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Best Data Science Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Data science is the compilation of complex data from different resources for different purposes like research, analysis, and statistical development. It comprises the usage of scientific methods, mathematics, statistics, data engineering, advanced computing, and domain expertise. It needs a hacker mindset and future visualization. This is one of the most demanding work profiles in the field of sciences and requires a lot of understanding for better growth.

List of the best data science courses in Mumbai


Qualifications for Data Science –


  • Data science can be studied in the form of bachelor’s and master’s courses after 12th grade for a science background student.
  • For a graduate or a postgraduate from any field but science, it can be studied in the form of a short term or diploma course.


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The 11 Best Data Science Courses in Mumbai are:


1.             Imarticus


Imarticus is one of the best institutions for data science courses, it is in collaboration with KPMG. The course name is data science prodegree. They provide future placements in companies like Deloitte.


They provide sessions in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and they also have their institute in UAE. They have more than 15000 students till now and 400+ hiring partners, they also guarantee a 60% hike if you have working experience. Anyone with a science or business administration degree can apply for the course.


Things they assure –

  • Placement opportunities
  • Profile enhancement
  • Resume building
  • Interview preparation



  • Statistical fundamental & R
  • Data Science with R
  • Data science with Python
  • SQL Programming
  • Data visualization with Tableau


The faculty involves Vinay Borhade, Pradeep Kumar, Arun Kumar Nair. They provide proper certification for 4 months. This is a short-term course for data science. Among the data science courses in Mumbai and other cities as well, it is a precise choice for aspirants.


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2. AnalytixLabs


AnalytixLabs provides many courses in analytics, data science, and big data-related courses. The course for data science is under the name data science 360.


Program Objective –

  • Building blocks
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • R for data science
  • Python for data science
  • Predictive modeling and machine learning
  • Text mining and NLP
  • AI and cloud computing
  • Industry and functional sessions


It is a 3 months online program and the timings for the sessions are for 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday.


Benefits of online platforms

  • Saves commuting time
  • Interactive sessions
  • The comfort of your place
  • Better than conventional classrooms
  • Recording’s availability


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3. Intellipaat


Intellipaat is a big platform that is affiliated with IIT Madras, India’s top-ranking college for data science and data analytics courses. They provide 7 months of complete basics to advance information on data science and analytics. The timings of their classes are from 8 to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


It is beneficial for a person to do this course while pursuing their studies or jobs as this course will act as an additional skill in their resume. They are teaching online data science courses in Mumbai and other cities of India.


The Advanced Certification in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will help you learn skills like Python, Machine Learning, Git, Advance statistics, deploying machine learning. The course will help you in receiving career services from Intellipaat to help you get connected with top MNC’s.


Skill Sets you will Master:

  • Data science
  • Python
  • Data wrangling
  • SQL
  • Storytelling
  • Machine Learning
  • Prediction algorithms
  • Software engineering
  • NLP
  • Pyspark
  • Data visualization


Benefits of this Program:

  1. Get Certified from India’s Top-Rated Technical University.
  2. Most Coveted IIT Madras Alumni Status.
  3. 100+ Hours of Classes.
  4. 200+ Hours Real-World Industry Graded Projects
  5. 30+ Real-Time Industry Projects…
  6. Capstone Projects from 5 Domains – Ecommerce, BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, and entertainment
  7. One-on-One with Industry Mentors
  8. Masterclasses from IIT Madras Faculties and other Industry Experts.


Here are some other Professional Courses


Intellipaat Edge:

  1. 24/7 Technical Support
  2. Lifetime Access
  3. Online Instructor-Led Classes
  4. Exclusive Access to Intellipaat Learning Form
  5. Online Practice Labs
  6. Dedicated Personal Learning Manager.
  7. Minimum 3 Assured Interviews from 400+ Hiring Partners


4. Simplilearn


Data professional’s demand shot up by 417%, while the supply has seen just a 19% increase – Economic Times. The average hike is around 45% because of the supply shortage.


