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16 Best Courses for Housewives in 2024 (Work From Home)

Gone are the days when women used to sit at home doing their household chores and looking after children. Today women are more empowered than ever, and they want their own identity. Marriage and children are no longer restraining them to focus on their careers. Here we list the best courses for housewives to help them have a thriving career. 

Best Courses for Housewives

Hence many women seek some courses to reshape or restart their careers. Let us see some of the most popular and 16 best courses for housewives.

1) Content Writing Course

Content writing and content marketing are on the rise. This growth or rise is not going to fade anytime soon owing to digitization. The biggest advantage of content writing jobs is that one only needs a stable internet connection and a computer for content writing. There are several remote-based jobs in content writing and freelancing easily.

Content Writing Jobs By IIM SKILLS

In such jobs, they can work at their convenience thus, balancing work and life. Some people explore content writing on their own by starting with blogging, creating a sample for showing to employers, and so on. Some housewives who want to make a career in content but don’t know how to make a career should take up a course for the same. A content writing course is one of the best courses for housewives.

A content writing course provides training on article writing, web content writing, blogging, video scripting, and so on. There are many institutes these days that offer online content writing courses at affordable pricing. These are generally short-term courses that help one to make a career in content writing.


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2) Digital marketing

Many women who want to upgrade their skills in marketing are ideal candidates for a course in Digital marketing. Traditional marketing requires one to do a field job so, many find traditional marketing difficult after marriage and kids. With the expansion of internet space and businesses going online, digital marketing came into the picture.

One can learn digital marketing on their own by trial and error with experience. This would require patience and self-driven motivation. However, many women depending on their budget choose to pursue digital marketing courses from some professionals. Digital marketing has several modules like SEO, SEM, web analytics content writing, content marketing, etc. Hence, when people try to learn on their own, they find it difficult to learn all aspects of digital marketing on their own.

The institutes offering digital marketing courses help students learn all the aspects and modules of digital marketing through practical examples and assignments. These courses are also short-duration courses of up to 3-6 Months.

Another reason for the popularity of these courses amongst women is that there are plenty of remote-based jobs in digital marketing. One can make good money even by working from the comforts of her home.

For all these reasons, it is amongst one of the best courses for housewives. All you need is a good grasp of the techniques of digital marketing.

Different Ways To Learn Digital Marketing For Housewives Infographics

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3) Investment Banking Course 

An investment banking course is also amongst the top courses for housewives. There are plenty of women who are good at finances, mathematics, accounting. The investment banking course trains and coaches on the skills required to pursue a career in investment banking from home.

4) GST certificate course

Many women with a commerce background can also pursue a GST certificate course. A GST certificate course will pave the way to becoming a GST practitioner. After Becoming a GST practitioner, one can join any organization, or choose to become an independent GST practitioner. This could be quite a rewarding career for housewives. Many institutes help in the preparation of the GST exam through online courses.

Explore the dimensions of the finance industry, and learn the concepts of the GST tax regime with the Top GST Course


5) Financial Modeling Course

A financial modeling course is also rated among the best courses for housewives. You can pursue a course in finance modeling if you have a finance and accounting background and basic computer proficiency. The course at IIM SKILLS will help you master Excel and other vital tools required for financial modeling.  The Financial modeling Course is a practical training program offered at finance aficionados homemakers who have a penchant for numbers.

More Professional Courses From IIM SKILLS

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6) Jewelry Designing Course

If you have a passion for gems, stones, and jewelry, then a career in jewelry designing will be best suited for you. This is not a mainstream course but of late, this course has been amongst the best courses for housewives.

Gone are the days when people used to buy gold, diamond only for the name of it. Today every buyer wants a fashionable and trendy piece of jewelry. Also, with several jewelers growing, there is a cutthroat competition in the designs of the jewelry.

All these have contributed to the rise of these courses. Several colleges offer a degree in jewelry designing, which is generally of 1-year duration. While there are many online institutes that provide short-term courses with an internship which gives them practical exposure to the job.

