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Decoding The Growing Demand For Content Writers

The world as we know it today is literally running on information and technology which is available at the click of a button. Every information which we seek has been presented with very careful detailing and skill so as to make it engaging, understanding, and valuable to us. This particular craft of making the reader/viewers’ experience so interesting and fulfilling is executed by who we call content writers.

The Growing Demand For Content Writers

To understand all about the growing demand for content writers, let us first understand content writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of writing in a planned way essentially for the purpose of digital marketing. For any type of product or service to be made public and understandable requires information around it, and this is made possible by content writers.

Since content is the basis on which any business builds its reputation, content writing becomes the foundation of any kind of marketing for any purpose. So say it simply, content writing is the specialized art of creating online content in the form of written words, videos, or pictures.

Businesses and organizations hire content writers to create high-quality content in the form of blog posts, social media posts, articles, sales copy, advertisement copy to further the objective of marketing their product or service. While some content writers are specialists in a niche topic, others may be adept at any form of writing skill. It is the job of a content writer to create relevant, engaging, and easily understandable content, which can generate leads and ultimately boost sales.

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What Are The 5 Most Popular Types of content writing?

Not all form of writing is same, there are different types of content writing which are practiced around the world, but of these, there are some that are most sought-after today.

1. Writing a Blog

A blog can be understood as an online journal or a diary located within a website. It is comprised of text, visuals, videos, etc, or any other kind of document, for the purpose of personal use or business necessity. The key features of a blog include informal language, frequent updates, and opportunities for discussion via comments between readers and the author.

The content of different blogs may vary significantly. For example, there are political or legal blogs that may use technical language as an approach in comparison to a lifestyle or travel blog, which may be more visual.

A blog can be typically found through keyword search engines or links found on the blog owner’s website, social media profile, or promotional e-mails sent by the blogger.

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2. Social Media Writing

As Social Media gains popularity, every business has its presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites. Since Social Media is all about connecting with your audience through instant sharing and building relationships, it is vital in today’s times to effectively use it as a promotional tool.

To be able to encash it, the writing needed for Social Media Marketing has to be highly engaging and mostly around trending topics so that it can feature in top search engine results. This requires content that is emotionally connected and visually impactful to the reader and includes short videos, images, or infographics.

In fact, Social Media Writing is a big factor in the growing demand for content writers.

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3. Copywriting

Good old copywriting is still one of the main types of content writing. To explain most simply, copywriting is the written form of salesmanship. To describe it properly would be to call it the art of writing persuasive content, which may prompt readers to take action, whether making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or even donating money.

It is different from writing a blog or article in terms of its influential marketing and promotional material. For example, the content for the promotion of a packet of chips would try and tell the potential customer why and how it is better than other packets of chips available in the market.

Almost all businesses need a copywriter to create original content to share their messages and information to prospective customers and also keep their current customers engaged, leading to demand for good content writers.

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4. Technical Writing

Technical Writing is the art of simplifying complex material and creating instruction manuals or tutorials which are easy to understand and help create prospective customers. Rather than being marketing-focused, technical writing focuses on sharing information or knowledge in a customer-friendly manner and indirectly aims to engage the customer. 

This type of writing continues to be in demand because technical products like new software and technology are constantly upgraded and need to be communicated to the people to get their attention and interest.

Hence, technical content writing involves writing relevant and engaging content for the technology industry to help them market and increase their sales.

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5. E-mail Writing

Even though email writing could fall under copywriting, it should be treated independently, owing to the massive use it has in today’s times. This type involves writing content for marketing or persuasive emails and is designed to encourage readers to take action.

E-mail marketing has become the most important form of push marketing because it is effective, accessible, and has zero distribution cost. Unlike social media, it is personal and targeted to reach a very specific type of user. It is the best way for a business to market its product or service.

The main purpose of email marketing would be to deliver a message clearly, convincingly, and compellingly and this needs an effective email marketing campaign leading to demand for content writers.

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What Are the Most Popular Career Choices Made by Content Writers?

Today content writing has found a necessary use in every aspect of life. It is no more restricted to business writing and has become much more vast and diverse.

Also, the steep increase in digitization across the world has led to a growing demand for content writers. Even though there are countless career options available to content writers, the most popular ones are listed below.


Becoming a full-time blogger gives a writer the opportunity to write for himself/herself about a subject of their choice. Many enjoy working on a niche topic, which they are most passionate about, and build a loyal audience who trust their opinion.

Most bloggers earn income through affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. It is also important to know that a successful blogger puts in a lot of extra effort in the form of digital marketing skills to be able to put their content in the right places so that it reaches the target audience. They also have to generate engaging content all the time to be able to keep the interest of their readers.

Full-time Job With a Business/ Company:

The preferred field in the content writing world for the diverse and challenging nature of work available and the financial security that comes with it is getting attached with a business.

There are numerous opportunities for content writers in any online business. This could include technical writers, copywriters, video or scriptwriters, editors, ghostwriters, etc for the promotion of the brand. Also, the boom in the digital marketing world has led to specialized advertisement campaigns through emails, social media, and search engine-friendly content.

