Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Courses by Google | Get Certified

Whether it is being the most widely used search engine or the other digital services it offers, Google definitely has an extraordinary role to play in the “Online World”. However, there are many ways one can use google to scale the online presence of their business, drive leads, and improve sales. This is only possible if one has the correct knowledge of the resources made available by Google such as Analytics, Keyword Tool, Webmaster, etc. 


Google Digital Marketing Certification Courses




There are a total of 10 digital marketing certification courses offered by Google to help people better understand the use of numerous resources and tools by Google that can literally build and scale the online presence of any organization.


Plus, these being certification courses, the candidates who earn this certification can then be recognized as “Google Certified Professionals” and can make money by helping other organizations scale their online presence through their knowledge as certified digital marketing professionals.


The SEO Techniques were developed after it was believed that Google search engine functions on certain algorithms to rank any result. So, basically from SEO to all the other efforts we make to make any blog or site rank amongst the top results is Google optimized.


Google itself offers some digital marketing courses to make people understand the fundamentals on which it works and what are the right and necessary practices of digital marketing.


People have started to become more aware of the fact that in the next few years when the industry is entirely being operated online, there will be a huge amount of vacancies for digital marketers, and being a Google certified digital marketer is always a plus to find a better placement.


Many digital marketing courses by Google offer training on some of the very important aspects of digital marketing such as Adwords, search engine, advertising, and many others.


Interestingly, these Google digital marketing courses are not just for knowledge but one can be Google certified by passing the certification examination after completion of each of these courses.


These digital marketing courses by Google are very important for anyone looking for a serious career in digital marketing, this is because being Google certified is a mark of authenticity, and people can now trust one with their products or services that are to be marketed.


In these digital marketing courses by Google, the students are fed with necessary information about digital marketing strategies, procedures, and practices to be exercised as the digital marketing industry keeps updating at a very fast pace.


Mentioned below are the top 10 digital marketing certification courses by Google, that aspiring digital marketers and professionals can take to learn the core fundamentals and in-depth concepts of digital marketing.




#1. INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MARKETING- Google Digital Unlocked Course (Sign Up Here)


To excel in any task or activity, learning the fundamentals or the basic knowledge about that thing is highly essential. The same is the case with a digital marketing course by Google.


This digital marketing course by Google is called “Google Digital Unlocked“. Google also organizes the Google digital unlocked event once a year.


It is one of the most recommended digital marketing courses which primarily focuses on the core fundamentals of digital marketing and it is very practical allowing the students to engage with the modules and other real-world examples helping them to learn the practical application of digital marketing strategies and practices.


The “Google Digital Unlocked” is absolutely free for all and it is a very nice approach by Google to make people understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is a very huge industry and the terms of digital marketing are changing at a very fast pace, therefore to make people aware of the very basics on which the entire digital marketing framework is done, this digital marketing course by Google helps students and even professionals to understand those basics.


In Google Digital Unlocked, several modules are covered which are highly essential for people who want a serious career in content writing.


Some of the modules covered in this digital marketing course by Google are SEO, Social media marketing, Digital marketing skills, and a lot more.


Google Digital Unlocked is a short preview of the essential digital marketing skills and techniques or we can consider it as a context for digital marketing strategies to be learned that are required to make progress in a digital marketing career.


In this digital marketing course by Google, students are provided very necessary and important information and knowledge regarding what could be the best approach in the present time when the internet is at full scale and almost everyone generating online content.


Here are some of the best features of the “Google Digital Marketing Course”:




The Google Unlocked Digital Marketing Certification Course is the best fit for every single person who wants to build a career in digital marketing and also for the one who has a career in digital marketing.


The suitable candidates for this digital marketing course include aspiring digital marketers, students, professionals, and even entrepreneurs who can be benefitted from this digital marketing course.


Many CEOs, start-up owners, and people who operate a business are reported to attend the digital unlocked event that is organized once a year, for there is so much to learn from such a digital marketing course by Google.




At this point when everything is being operated through the internet, everyone is aware of the importance of having an online presence.


Whether it is through social media or a website, but having an online appearance can increase the audience reach exponentially. Presenting oneself is not enough. There are ways to put forward content that works as per expectations.


This digital marketing course by Google allows one to understand how digital marketing works for businesses, and how important it is for businesses to optimize their online content according to the present standards.




In this world where we have to pay for almost everything, what could be better than this digital marketing course by Google which provides so much value through video lectures and certification for absolutely free?


Although the knowledge and information provided here are highly fundamental and it is the very first step of learning digital marketing, still having this knowledge for free is absolutely no loss.


The above mentioned were the features of Google digital unlocked- a digital marketing course by Google that offers the very vital and core fundamental information and knowledge for digital marketing.



