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Top 6 Excel Learning Courses In Mumbai in 2024

Excel learning Courses in Mumbai cater to the needs of people in a variety of ways. If you are someone in search of an excellent Excel course, this is the place you want to be. Read the whole article to explore the best options for excel learning courses in Mumbai.


The list of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai


What is Excel?


Excel is a data analytical tool by Microsoft. This tool is a spreadsheet that is used to record and analyze numbers and statistical data. This tool is compatible with every operating system like IOS, Android, macOS, windows.


Mastering this skill can help to improve the business. This skill can help to develop new business or existing business. Learning this and developing this skill can be a good career option.


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Some various features of Excel that are good to learn:


There are lots of tools available for every kind of business. Excel is the most popular and famous tool that every business needs. From the basic level to advanced, some good functions are used to save time and resources. It goes without saying that this helps in every small, medium, and large-scale business. 


The software single handily manages various types of accounting, sales, budgeting, and many more workloads. And in this, various features play a key role.         


  • Data filtering.
  • Data Shorting.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Pivot tables.
  • Print Optimization.
  • Flash fill.
  • Index match.
  • Built-in formulae.
  • Formula auditing.




Here are the top 6 Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


1.   Aptech Computer Education:


In today’s world, the basic information of IT is very crucial. Whether you are a student or working for some company, you need a strong foundation in computers and IT.


And Aptech computer education has its new unique way to teach students. They have their application called ‘Onlinevarsity’ that is specially designed for students. And they are providing all course-related study material for free of cost there. This is one choice for you among the list of the most beneficial Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


Everyone can join this course whether you are a student, graduate, working professional. After this course, you can build your career as an MS office specialist or MS excel specialist.


In addition, you can be part of their online community where you can interact with industry experts 24*7. They will guide you and improve your knowledge with their experience. Because of this pandemic, for a safer side, you can learn all of these things online. They provide this online facility where you connect with them and attend the lectures online without any risk.


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●     Course details:

  • Computer fundaments.
  • Internet basics.
  • They will cover everything regarding this.


●     Course duration:

  • This course is for two months.
  • You need to spend two hours a day for three days of the week.


●     Fees:

  • The fees of this course are between ₹ 5000 – 6700. The structure of this may vary on various courses and locations.


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2.   ICIT Computer Institute:


The course from ICIT Computer Institute is known for teaching how to make out of numbers. They are giving more practical experiences with theories. The best part of this course is that this will teach you how to collect and analyze both business and financial data to generate valuable insights from business data.


This course includes practical experiments, hands-on training, and boosts you to explore the industry. You can do case studies and real projects using data-based from some companies like Uber, Amazon, Sandisk, Nike, Swiggy, Walmart, etc. This is considered one of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


They have a special placement team, which will help you to find a job. This placement team will send you job opportunities. They arrange interviews for you until you get a job in the IT department. Even they will send your resume to the recruiters to help you to get the desired job.


Everyone can join this course as there is no prior experience required. Practically everyone can get benefits from this. After completing this course, you will get a certificate from ICIT that will add value and will help you in your career.


●     Course Details:

This course will include the following topics:


  • Introduction of this course.
  • Customize common options.
  • Entering data.
  • How to work with numbers.
  • Formatting data.
  • Managing data in MS office.
  • Working with text and dates.
  • Manipulating data.
  • Working with charts.
  • Working with pivot charts.
  • Managing files.


●     Course duration:

  • This course is for two months.


●     Fees:

  • The Fees of this course are ₹ 7ooo.


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3.   EduBridge School of Coding:


EduBridge school of coding is providing this program 100% online. So you can attend these lectures from home, school, college or even from the office.


During this course, they will give you projects and various presentations, that will increase your practical knowledge regarding this. The mentors of this course are very experienced and have vast knowledge. Their friendly nature makes this whole thing more interesting.


For this course, no programming knowledge is necessary. The only thing required is you must have math or statistic as the main subject in graduation. That makes the learning process easy. You only need one laptop with a webcam and good internet, and you are perfectly ready to attend the lectures.


This course suits perfectly for those who are IT professionals, banking or finance professionals, marketing managers, sales professionals, students of undergraduates(UG), and postgraduates(PG).


One of the good things about joining this course is they will provide you, one placement manager. They will help you in your placement, and their beneficial advice will make this process smooth. This deserves to be mentioned as one of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


●     Course details:

There is a total of 13 modules in this course. And these modules include an introduction, assessment, and project works.

  • Introduction to data analytics.
  • Tableau – A guide for beginners for Data visualization.
  • Course Introduction.
  • NoSQL and MongoDB introduction.
  • MongoDB Explained.
  • Data analytics.
  • Basics of statistics.
  • Analysis using Python.
  • R programming.
  • Coding practice assessment 1.
  • Coding practice assessment 2.
  • SAS- for beginners.
  • Project work.