You get the opportunity to apply to these companies through the Simplilearn Job Assist Program on your achievement of a Data Scientist Masters certificate. They offer data science courses in Mumbai and other cities too. It takes 5-6 months to complete the program within a few hours on weekends/weekdays.


Primary Courses:

  • Data science with Python (Online Live Classroom sessions + Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Machine Learning (Online Live Classroom sessions + Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow (Online Live Classroom sessions + Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Tableau Training (Online Live Classroom sessions + Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Data Science Capstone (Online Live Classroom sessions)


You also get 5 elective courses:

  • Data Science with R Programming (Online Live Classroom sessions + Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer (Self Learning Tutorials)
  • Python for Data Science by IBM (Self Learning Tutorials)
  • SQL Training (Self Training Tutorials)
  • Industry Master Class – Data Science (Online Live classroom sessions)


Perks – 

  • Real-Life Industry-based projects with Data Sets from Branded names: AMAZON, UBER, WALMART, IDB Bank, COMCAST, IBM
  • Multiple batches with the flexibility to attend from anywhere, any device, any number of online live classroom batches, given by industry experts across the globe
  • Lifetime Access to learning material, such as e-books, PPTs/PDF files, Class recordings, and self-learning video tutorials
  • Practice real-time R, Python, Big Data, Machine Learning – Video Link. For Tableau, they assist in using Public Version software
  • Round clock support to help you for a hassle-free learning experience


5. Jigsaw academy


Jigsaw Academy was commenced by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti. The Academy has 50,000+ students in more than 30 countries and has helped many in building a career in data sciences. It was started in 2011 by them. It is one of the leading academies for data science courses in Mumbai.


Weekday/Weekend Program

  • Program Duration: 7 weeks/12 weekends
  • Class Duration: 6 hours/12 hours
  • Access Duration: 6 months/6 months


Instructor-Led Online Program 


  • Program Duration: 24 weeks
  • Students Study (at the rate of): 10 hours/week
  • Access Duration: 12 months


6. Great learning with NUS


Great Learning is in a tie-up with NUS. It is a leading institute in Asia for providing the best data science courses. They provide 6 months online masterclass for practical decision-making using data science. Even when they are Asia’s leading institute, they offer data science courses in Mumbai also. This program is for Managers, Team Leads, Executives, Directors, and Entrepreneurs.


These would include:

  • Understand how to use data to get results.
  • Acquire knowledge of frameworks & toolkits to solve problems.
  • Understand the business landscape.
  • Equipment of analytics knowledge to guide others in the right direction



Month 1: Basics of Data-Driven Decision Making

Month 2: Decision Making for an Uncertainty

Month 3: Right Decision Making

Month 4: Analytics

Month 5: Inference

Month 6: Business Value


Program Duration: 6 Months


7. Great learning with Great Lakes


Great Lakes provides a short-term course for learning data science and analytics. Great Learning and Great Lakes together made a course for data analytics and science.


It is a 9-month course with proper certification with 4 weeks of project work with –

  • Data Science techniques
  • Machine Learning applications
  • Tools such as Python, SQL, and Tableau.


8. Skillslash Academy


Skillslash Academy is the academy that believes that professionals are hired because of skills not because of academic qualifications.



Module 0 – Introduction

Module 1 – Essentials for Programming

Module 2 – Statistics

Module 3 – Machine Learning

Module 4 – Information about Deep Learning

Module 5 – NLP

Module 6 – Reinforcement learning

Module 7 – Computer Vision

Module 8 – AI and Risk management

Module 9 – Tools


Duration – 

Weekdays – 8 months

2 hours Monday to Friday


Weekends – 10 months

4 hours Saturday and Sunday


9. Udemy


Udemy is the world’s biggest platform for online learning programs and has thousands and thousands of courses available for different needs of different people. They do teach data science online in every part of the world, with the best certifications. Udemy has almost every course available online at fair pricing. They offer data science courses in Mumbai and other cities of India and everywhere in the World.


