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Best PPC Strategies to Try for Increased ROI In 2024

If you are a big fan of Pay-per-click marketing to spur quick results for your business, then this article brings to you the most suitable PPC Strategies. Read on to know about PPC marketing and the best practices to follow.

Best PPC Strategies to Try for Increased ROI

PPC or Pay Per Click –

Pay per click is one of the most popular ways of digital marketing, increasing your earnings on your content i.e. on blogs or videos. It is the amount a person gets from the advertiser when clicked on the ad by any viewer.

As we all know that earning through online platforms is now becoming more common and effective. PPC has always been the most common way to earn through online platforms.

Pay per click helps not only the blogger but also the advertising company and the viewer as well. It has helped many viewers to get knowledge about certain companies and their products and services. It is a great way to spread awareness to people. And earn money as a blogger and also good for the company.

Apart from a blogger’s point of view, PPC strategies are the most commonly used strategies by any business to increase their reach of the business to large audiences to spread brand awareness and recognition for the benefits for their business.

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Here I’ll Be Talking About The Benefits Of PPC Strategy For A Blogger/Vlogger –

There are many reasons why a social media content creator should use such strategies.

Helps In Reaching More Advertising Companies – Once you start adding advertisements, you can always increase the number according to the requirements of your blog or videos.

Helps In Earning More Money – This is the most common way of earning through online platforms. As you can add many advertisements, it can increase the chances of clicks on it.

Act As An Awareness Spreader Through Your Blogs Or Videos – Advertisements are annoying to some but still helpful to many, so adding them to your blog is a great way to spread knowledge.

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Reasons not to add too many advertisements for a blogger/vlogger –

As There Are Advantages About PPC, There Are Disadvantages As Well, Which Are –

Annoying For Views – People do like to read or watch blogs and videos without being interrupted by unnecessary advertisements. People sometimes leave the article page or the video because of too many advertisements.

Decrease Your Watch Time – It affects your watch time, since people leave it in between, it does get affected.

Many Advertisements Without Click Don’t Pay – Not every advertisement is helpful for everyone, it gets wasted sometimes when not clicked.

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Types of PPC Advertisements –

  • Search Advertising – These ads are those which are run on platforms like google ads as it works based on searching any particular keywords.
  • Display Advertising – These ads are in the form of banners, posters, infographics which are very creative and useful for the viewers.
  • Social Media Advertising – These ads are run on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and these can be used by different businesses, who can get more audience through these platforms and is the PPC Strategies to try in 2021.
  • Retargeting Advertising – After advertising and getting information about the business marketing requirements, retargeting becomes easy and more beneficial as it provides a better idea about future campaigns. And it is a loop as these ads are visible to all the selected audiences.
  • Sequential Remarketing – It is another type of remarketing, where not all the selected audience can see your ads but the audience which once interacted with your business can get the option to connect again.
  • Google Shopping Advertising – These are the ads that come with product and price details when you search about a particular product on Google. It is the most effective and best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.
  • Video Advertisements – Youtube is the biggest example of these types of ads. The ads which are in the form of videos are Video advertisements and they are a bit expensive yet the best PPC Strategies.
  • Sponsored G-Mail Advertisements – These are the ads that are followed by almost every business and are budget-friendly marketing. Initially, it can be free of cost too for few businesses and helps in reaching a large audience. It comes among the best PPC Strategies.

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4 C’s of PPC –

  • CTR/Click Through Rate – CTR is the number of clicks on a particular link shown on google. It is a Google algorithm. For example, if Google has shown a link 1000 times and it has been clicked 100 times. The CTR will be 10%. We have to make sure to improve CTR to increase the rate i.e. increasing the number of shoes. You have to add long-term keywords, negative keywords and not use broad matches.
  • CPC/Cost Per Click – CTR affects CPC- cost per click is the amount a digital marketer pays when your ad is running on the internet. You have to improve your CTR to get less CPC for the most benefit.
  • CPA/Cost Per Acquisition – This is the amount of money spent to convert one click into a client. For this, a digital marketer has to play smart and should make sure not to spend a high amount on each client, as if the conversion rate is slow in comparison to the money spent then it is not a healthy way to market your product or services.
  • CR/Conversion Rate – Conversion Rate is the percentage of the Cost per acquisition as this rate tells you how much you gained by running an ad online. There are ways to improve it. A major one is through your website; your landing page should be easy to use and fast. UI/UX should be good and loading should be less.