Freelance Writer:

Another very popular career choice for content writers across the globe is freelance writing. Freelance writing is widely preferred by writers owing to the independence that they feel lacking in a job. It also gives the writer creative freedom, which is not possible in working in a set pattern.

In addition to great writing skills, salesmanship techniques become a must to succeed as a freelance writer.

Digital Marketer:

All successful content writers know the tricks of the digital marketing world. There is certain technical know-how involved in being able to put your content with the right keywords, length and language, search engine optimization, and other marketing tools.

Since digital marketing directly influences the profitability of any business, the demand for content writers with knowledge of digital marketing is very high.

Becoming a Published Author:

A writer’s true passion lies in writing, and many people dream of just being able to publish a book. Now it is not only easily possible to publish but also to promote your book independently. A published author can successfully earn lots of money by selling their books on Amazon or Kindle. What is important is to be able to write an SEO-worthy book with digital marketing practices in place. 

Academic Writer:

There has always been a demand for content writers who can specialize in academic writing. And now, with the prevalent pandemic, all forms of education have shifted completely online.

This modification from classroom to screens has allowed many writers to delve into academic writing and help educational institutions formulate written study material to reach students everywhere.

What Skills Does a Good Content Writer Have?

The ultimate goal for any content writer who is working either on his own or for a company is to expand, i.e. the content should be aimed at making the product or service more popular amongst readers.

For this, having excellent language skills is not enough. A good content writer also has the ability to create content in a manner that attracts people to the site and keeps them engaged long enough to convince them to be interested in a business. 

To achieve this target they do research, editing, proofreading, and use the various search engine optimization tools to create a story that is well received by their target audience.

Why Do All Types of Businesses Hire Professional Content Writers?

Content can be understood as the sales pitch when we talk about marketing, and with the surge in digital marketing, the right type of content is crucial. So, hiring a professional content writer becomes necessary to increase brand value, boost sales and generate more leads by creating original, engaging and educative content for the target audience.

Also, due to the pandemic, there is a rush in the demand for content writers owing to the shift of even traditional businesses online. New and old, big and small, all types of businesses, now need online exposure in order to sustain them.

Professional Content Writers Help Businesses to Achieve the Following:

Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Google is an unbiased entity, therefore it ranks only the freshest, most relevant, and authentic content available on the internet. A professional content writer understands how to write content that drives traffic, which helps to gain a higher ranking on Google, leading to a higher reach amongst viewers.

Better Social Media Marketing:

All businesses understand the importance of social media as a marketing tool today and hence have a presence on all major networking sites. However, creating adept eye-catching content to promote a product or service is a technical job that requires professionals. In fact, the boom in social media is a big reason for the growth in demand for content writers.

Expert Advice:

No matter how well we may do a job as a layman, it will never be as good enough as when done by an expert. This is why companies want to hire professional content writers, because they know their job and help deliver results.

Better Research:

When a business wishes to create a promotional campaign, they strategically work around a concept which involves a lot of market research. Without proper research, a lot of time, money, and resources can get wasted. Professional content writing can provide this in-depth knowledge of the digital market and help formulate advantageous content to draw an audience.

Improved Readership:

The ultimate aim of any business is to be able to maximize profit, which in turn can be reached only through improved readership. The more people know about a product or service, the more likely they are to use it. 

Help Save Time:

Hiring professional content writers may add to the cost of the business, but it saves a lot of time, and in today’s digital age, time is money. If the competitor is able to launch a similar promotional campaign before you, then you have lost half of the market. 

Help Cut Jargon:

Many times the product or service of a business is technical in nature, and if presented the same way would lose the interest of the audience. A great reason why there’s so much demand for content writers is that they have the ability to simplify things and present them with mass appeal. 


After an understanding of what content writing is, what are its various types and why do businesses rely so much on professionals clearly indicates that there is a huge demand for content writers.

Search engines define what the reader wants, and to be able to perform better on that account requires creativity, expertise, and knowledge of how the internet works. Content writers are people who are proficient at their job to impart clear information to the reader and help them gain knowledge on the subject of their search and help companies achieve their objectives.

The demand for content writers also grows due to the requirement of quality-based material. A lot many laymen with half-baked knowledge are putting up stuff on the internet, which is neither accurate nor communicative and only ends up confusing the reader.

Under such circumstances, there’s no surprise that skilled content writers continue to be in great demand.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. How to be a certified content writer?

If you are passionate about writing and have a creative mind with basic digital knowledge. You should enrol with government approved and authorized course provider. Taking a content writing course will be a platform to help you build a career as a content writer. IIM SKILLS is a worldwide most recommended ed-tech company to offer the best online content writing program.

Q2. Can I be a full time content writer and earn well?

As you already know content writing needs a lot of creativity one has to be also updated with the growing technology. Its an ongoing learning process. As long as one is open to keep learning one can build a successful career as a content writer and can have a decent earning.

Q3. Can I be a content writer and also continue with my corporate job?

Yes OfCourse.


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