#2. Adwords Fundamentals Course (Sign Up Here)

Google Adwords Certification Course

Before learning about the Adwords Fundamentals, a Digital Marketing Course by Google, we need to understand advertising and its essentials first:


Advertising is a very necessary skill for marketers. Especially in digital marketing, advertising, and doing that in the best way possible leads to results. Advertising as an industry has grown so much that we in the past decades have come across several varieties of it.


For example, influencer marketing was always there but it was limited to tv commercials, but these days when social media platforms have successfully achieved millions of daily active users, influencers market products more effectively and efficiently over those platforms.


When we people as humans are curious about anything, we subconsciously try to figure out what benefits it could do to us, and it’s a very natural behavior to find values for self-benefit.


And we as humans also possess the quality to sense very easily when someone is trying to trick us into buying something and we get demotivated instantly for we know that all the features of attraction are to make a sale happen.


This is why advertisements and advertisers have to be smarter.


Digital Ads Taking Over TV Commercials:


In 2017, almost $209 billion was spent worldwide on marketing, and nearly $179 billion alone were spent on TV commercials, which means less than $31billion were spent on digital advertising through the internet, but with changing times these figures flipped rapidly and in 2018, digital marketing through the internet spent $40 billion more than what was being spent on TV commercials worldwide.


Now, these facts and figures could easily explain the terms through which the entire advertising industry changed.


This digital marketing course by Google is called the Adwords fundamentals course which makes it very clear, what this course is about.


About the AdWords Fundamentals Digital Marketing Course:


Advertising through AdWords is a much-known method used by digital marketers and this digital marketing course by Google helps to understand the right approach for a variety of audiences and the kind of strategies to use for advertising through AdWords.


As mentioned in the above facts, the digital marketing industry outshines the regular stereotype tv commercials and therefore the larger crowd is towards the digital marketing field.


To stand out and reach their audience, one has to be careful and smart about how well they use these strategies and the AdWords fundamental digital marketing course by Google is all about those strategies only.


This digital marketing course by Google on Adwords Fundamentals also helps students to prepare for the examination which upon qualifying, the students will be provided with the Google AdWords Certification.


Here are some of the modules of this digital marketing course by Google:


Adwords exam study guide


As mentioned above the students have to pass an exam which is conducted by Google after completion of each course to achieve the Google certification.


The AdWords exam study guide is a module in the AdWords fundamentals digital marketing course by Google which helps the students prepare better for the AdWords examination qualifying which one will be considered as Google certified.


There are several benefits to this AdWords exam and being Google certified. Being Google certified increases the chances for better opportunities as a digital marketer as well as increases one’s understanding about advertising their product or services by appearing on the search results.


This teaches a lot about keyword research, the use of keywords, and how to use AdWords effectively.


Adwords Refresher Guide


This just the revised and brief form of the Adwords exam study guide. This can also help for quick revision of what one has learned so far through the AdWords fundamentals digital marketing course by Google.


Google Academy for Ads


This is another important module in the Adwords fundamentals digital marketing course Google. This helps the students to learn about the tools and products by Google which are essential for advertisement purposes.


Guide to Adwords Success


Not very technical, this guide makes one understand the reason, Adwords is important. This also tells about the benefits of AdWords over the regular methods of advertising and how well can it perform to make a business or an organization find profits.


This module is also very important for it teaches one the methods to track the campaigns done through it and how well they have performed so far.


Building Relevant Ads with ad extensions


This module about customizing ads and according to one’s needs to increase the clicks on them.


Building the best keyword list


This module offers a lot of knowledge about keyword research and its use. Having the skill of finding out relevant keywords that could be used for AdWords advertisement is very essential.


This helps the marketer or the advertiser to target the audience who are more likely to click on the ads.


Campaign Settings


This module offers lessons about customizing ads through campaign settings to make your advertisement visible to a diverse yet relevant audience and also the appearance of the ads.


3 Steps to budget smarts


This module is much about the financial aspects of managing ad campaigns.


#3. Search Advertising Course (Sign Up Here)

Search Advertising Adwords Certification Digital Marketing Course by Google

This digital marketing course by Google helps the digital marketer or the advertiser to reach out to the people amongst their audience individually by appearing in their search results.


This is done by selecting some keywords through proper research. The keywords used for making the content pieces appear in the search results for advertising are related to the theme and not just any random keyword which is searched too much by the people.


This digital marketing course by Google helps students understand how effectively and efficiently one could do search engine advertising.


This strategy is one of the most practiced strategy and therefore it is important to enroll in this course as many marketers and advertisers have been tremendously benefitted through this.


It is very practical to understand why this is so important. If we consider our practical life, we often find ads whenever we search for something and the same ad would appear to millions of others who search for the same thing.


Thus, this increases the chances of one visiting the link through the ad because there is a greater chance of one being interested in what is being shown through the ad, as the audience targeted is relevant to the ad topic.


