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Course Curriculum of our All-inclusive Tally Course

The self-paced Tally Advanced Course at IIM SKILLS is a comprehensive program covering all the essential concepts of Tally and Tally software. With the curriculum sculpted by the experts to meet industry standards, the Master Tally course educates you from fundamentals to the most advanced concepts of Tally. Thus, it is counted as the best program to learn Tally in India. 

Here is a sneak peek at the detailed Master Tally course curriculum to give you a fair idea of what to expect to learn throughout the course.

Business Accounting (Module 1)

Basics of Accounts (Accounting, meaning, definition, objectives, scope, basic, terms, accounting principles, branches of accounting, uses & limitations of Accounting, Concepts & Conventions, Accountings uses, accounting information, accounting equations – Meaning of accounting equation, compensation of accounting, effects of transactions)

Accounting Standard (GAAP)

Types of Accounts

Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime (Module 2)

  • Basics of Tally
  • Creation / Setting up of Company in Tally
  • Creating Accounting Masters in Tally
  • Setting up Accounts Heads
  • Group & Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Debit & Credit Note
  • Creating Inventory Masters in Tally

Advanced Accounting in Tally (Module 3)

  1. Recording of Transactions
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Bill Wise Details
  4. Cost Centre and Cost Categories
  5. Invoice Entry using voucher categories
  6. Payment vouchers
  7. Stock Journal
  8. Adjusting Forex Gain / Loss
  9. Bank Reconciliation
  10. Interest Calculation
  11. Creating a Group Budget
  12. Order Processing in Tally
  13. Sale / Purchase order processing
  14. Display columnar orders & Stock Details
  15. Reorder Levels
  16. Tracking Numbers
  17. Bill of Materials
  18. Price Levels & Price Lists
  19. Stock Valuation
  20. Depreciation Entries
  21. Preparation of Trading and Profit & Loss
  22. Preparation Account Balance Sheet
  23. Balance Sheet Review/ analysis
  24. Ratio analysis
  25. Columnar Report Review/Analysis
  26. Shortcut Keys

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At:


Skill Acquisition: Build these Skills with Our Stellar Tally Course

The Tally course at IIM SKILLS aims not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also to integrate practical learning and skill development. IIM SKILLS advanced tally program is the paradigm of the best Tally course that equips you with all the essential concepts of Tally in accounting. Based on the industry’s best practices, the vivid course trains you in every aspect to become a skilled professional.

 Keeping up with the unconventional trends, the IIM SKILLS Tally Advanced course imbibes the following desirous skills that employers look for in candidates when considering them for hire:

  • Accounting Competency
  • Analytical Skills
  • Robust Communication Skills
  • Numerical Ability
  • Computer Skills

Master the Tools: Increase your Productivity

Running along the lines of fast-paced technological advancements, it has become imperative to stay up-to-date with novel tools and software in any field. The same is the case for Tally and the accounting industry.  Employers prefer candidates with an edge in software knowledge.

With that in mind, IIM SKILLS expert trainers bring real-time scenarios to the table using software and tools to help you understand the functionality of accounting. Truth be told, it is always better to invest time and money in the right kind of tools to outperform on the work front. That said, we at IIM SKILLS help you up your A-game with the apt use of the tools.

As accountants or finance professionals, people must have the requisite knowledge and practice of recommended tools, especially in the case of Tally. Become proficient in the precise use of these requisite tools with our pragmatic Tally course program:

  • Tally Prime: An integrated business management software, Tally Prime is of utmost importance to manage inventory, statutory, compliance, banking, payroll, and other day-to-day accounting activities.
  • Tally ERP 9: This is the latest version of Tally solutions. It is the most trusted and popular accounting software to lever business management solutions and GST software with a perfect combination of function, control, and in-built customization.
  • Microsoft Excel: Excel offers an interactive dashboard to manage business data. It is a convenient tool in the hands of most people working in the industry to track and record data and important numbers. 

Tally Eligibility

While there are no hard and fast rules or pre-requisites needed to be a part of the Master Tally Course at IIM SKILLS, this course could be a precise fit for you if you have:

  • Completed 10+2 from a recognized board. (Although students who have studied commerce in 12th grade will find this course easier, students with backgrounds in any stream can apply for the course)
  • Students pursuing graduation or recent graduates (preferably commerce) can also apply for this course to get an edge over others. It will give you a much-needed boost if you are eyeing a career in the domain of accounting.
  • Students should have fundamental knowledge about the working of computers. 

