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5 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Coimbatore With Placements

You aren’t looking for any digital marketing course in Coimbatore but the best one. Considering how fast and vastly the scope of digital marketing has grown over the past few years and even the last year, one can’t slack on while researching this course. That’s why we have made a list for you of the top 5 instead, so you can have an easier time making a decision about which course to take. 

digital marketing courses in Coimbatore

We really can’t doubt the importance of learning Digital Marketing anymore. As more and more people take to work from home and the increase of internet users, Digital Marketing is one of the ultimate tools for businesses to further their brand. You could be working in any section of the marketing industry and you would still need knowledge of Digital Marketing. Grabbing a hold of some knowledge in the field won’t only be useful to you in terms of job prospects, but it can open new avenues for you as a freelancer. 

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Active Digital Marketing Jobs In Coimbatore


So, let’s take a look at the top 5 of them. 

The Best 5 Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Rank #1.Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore


The Master Digital Marketing Course has one of the most comprehensive structures we have come across. Since it’s an online course, you don’t actually have to be in Coimbatore to further your understanding of the digital landscape. For 180 hours spanning three months, you can take live online classes where you communicate with your instructors and other students in real time. So, the course might be online, but it doesn’t feel isolated at all. 

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 34,900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)


Live online classes mean you have flexibility while choosing your course timing. And even if you don’t show up for the classes, you can go through the recordings later to catch up on what you missed. The course is updated regularly, so you are never behind on the trends as a new student. 

During the period of this course, you will rack up your skills by participating in over 15 live projects and get familiar with important digital marketing tools. Digital marketing also isn’t complete without studying all players in the industry. So, studying over 10 cases of success and failure is a must as well in the course.

The course module has a total of 40 chapters. By the end of it, you will be granted a Master Certification from IIM SKILLS, provided you pass the test. In preparing for the test, you will also be ready to pass 13 other certification courses related to digital marketing. This would be a nice way to build up your resume. 

Other than the classes of 3 months, as a student, you can get direct entry to their internship program of 3 months. By the end of it, you will have certificates, a letter of recommendation, and all the knowledge you need to launch your own agency in the digital marketing field. 

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You will gain knowledge on all aspects of the field. You could become a Youtuber and an affiliate marketer. You can launch your podcast on various well-known channels such as Spotify and Apple. You might even write a blog for the Times of India by the end. For someone who is strictly job-driven in taking the course, there would be over 300 placement opportunities. You will be thoroughly prepared for your interview by the mentors. IIM SKILLS has connections to huge companies. 

Students Are Working At

Hiring Partners


Once you join the course, you will have lifetime access to all the course contents. You could refresh your memory years later. To understand your job thoroughly, you can use the internet marketing tools provided by the institute that would give you a better experience.

The course is also structured in a way that it doesn’t matter who you were before, you could easily get into the industry. You could be a freshly graduated student or a housewife looking to restart her career, IIM SKILLS is there for you. On that note, you can even get a 10 percent discount on the course if you manage to register more than 3 people together. Talk to an expert for any doubt.


All these aside, the best part about the course might be the support you receive from the mentors. More importantly, this support extends long after you have left the institute. The mentors at IIM SKILLS would still guide you through any troubles you might face in your career as a digital marketer. 

What Do You Get? 

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing module spanning 40 chapters
  • Interview and placement support
  • Resume building
  • Over 15 live projects, you can participate in
  • Over 10 case studies
  • Chance to write at Times Of India
  • Youtube Channel and Affiliate Marketing Tricks

Media Coverage For Exemplary Customer Service, Placement Assistance, Post-Training Support, and Course Structure.


Other Courses:

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Rank #2. Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Traffic Integration

In Coimbatore, Traffic Integration is already famous as a Digital Marketing firm. Customers have nothing but praises for their SEM and SEO services. Especially their premium plans are known to bring amazing results. As they went deeper into the business, they realized most of their clients came from non-technological backgrounds.

To make them understand the different aspects of the digital marketing services they are providing, the firm decided to start courses explaining the fundamentals of the subject. The course curriculum is entirely made to support beginners. Case studies are also an important feature of this course. For people who aren’t that good with technology, a course with structured examples really hits the mark.

If you are acquainted with the basics, the course might not be the one for you. For beginners course though, this is one of the best ones. Currently, they have three different course plans you can get into.

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One is the one-week free plan. This is the course that is mostly taken by their customers. These people necessarily don’t want to get into Digital Marketing themselves but want to understand the concepts better for their business. This is basically their way of ensuring they aren’t duped when they hire digital marketers. If you want to learn the simplest stuff, for now, this is a course you can try.

Then, there is the Intermediate plan. This one is a 40-day course. It gets into far more details and the one you take if you want to become a serious Digital Marketer. The Pro Plan which takes about 90 days is an even detailed look into the industry. By the end of these two courses, you should be ready to start your first job in the field. You might also be prepared to become an owner of a Digital Marketing agency.

What Do You Get?