Search advertising course is done by many many marketers and it is a highly recommended course for the newcomers who seriously want to build a career in digital marketing


This digital marketing course by Google can help one understand the terminology of how search advertising works. The following are the modules that will be offered through the search advertising digital marketing course by Google:


Search Advertising Study Guide:


Just like the above course mentioned this one also has an exam to qualify. All the digital marketing courses by google have exams that one needs to qualify to become Google certified.


The search engine advertising study guide takes the students through the necessary points and topics of the search advertising digital marketing course by Google, to help the student prepare for the examination.


Search Refresher Guide:


The search and refresher guide is a brief and revised form of the search advertising study guide. It is just the compact version of the search advertising study guide, which works like a quick reminder of important topics.


This is a very important module of this digital marketing course by Google as it takes one through the important points and acts as a quick revision tool for the learners.


Introduction to Remarketing Lists:


This is a very important module that comes up with an advanced way of communicating with the audience. It helps one send direct messages to relevant people at the right time using RLSA.


The above mentioned were the modules offered by the search advertising digital marketing course offered by Google. These modules are very necessary to qualify for the certification examination by Google.


#4. Display Advertising Course (Sign Up Here)

Display advertising is a very interesting and effective way of advertising. From the term Display advertising, we can easily understand that this digital marketing course by Google deals with how the ads appear to the consumer.


The appearance of the ads can be customized by the advertiser. In this digital marketing course by Google, the advertisers and marketers are taught to make their ads appear at places where they are most likely to be visited by the consumer.


This is done by placing ads on social media sites and other websites or applications where most spend most of their time. The ads should also appear when the content being viewed by the user is relevant to the ad topic. This increases the chances of people visiting the ad.


Display advertising is a very useful, effective, and efficient method of advertising which has proven benefits. Marketers use this method of advertising on a very large scale.


This is the reason, the display advertising digital marketing course by Google is highly recommended for students, professionals, and marketing enthusiasts.


Just like the above-mentioned digital marketing courses by Google, this also has an exam that the students have to pass to become Google certified.




This module of the digital marketing course by Google for display advertising helps the students precisely learn the topics required for the examination.


The topics in this module are well elaborated to help the students understand and perform better in the exam.


Exam-Oriented, this course proves to be very useful for beginners as this breaks down the entire digital marketing course by Google into several topics making it way easier for students to study the display advertising course.


This is a very necessary module that should be very thoroughly studied by the student to have a clear understanding of this digital marketing course by Google.


Refresher Guide:


It is the same as the previous module but presented as a brief version. It could be considered as a compact study guide for the display advertising digital marketing course by Google.


This is a very helpful element for quick learners or those who want to quickly go through the important topics before the exam.


This covers all the important points of the digital marketing course by Google. This is also a very important module of the display advertising digital marketing course by Google.


Highly preferred by students and professionals, this module has proven benefits as it helps one easily understand the topics which are likely to be asked in the examination.


This module could be used as a great tool for the revision of the entire digital marketing course by Google to become a Google certified marketer or advertiser.


So, the above-mentioned points make it clear that this module is a very necessary part of the display advertising digital marketing course by Google which is a must for those preparing for the examination.


Display Settings:


This module is a very technical approach towards the display advertising digital marketing course by Google. The display setting is very helpful for beginners to understand the technical depths of the display advertising digital marketing course by Google.


The topics here help one to clearly understand the ways to use the Google display network.


The display settings make the advertising campaigns easy as the advertiser can now customize the appearance of ads.


Display advertising is one of the most used strategies by marketers to advertise and in the next 3-4 years, this technique is going to be used by hundreds of thousands of marketers and the number will continue to grow for the next decade.


The above-mentioned details show how effective is the display advertising digital marketing course by Google and therefore these points justify the reasons why one should go for this digital marketing course by Google.


Introduction to remarketing:


Marketing itself is a very gigantic industry that finds its application in almost every industry, especially businesses.


Business owners and start-ups often market their products with unique visions to make their products or service stand out amongst others.


There are so many marketing strategies and techniques involved in a successful marketing campaign that converted leads or made good sales.


For very valid reasons a lot of people skip a lot of marketing and advertising strategies.


This module offered by the display advertising digital marketing course by Google helps the advertisers and marketers understand that remarketing can be done to compensate for the skipped strategies.


This module by display advertising digital marketing course by Google is a very important module that covers many relevant topics related to remarketing.


The above-mentioned points and their descriptions make it very clear that the display advertising digital marketing course in Google is quite important for aspiring marketers and advertisers, especially Google certification is the reason why many professionals recommend this Digital marketing course by Google.


Setting up Remarketing:


After the introduction to remarketing, once the student had been through the fundamentals of remarketing, it’s time for him to be provided with details that they can use to execute the idea of remarketing.


And this is done through another module of this digital marketing course by Google, called Setting up remarketing.


