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Best Free Online Cybersecurity Courses In 2024

Aren’t we all on our cell phones and laptops all the time? I mean you’re on one at this moment. Might as well know how to safeguard ourselves if not turn it into a profession. You can grab great opportunities by doing the free online cybersecurity courses mentioned in this article.

Best Free Online Cybersecurity Courses


Getting started with free online cybersecurity courses is the key to gain some knowledge and interest so that you can make a better decision while going for a paid one. Free courses are great and some free courses are even efficient enough to clear your basics. 


Cybersecurity in the professional field is gaining quite an interest in the youth, and turning it into a profession is so much easy now more than ever. There are so many free online cybersecurity courses available, that it’s only a deal of few minutes and you can get started instantly.


Table of Contents


  1. What is Cybersecurity?
  2. Why is Cybersecurity Important?
  3. What are the different career paths in Cybersecurity?
  4. Top 5 Free Online Cyber Security Courses.
  5.  Some Frequently Asked Questions about Cybersecurity Courses.


What is Cybersecurity?


In simple words, if Cybersecurity could be explained. It is a kind of protection for organizations and individuals concerning their important information and data. It not only helps them to safeguard themselves but also build up ways to create that protection and barrier from any kind of security breach, threats, or attacks.


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Cybersecurity also comes with different types. So, let’s get to know them.


Types of Cybersecurity:-


  • Cloud Security – Companies have so much information data to store, and so are many of them shifting to cloud storage. To better manage the things in the cloud storage and the overall security such organizations or companies hire cybersecurity professionals.
  • Internet of Things – Here, the Internet of Things refers to all the devices that are usually connected to your internet connections. Things that we often ignore and think might not cause any security breaches. Things like T.V, printers, cameras, webcams, other appliances and so on. They can easily stimulate a cyberattack if left unnoticed.
  • Ongoing Employee Training in Cybersecurity – Employees must go through pieces of training on how to safeguard themselves from cyber attacks. Because they are usually the first ones who are vulnerable to such situations. How to safely use their personal devices, safely email, knowing about the probable threats is essential.
  • Critical Infrastructure in Cybersecurity – When we refer to Critical Infrastructure it includes the cybersecurity system that the society depends upon. Such as traffic signals, medical centers, hospitals, electric centers, water plants, and so on.


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Benefits of Cybersecurity:-


  1. Safeguards and protects the personal information of individuals.
  2. Ensures no threats, risks, cyber-attacks and security breach happens in an organization or company.
  3. Finds out the weaknesses and problems in a security system.
  4. Creating and building new protection patterns to safeguard.
  5. Ensuring protection of employees, users, individuals, and so on.
  6. Protection measures taken towards personal devices or any other gadgets and appliances left unattended.

Hence, the benefits of cybersecurity are endless. We need it, we need it terribly. Why terribly you ask? Find out below!


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Why is Cybersecurity Important?


With the coming up of new trends in technology and increasing growth of the same. There is a constant threat of leaking or misuse of personal and important info. Where the cybersecurity aspect comes in. The need to feel protected is very important and cybersecurity helps in exactly that. So, why not look into some of the pointers that make cybersecurity so important!


  • Everyone Needs Cybersecurity:

With all the technological developments. Like mobile phones with various apps, online streaming sites, the internet, laptops, tablets, and so on. There is often a risk and incidents of leaking of personal information. This is why cybersecurity is so much important for the common people as well.

Yes. Better technologies not only help you and me but the hackers and the pupils who want to attack any cybersecurity system. The developing technologies give them various multiple ways to breach your security system. Hence, which is why cybersecurity is important here. Safeguarding yourself is important.

  • Security Breaches in Companies or Organizations:

The most obvious one that everyone knows. Organizations or companies have an array of important information that they want to protect from getting out and from their competitors. This where cybersecurity plays a vital role. It not only helps protect them their information and data but also finds and builds more ways to protect them from future cyber attacks.