Generally speaking, the Master Tally course is an ideal choice for both graduates as well as working professionals. Fresh graduates can wake up to the benefits of this course as a trigger to take off a career in the domain of accounting. Alongside, existing working professionals can add a Tally badge to their resume to strengthen their chances of better job prospects and salary compensation.  Anyone in pursuit of a career in the sphere of accounts and finance can reap the ingenious benefits of this course.

Objectives of Tally Course

The IIM SKILLS affluent Master Tally Course is aimed:

  •       To acquire the basics of accounting and accounting standards.
  •       To wrap your head around Tally and use Tally in accounting.
  •       To know all about Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime and their functionality.
  •       To grow your knowledge of accounting basics like debits and credits to further post entries confidently.

To refine the advanced concepts of Tally like checking bill-wise details, balance sheet review, and more. 

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100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you do not like our course, you can claim a 100% money return after your first session. (Read our refund policy)

Certification Fee: Price includes exam and certification fees.

Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.

Who Should Pursue Our Explicit Tally Course?

Customized as per the needs and requirements of freshmen and professionals in the finance and accounting sphere, the rich Tally Advanced course at IIM Skills is a must-have for all. Acquisition of Tally skills will help both professionals and newbies to make their way up in their careers, irrespective of their current positioning.

Leveraging this well-structured course, determination and grit will help you set your talents ablaze in this field. Generally speaking, this course is an excellent fit for finance, accounts, business, and business management aspirants.

The Tally is an important skill you should master if your degree is in accounting or finance. The majority of businesses already use Tally ERP, thus becoming familiar with it will greatly increase your understanding of accounting, inventory management, and taxation.

The Master Tally Course is a good call on your career front if you are:

  • Fresh Graduates: Commerce graduates can find this Tally course highly rewarding to make their way in the accounting field. Besides, graduates from any stream can leverage this course to set the stage for a prosperous career in the domain of accounts and finance. The base-stage competence in important professional accounting software like Tally will provide a remarkable head start to your career.
  • CA professional/pursuing: Those pursuing a Chartered Accountant (CA) degree and existing CA professionals can savor the benefits of this Tally advanced course. Not only will it add to your skills and tool knowledge, but make you incredibly competent in the eyes of prospective employers.
  • CS Professional/pursuing: Company secretary degree holders or CS learners can equally profit from this entry-level accounting software to record and track data of company businesses. Besides, it multiplies your chances of better job prospects in the industry.
  • Tax Experts: As simple as it sounds, Tally is an accounting software that is highly useful for tax experts to record accurate transitions and conversions. Those working or aiming to work in the tax industry must enroll in a Tally advanced course to stride ahead in their careers.
  • GST Practitioners: Since GST is all about filing returns, bills, and payments, having a strong hold over Tally software will add a much-needed boost to your career. With Tally skills under your kitty, you can process loads of data and client information in an accessible and comprehensible manner.
  • Finance Professionals: Working professionals belonging to the finance domain can consider the Tally course to enlarge their skills, thereby strengthening their work areas. Finance experts targeting career upliftment or career switch options can also add Tally to their skill kit.
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs: Those running for entrepreneurship roles have to process tons of statistics and figures. With that being the case, Tally software knowledge can come in handy to document and anecdote figures and numbers. For solopreneurs, this easy-to-use software is a true benefactor to archive useful data.
  • Start-up Owners: As mentioned, Tally is a beginner-level accounting tool. Start-up owners can use this software to the best of their abilities to manage all work-related statistics and data.
  • Business Management Students: Those running for business management roles have an advantage with Tally software knowledge. Tally not only adds up as a skill badge but also counts toward the process of business-related activities.

Exclusive Features of Our Tally Course

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Traffic hassles, time restraints, and other day-to-day unavoidable necessities are no more a barrier to learning new software. At IIM Skills, there is no room for old-school practices. Modern technology requires modern pedagogy, and IIM Skills uses the Learning Management System to make the learning process a breeze. With anytime, anywhere access feature, you can attend virtual classes from any part of the world. A laptop, mobile phone, screen, or any other gadget with a stable internet connection is all you need to relish this interesting Tally software learning program.

Self-Paced Program

To be up to the minute with the fast-paced evolving society, one has to look for alternatives that don’t let anything create a gap in their knowledge curve. The self-paced Tally advanced course is an optimum solution to acquire the working knowledge of this in-demand accounting software without hampering your work-life balance. With 24*7 availability of resource material and pre-recorded sessions, make the best of your spare time to capitalize on your skills and abilities in Tally software.