In this module, the students learn about the entire procedure to set up a remarketing structure.


#5. Mobile Advertising Course 

Mobile Advertising Digital Marketing Certification Course by Google

A decade ago, no one could even imagine the developed modes of communication that we use now.


Smartphones have brought tremendous changes in society, and these changes have doubled after the evolution of social media.


The basic definition of marketing is the use of strategies to make a product, or a service or an idea may be, reach as many people as possible.


In a world where everybody operates smartphones to connect to the rest of the world, advertising through mobile is possibly the best digital marketing technique to advertise a product.


This digital marketing course by Google allows the user to understand the effects and capacities of mobile advertising. This course also conducts an exam which after qualifying, one would be considered as a Google certified marketer.


Here are some of the modules covered in this digital marketing course by Google.


Exam Study Guide:


The exam study guide has all the important topics about advertising and marketing through mobile and its technicalities.


This module in the mobile advertising digital marketing course by Google covers the entire syllabus of this course as it is specially meant to help students prepare for the examination.


The module covers all the topics which are necessary and most likely to be asked in the exam. This is a must for the people preparing for the Google certification examination.


The topics covered in this module of the digital marketing course by Google are targeting the audience for mobile advertising, estimation, etc.


The exam study guide is a very important and necessary resource that one can use to smoothly get through the examinations and become Google certified.


So to have a clear understanding of mobile advertising and qualify for the Google certification exam, one must go through this module thoroughly.


Refresher Guide:


The refresher guide can be considered as the compact version of the exam study guide of the mobile advertising digital marketing course by Google.


The same topics which are discussed in the exam study guide of this digital marketing course by Google are briefly mentioned here.


This module of the mobile advertising digital marketing course can be used as a great resource for quick learning or revision.


This is especially for students to quickly overview what all they have learned so far from this digital marketing course by Google.


The module has benefitted many marketers and advertisers to become Google certified as it covers all the necessary topics that are likely to be asked in the examination.


So the above-mentioned details are the reason this refresher guide is as important as the exam study guide.


This is why experts and professionals suggest the mobile advertising digital marketing course by Google.


Mobile Ads:


In a world where almost everyone is in a rush, people look at phones for their needs and barely find themselves paying attention to any ads.


The ads presented must be able to provide value and along with that, the appearance also matters a lot.


This is why a mobile advertising digital marketing course by Google has these modules t make people understand to get the audience’s attention.


By going through this module of the digital marketing course by Google, one can understand the terminologies of placing mobile ads.


This module clearly explains the importance of mobile ads and how they can be executed.


This digital marketing course by Google is well recommended by experts to the students, aspiring marketers, and advertisers, and even professionals.


The above-mentioned points and their description clearly state the modules of the mobile advertising digital marketing course by Google.


#6. Video Advertising Course (Sign Up here)

Video Advertising Adwords Course by Google

Video is one of the easiest and most incredible forms of communication. Especially in the time we live in, video advertising is the easiest and effective advertising strategy.


Video content travels way faster than any other medium and therefore video advertising has become popular over recent years.


Now that access to fast internet has become so much easier, video advertising is a thing.


In this digital marketing course by Google, the students learn about how to place video ads or how to create one.


Including this, the course conducts an exam that has to be qualified to become Google certified marketer or advertiser.


Here are some of the modules of this digital marketing course by Google:


Exam Study Guide:


This exam study guide will help children prepare for the examination. It covers almost all the necessary topics of the entire digital marketing course by Google. It is a great resource for students to prepare for the examination.


The topics covered here are most likely to be asked in the examination. The module of this digital marketing course by Google is very well designed to make students understand the fundamentals of video advertising.


It covers some topics such as managing Google display Networks and promotions through Youtube.


It is a must for one trying to prepare for the exam qualifying which, one will be considered Google certified.


There is a lot to learn from this digital marketing course by Google and it has benefitted many professionals to build a stable career in digital marketing.


Refresher Guide:


This module is the same as the above one explained succinctly. It could be called a compact version of the exam study guide of video advertising digital marketing course by Google.


This is a great resource for students who can use it for very quick revision and for overviewing the entire course quickly.


Many students, aspiring marketers, and professionals who have been through this digital marketing course have suggested going through this module as it has to point answers to important questions that are more likely t be asked in the exam.


So the refresher guide is also extremely important for students who want to revise or just have a quick overview of what has been taught so far.


Types of Video Ads:


After the exam study guide and refresher guide, this module is the next important thing to be followed by the students who are learning this digital marketing course by Google.


The above modules were pure fundamentals of how and what to do with video advertising. This is a pretty important topic as it takes the student through the necessary points such as the types in which video ads could be generated.


It depends upon the type of consumers you have and how your ad can benefit them. Therefore this module has to be taken a bit more seriously.