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●      Course duration:

  • The lectures will be from Monday to Friday. The timing of the lectures will be 6:00 – 8:30 PM. And total hours of learning is 415 hours and will cover this whole topic with depth.


●      Fees:

  • The total cost of this course is ₹6000 included all study materials.


4.   Laqshya Institute Of Skills Training:


Laqshya Institute Of Skills Training is one of the best institutes in Mumbai that provide advanced excel courses. One of their famous course is MIS learning using advanced excel. And that is beneficial for every job. This is one of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


The main aim of these advanced level classes is to provide a practical training approach for different industrial requirements. They trained many students, today they are an expert in this particular field.


There are not any particular criteria for joining this course. Anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge can join this course from studying, graduates or postgraduates, fresher or working professionals.


They have special lectures during this course where they teach you how to crack interviews and will give some inside information that will help you in your career. After this advanced course, whether you want to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur, they will guide you for that. They have a cell that is working for student’s placement. They provide jobs in their network where they have tied up with their clients. And the certificate from Laqshya Institute of Skills Training will give weightage to your resume.


●     Course Details:

  • Date and time functions.
  • Text functions and data validation.
  • Pivot table.
  • Statistical function and other functions.
  • Logical functions.
  • V lookup and H lookup.
  • Lookup & reference functions.


●     Course duration:

  • There are two batches.
  • One is a regular batch. Another is a Sunday batch.


5.   Compufield Computer Institute:


This institute is experienced in teaching as they are working since 1995. They have taught more than 50,000 included national and international students. They provide one computer per student with one instructor who helps them with their difficulties and thus, is considered to be one of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


Their way of teaching is unique. They have sessions wise learning so that you are not bounded to complete the course in a particular period. They start any selected course according to the convenience of students and their pace of learning.


They give practical projects with every session. And at the end, after completing all the assignments, they provide the certification of a compilation of the course. These assignments will be published on social media sites and the webserver.


This particularly advanced course is for those who are familiar with the basics of this and want to know more about it to improve their efficiency of working.


●     Course Details:

  • Overview and basics of this particular course.
  • Working with functions.
  • Data validation.
  • Working with the templates.
  • Sorting and filtering data.
  • Working with reports.
  • Formatting
  • What-if analysis.
  • Final Assignments.


●     Course duration:

  • Here are 20 sessions in this course.
  • Each session is for one hour. So there will be 20 hours of training.


●     Fees:

  • The fees for this course are ₹6,500.


6.  Softpro computer education:


Softpro is an internationally reputed academy. They are working in this field for the last 25 years thus they have good experience. They have trained more than 15,000 students. And 11,000 plus students started working professionally,


They conducted 1,153 batches in the past 25 years and trained students. Advanced Excel is one of their famous course where they cover everything that revolves around it. They have small batches of 8 to 10 students thus, they can give personal attention.


The mentors are highly trained, certified, and experienced. And they are very friendly, supportive, and patient that eases the whole learning process.


Graduates, postgraduates, or anyone having basic knowledge of computers can join this course. You will get the certificate after completing all the assignments. They give a 100% placement guarantee. This is definitely one of the best Excel learning courses in Mumbai.


●     Course details:

  • There are three modules under this subject. These three modules will give you some good information and will clear all your doubts and queries. One module is an advanced-level course, the second one is a corporate advanced-level course, and the last one is macros in advance excel.


●     Course Duration:

  • The duration of this course is four weeks. There are three batches.
  • Morning batches: 7:30-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm
  • Afternoon batches: 7:30-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm
  • Evening batches: 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm.
  • They have weekend and fast track batches, where you can complete this course in a shorter period.


●      Fees:

  • The total cost of this is 7,750 bucks. But currently, they are offering discounts. So, this course will cost around 4,950/-


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What is the cost of Excel learning courses?
  • It depends on the particular course you opt for. Usually, it costs around Rs. 9000 to Rs. 10000


  1. Can I learn Excel in 10 days?
  • If you work hard and put all your dedication into learning Excel, then you can learn this within one week even.


  1. How can I learn Excel quickly?
  • To learn Excel quickly, you can join learning courses where the mentors will provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance. Also, you have to practice a lot and start creating charts and tables.




For several years technology is making our lives easy. And this specific program is the most used computer program. Learning this will make your work-life easy. There are many institutes in Mumbai that provide knowledge from basics to advanced levels.


Sign up for any of these courses, if you are interested in learning Excel and want to build your career in this field. All the above-mentioned Excel learning courses in Mumbai are quite popular. They have good rankings and reviews from their students. Just analyze your interest and career path and attend one of these courses.


I hope this article will add some value to your life and it will be helpful to you to choose the right course for you.


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