Expert Faculty

With IIM Skills, learn and expand your horizons under the tutelage of industry veterans who have real-time experience in the domain. Exceptional faculty are subject-matter experts, who use user-friendly pedagogy to make concepts simpler and clearer. Setting the stage with the basics, they steer on to the complex concepts to offer you a complete view and working process of Tally software. More so, they bring real-time industry problems to the table to prepare you for industry-level jobs.

User-friendly Resources

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a handy repository comprising all the reinforcements such as resource material, pre-recorded sessions, videos, eBooks, and more. Round-the-clock accessibility to the LMS lets you learn as and when you want. Adding to the sparkle, there are no limited views, which means you can watch a session as many times as is required on your part.

Master Certification

Trusted by corporates and businesses across the globe, IIM Skills Master Certifications make you shine in the eyes of prospective employers. These shareable certifications are a must-add to your LinkedIn profile to skyrocket your limits of career exposure. The certification doesn’t come up with any expiration date, which means it is a true manifestation of your lifelong learning. Indeed, it displays your high-spirited learning of this most popular accounting software, which is an indispensable player at any career stage in the accounting, auditing, and finance domain.

Comprehensive Courseware

Designed and sculpted by expert trainers to meet industry standards, the coordinated curriculum relentlessly exposes you to the fundamentals of Tally accounting. Streamlined with the industry best practices, the courseware accommodates all the pertinent concepts of Tally beginning with the basics of Tally and accounting, ledgers, debit & credit notes, and inventories, to advanced concepts like recording transactions, stock valuation, interest calculation, balance sheet review, and a lot more. Overall, the courseware touches most likely all the relevant aspects of Tally accounting. What’s more? Each module seamlessly wires the theoretical knowledge and application-based learning along the lines of tools and software usage.

Get Industries Most Trusted Certificate

Tally Course Certificate by the Goverment of India

Tally Course Process:

  • 1


    The first step is to register for the Tally Advanced Course at IIM Skills and fill out your basic details and contact information like mobile no. and email ID.

  • 2

    Pay Fees

    After registration, you will be required to pay the Tally course fees through Debit card/Credit Card/NEFT, etc.

  • 3

    Access to LMS

    Once the payment is done, you will soon get access to the Learning Management System (LMS) where you can find all the resource material and pre-recorded sessions.

  • 4

    Complete All Modules

    Through LMS, you can learn at your own pace and complete the entire course at your own convenience. Since there are no restrictions on the number of views, you can view and re-view each module, again and again, to better understand the concept.

  • 5


    After completing all the modules, you will acquire the Tally Master Certification from IIM Skills, which you can further show to your potential employers to cherish better job opportunities.

Interested? Lets Start With

Tally Course Full Details: Career, Scope, Average Salary, and More!

In this section, we will unravel all the mysteries about the scope of Tally in India, career prospects, average salary of respective job roles, etc. Dig in to understand where Tally fits into your growing career or how Tally becomes a launchpad to a majestic career in the finance and accounting domain.

Future of Tally

Generally speaking, Tally has an evolving market at the domestic, national, as well as international level. Account management is considered one of the most crucial areas of business operations, and plays an evident role in the tremendous growth of the organization.

Accounting has been at the heart of every company, business, and enterprise since time immemorial. In the years to come, accounting has become an inevitable part of every company to maintain records, bookkeeping, payment management, and other accounts and finance-related tasks.

Tally Advanced course imbues the industry-recognized expertise in the professionals and newbies, giving them an edge over similar people in the market. With that being the case, professional expertise in accounting software leads to expansive growth and progress in careers better than others.  

The majority of businesses have progressively come to the realization that cutting-edge methods and tools produce profitable accounting solutions. Accounting has undergone a paradigm shift toward enhanced software training, making it a more delicate and precise function. As a result, large corporations are ready to pay extra for skilled accountants who have received advanced Tally training.

Accounting and Tally go hand-in-hand and there is a potential for immense growth in this explicable bond. Businesses are centred around accounting and finance, and there are absolutely no chances of enterprises and businesses waning in the future. As long as industries and companies stay alive, the accounting and thereby, Tally solutions will deem fit for use.

Lucrative Career Prospects After Tally Course

Tally is software and working knowledge of Tally complements your skill base. Excellent know-how of Tally software puts you in a better place for cascading jobs in both the finance and accounting sectors.

Proficiency in advanced Tally and the latest versions of Tally solutions makes you worthy to consider innumerable career options including but not limited to tally operations, business analyst, tax accountancy, finance executive, etc. Those already in the professional domain of accounting, chartered accountancy, company secretary, or any other related roles, can push their limits in their respective domains and seek higher positions in the organizations.