For students to be clear about video advertising, this is an important module to learn and qualify for the exam to become Google certified.


Selling Adwords for Video:


Using Adwords for advertising through video content is another such great technique. This module is useful as it helps one understand how to use AdWords for promoting video content which means, keyword targeting and also SEO for video content.


How to Make Video Ads:


This module of the digital marketing course by Google allows one to learn how to generate video advertisements through Google-powered Youtube.


It is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing. The platform itself is so crowded that one needs some good strategies to stand out.


This module is all about the making of video promotions and video content that advertises effectively.


The above-mentioned points and their descriptions are the reason why a digital marketing course by Google is highly recommended.


#7. Shopping Advertising Course (Sign Up Here)

Shopping Advertising Adwords Digital Marketing Certification Course by Google

Whenever we are looking for any product, Google shows up with many products showing their prices and images that are done through shopping advertising.


This digital marketing course by Google is somewhat like direct marketing. In this digital marketing course by Google, people learn to advertise their products directly to individuals through Google.


Just like the rest, this digital marketing course by Google conducts an examination, qualifying which one will be considered as a Google certified advertiser or marketer.


The topics covered in this digital marketing course by Google are Setting up a google merchant center account and optimizing shopping campaigns.




This is useful for those who are preparing for the Google certification examination. This is also effective for understanding the fundamentals of shopping advertising.


Shopping advertising is mostly needed by businesses engaged in distributing or directly selling products.




This is a compact version of the exam study guide for shopping advertising digital marketing course by Google. This is a great resource for revision purposes, as one can quickly go through all the modules.


This also covers the topics which are most likely to be asked in the Google certification examination. A lot of people have been benefitted from this and therefore it is a recommended module.


The above-mentioned points and their descriptions make it clear that the shopping advertising digital marketing course by Google is very useful especially for the people who either distribute or directly sell products.


#8. Analytics Course

Google Analytics Course

The analytics digital marketing course by Google is useful to learn how to track the insights about how good or bad the ads are performing. Not just the ads but also the content one puts out on the internet.


The modules covered in this course are how to track insights and analytics, how analytics work, and how to use analytics tools.


This is a very useful course as one needs to keep track of how well their content performs, to analyze whether or not some changes could be done for better performance.


At the end of this course, an exam is conducted qualifying which, one could be considered as a Google certified marketer or advertiser. 


To precisely learn the most about Google Analytics, one can enroll in the analytics digital marketing course by Google.


Here are some of the modules covered:




This is a principal course of the Analytics digital marketing course by Google which offers very fundamentals of how analytics works and what are its uses. This is a necessary element to be able to appear in the Analytics IQ test.


The analytics academy is very important even if one isn’t planning for the exam, this is because the amount of information this provides is remarkably helpful in keeping track of the published content and ads.


Analytics IQ study guide:


Now, this module is definitely for those who want to appear in the Analytics IQ test. This also covers all the topics which are likely to be asked in the Analytics IQ test.


Though the analytics academy has all of it, still this module is like a revision of those topics.


Adwords and Analytics:


The combined use of Adwords and analytics could tremendously benefit the advertiser through the processes of campaigning.


While Adwords would perform tasks like advertising, keyword targeting, and SEO, the analytics could be used to understand the Adwords behavior and therefore one could act accordingly to improve the performance of the content or Ads.


This is a very important module and one should understand it thoroughly. The topics learned to have very practical applications and therefore they should be highly emphasized.


Google Analytics (Smart Goals):


Smart goals are very important for advertisers and marketers to understand the ratio between the active users and the users who are not as frequent.


There are many other benefits of the Google analytics smart Goals, for this, it helps the advertiser or the marketer act smartly to gain a better and larger audience reach.


So, the above-mentioned point and their description make it clear that the analytics digital marketing course by Google is very useful and is recommended by experts and professionals.


#9. Tools and Best Practices


To create a successful Advertising campaign proper and effective use of all the information of modules mentioned throughout the article is important.


But along with this knowledge, to act practically one would require information and knowledge about Tools. These tools may or may not ease the process, but help in generating effective advertising campaigns.


In this digital marketing course by Google, the topics covered are Tools and their functions, uses of tools, and the best practices to make an advertisement perform up to its potential.


This course also helps one understand the performance of their competitors and studying trending marketing practices and keywords.


This is a highly recommended digital marketing course by Google. Many students, professionals, and aspiring marketers and advertisers are benefitted from it.


This is a must-learn digital marketing course by Google for one has to understand the functionalities of tools and where they perform the best.


This digital marketing course by Google is surely for those who are serious about building a career in Digital marketing or the advertising industry.




Google’s best practice guide is a principle course of the best practices digital marketing course by Google and has a lot of information to offer about the best marketing practices such as search engine marketing and Adwords tricks and tips.