Courses in Udemy for data science are –

  • The data science course – complete data science course
  • Statistics for data science and business analysis
  • Data science and machine learning with R


There are many more courses like these on Udemy, the best way is to check on their website and check the recordings before enrolling in any course. This will make it easy before finalizing the course.


10. Coursera


Coursera is also a big platform for online learning of many courses. Some are offered for free and others at reasonable prices.


Steps to be followed – 

  • Take the course
  • Hands-on project
  • Earn a certificate


Courses offered – 

  • The data scientist toolbox
  • R programming
  • Getting and cleaning data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Reproducible research
  • Statistical inference
  • Regression models
  • Practical machine learning
  • Developing data products
  • Data science capstone


The duration of the course is approximately 11 months and the online recorded sessions have subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese and they provide certification which is acceptable worldwide. They offer data science courses in Mumbai and other cities of India and many other countries as well.


11. Edureka


Edureka is in alliance with NIT Warangal. Their AI and Machine Learning Program will add skills to any professional and will add a lot of value to their resume that will help in getting the right amount of salary for the valuable skills. Through offline mode, they offer data science courses in Mumbai.


Syllabus –

  • Python
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Mid program project
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Mid program project
  • Sequence learning
  • Industry grade project


Admission process – 

  • Enrollment form
  • Interview and offer letter
  • Payment and batch enrollment


Program duration: 11 months


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the roles of a Data scientist?


These are roles a data scientist has to perform in their job.

  • Advanced Statistical Analyses
  • Predictive algorithm
  • Data- drive problem solving
  • Develop Operational Models
  • Data Conditioning
  • Statistical and Analytical skills
  • Data Mining Activities
  • Machine learning and Deep learning principles
  • In-depth programming knowledge (SAS/R/Python coding)
  • Data Mining
  • Develop Operational Models
  • In-depth Machine Learning- Powered Optimization
  • Data Enhancement and Sourcing
  • Strategic Planning for Data Analytics
  • Data Integration
  • Ad- hoc Analyses
  • Anomaly Detection and Performance Tracking


2. How much does a data scientist earn?


Approximately, 8,00,000 PA is the income of a data scientist as this is a very demanding profile nowadays. The value of data science courses in Mumbai and other cities of India is very high as it enhances an individual’s skills for top jobs.


3. Are data scientists and data analysts the same?


Data analysis is a part of data science, data science is a wide term and a person needs a science base to be a data scientist whereas analysis is a part of it. It is less wide and easy in comparison. A data scientist is a combination of an analyst and a scientist. Both the profiles are in high demand in the market these days and will be as everything is based on the data.


4. Are data scientists and data engineers the same?


Data engineers are the people who have in-depth knowledge about creating, interpreting APIs, ML Algorithms, Data Pipeline, Performance Optimization, Data Warehousing and ETL, and Data architecture. They know about machine learning and artificial intelligence too, which a data scientist has but their work profile is different. They are engineers and make the tools for people. So, data scientists and data engineers do study many similar things but their jobs have different requirements. Engineers are in the back-end.

5. How are data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts connected?


Data Engineers, data scientists, data analysts are all connected through data as one has to work in the back-end, one has to learn the power of decision-making information of the data, and one works with the filtered data.

Companies have a team of all these profiles to get the best data for their growth, and everyone is paid according to their working abilities, skills, and workload. Other common things from an education perspective are mathematics, statistics, and analysis. All these profiles are in demand and jobs are readily available to those who have an extra skillset.


Conclusion –


If you have an interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning and have an interest in playing with the unfiltered data using your technical knowledge and computer skills, then first you should check recorded sessions on the internet of different institutes that teach data science and get more awareness about it, as it is an investment.


The minimum for learning this course is 50,000 rupees till 2.5 lacs. So, it is a better option to look for recorded sessions to know more about your interests than to do the course. So, data science courses in Mumbai and other cities of India will be of full value if you do it with your interest perspective.

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