  • Hacking:

This is common knowledge to everyone. We often hear that somebody’s Instagram account got hacked or maybe a bank account. This is not only unfortunate but also very common.

Securing our information and being aware of how to protect ourselves is quite important. This not only lessens the risk of cyber attacks and hacking but also makes us a better, well-aware individual.


Therefore, these were some of the pointers that explain why cybersecurity is so important. They are not enough to prove their importance, but I’m sure will give you a good amount of idea, and so before getting into the free online cybersecurity courses. Let’s dig into reading about the different career paths in cybersecurity.


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What are the different career paths in Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity is such a wide arena. It might not look so but trust me it is. So, let’s look into some of the career paths you could consider after taking up the free online cybersecurity courses.


Security Architect


A security architect is responsible to build and design the complicated security structure of an organization. Also, ensure that those structures work properly. If you’re great at problem-solving and can effectively create big strategies while handling the pressure. Then this must be it for you.


Security Consultant


You need to be open to diverse problems and variations if you wanna be a Security Consultant. You would need to assess cybersecurity problems, threats, attacks, or any possible casualties. Security Consultants tell the companies or organizations how to protect their systems and what strategies they could adapt to avoid the same.

So, if you’re a flexible person build to deal with various ranging problems or different organizations. Then this career path could be worth a shot!


Ethical Hacker


Ethical Hacker, sounds quite interesting right? The job description is much more adventurous. Here, what you have to do is exactly what a hacker does, while hacking a system. The only difference is that you do it for the organization or the company you are working for. You as an ethical hacker will try to hack the company’s system and figure out the problems and weaknesses in their cybersecurity.


Vulnerability Assessor


The role of a vulnerability assessor is to identify the probable problems that could arise in the cybersecurity system of an organization or company.


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Security Manager


The Security Manager manages and looks after all the workings of the cybersecurity system. The manager is supposed to delegate all the cybersecurity system workings to all the workers and distribute necessary resources.


Security Engineer


Security Engineers’ job is to protect and safeguard the computer systems of any organization or company. They must find out solutions to protect computer systems to avoid any possible cybersecurity breach.


Now, don’t think that this was the end of the list. The list of different career paths in the cybersecurity field is endless. So, if you didn’t find your career match. Just go into some digging, you might just find your perfect cybersecurity career match!


Below are the top 5 free online cybersecurity courses that might help you out in achieving your dream career path in cybersecurity. If not that then, you’ll get to surely know all the good stuff about cybersecurity, and if you can consider it as something exceptional.


Top 5 Free Online Cyber Security Courses


Cyber Security Course for Beginners


The first one is here for you! This course from Udemy is the perfect pick for beginners. Unbox the world of cybersecurity and open your eyes to a whole new field. It will enable individuals to protect their own identities as well enable them to help others like organizations, companies, brands, people, and so on.


The course is designed for extreme beginners and can be easily understood by the regular public. You will not at any stage feel that the lessons are foreign. And aren’t graspable. So, now that we are clear that this is rocket science, let’s dig into the course details.


What you’ll learn?


  • Fundamentals of cybersecurity.
  • How can you conduct cyber activities?
  • Technologies that go into the making of cybersecurity.
  • Securing your online presence.
  • Securing websites, online transactions, and email activities.


Course Includes


  • Duration: 1h 8m
  • Total lectures: 13
  • A free online cybersecurity course.
  • The course is beginner-friendly.
  • Self-paced course.
  • The course includes 15 video lessons.
  • Paid upgrade available for extra benefits.


Now that you’ve got to know all the details. You might have this thought if this course is actually the right pick for you. So, why not take a look below!


Who should pick this course?


  • Absolute beginners in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Any common man.
  • Individuals who want to pursue cybersecurity as a career.
  • Individuals wanting to gain knowledge.
  • Anyone who likes the concept of cybersecurity.
  • Individuals who want to restart their career.


The Cyber Security Landscape


Now FutureLearn is a goldmine of amazing courses. And it has many in the cybersecurity field of study as well. You can definitely go to their site and check out which one fits you the best.