In order to provide an eye-opening view of career options available after the Tally Advanced course, we have made a list of the career prospects and the roles and responsibilities associated with the same:

Tally Operator

About: Tally Operator is a trained professional who works on Tally software to process transactions and other records of the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Recording all the bills, payments, payroll, inventories, and other important entries in the Tally software.
  •       Recording all the transactions of the organization. 

Tax Accountant:

About: Tax accountants are qualified accountants who assist and helps both individual and organizations to file their taxes properly without errors. Moreover, it is under their scope of expertise to follow legal guidelines to bargain and ensure maximized tax returns for their clients.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Collect client forms to identify potential credits against expenses.
  •       Prepare tax payment reports for the clients
  •       Estimate, calculate, and track tax returns
  •       Create and maintain a tax database for the business/client
  •       Make quarterly and annual tax reports on behalf of the client company
  •       Determine tax savings and make suggestions for methods to boost profitability
  •       Observe market trends and keep tabs on tax developments
  •       Communicate with internal and outside auditors

Data Entry Operator

About: Data Entry Operators process data and information of the company on the database. They are held responsible for precisely entering important data of the organization and keeping the records up-to-date. Although the job looks easier on the face of it, however, it requires immense dedication, precision, and thoughtful techniques to avoid any glitches while updating data.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Feed relevant information into the computer either manually or using a scanning device.
  •       Updating customer and account information from source documents within the given time frame.
  •       Compiling, verifying accuracy, and sorting information to prepare source data for computer entry.
  •       Reviewing data for deficiencies or errors, correcting any discrepancies, and checking output.

Finance Executive

About: The finance executive is concerned with the financial health of the company including money transactions, income, expenses, etc. They aim to make sure the organization is profitable by managing cash flow statements, budgeting, and tax planning activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Oversee the money aspects of an organization.
  •       Monitor the company’s income, expenses, investments, and other finance-related aspects.
  •       Create, maintain, and evaluate financial reports like cash flow statements.
  •       Plan out budgeting and taxes to maximize profits and cut costs as and when required by the company.
  •       Monitor financial trends and economic changes happening in the country.

Tally Junior Accountant

About: Tally junior accountant is an entry-level job that requires you to work under a senior accountant in an accounting firm or organization. The main job here is to look out and about in the details of accounts.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Getting and processing all the payment requests, expenditure reports, and invoices.
  •       Managing petty cash, bill receipts, and making up bills.
  •       Maintaining and handling accounting records, filing documents, and keeping copies of the same for future use.
  •       Through knowledge of Statutory compliance of both collected and deducted taxes including service tax, TDS, profession tax, etc.

Accounting Clerk

About: An accounting professional is a skilled expert responsible for running reports, maintaining financial records, and recording transactions (of all types).  Providing administrative assistance to accountants and preparing statements to verify the precision of database information are among other duties that come under their scope of the area.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Provide support to the accounting department
  •       Prepare and maintain accounting documents and records.
  •       Develop bank deposit statements, general ledger, and statements.
  •       Reconcile accounts from time to time
  •       Enter financial transactions and important data in the database on a daily basis.
  •       Research, track, and analyze discrepancies in the accounting records and documentation.

 Sales Analyst

About: Sales Analysts are sales experts who are shouldered with the duties like analyzing sales data, creating sales forecasts, and making recommendations to produce optimal sales activities and market share of the company.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Muster sales data from sales reports and use it to develop sales evaluation reports.
  •       Study and analyze past sales data to identify optimal trends to enhance productivity
  •       Scrutinize the budget of the company
  •       Conduct research through competitors and market trends
  •       Examine the shopping and purchase trends of customers and target demographics
  •       Leverage sales prediction software to understand future market trends.

Business Analyst

About: Business analysts are skilled professionals that use business insights to suggest recommendations for business organizations. They interpret and document business processes, products, and services, through data analysis procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  •       Analyze corporate processes, determine areas of development, and execute business solutions.
  •       Evaluate existing business processes and develop optimization plans.
  •       Keep abreast of the latest developments in IT to automate and modernize systems.
  •       Communicating your insights and strategies to cross-functional teams in an effective manner.
  •       Garner useful information and data from meetings with stakeholders and formulate profitable reports.
  •       Make sure that business solutions are aligned with the business needs and requirements.
  •       Serve as a liaison between users and stakeholders.


