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9 Types of Content Writing & Job Profile (Detailed Guide)

The world has been reduced to one global village. Every aspect of our life has been digitized. Services are one touch away from the smartphones we own, as we dig in deep to make an educated purchase from the comfortable environment of our homes thus different types of Content Writing skills are getting huge demand in the Digital Industry. 

Types of Content Writing

The evolution of the way businesses operate in the present times has undergone a remarkable change. This is heavily owed to digitalization. It has transformed the business world into a more transparent system as it provides an open communication space for one on one interaction between the consumers and the producers. It has given way to a more healthy competitive environment for relevant businesses to thrive.

Content regarding the services provided in written and audiovisual format on digital platforms like websites, blogs, social media handles plays a supreme role in deciding whether the model of the trade will generate profit for the owners. Content writing essentially aims at consumers to establish a relationship of trust and equipping them to make a more educated purchase. Content writing is a skill heavy in demand in the corporate world and is worth mastering for a rewarding career. There are many types of content writing styles that you can choose from, according to your interests and career goals.

Following Are the Types of Content Writing That Are Very Relevant in the Present Times:

#1 SEO Content Writing

This type of content writing is an integral part of online marketing.

Search engine optimization is an approach that is opted in the practice of publishing content on the Internet to increase the noticeability of the webpage and traffic for a better ranking on search engines with an objective to attract even more readers. This attracts potential advertisers to your page who want to make good use of its popularity to advertise their services and products and hence help you make money in return!  

The write-up that needs to be optimized must be grammatically correct with content that is relevant, informative and valuable for the target audience.

Keywords and key phrases are the words that people use to search about a particular topic that they wish to write about. Special attention needs to be given to the strategic placements of these words throughout the write-up. It is always better to bold and italicize these words.

It is also very crucial to include these keywords and key phrases in the title and subtitles of your well-structured article with the standard keyword density between 1% to 3% of the total word count.

Incorporating hyperlink related to your content is a good move too.

Courses to Consider at IIM SKILLS:

#2 Technical Writing

This type of content writing is limited to highly specialized technical fields of computer technology, other engineering fields, also various branches of applied sciences like chemistry, biosciences, forestry, medical and environmental sciences.

Technical writing is about drafting technical communication material required for various purposes like providing instructions for undertaking highly specialized procedures, communicating the application and direction of the usage of a particular technology.

Content writers who have a background in these specialized fields are the most eligible candidates to get hired to perform the task of technical writing. 

#3 Market-based Writing

This type of content writing is at the heart of content marketing. Content writing of this nature incorporates creating articles, blog posts, social media content, newsletters, email content. It also includes creating written material for audio-visual marketing strategies. Content writers also prepare content for the official flyers and brochures meant to promote the services and products of a particular organization. In addition to these, writers also need to know how to write other business based write-ups like sale proposals, memos, official emails and press release.

The content developed in this domain of writing is aimed at a particular set of the audience providing them with the necessary information required to make an educated purchase. The content is created with the objective to convince them to take action, particularly purchasing the products and services that are being marketed.  

#4 Content Writing for Educational Purposes

Content creation for books and websites to be used by students studying at primary, secondary, higher secondary levels of schooling, also graduate and postgraduate level of education at the university level is incorporated under this domain of writing. This type of content is created by keeping in mind the curriculum that is proposed at these educational institutions.

With the widespread digitalization of the educational sector, the relevant online content development for students is slowly overshadowing the traditional circulation of the hard copies of study material.  

#5 Copywriting

Used in the advertising industry, copywriting is regarded as one of the most creative types of writing that is known. Copywriters create content for advertising particular services and products. This type of content mainly includes developing catchy, captivating punch lines that we see and hear in an advertising commercial on radios, televisions, social media platforms. The ad copy created by copywriters claims a huge stake over highway banners, billboards, newspapers, flyers.

#6 Research-based Report Writing

Reports based on researches conducted in various domains of industries are written in form of reports that are generally very technical. These reports are aimed at the audience involved in the academia and dynamic industries that deploy these research findings in advancing towards the objective which is an extension of this newly acquired knowledge.

Many agencies publish valuable reports of this sort and hire content writers who can cope up with the ever-evolving and complex understanding of the various subject matters.

#7 Writing for CSR Departments

The corporate social responsibility department is an integral part of an effective organization that needs content writers to develop material to promote the engagement of employees in social work. They develop literature and reports for the various CSR activities along with creating engaging content to further increase the enthusiastic participation of employees.

#8 Feature Writing

This type of writing is for the creative lot. Writing columns for print and electronic media, publishing creative contents like short stories, novels, biographies, autobiographies come within the defined boundaries of feature writing. Content writing of this sort requires great observational skills, imagination, empathy and the ability to express emotions and events effectively.

#9 Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is a content developer who is hired to create content for journalistic or literary purposes. However, the credit for developing the content goes to the person who hires the ghostwriter. A ghostwriter should be observant and adaptive to the nature of the content that he/she is creating for different people for varied objectives.

Monetize your Content Writing Skills!

The requirement of content writers in the present market is huge. The scope is very high with a great diversity of sectors looking for writers that can develop relevant content for their businesses. People with the required skill set can do very well for themselves monetarily. The nature of the work can vary from full-time commitment to part-time work. Freelancing is another nature of work that is an attractive option.

Content writing is a skill that requires knowledge of very well-defined techniques and hands-on experience with reliable expert guidance from people with relevant knowledge.

IIM Skills provides a four-week online training to master writing skills to the point that you can start making money fresh out of this internationally accredited certification course! Above all, it will help you immensely to sharpen your writing abilities and direct your career in whatever direction you please.

With an international accredited certification in content writing, IIM skills stand out from the crowd. The 4 weeks of live online classroom training, 16-hour lecture, 60 hours of practical assignments and free tool worth 35k, IIM skills train the learner to effectively take on the digital space. The learner also gets access to all the latest content in their learning management system which accessible at any time, anywhere. The course has 12 very industry-relevant modules that help to effectively cope up with the developments in the digital space.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Which is the best type of content writing?

There are many but to list a few most popular and trending are as below:

  • Blog Post
  • Website Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Technical writing
  • Documentation
  • Ebooks
  • UX Writing
  • Social Media

Q2. What are the challenges faced in content writing?

There are many challenges few are as below:

  • Time Management
  • Readability
  • To finish writing in given deadline
  • To get a quality work
  • High competition
  • Finding right price for the writing
  • Sometimes lack of work
  • Lot of research

Q3. Which is the best online content writing course provider?

IIM SKILLS is the most popular and highly rated ED-Tech company that offers best content writing programs online. They have the best mentors that have years of experienced and are industry experts.


Hope the above article on Types of Content Writing answers all your doubts on content writing. Content writing is best suited for the creative minded people who love reading and are interested in writing. It is the best platform for those who want to follow their passion and also earn. There are many online programs that will help you become a professional content writer; IIM SKILLS is one of the most popular Ed-tech company that offers skills development courses globally.

Happy Learning.


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