  • Courses with different pricing for convenience
  • Free course of one week
  • Certificate on completion
  • Case studies
  • Comprehensive modules
  • Training for job
  • Chance to work for the digital firm

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Rank #3. Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Appin Technology Lab Coimbatore

Are you aware of Appin Group of Companies? It is unlikely that you aren’t. Appin Technology Lab is one of the subgroups of the main company. The original company operates from the US. They are famous for how well they train their students on a worldwide field. In the tech industry, they are praised for their amazing training system. They are certainly among the top digital marketing course in Coimbatore to look forward to.

Their existence is worldwide but Appin’s main branches are in India and the USA. They are not only in the digital marketing field but also provide services for information security and software development. Basically, anything tech, you can rely on Appin.

Their digital marketing course appears to be as reliable as their business aspects. The course module covers everything from an introduction to digital marketing to dropshipping and e-commerce solutions. One can call the course extremely business-oriented, which is a bonus for anyone looking to go freelance in digital marketing.

The duration of their course happens to be of 2 months. After the end of these two months, you will get their certificate along with 10 others. The module is practical in nature. So, during your time as a student, you will be solving lots of digital marketing problems with help from your mentors.

They also have an excellent job assistance program. The tools they let you use in the program are provided to you for a lifetime.

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What Do You Get?

  • Short term course
  • Certificate on completion
  • Learn about lead generation and keyword research
  • Affordable pricing

Rank #4. Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Digital Branding

Digital Branding is both a marketing agency and a training institute for interested students. They have been in the teaching business for quite a while. The teaching staff is supportive and the study material focuses on quality. They have achieved success as an agency and institute at this point.

The agency has connections to well-known brands such as USHA and Honda. This means the instructors have some solid hands-on experience themselves. They can show you the best tools and digital marketing strategies one would need to employ to complete a successful digital marketing campaign.

The digital marketing course in Coimbatore is a 50-day program. In this time, you learn about marketing automation, KPI, and ROI along with email marketing and other various sides of the business. If you miss a class, you can take the class later. Placement assistance is there and the study material is also available for a lifetime.

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On completing the course, you have the chance to earn over 10 certificates. The course is completely tool-based. In other words, rather than doing some reading, you will be learning digital marketing completely practically.

What Do You Get?

  • Learn how to develop a website
  • Learn about KPI and Google Ads
  • Placement assistance
  • Backup classes
  • The study material for a lifetime

Rank #5. Digital Marketing Course In Coimbatore

Learning Dude

A name like Learning Dude might not inspire much trust at first, but the institute has churned out some successful students. They equip their students with the strategies and techniques one can employ to become a digital marketer in today’s world.

The institute works on the assumption that once you have taken their course, you would be so good at your job that you will get placement anywhere you want. They want their students to enter the industry as respected professionals. To do so, they have long resume-building sessions along with placement assistance. They go out of their way to find digital marketing job opportunities for you and schedule interviews. Of course, ultimately, if you get the job or not is up to you.

This digital marketing course in Coimbatore is oriented towards job goers rather than someone wanting to start an agency of their own. So, you want to keep that in mind. However, what they teach in the course is detailed enough that if you wanted to take the freelance route after, you would have an easy path ahead of you.

In the course, you will learn lead generation, SEM, SEO, and text marketing.

What Do You Get?

  • Resume building training
  • Learn about text marketing and SEO
  • Placement assistance
  • Interview scheduling

6. PG Softwares

Originally, PG Softwares used to be all about solving IT problems of various businesses. The company started as far back as 1998. They have been in the tech business for some time now. Currently, they are expanding their reach to digital marketing. Part of it involves opening an institute in Coimbatore where the trends related to digital marketing are taught to the students.

They have live projects so you can get the best training. After finishing the digital marketing course in Coimbatore, you will be granted a certificate for your pains. The course starts with an overlook of digital marketing and goes deeper into SEM and leads generation.

At the end of this one-month course, you should be able to proudly claim in your LinkedIn profile that you are a professional digital marketer. As the company is well known, doing a course from them would also hold weight on future job prospects. A company is like to hire you more knowing you have taken their course.

The course also doesn’t cost a huge amount. Though we have to take into account the course is only for a month, which significantly reduces the cost factor. This is one of those perfect courses for complete beginners in the industry.

What Do You Get?

  • Certificate on finishing the course
  • Live project training
  • A detailed look into marketing trends
  • Short term course
  • Affordable price


Q. What is the duration of Digital Marketing training programs?

The duration for an extensive digital marketing training program is around 3 months to 6 months.

Q. How is digital marketing training helpful for students?

Digital marketing training helps students and freshers to start a side hustle, and implement what they learn to have a lucrative income even while they are studying. Fields like social media management, content management, and writing can be great options to earn some money while studying. And all of this can be possible if students take up digital marketing training and master the concepts of online marketing.

Q. What is the syllabus for an internet marketing course?

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, content marketing, advanced blogging, digital media, Integrated Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, are among some of the modules that are taught for an overall understanding of the digital marketing system.

Final Thoughts

The world has been slowly but steadily turning digital. Many of the things that you could only do physically once can now be done online. That’s why people can learn about digital marketing through digital mediums today. If physical classes aren’t possible for the time being, one can make use of the institutes that provide live online classes. This way, even if you are in the middle of a demanding job, you will still have time to go through the classes from the convenience of your home.