As mentioned above, this digital marketing course by Google pays primary attention to the uses of tools. This digital marketing course by Google provides information and practical uses of tools like


        Google Planning Tools: These are pre-campaigning tools that are used to make the campaign stronger and louder.


        Keyword Planner and Display Planner: This tool is largely used for display advertising and also for AdWords. As learned in the display advertising digital marketing course by Google, these tools help the advertiser or the marketer to customize the ad appearance to make it more preferable, increasing the chances of being visited by the consumers.


        Google Trends: This is a very famous tool and used by many advertisers and marketers to keep up with the trending keywords to generate content accordingly.


        Consumer and  Barometer

There are many other tools, but these tools mentioned above are the primary and most important tools for strong and loud advertising campaigns.


Therefore the above-mentioned points and their descriptions are the reason why Tools and Best practices are highly recommended digital marketing courses by Google.


Those who are serious about building a career in Digital marketing should enroll in this digital marketing course by Google and get all the benefits.


#10. Google My Business Course

Google My Business Course

This Digital marketing course by Google provides essential information about operating a business online. While looking for outlets or service stations we often come across many local businesses and outlets nearby in Google, this happens because of the features of Google my business.


This feature allows business owners and stores to list themselves in Google search listings.


The digital marketing course by Google helps entrepreneurs and local business owners learn how to list their businesses online.


The course includes information about the following Data:


        Why is Google My Business Listing Important

        How to create and verify a Business Listing

        How to make changes to business information


In this digital marketing course by Google, methods to update the details of business including location and timings along with the verification procedure details are provided.


This digital marketing course by Google is very important for the local shop owners, outlet managers, and business owners as well.


Listing in Google searches can increase the chances of getting clients and customers.


The topics in this digital marketing course by Google helps one understand how effective and important it is to get listed amongst the search results.


The above-mentioned points and their descriptions are the reason why many professionals and experts recommend this digital marketing course by Google for entrepreneurs and local business owners.


Many businesses and stores have been benefited through this course and people who have gone through the learning process have recommended this for fellow entrepreneurs.


The topic taught is essential for business growth and is based on various case studies and analyses.



1. How to complete the digital marketing courses by Google? 

The Google digital marketing course is a self-paced program that incorporated 26 modules and 40+ hours of course materials and videos. You can learn at your own convenience and after completing all the modules you can sit for the online examination. Once you successfully pass the exam, you are given a certificate from Google.


2. Is Google Digital marketing Certification valuable? 

The two most advantageous qualities in the google digital marketing programs are that they are online self-paced programs and are inexpensive considering the other digital marketing programs available today. This enables everyone to learn about digital marketing and to apply them in their careers. It can definitely strengthen your fundamental understanding of the internet marketing world. Since it doesn’t require much financial investment it is feasible to initially take up the course and then proceed to the more advanced courses.


3. Can I get a job after completing the google digital marketing courses?

The Google Digital Marketing Courses offer you a valid certification upon completion of the course and passing the exam, you can display this certificate in various social media profiles and apply for jobs. It considerably bolsters your CV that can enable you to explore different job opportunities in the digital domain.




The above mentioned were the best digital marketing course by Google which is important for people looking to build a serious career in Digital marketing.


In a world where 60% of things are operated online, one has to learn these marketing practices through the digital marketing course by Google to outshine the crowd of millions.


These digital marketing courses by Google also conduct an examination, qualifying which one will be considered as a Google certified advertiser or marketer.


Being a Google certified marketer will highly increase the chances of getting clients with deals of high worth.


The marketing strategies learned through these digital marketing courses by Google are very practical and one can find the applications in almost every online operated industry.


The courses are for students, aspiring digital marketers and advertisers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and local business owners which means, almost everyone can avail of this digital marketing course and get the benefit.


So these were the best 10 digital marketing courses by Google that are highly recommended by experts and professionals for those who want a career in digital marketing and also for those who find the need to apply these strategies practically to boost their online assets.

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.
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    Though I have heard alot around digital unlock by Google.

  • I am passionate about learning marketing over the internet, so I decided to go through with a google digital marketing course. I am learning it from resources offered by Google and these are quite a well one. Digital Marketing courses by Google are equally relevant in context to all types of ads learning. I must recommend new entrepreneurs to learn before going live with your campaigns.

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  • Hello. I read this article and I am interested in taking this course. Actually I tried applying for this course twice but due to certain situation issues I couldn’t take part in their training program and the second one was the worst. Even though I tried to attend the classes I missed quite a few and they didn’t have any backup program or recording classes for the missed classes. So this time I want to ask you which of these institutes listed here can provide backup classes if any problem arises or if I just want to revise and go through their classes once more.

  • I am interested in this course. I read your article and I think I would like to take a demo class for this course before applying to it directly. Moreover there’s the issue with institute choice. I am confused which to join anyway and I have no idea regarding online institutes or their method of online teaching at all. I have never attended any classes before this. I am an intern at a soft ware company currently. I want to complete this course while I am interning so that I have time to learn all this thoroughly. It would be great if you can help me out.