The Best PPC Strategies To Try

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using long-tail keywords makes it easier for the customer to search for what he/ she is looking for. It’s like adding a descriptive feature of the product and service. So, for a digital marketer, it is advisable to use long-tail keywords for increasing the CTR of the business. It is the easiest and one of the best PPC Strategies.

Negative Keywords

This can be explained through an example. If a person from India is searching for a scooter, then there are chances that he/ she will find a Bajaj scooter and not a scooty which is also a type of scooter in other areas, so the negative keyword here is scooter as you are selling scooty and not a scooter.

Brand Awareness 

It is the major reason a company should use PPC to provide details about the business to different people. It provides brand awareness and this is why it is the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.

Advertising On Many Platforms 

This is the most basic step one can take to expand the business online. Advertising on various platforms will create more awareness and more clicks on the link will help anyone grow. The biggest platform is Google Ads but advertising on Instagram and Facebook and even Youtube can be beneficial.

Finding The Most Suitable Platform

Running your ad on multiple platforms can also help you know which platform has helped you get the maximum audience and this can help run your ads accordingly. For example, if ads on google are giving more reach than youtube. Then running more ads on google is more beneficial.

Remarketing Campaigns

This means that you can repeatedly do marketing for your product or service on any online platform. If you feel that your campaign is showing good results for a targeted audience, remarketing the same advertisement can be beneficial for your business. It will ensure reaching everywhere and so it is the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.

Target Audience

As mentioned in the second point that remarketing should be done, similarly interacting with the same audience can be helpful as it provides the existing audience a better view of your business. It will ensure reaching everyone and so counts as one of the best PPC Strategies to try.

Location Target 

It is not only important to focus on the remarketing and audience but also important to focus on the area you are existing in. Initially, people miss this point but it is very crucial to include it as there are chances that an interested customer belongs to a non-reachable area.

Content is the King 

The content should add value to the advertisement and making it creative is very crucial. So, content should be focused a lot and should be appealing to the viewer. Creating the best content without any compromise is the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021 and the future.

Adding Ad Extensions 

Ad extensions can help you upgrade your ads. Different types of ad extensions can be added to get the maximum reach of your business. Different types are :

●        Price Extensions– It is that extension where the business is mentioning the range of the product and services they offer. It is the easiest way to get people attracted to your product as it becomes easy for them to know the prices of the product or service. It also sets a targeted audience and very clear competition in the market for business growth.

●        Message Extensions- It is the extension that allows the user to connect with you easily through a text or WhatsApp message and there are different ways you can use the message extension that is the interface can be through a chat box or a pop-up message.

●        Call Extensions– Adding your phone number is the way you can let anyone reach you, so adding call extensions is extremely beneficial.

●        Promotion Extensions – You can add promotion options as well in your ads. For example 30% off on any product or service.

Creating Creative Ads

To make your advertisement more customer engagement, you can add extra options like an interactive video, a Q&A session, or other interesting questionnaires to make it more engaging. It is all about being creative nowadays and it’s the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.


When it comes to PPC’s strategies, making sure that your advertisements can be run through a phone is very essential as most of the population is comfortable with using phones, so it makes it easy for the customer to connect with you. It is the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021 and for the future for the comfort of the viewers.


It is the most significant step to run a business these days as it provides authenticity to the business and also provides surety to the existing clients and the new clients. Things to focus on while creating a website:

●        Landing Page- It is the foremost step when a customer visits your website. So making it easy to use and creative is most important.

●        Loading Page- After reaching the page and accessing the website, it is very important to ensure that the website is loading quickly without wasting the customer’s time.