Average Salary for Tally Professionals

On average, the Tally accountant’s salary in India ranges between INR 1 to 3.9 LPA. However, this is an entry-level salary, which will increase manifold with your achievements to vertical rise to the top of your career stages. Just like any other profession, the salary is determined by professional expertise, accumulated experience, company, location, and other considerate factors.

To give you a fair idea of what your pay cheque could look like, we have compiled the average salary of the popular job roles after completing the Tally Advanced course:

Job ProfileAverage Salary (in LPA)
Tally OperatorINR 1,80,000
Tax AccountantINR 5,60,000
Data entry operatorINR 1,92,000
Finance OfficerINR 3,40,950
BookkeeperINR 2, 40,000
Tally Junior AccountantINR 1,50,000
Accounting ClerkINR 2,40,000
Sales AnalystINR 5,00,000
Business Development TraineeINR 5,69,000
Business AnalystINR 8,65,000


Top Recruiters After Tally Course

Here is a list of the top-notch recruiting firms that hire Tally-certified working professionals:

  •       Accenture
  •       Reliance Industries
  •       IBM India
  •       Genpact
  •       Deloitte
  •       KPMG
  •       Ernst & Young (EY)
  •       PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
  •       Grant Thornton International
  •       BDO International
  •       RSM Tenon
  •       Smith & Williamson.
  •      SS Kothari & Mehta

Why Enroll in a Tally Course?

The world of accounting is on a constant high, and Tally software has been the talk of the town in small and medium businesses. Due to the steady push by the Government of India to make India a self-reliant nation, the Micro, Small, and medium enterprises (MSME) industry is proliferating. Backed up by the significant government policy support, more and more small businesses are coming up.

Tally, being a potent tool for small and medium businesses, is an ideal solution to track and record business data and insights. The ease of use and simplified operations iterate its importance as a competent business tool. With that being the case, most companies expect employees to possess the acumen and finesse of Tally accounting. As a result, enrolling in an all-encompassing Tally Advanced course is your best bet to spur your career ahead.

From tracking expenses, and investment decisions to calculating profit shares, accounting takes a central stage in every business. Nonetheless, with so much data and numbers, there are high chances of records getting misplaced leading to discrepancies. It further prevents the businesses from having a true picture of the overall financial position of the business.

Using Tally makes things a lot easier at hand. Tracking business data and information efficiently and effectively is a result of Tally software, which makes it a popular name in the market. This in turn has led to the extreme popularity of the Tally course. Thus, learning Tally will put you in a good position career-wise, paving way for a positive and accommodating future in the industry.

Why Pursue Tally Course?

Accounting has been a part of our lives for centuries. Accounting and bookkeeping services date back to a time in history when societies depended upon a barter system for trade. Fast forward a few centuries, accounting still takes precedence in almost every other industry. Keeping accounts, bookkeeping, and maintaining records will always be a crucial part of every business, which is why accounting is here to stay and endure a long game.

Needless to say, accounting is an evergreen profession and Tally is the backbone of this profession. Let’s find out the predominant reasons to study the Tally course:

  •       Advanced Tally ERP 9 software is extraordinarily useful for both employees and business companies.
  •       The valuable Tally ERP 9 puts an exceptional contribution to eradicating cascading effects of taxes.
  •       This software lifts the heavy lifting off your shoulders and helps you to perform complex data procedures efficiently and effectively in online mode. 
  •       Most companies and firms already use Tally ERP software, so learning this software would make you more employable in the eyes of employers.
  •       The best thing about Tally is that it has an easy setup and cost setup, which is one reason why most companies prefer Tally to execute data-related activities.
  •       Due to its composition scheme, Advanced Tally ERP 9 software is a cost-effective and viable choice for trades and ventures.
  •       With its ease of use and dynamic applicability, Tally Software is a real go-getter when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping activities.
  •       Advanced Tally software is all-in-one software to manage major accounting business operations including e-payment, cheque management, cash flow, fund flow, and more. 
  •       There is a visible demand for job opportunities for accounting officials and bookkeepers in almost every industry.
  •       Competent and experienced candidates can expect prominent and lucrative salary packages and growth opportunities.
  •      Advanced Tally ERP 9 software is a true benefactor for trade proprietors who compute GST charges, thus saving a great deal of money.

Overview of the Tally Industry

Any business owner is well-aware of the significance of keeping an accurate book of accounts. Indeed, the company must be aligned with the financial position of the company at any given point in time. The tally comes as the one-stop-shop solution for these crucial activities. With Tally business accounting software, concerned authorities can ensure company finances are in order and accurate form around the clock.