  • Hello there. I saw this post when I was looking for google digital marketing online courses. I read your article and I must say you are very well informed about this course and its online platforms. I am sure you had to do your research work for putting this up. Thanks for all the hard work. I really appreciate this article and I think the platforms noted here summarized mostly all the online education portals quite well. I like this list and I wish to enroll at one of these institutes. Though I have yet to decide. Thanks a lot.

  • Hey there. I saw this post and I am interested in this training program. I joined a digital marketing course and I loved it. But it didn’t provide any internship training part, even if they promised earlier. Maybe there were some problems. And there are a few things I need to know which they didn’t explain. I see one institute listed here with the perfect curriculum I was looking for and also their course is free. Since I have already enrolled at a paid institute earlier this time I want it to be a bit different. Also thanks for this post. Nice work.

  • Hi. I just came across this article as I was looking for marketing courses. I was just thinking of taking a break from all of these and relaxing a bit. as I have already gone through a huge pile of articles and ii definitely can recite most of the online institutes by now. Though I have two institutes in mind, I wasn’t sure enough. And here I came across your article. Your article made me think twice about this joining procedure. I am now interested in these google certified courses. I want to know how are they different from other online institute training. What extra perks do they have?

  • I. Hello. I am interested in this marketing course. I want to know more about this course as I go along the line and I also would like to know about similar courses I can opt for, which may be similar to this course so I can easily blend in and understand and also that may help me in the marketing career in the future. Knowledge is a powerful weapon is used in the right way. I believe this and I love to learn about all new courses I can learn. And online institutes fulfill that requires a lot. I love your site and the article. And I want you to suggest to me on other online courses too. I hope you can reply back.

  • Hello. I read this post and I am interested in applying. I was looking for online courses when I came this course. Someone suggested me to look for google certified courses, and I found this post while looking. So far I liked the institutes you put up, but I have no idea on online institutes, so I would like to take a free class for this course at first, before jumping to somewhere else. I am an English graduate student, second year. So I am not sure how I will be able to cope up with this course. Thanks for this article though.

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  • Hello there. I am a finance student in my last year of university. I want to enroll in this course. Today mostly every company is in a want of a digital marketer. It’s such a demanding job nowadays. There’s also many other fields, which are also interesting and quite challenging. But I am interested in opting for this course and since its online it would save a lot of time. I thought it would be the perfect chance to learn something new. I am already in my graduation years so it’s the high time to look and enroll for courses that I am interested in. I am thinking of applying to this course after my exams are all over.

  • Hello sir. First of all, thank you. This is a very good article. I have been looking for marketing courses and I don’t know why, maybe its just my way of thinking but I seem to have found a bit more options on marketing courses than I ever found on any software programs online. So I was very very confused, among all of these institutes. I found this article as I was going through searching for google digital marketing courses. After going through your list I found a few institute that offered demo classes, and I loved that thing. So thanks a lot. It was possible because of your article, or else I would have to wonder about a few more days before applying anywhere.

  • Hey there. I was thinking of marketing courses when this article popped up on my screen. Well this was some great luck or coincidence you can say. Anyways I am very grateful that it did. I tried some other stream of study during this lockdown but nothing seemed to click my interest. I have completed my studies and I am currently preparing for banking. But this course interested me and I am really eager to know more about this course. so I don’t think there are any restrictions as to online admissions, but if there is I would like you to share that details me now. Could you kindly do so? It would be of much help.

  • Hey there. Thanks for uploading this article. I have been looking for google oriented marketing courses. But I didn’t get a good guide for helping me there. I was looking for online courses for some time. Also I took some time to differentiate between the pros and cons of attending an online paid institute and a course certified by google. Then again both seemed to be the best option for me no matter what anyone chooses. In many paid institutes there are demo classes available before enrolling, so is there something similar for this google platforms too? could you share this with me. I am very curious to know. And I like both of them so enrolling in anyone of them would be perfect.

  • Hey. I found this article as I was looking for digital marketing courses by google. I have heard before that there were online platforms worth checking out by google. And seems like I made the right choice. I found really cool online institutes here. This is a really nice article for this reason. So I was wondering if I can apply for them after just checking their online platform or are there any admission procedures or anything to it. if there is I think it would be best to know about it, since I just got admitted to college this year. So I am not sure if I am able to enroll or if there are any restrictions. So could you maybe help me?

  • Hey. I read this article. I was surprised to note that the institutes offering google certification were so highly sort after course. Because the last time I remember hearing of this course was all about online institutions, but none of them told me about google certified courses. I stumbled on this site accidently while looking for marketing courses. But this was a good find. I am impressed on learning so much about so many institutes here. And this is also a great site for different courses too. I am interested in online learning, so I found your blog really useful. Thanks so much. I will recommend this post to others. Because I know there are some who are interested in courses like this.