Increasing Sales

After putting all these efforts into engaging with the audience, the main focus was and is always to increase the sales and this can only be achieved if all these strategies are followed on the right platform and for the right audience keeping the budget in track.


It is the last step about PPC strategies but one of the most essential steps, as your whole marketing campaign depends on it. It is highly suggested to start with the least amount as it won’t affect your business even if things don’t work out for your business. Marketers should ensure that the CPC and CTA should not exceed CTR. Maximizing the budget with time can be the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.

Voice Search

It is a part of new technology which is not so new as people tend to forget to work on this. So, this should be followed while running an ad or adding long-tail keywords in your planner. It is the newest, unique and one of the best PPC Strategies to try in 2021.

Dynamic Keywords

Adding not only long-tail keywords or negative keywords is enough, dynamic keywords should be used. As a user preference can vary from time to time, so the content should be made according to the market’s needs.

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If you have maximized your budget and have created an application for your business, then making sure it is a customer-friendly app is a must, and ensuring that the marketing is done the right way for the app is important. This will help to get maximum leads, which can be converted after targeting and give long-term benefits.


  1. Budget-Friendly – PPC is very budget-friendly, they usually start with a minimum amount of 1$ and it can be used by businesses of any level but it is important to ensure that the right strategies are used for your business type for maximum outcome.
  2. Increasing Web Traffic – PPC strategies help in engaging maximum people into your product or service as the ads are shown to your targeted audience which can be converted easily after they show a little interest.
  3. Targeted Clients – PPC helps you reach maximum people but the right audience for your business as only the interested audience will engage with your ad.
  4. Retarget – PPC can help you in retargeting the audience which was not converted earlier and can give a clear picture about the interested audience and whom you can try to target again.
  5. Get Instant Results – It helps in calculating clear results which are usually instantly achievable and are hassle-free and can help you make a better business plan for the future.
  6. High Returns On InvestmentYou can have high ROI as it is an easy and small investment but does give great results which are achievable if followed in the right way.
  7. Brand Recognition – It helps in giving your brand recognition for a large audience and area as per your requirements.
  8. Measurable – The results are measurable and can be checked and worked on accordingly easily and regularly.
  9. Fast – It is a fast way to reach maximum audience and area quickly as basic tools are required for digital marketing.
  10. Customizable – And it can be customized according to the business needs at any point in time, only the creative skills are most required to have the best outcomes.

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  1. Time-Consuming – PPC can be time-consuming and needs proper plans to implement the strategies according to your business needs, patience is most required when advertising your business.
  2. Sometimes Expensive – It can get expensive sometimes as it needs a skilled person to apply all these PPC strategies to your business and multiple platform marketing and continuous marketing needs maximum budget.
  3. Skills Required – A person needs to learn digital marketing or hire a specialist to apply these strategies to the business.
  4. No Guaranteed Sales – There is no guarantee on the ROI. It can be high a few times and low for other times, so it doesn’t ensure guaranteed results. It is like a business only, which doesn’t ensure profit or loss. But a fair idea can be shared before every deal.
  5. Competitive – The market is highly competitive and it becomes difficult to stay in the competition; it requires a lot of effort, consistency, and patience.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Are PPC strategies effective?

This is unpredictable as no guarantee can be ensured in any business. However, if the plans are strong and marketing is done with the right strategies and creative campaigns then it can be effective.

Is PPC expensive?

A business can create PPC strategies according to its budget. It can vary from medium to high range according to the type of advertising and on several platforms.

What skills are required for running PPC ads?

Basic digital marketing skills are required for running any basic to advance form of advertisements on the internet. Anyone can learn digital marketing or can also hire a digital marketer to increase the marketing of your business.

Conclusion –

PPC is the most effective way for brand awareness and recognition if done with proper skills about deciding the right audience and right platform and with medium to high budget and can boost your sales with consistency and patience. So, if you are sure about using it then start with minimum investment and examine and take future steps accordingly.

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