graphic designing specialization courses where they offer certificate courses, diploma courses, master certification courses, tools specialization courses, visualization courses, advertising design standard courses, and digital painting standard courses.


The short-term graphic designing courses can be completed in 1-6 months with access to professional training in the institutes like CABA, DG Royals Institute and Company, New Delhi YMCA, and TGC, just to name a few.


Learners can expect to learn a fusion of typography, game design, designing for the print and publishing industry, web interface designing, designs for UI/UX, Design fundamentals, the psychology of color, graphic software, fundamentals of grids and layout, advertising, and branding, packaging, information graphics and designing a strategy for problem-solving.


Graphic designing is for creative minds and those who enjoy playing with colors, but that doesn’t mean the skill cannot be acquired by training.


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6. Creative Writing


The term creative writing may confuse you with story and poetry writing. But creative writing is about writing any new idea with a personal flair in it and gives flexibility in language to write a subjective point of view. Creative writing includes biographies, essays, speeches, fiction and non-fiction books, and scriptwriting.


Creative writing skills can bag good job opportunities but it is a course that everyone should take as it promotes better communication skills and advances writing skills.


Creative writing short-term courses are 1-2 months long and are useful in marketing, PR and teaching, publishing, editing, writing, and journalism. World-renowned institutes like Oxford, EFLU, and British Council have curated creative writing courses for all age groups and they are accessible online.


The acquisition of creative writing skills is surely leaned towards personal benefits if you do not wish to make a career in writing at all.


Becoming a writer, writing for a hobby, developing better communication skills, enhanced understanding of language and freedom to express oneself freely, lure the learners in to try hands at creative writing.


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7.  Technical Writing


Last but not least in the list is technical writing. It is the skill of writing any technical piece of information into simple language for a non-technical reader to understand. The demand for technical writers is expected to grow 10% by 2030. Thus, technical writing skills are high in demand currently and required in many technical fields such as software companies and the medical field.


The responsibility of a technical writer includes writing how-to guides, instructional manuals, press releases, email writing, product descriptions, etc. There are digital tools to help write technical documents to keep up with the fast-paced work environment.


An ideal technical course includes the introduction and in-depth study of all types of technical writing documents, a number of tools to master, and opportunities for hands-on practice.


IIM Skills, IRS, J.B. Computers, ECT, and Toonlite are the institutes that offer technical writing courses in Delhi, out of which IIM Skills stands out for its extra support provided to learners in establishing their career in technical writing.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are short-term courses in Delhi University?

There are language learning, event management, mass communication, web journalism, travel and tourism, banking, finance, and filmmaking courses in Delhi University.


  1. What are the best short-term courses after the 12th?

Depending on your choice and goal, multiple short-term courses after 12th can help you in monetizing your skills and building a strong base for the future but to name a few, a certificate or diploma course in digital marketing, content writing and designing are good options to start with.


  1. Is a short-term course worth it?

The answer is a straightforward yes. The courses require less time, impart professional skills and real-life work opportunities, provide certified working knowledge, interaction with industry-expert trainers, and whatnot. So, the learning experience of short term-courses is worth it even if taken as a hobby.


  1. Can I put short-term courses in my CV?

You can proudly list your short-term courses along with your formal education details. They are a testament to your learning devotion and provide an edge over other candidates.


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Learning a new skill is an enhanced experience for everyone that transforms the core abilities to execute a task. Short-term courses are packed with knowledge and advanced practices that are a must-have for personal and professional growth.

Short-term courses are suggested for everyone from a student, a working professional to a homemaker. They can be done from the comfort of your home and amidst the chaos of the office work, so do not overthink and, unravel the divine experience of learning irrespective of your age.

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