As recordings are usually provided for live online classes, you can also catch up on classes you have missed later. For all these reasons, even if you are in Coimbatore right now and can join digital marketing courses any day, we will recommend doing so online. You have more leeway with online classes which a professional employee tends to need.

Of course, if you are more comfortable going for physical classes, then do so. Ultimately, your convenience is of utmost importance.

Hello, I'm Oishi. I have a degree in media studies and enjoy all kinds of storytelling media. Now, a Content Writer, I'm enjoying guest blogging for IIM SKILLS. 
  • Hi I am Nivedita. I want to learn digital marketing for which I happen to visit this blog. Mastery in digital marketing skills can lead me to lucrative job offers in the current scenario. Skilled digital marketers are highly in demand, and thus large number of digital marketing courses are being offered by training institutes that are deducting in almost every cities.There are many digital marketing courses in Coimbatore as well seeing the immense job opportunities. There is a demand for digital marketing experts and hence I feel there is no better time than now to capitalize on this demand. So joining a best digital marketing course is best .

  • Hi, I am Hitanshi.I am a blogger and have recently created a website. I don’t have practical knowledge of digital marketing. I understandthat website pages have a better chance of converting visitors into leads and, eventually, customers the higher they rank in relevant searches. Campaigns for digital marketing are also a great approach to create leads because they make sure the correct people see your message at the right moment. To do this, you have to employ a variety of digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, and others. I don’t know how to convert visitors into leads, and how to create and employ vaiety of digital marketing strategie. For acquiring the skills and application knowledge of digital marketing strategies and campaigns, I want to participate in a best digital marketing institute in Coimbatore. During my process of search, I visited this page. The article is well written and deserves appreciation. Comparing the institutes hat offers digital marketing training in Coimbatore, IIM skills resonably seems best with its exemplary features like -live online interative clsaases, flexible batch scheduling, backup for missed classes, participation in over 15 live projects, over 10 case studies, 40 modules, Master certification plus training for preparation for other 13 essential certifications, 3 months program with internship opportunity, Interview and placement support, Resume building, Chance to write at Times Of India
    Youtube Channel and Affiliate Marketing Tricks. and more. The best part it offers free demo session, an invite to know more about the course, institute, method, mentor and doubt resolution opportunity before enrolment to its course. Thanks for helping decide on the best institute to enrol to.

  • Hi, I totally believe that taking up a Digital Marketing course from IIMSkills has proved an advantage to my career as well as for my personal growth. Digital marketing is on a boom these days. Taking up a course and growing with it and that too from the comfort of your home can give a lot of benefits and can redevelop and reshape not just your career but also your self. Marketing tools are an easy way to succeed inn your business and take it to a height.

    Hurry and Register for a free demo session!!!!

  • Hi, My name is Himani. I hold a master’s degree in International Business. After that, I worked as a marketing assistant for quite some time. I realized with my experience that digital marketing is gaining a lot of attention and is on growth these days. Therefore, I decided to proceed with this course. At IIMSKILLS, there was a lot to be served on the plate. They were offering an online course which means no headache of going to the classrooms in person and even if I miss any class, I can attend the respective session at my comfort through LMS. Also offering an internship was also an added advantage, making me more comfortable in my work and giving me the practical stability around using the tools which were taught during the course. After attending their demo session, contended and sure to proceed with the course from IIMSkills. It’s very reliable and all the mentors and teachers are very knowledgeable.

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  • Hi, My name is jeean. I have done MBA and currently working. I plan to open my own small business setup. But before that I want to learn more about digital marketing. Can you please provide me brief overview about course curriculum and topic along with doubt session in the free demo class on registration?

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  • Hi, I am Vijay. I recently completed my internship in digital marketing. Now, I am thinking to do a complete course on this and eventually get a job. My areas of interest include SEO and Content Marketing. I was looking for some rigorous courses. This list has been very helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi, I am Nirali. I work as a content writing freelancer .I have been thinking to learn digital marketing that could bag me more opportunities and add value to my portfolio. I found your Digital Marketing course quite interesting though there are some queries with the same. Can someone from your team contact me?

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  • Is it necessary to get a certification in digital marketing to get a job? I’m a student, but I will graduate soon. I haven’t done any projects on this, which won’t help me to get a job. Could you tell me if courses can help? I have theoretical knowledge only, which I have gained over months by reading blogs and listening to podcasts.

  • I want to do this course because I want to improve my skills and get a job. I have no prior experience in digital marketing, but I got to know about it through a seminar in my college. My background is totally different. I am an Arts student. Will there be any issue with enrolling in this course?

  • I love reading books, I discovered the wonderful word of literary while doing my schooling from DPS. I am currently handling the regional sales for a 5 star hotel chain in same city. I am looking to learn a new skill and digital marketing seems promising. I am interested in course details from IIM Skills and scheduling demo class

  • Hi. I am James. I am a teacher and I have been training students for ILETS for over 6 years. Last year, because of the pandemic, I had to shut down offline classes. Now I want to take it online. I really like what you’ve written here. Could you please tell me the requisites for joining this course? Having a technical background is important?

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