Some other popular Professional Courses

7) Art and Craft Course

Art and Craft Course is yet another popular and top course for housewives. If you have a flair for painting, art, and craft, then you can convert your hobby into a career by joining some short-term course or a 1-year diploma course of art and craft offered by several institutes.

Once you have a degree, you can open your center for art and craft to provide coaching classes in the same. Further, you can make your pieces and sell them on various e-commerce websites.

8) Cooking and Baking Classes

Cooking and baking courses are rated amongst the top courses for housewives. This course is best suited for those who have a passion for cooking and learn new cuisines. One can leverage this degree to start her cooking classes. Bakery courses and classes are also very much in demand. You can become a cake artist, a baker, and so on.

9) Teacher’s Training Course

Teacher’s training course is also rated amongst the best courses for housewives. There are diploma courses which is a 1year course, and there are short-term online courses too. These courses are especially suited for women who want to start a career in teaching. Based on your interest, you can advance your qualification to teach in schools.

Diploma courses and short-term online courses in teaching will fetch you jobs in the pre-primary section, if you have an interest in teaching in the primary section, then you may also consider pursuing a .B.ed Course.

A B.ed course is mandatory for teaching in the primary section in private schools. It is a 2-year full-time course where selection is done either on a merit basis or through an entrance exam in colleges and universities. After successful completion of the B.Ed program, you will get multiple opportunities in school.

10) Foreign Language Course

Another popular course in the list of best courses for housewives is the foreign language course. There are many courses available online for foreign languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, and so on. The scope after pursuing this course is also quite decent, and you may be able to find jobs like a translator, transcriptor, interpreter, and teacher of the same language.

Other than online courses, some universities also run short-term courses in foreign languages. Some women pursue these courses simply to upgrade their language skills which adds weightage to their CV and enhances their chances of employability.

11) Online HR course for Recruitment and Selection

This is a great course for women to want to make a comeback in the HR domain. It is a short-term course which will train you about the practices in “Recruitment and Selection”. After completion of this course, you can join a recruitment firm, HR agency, or even corporates as a Recruitment consultant. You will be trained on keyword search on the job portals and CV screening.

If you are hesitant to join a full-time job in this domain, you can also be a freelancer consultant and earn great commissions on the joining of the candidates. Many women, after working for some years in this domain start their recruitment agency. This, however, depends on the networking you have any kind of experience you have in the industry. Once you can break even in the first few years, this can be a very satisfying career for you.

12) Fashion Designing Course

The fashion Designing course is also amongst the top courses for housewives. Women who have an interest in clothes and fashion can pursue this course. The basic skill required to pursue a course in fashion designing is good drawing, creativity and craft skills.

In this course, training is given on the type of fabric, color, and trending style. You will also be trained in sewing, knitting, and then promoting your products. Sales and advertising also play a role in the course of fashion designing.

Many reputed institutes like NIFT offers a 3-year program in fashion designing and technology after the 12th. However, several institutes run short-term courses up to 6 months -1 year that make a person job-ready in a short duration. In recent times, several online courses too offer short-term courses and train the candidate to pursue a career in fashion designing.

13) Yoga Instructor

Are you a fitness freak and want to bring a change in other people’s lives through fitness and meditation? If the answer is yes, then consider pursuing a Yoga Instructor course. Many colleges offer a 3-year course- to become a graduate in Yoga. However, in recent times, many institutes have run short-term courses, and several online courses also offer training to become a yoga instructor.

After completing this course, one can get a job at various health centers, schools, and colleges as a yoga instructor which is usually a part-time job. You can also start your yoga practice as these are quite a trend these days to stay fit and active. This course is also amongst the best courses for housewives as it focuses on healthy living practice.

14) Graphic Designing

The graphic designing course is also considered amongst the best courses for housewives. Women who like to work on computers using their creativity are best suited for a career in graphic design. Graphic designing has been very much in demand in recent times.