This one from FutureLearn is a great choice if you already know the nitty-gritty of cybersecurity, and now are deciding to pursue it seriously! The course is developed by Coventry University aiming towards individuals who want to gain further knowledge in the field or want to safeguard themselves from any kind of cyber attacks or security breach.


The course might just land you your first job in cybersecurity at a corporate house. Because you’re going to gain a whole lot of knowledge about cybersecurity in commercial organizations.

What you’ll learn?


  • Current emerging security trends and implications.
  • Workings and functions of cybersecurity in a commercial organization.
  • How to tackle your client security threats, server security, and web application security.
  • Learning how to understand and operate system security.
  • Connection of network and security, and coming out of traditional methods.
  • Emerging problems due to modern technology today.
  • Need of cybersecurity in consumerism through apps, smartphones, laptops, and so on.


Course Includes


  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Study Time: weekly 3 hours
  • A free online cybersecurity course.
  • Video lessons included.
  • Quizzes.
  • Course access up to 4 weeks on the FREE sign-up.
  • Paid upgrade available for extra benefits.


Who should pick this course?


  • Individuals wanting to work with organizations in cybersecurity.
  • Increase their skills in cybersecurity.
  • Individuals who want to pursue cybersecurity as a career.
  • Individuals wanting to gain knowledge.
  • Anyone who likes the concept of cybersecurity.
  • Individuals who want to restart their career.


Introduction to Cybersecurity for Teachers


Another gem of a course from FutureLearn. This one for all the teachers out there. While the present demands us to be up to date. Why not the teachers also be at the same level as their students.


Children are so much on the internet that it has literally become their favorite. For the teachers, it’s very important to educate them and teach them how to safeguard themselves and be aware of the cyber web. The course is developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the National Centre for Computing Education with a vision of giving digital making in the hands of real people. What’s great is that this course is supported by Google. So, you can rest assured that you’ll find value here!


The course can also be a great addition to your teacher’s resume. And could set you apart from all other teachers out there.


What you’ll learn?


  • You’ll get to learn the key concepts and basics of cybersecurity.
  • The most important concepts to teach 14-16-year-olds.
  • Learn to explain common cybersecurity attacks, terms used to describe such attacks.
  • Explain the protections provided to any internet user.
  • How to understand and judge a password’s strength.
  • How does the anti-virus software work.
  • Finally, how to be protected from cyber-attacks and also help others.


Course Includes


  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Weekly study time: 2 hours
  • A free online cybersecurity course.
  • Video tutorials included.
  • Quizzes.
  • Course access up to 5 weeks on the FREE sign-up.
  • Paid upgrade available for extra benefits.


Who should pick this course?


  • Teachers from all kinds of educational institutions.
  • Teachers who teach computer and tech-related subjects.
  • Professors or teachers who deliver lessons on cybersecurity.
  • Also, for working teachers who want to add something extra to their resume. Which will definitely give them an extra edge.
  • Parents who want to become their child’s teacher and teach them about cybersecurity.



Now if you’ve tried some of the above beginner courses then this one might be something with which you would love to upgrade. Or if you’re someone who already knows quite something about cybersecurity, then you might just seek this much-needed specialization.


Coming from Coursera, the course focuses on specializing and mastering the field of cybersecurity. Best pick for people who want to pursue cybersecurity as their ultimate career path. With the flexible course schedule, it is easy for even working individuals to take it up and devote the proper time needed to complete it.


The Cybersecurity Specialization course is a free online cybersecurity course, that provides great value with no financial requirements. So, what are you waiting for sign up today for the specialization? Before that don’t forget to take a look at the course details.


What you’ll learn?


  • Significant fundamental concepts of cybersecurity.
  • How to construct secure systems in terms of software and hardware.
  • The human interface bit of it.
  • The use and benefits of cryptography.
  • How to secure cyber interactions.
  • Learning all about the relevant tools and techniques in cybersecurity. And how to apply it effectively.
  • Creating a brand new security-orientated mindset.