Formerly, most companies maintained all the company records manually. However, as modern advancements and technologies have penetrated every industry, accounting is not outside the showground. Accounting has become easy, simple, reliable, and secure with the Tally accounting software.

What is Tally all about?

Tally is an abbreviation of Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards. Tally is one of the most popular accounting software, driven by a concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine. It is an all-inclusive software for all types of accounting needs such as ledgers, vouchers, delivery notes, receipt notes, purchases, sales, credit notes, debit notes, etc.

Tally is an extremely easy-to-use, simple software that assists in streamlining the complex day-to-day activities and actions of a business or enterprise. The software is used by all types of industries and businesses, mostly small and medium-sized companies.

Tally software houses a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to operate and execute. This valuable software provides comprehensive solutions with regard to accounting principles, inventory, and data integrity. Advanced Tally features also feed global business management. 

Quick Facts About Tally:

  •       The full form of Tally is Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards.
  •       Tally was developed by Goenkas in the year 1986 to simplify accounting operations.
  •       Tally ERP 9 is the latest version of Tally software.
  •       Tally Software is the most popular accounting software in India.
  •       It acts as a complete enterprise solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

What are the Benefits of Tally Software?

Being a business owner, it is important to be cognizant of the financial health of the company at all times. Tally is a potent tool in the hands of the enterprise owners to perform all accounting-related tasks.

This one-in-all software handles and juggles all the tasks related to business management. Record keeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, etc- all such accounting tasks are made simple through Tally. Tally Accounting Software offers solutions to real-time problems encountered by businesses.

More so, Tally software makes financial management an easy breeze. It enables thorough solutions to finance practices such as management of funds across numerous locations, transactions involving multiple currencies, cash flow management, and interest payment options. 


Why Choose IIM SKILLS?

IIM SKILLS, a leading name in the e-learning industry stays true to its tradition to provide world-class education at affordable pricing. The institute is a one-stop-shop solution to bring forth career launches as well as career advancements.

The world today is speeding away at an unprecedented rate with cutting-edge developments and technologies igniting each day. Under such circumstances, there is a strong compulsion to keep abreast of new skills and acumen. IIM SKILLS fosters this accommodating and encouraging place to kindle new learnings to tip over the edge in the industry.

At IIM Skills, the outstripping Tally Advanced course program is inch-perfect to prompt you to capitalize on your abilities in Tally software training. Built on the foundation of the industry’s best activities, the self-paced course has all that it takes to master the art and science of Tally. The courseware is seamlessly sewn together in a streamlined manner to help you ace every concept appropriately.

Setting the cornerstone with the basics of Tally and accounting, the course modules take you inch by inch towards the advanced concepts of Tally. The best part about the course is the ease with which you navigate towards the advanced concepts of Tally involving bill-wise details, balance sheet review, inventories, bank reconciliations, etc. In the process, the instructors surreptitiously prepare you for the accounting, auditing, finance, and taxation job roles.

An ideal mix of technical skills and soft skills makes the Tally course at IIM Skills an idyllic experiential learning program. Thus, making you job-ready as soon as you culminate the program. Moreover, the exceptional faculty at IIM SKILLS uses state-of-the-art techniques to bring about a real change in you with regard to knowledge attainment.  Both newbies and experienced professionals can equally benefit from the course to rise in the workplace.

Since 2015, IIM Skills has strived hard to contribute to the success of students and working professionals in every possible way. We have trained more than 35000 individuals to rise in their domain of career. Join IIM Skills with this self-paced Tally course to bridge the gap in the accounting sector.

Commonly Asked FAQ's for Advanced Tally Course

What is Tally Course?

Tally is a short-term course that deals with the Tally software and its uses in inventory management, recording transactions, payroll, GST, TDS, and other related things. Generally, it educates and trains students in the usability of Tally and advanced concepts of Tally software to maintain glitch-free records of the company.

What are the eligibility criteria for Tally Course at IIM Skills?

As such, there are no specific eligibility requirements to enroll for the Tally course at IIM Skills. Anyone with an interest to learn about the Tally software can take up this self-paced short-term course. Anyone who has done 10+2 from a recognized board or graduated in any stream can sign up for this course. Nonetheless, the course is an ideal fit for graduates from commerce, accounting, or finance-related disciplines. Those running for CA, CS, and business management programs are also welcome to take up this comprehensive Tally course.

How long does it take to complete the IIM Skills Tally Advanced course?

The course duration of the Master Tally course at IIM Skills is 20 hours. However, since this is a self-paced program, candidates can take more or less time as per their convenience and availability.  