  • Hello sir. Good evening. I am interested in this course so I was looking for online training institutes. in one of the earlier articles I found the mention of google certified courses and I became interested in knowing more about it. I found your article as I was going through different articles and blogs in the previous sections. Though they were all listing the top institutes and platforms each time, but compared to their articles intro and yours it was quite different. I found your article to be more interesting. I am interesting in one of the platforms here. So lets see more about it. Also I will be looking forward to read more article like this. Thanks.

    • Hi Jagdish, if you are planning to join an institute I strongly recommend IIM SKILLS, but you can decide on the basis of your experience with us. We would like to welcome you to join us in our upcoming online free demo class Wednesday at 3 PM (IST), you can find more details at

  • Hey. I want to thank you for this upload. I read this post a few weeks ago and at last I got to start my journey this week. So I wanted to thank you. Previously on a site I heard that one shouldn’t mention any particular institute. So I am gonna skip that part. But believe me if anyone is looking for this course and has landed on this page, then you can choose any institute based on your convenience. These institutes are all very legit and are wonderful. There are other giant online institute organizations too, so you are free to choose. But it helped me a lot. So many many thanks for that.

  • Hello. I am interested in this course. I found your article when I was looking for digital marketing courses by google. I am interested in this marketing field. I wanted to learn digital marketing for a long time. Its one of the most popular course on online these days. I have heard about it from my friends a number of times. I am so excited to join this course. And it seems that my excitement doubled since I took a look at all these amazing institutes offering online courses. These are so great. And it also provides us with a chance to explore ourselves and join in internships to gain practical experience in this field.

  • Hello. Sir I am third year student at journalism and mass communication. I was exploring different online courses that were trending the most both at this time and also at the job market, and this was no doubt on the top list. I also became intrigued by this course and I would like to take the course so. I am having online classes on the weekdays so its not possible for me to attend classes during that time. So I would lie to take the weekend classes. I wanted to know how many hours does a class take during the weekends? Is it a bit longer than the classes held on the weekdays? Or is it the same. I hope to hear from you.

  • Hello. I am interested in this course and I want to know about the enrollment options, as I am working and I cant just attend any classes between morning and evening. So I guess I should go for the option of recorded sessions for my online classes but I am very much interested in conversational classes. So that it would feel like I am actually a part of a virtual classroom. But given my timings its really difficult. So what do you suggest? Do you think I can do or choose some options differently? I am very much interested in this marketing courses. Thanks for your article.

  • Hey. Thanks for listing this amazing ten online platforms. I have read many articles so far. And mostly like others too I have stumbled upon this post as I was looking for digital marketing courses by google. I am an economics second year major student and I want to participate in this course where the institute will allow me to take classes on my own free scheduled times. And also I can compete this training on my own time. If there’s a fixed rule regarding this then I would have some problems. Since I have to attend my college classes and there’s assignments too.

  • Hey. I am in interested in this course. But I have no prior knowledge about this course whatsoever. And I have been working as a writer for some time. So do you think I can apply for this course? or rather does this course sound good for me? I keep wondering about it, since it’s a completely different line that I have no idea too. This is a pretty good course with lots of growth and opportunity in this field. So I wanted to enroll in this course and I was hoping that I can digest this course and make use of the knowledge in a right way. So what do you think? Can you tell me about it more.

  • Good evening sir, I came across your article and I found a few institutes that I didn’t know about, since I am new to this whole program I am hoping to join the best institute out there. I was hoping if you can guide me to this thing and point out in institute that you would also like to participate in my case, what would it be. I saw this article as I was searching for digital marketing courses by google. And I believe that your guidance will help me a lot. I want your personal reviews about two or three institute among these. Or maybe I should say its these platforms.

  • This is very nice post all the details givdn here is so useful and all are as per the requirements this will help us in various projects keep on posting like this thanks

  • Let me be honest, in the last 3 years I am learning everything about google ads from Youtube, I got a job as well, but learning only provides you with limited knowledge, real-time work helps you to execute and learn from your mistakes. I strongly suggest people spend a few $$ to learn ads over youtube or courses.

  • Hi, I am Pallavi. I am a fresher in a Digital Marketing Company. I want to get certified so that I can see some growth in my career .I want to know about the google certification the article talks about. Does IIM skills provide this certification in their course?

    • Hi Suman,

      I am really not sure about the current situation however Google used to conduct Digital Unlock in an offline mode.

  • I liked the detailed introduction which you have provided in the beginning. Courses seem to be good as well. Can you please tell me in how many months can one start his digital marketing career after finishing this course? I am planning to take a mid-career break, then switch to the profession of marketing though I have few doubts. Is there any person I can specifically contact to?

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