Course Includes


  • Duration: Approximately 8 months
  • Study time needed: 2 hours per week
  • Intermediate Level course.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • A free online cybersecurity course.
  • The certificate will be provided upon completion.
  • Subtitles of 10 different languages will be included in the course.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • Video lessons included.
  • Quizzes.
  • Regular assignments and feedback for the same.


Who should pick this course?


  • People with some related experience of cybersecurity.
  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to expand their knowledge.
  • Individuals with beginner knowledge and want to seek specialization in the field.
  • Anyone looking to specialize in cybersecurity.
  • People who want to restart their careers.


Essentials of Cybersecurity


This course from edx created by the University of Washington aims for the individuals taking up this course to help them identify the specific career path in cybersecurity. They enable the students to understand their capabilities in a specific field of cybersecurity and strengthen the same.


If you’re confused if cybersecurity is the right path for you or not. The best thing to do is take up this course and get a clear understanding of how you could explore cybersecurity in your own way.


Just like all the other courses, this one’s also a great pick. But, the bonus that you get here is the self-assessment bit. Take a look at the course details and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


What you’ll learn?


  • The various roles and sectors of the cybersecurity field.
  • The key concepts and roles of cybersecurity, and how to apply them.
  • Different types of security control and how to put them into action according to the threat.
  • Extensive knowledge about cybersecurity.
  • Find your own specific career path in the cybersecurity industry.


Course Includes


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Study time needed: 2 to 5 hours per week
  • A self-paced course.
  • A free online cybersecurity course (full experience of the course only available for the paid version)
  • A paid upgrade is available.
  • Certificate included in only the paid upgrade.
  • Introductory level course.
  • Assessments and quizzes included.
  • Video tutorials included.
  • Self-assessment provided at the end of the course to determine which career path is best for you in cybersecurity.


Who should pick this course?


  • People who want to pursue cybersecurity as a career.
  • Individuals who are confused if cybersecurity is the right path for them or not.
  • People who want a clear vision on cybersecurity.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about cybersecurity extensively.
  • Individuals who want to restart their career.


So, that was the end of all the 5 great free online cybersecurity courses which will give you amazing value. You can also check out more free online cybersecurity courses when you go hunting on the internet. And pick something else if you like.


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Cybersecurity Courses


How can I learn cybersecurity for free?


You can easily learn cybersecurity for free. There are so many platforms that offer free cybersecurity courses that will provide you great value. And will give quite a good amount of knowledge of cybersecurity to get started with. Some of the free courses are mentioned above.


Which course is best for cybersecurity?


Now, there are thankfully many options to choose from. The best one would be the one that suits your needs. The best cybersecurity course would be the one that fulfills your criteria. You can also have a look at the above courses to make a choice.


How much cybersecurity course cost?


Cybersecurity courses can range from free to a great amount of money. That is due to the kind of value, support, and resources each course might offer. But, you can always start for FREE and get an understanding of the particular field.


Is Cybersecurity hard to learn?


To each of its own, nothing is hard, it’s just the person’s perspective. Nothing will be hard if you put all your efforts into the process of learning. All you might need would be a good course and an instructor that will help you throughout your course.


Is cybersecurity a good career option?


Yes for sure. With everyone in the world using the web and being surrounded by it. I would say it is a great career option to consider. Safeguarding individuals and organizations from this web of the digital world are important. And they need people who can help them to keep their identity secure in the digital world.


Is cybersecurity always in demand?


Yes. With there, and always need to protect companies and individuals from attacks on the internet and web. People are conscious and seek protection from great working professionals in cybersecurity to secure their presence on the web.


So, yes cybersecurity is very much in demand and will be further as the technology is evolving every day.


Can someone land a job in cybersecurity without any prior experience?


Yes, you can if you have an academic background in it. This necessarily doesn’t have to be a degree. You can get started with a free course and test out if you’re cut out for it.


Hope this article was helpful and could help you out in finding some great free online cybersecurity courses. If it did, then don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. And do let us know which course are you going to pick!

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