Who should join this Tally course?

Students who have completed 10+2 preferably from the commerce stream must join this course, though candidates from other streams are also eligible to apply. Ideally, the best fit for the Tally course is CAs, CS, management students, GST practitioners, tax experts, finance professionals, start-up owners, etc. A basic understanding of accounting and business management is preferable to having a strong base in this domain. 

What makes this course unique?

Structured around industry best practices, the courseware covers all the relevant concepts of Tally software and its applications in real-life business scenarios. Under the expert schooling of subject matter experts, the course begins by introducing you to the basics of accounting and gradually progresses towards the significant characteristics and functionalities of Tally software, including recording transactions, bill-wise details, inventory management, balance sheet review, and more. What makes this course unique is the superb integration of theoretical and practical concepts delivered by the experienced faculty to make candidates comprehend the depths of each concept. 

What learning resources are available?

At IIM Skills, candidates receive access to the Learning Management System (LMS), which is a storehouse of all the resource material. The well-researched learning resources available to you includes pre-recorded session videos, eBooks, and other resource material.

What topics are covered in this course?

The explicit Master Tally course covers all the concepts pertinent to Tally software, which includes Tally in accounting, accounting standards, ledger creation, inventory management, credit & debit notes, bill-wise details, stock valuation, bank reconciliation, interest calculation, ratio analysis, balance sheet review, and so forth and so on.

How will Tally certification help in my career?

The Master Tally certification from IIM Skills will display you as an authorized Tally learner to potential employers. Thus, improving your chances of better career prospects and salary packages. Fresh graduates who acquire Tally certification can get an exceptional head start on their accounting career. Those already working in the professional domain can add it to their tools and skills acquisition list to ratchet their employability. 

Tally Course Certificate by the Goverment of India

What are the job prospects available after the Tally course?

After completing a Tally Advanced course from IIM Skills, you are open to lucrative careers and job prospects including but not limited to a Tally accountant, Tally operator, data entry operator, finance executive, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, sales analyst, and business analyst. 

Can I pursue the Tally course after the 12th?

Yes, if you have an inherent interest to learn Tally accounting, you can pursue the IIM Skills Tally course after completing the 12th.

Can a BA student learn Tally?

Yes, of course. However, since you are not from a commerce background, you may have to work a little harder to understand accounting and business management concepts. Basic computer knowledge will be required to learn to use Tally software.

What are the educational qualifications that employers prefer for Tally ERP9 Jobs?

Employers usually prefer BCom or MCom degree holders for Tally ERP 9 jobs. Among others, CA, CS, BTech, and other related degree holders are also on the hiring radar of employers. In a nutshell, employers look out for accounting and account management skills in deserving candidates. 

What documents are required to apply for the Tally course?

At IIM Skills, we do not ask for any documents to apply for the course. 

What is Tally in accounting?

Tally in accounting is a professional software solution for accounting activities.  Tally solutions provide this standard business accounting software that is used by many small and medium business companies. The latest version of Tally ERP 9 is a complete business management solution, which can use to manage a range of activities such as recording transactions, debit and credit notes, balance sheet reviews, etc.

Does Tally work without Internet?

Yes. Tally can be used with an internet connection. Nevertheless, while using features like remote access, viewing reports on the browser, etc, you need to stay connected to the internet.

Who developed Tally?

Bharat Goenka developed initially developed software called “The Accountant” without codes. He and his father together began Peutronics in 1986, which was renamed Tally in 1988. Since then Tally solutions have released different versions, Tally  ERP 9 being the latest one.

What are the languages required for Tally?

TDL or Tally Definition Language is the development language for Tally ERP 9. It is developed to facilitate users with simplicity and flexibility to extend default features of Tally and combine them with external applications.

How long can I access the Tally course material?

We at IIM Skills provide you lifetime access to the complete Tally course material. Candidates can leverage the course resource material for as long as they want through a user-friendly Learning Management System.

How to become a Tally operator?

Students must complete their 10+2 (preferably commerce stream), though students from other streams can also move forward with this career. Secondly, students must have a basic knowledge of business management and accounting, you can do graduation with an accounting degree. Lastly, you must learn Tally from a recognized institution like IIM Skills and achieve Tally certification to become a Tally operator. With the certification in hand, you can apply to prospective employers or indulge in internships to understand the work process.

What is the benefit of the Tally course?

The Tally Advanced course benefits the learners in the following manner:

Since advanced Tally software is an excellent tool for business management, most companies hire candidates equipped with Tally software knowledge. Thus, it increases your employability chances. 