Content these days is computerized and digitized that has led to spur of the stream like graphic designing. It is a rewarding career, and we see graphics everywhere. Visually appealing graphics give an edge to the content and have chances of better sales. All magazines, posters, brochures, online content on the websites need captivating graphics to catch customer’s eyes.

These are generally short-term courses up to 6 months duration but several institutes also offer 1-year diploma course. Depending upon your budget and goals you can choose the course best suited for you. Depending on your skills and experience, you can work as an independent designer or a freelancer.

15) Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)

DCA is also a basic level, yet amongst the best courses for housewives. DCA teaches or trains the students about basic concepts and fundamentals of computers. It teaches the MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), HTML and makes them expert in these features. Proficiency in MS Office is a prerequisite for many entry-level jobs.

These days owing to growth in remote-based jobs, there is a demand for virtual office assistants and virtual executive assistants. Many housewives with good communication skills and proficiency in MS office are best suited for these remote-based jobs. These are very short duration courses of up to 3 months, and several online platforms run these certification programs.

16) Stock Trading Courses

Share trading is an excellent option for women who have an interest in financial markets. Stock trading is an activity that can be taken up by anyone and does not require any specific background education. Nowadays, all stock exchanges offer short-term courses on a variety of topics related to stock markets. NSE, which is India’s leading stock exchange, offers courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

These courses can be taken up from the ease of home and practical experience can be gained by trading in real-time. This can be a great source to add extra income and also a great domain to gain expertise in if you have an interest in stock trading. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and opening a Demat account.

The above mentioned were the 16 best courses for housewives. Based on your interest, and budget, you can decide on a course for yourself. All of the above-mentioned courses are job-oriented courses that will help you achieve your dreams and goals. A piece of advice for all housewives is that while you all do a terrific job managing home and kids, don’t get laid back due to personal commitments. It is never too late to develop a skill and restart your career. Taking out some time for yourself and making your own identity will boost your self-confidence.

17) Interior Designing

An interior designing course is also amongst the top courses for housewives. There are plenty of women who are good at drawings and art. An interior designing course trains and coaches on the skills required to pursue a career in the same. Architecture, planning, mapping, and drawing are some of the aspects in which the students are trained in the course.

As an interior designer, one has to plan, manage, and work on the optimization of resources. If you are creative enough and love challenging work, then a career in interior designing is best suited for you. It could be a financially rewarding as well as satisfying career for you. You should be able to work in a team and at the same time be able to put your point assertively for the desired result. There are plenty of institutes that offer online as well as offline course in interior designing.

18) Web Designing

A web designing course is also rated amongst the best courses for housewives. You can pursue a course in web designing if you have a technical background and computer proficiency. A web designing course is generally a short-term computer course that trains the candidates to build, design, and develop a website.

You will be taught technical skills like all the programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UX, and visual designing along with programming languages. The career opportunities are huge in web designing. You can do a part-time job or freelance in web designing.


Q. What is the duration of the content writing master course with IIM SKILLS?

Content writing master course is the highly recommended course with IIM SKILLS. The course is government authorized and certified course. The course is a 3 month course. 1 month of training and 2 months of internship. IIM SKILLS also offers job placement opportunities. Along with content writing course IIM SKILLS also offer wide range of professional skill development courses which are proved best suitable for housewives that offer self-earning opportunities.

Q. What is the scope of income growth with the digital marketing course?

The scope of income growth is totally depended on how you are consistent in performance and keep upgrading with the skill. One needs to constantly learn and upgrade to cope with the current trends. As far as you learn and grow there is a good scope of growth in income.

Q. Can I start my own content writing business after being a certified content writer?

Yes, of course. The course will help and guide you to start your own business and also if you wish to take a work from home job IIM SKILLS offers job placement opportunities as well.

I am an Experienced Sales Operations Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Executive Search, Screening, and Recruiting. Strong sales and marketing support professional with a PGDM(full time) in HR+Marketing from Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida. I am currently pursuing a course in Content Writing at IIM Skills and I am looking forward to upgrading my skills and utilize my learning practically in the field of content writing as a successful blogger and a Freelancer.

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