The Tally course enables you to perform complex data procedures efferently using Tally software. Thus, saving you time and energy. 

Learning Tally can save you a lot of trouble and glitches which are unavoidable when you enter and process data manually.  

Advanced Tally software is a real go-getter to accomplish all business accounting operations including cheque management, cash flow, e-payment, fund flow, balance sheet, and more. 

         There is a noticeable demand for job opportunities for accounting officials and bookkeepers in almost every industry.

  •       Qualified and experienced candidates can expect lucrative salary packages and growth opportunities in this sector. 
  •       Advanced Tally ERP 9 software is a true benefactor for trade proprietors who compute GST charges, thus saving a great deal of money.

Will I receive a course completion certificate?

Yes. Once you complete the course, you will earn a Master’s certification from IIM Skills, which is well-recognized in the industry throughout the world.

Can I do the tally course online?

Yes. IIM Skills Master Tally Advanced course is an online self-paced program, which you can access from the comfort of your own. Both students, as well as working professionals, can take up this course without compromising on their studies or work front as the course is flexible in nature. The resources will be available to you 24*7. All you have to do is log in to your LMS and access the sessions to learn the Tally concepts module by module.

Is tally difficult to learn?

Tally is an easy and integrated software for complete business solutions. The Tally course is quite easy to learn. One can learn to use the Tally software within a short duration period, most likely one to three months.

Which tally course is best?

While there are many institutes that provide Tally courses in online as well as offline modes, IIM Skills Advanced Tally course is the best. With a well-constructed curriculum, expert faculty, student-centric approach, and 24*7 access to LMS, the course best suits the needs of people from all walks of life. Moreover, covering the A to Z of Tally, the modules are structured in a manner to steer gradually from the fundamentals to advanced concepts while offering a constant focus on tool and software applicability.

Is tally difficult to learn?

No. Tally is not a difficult software to learn. The USP of Tally software is its ease of use and simplicity, and the same applies when learning the software. Both commerce graduates, as well as non-commerce candidates can learn it in a short period of time. It is very easy accounting software that simplifies the process of account management.

What are the takeaways after completing this course?

Post completion of this Tally course, the learner will have:

  • A clear understanding of Tally in accounting and accounting standards. 
  • Sound knowledge and functionality of Tally software. 
  • Be able to record transactions, manage account-related activities using Tally software, maintain bill-wise details
  • Inventory management and balance sheet review are among other activities that the learner will be able to do proficiently.

Is it important for a commerce student to learn Tally?

Although there is no compulsion to learn Tally, it can definitely provide an edge when looking for jobs because Tally is a widely used software for business and account management in India.

. What is the average salary after doing a Tally ERP 9 in India?

The initial salary for fresh learners can range between 1-2 LPA. However, as you gain experience of 6 months or more, the salary can go up to 3-4 LPA. Besides, with excellent time management skills and working for different firms, you can witness a significant rise in salary prospects.

Is Tally useful for CA?

Yes. Technically, Tally is most useful for CA professionals because the Chartered accountant job is all about management of accounts, processing invoices, filing returns, etc. Being one of the best accounting software, Tally makes their tasks easier and simpler.

Which version of Tally is best?

Tally ERP 9, which is the latest version of Tally software, is best to use. It is supported on both browsers and mobile devices and even offers easy data access. Moreover, the GST returns filing process has also been made simpler in this version. 

Is Tally better than Excel?

While Excel is a basic software, Tally is an all-in-one business solutions software that makes accounting simple and easy. As a result, most companies prefer Tally software when it comes to account and business management. The bottom line is that a Tally course would be more useful if you are heading for jobs in accounting, business analysis, finance, or resource planning.

What are the basics of accounting?

The basics of accounting involve accounting procedures used by all types of organizations. Accounting standards, recording transactions, accounting principles, concepts & conventions are a few of the many things that cover the fundamentals of accounting.

Can I use Tally on two computers?

Yes. Users can use Tally on multiple computers and gadgets. 

What is the balance sheet in Tally?

A balance sheet refers to a financial statement that maintains and conveys the financial health of the company. The balance sheet report displays the balance between the assets and liabilities of an organization. You can assess and check this report in the browser.

. Is Tally worth learning?

Yes. The Tally course can provide a much-needed boost to your career by broadening your skill knowledge in accounting, inventory management, taxation, etc. Whether you are a novice or a working professional, Tally can be a game changer for your career and land you excellent job opportunities. 

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