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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Andheri With Placements

In this digital era with computer science and high-end technological innovation creating a ruckus leading to evolution and data explosion, data science has emerged as a guiding force to manage and build essential data models. Data science is aiding in nurturing such a huge amount of data triggering organizations and big businesses to continuously rely on the practices and techniques of data science to build and strategize data models and structures. This has led them to garner better decisions and more generative profits making them aspire for improved and more data-driven vision. In this article, we will be exploring such data science courses in Andheri and analyzing their scope.

List of best data science courses in Andheri

This domain of data science has also led to huge demand as well as a craze amongst technical students and mid-career level data professionals to foray into learning about data science technicalities and build a prosperous career with relevant skills and expertise.

So as data science is growing, it is simultaneously creating great employment opportunities in this domain as evident in data science job opportunities in Andheri.

Therefore, the data science institutes in Andheri are offering some detailed and high-quality data science courses for job seekers to gain skills.

What is Data Science? A Brief Overview With Examples

Data Science was introduced as a concept in the early 21st century and emerged as a new professional and academic domain for dealing with large datasets and analyzing complex data structures with the application of statistics, mathematics, and knowledge of computer science.

Back in 1974, Peter Naur put forward the term ‘Data Science’ for the first time in his 1974 publication ‘The concise survey of computer methods’ describing the importance and usefulness of data and its processes and how its application aids in handling data models and structures.

Therefore, data science over time has developed as an inter-disciplinary academic field of study and scientific research analysis of data and data sets drawing relevant insights and knowledge of data patterns and trends to make informed decisions.

It uses machine learning algorithms, and predictive modeling techniques with a wide range of applications in various sectors and domains. Data science technologies and practices are widely used creating a revolutionary domain shaping innovation and transforming lives.

It has profound impact and significance in the field of healthcare analytical study interpreting medical research and outcomes, in the domain of finance where it aids in the detection of digital frauds and anomalies, and also in the retail industry to manage customer queries and increase operational efficiency.

Explore here the best:

Data Science Job Opportunities and Required Skills

Data science has developed to be an emerging professional domain especially with the craze of data-driven systems and structural development creating ample employment opportunities.

A career in data science is considered to be a coveted and highly demanding domain of job opportunities enabling entry-level and professional candidates to opt for data science courses to learn about its skills, practices, and expertise and apply to data science-related jobs and employment options.

Not just of a data scientist, this field has numerous other job roles and designations creating a diverse range of job options and vacancies for job seekers. It includes multiple roles like that of a data mining engineer who does data examination and creates sophisticated data models and structures for businesses and organizational development.

It also includes that of a business intelligence analyst who uses the techniques and practices of Power BI to analyze business performance and derive analytical insights into business trends and market performance patterns aiding in designing efficient business data models.

It also includes the job role of a big data architect who works and does supervision of big data models and structures develops resilient big data structures and designs blueprints for data management systems to cause effective data integration and data management.

There is also the job role of a database administrator which enables employees to seamlessly work and have access to the company’s data and related applications developing backend data setup and generating system optimization increasing data capacity.

These data science job roles also require and demand relevant skills and levels of expertise which one must thoroughly learn and comprehend before embarking on data science job roles.

As a data science beginner, one is expected to be through with the data science fundamentals and principles along with knowledge of concepts of deep learning, and machine learning with algorithms deployment and also have a keen understanding of statistical analysis and probability methods.

It is also expected that they have knowledge and practical experience in working with programming languages like Python, and R to aid in machine learning tasks and give access to data science libraries. They also must know data wrangling techniques for improving data quality, and data visualization to represent data findings.

The List of Top 10 Data Science Courses in Andheri


Established in the year 2015, IIM SKILLS is a leading institute training candidates in varied courses and learning programs having expert-led faculties and learning infrastructure along with job placement opportunities.

IIM SKILLS is offering a master’s certification course in data science with 11 months of extensive learning curriculum conducted by top instructors and mentors in the industry.

The data science course is an MBA program module having advanced tools and technologies and capstone projects in its learning curriculum giving the students a wholesome learning experience and getting them acquainted with industry standards of data science techniques and practices.

It covers a tool range including SQL, Chat GPT, Flask, Jupyter Notebook, and others having 160 + hours of lecture and interactive sessions of learning along with 100 hours of practical assignment modules making it one of the sought-after data science courses in Andheri.

It is devised for beginners and working professionals to thoroughly understand and comprehend data science modules and learning.

The course has the following structural learning modules:

  • Statistical learning in data science including random variables, probability, etc
  • Data science with Machine learning and AI technologies with sub categories.
  • Data science with SQL techniques including RDBMS, data manipulation techniques, etc
  • Data science with Power BI methods of learning with DAX and report generation.
  • R programming language in data science including data importing/ exporting and analysis.
  • Tableau learning with data handling
  • Alteryx in data science including cleansing, filtration, etc.

Course Fees: Rs 99900 + 18% GST

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Imarticus Learning is a reputed online and e-learning platform with high-end professional certification courses on multiple domains like financial analysis programs, accounting and banking, data science, and analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence modules.

They offer a comprehensive post-graduate program in data science and analytics with assured job placement and assistance. It is a 6-month duration full-time program having theoretical knowledge and practical assignments with the application of data science tools, SQL learning, Python programming, Power BI, and Tableau.

It also has interactive modules and hands-on training and learning modules to prepare one for various data science roles. Along with training, the course will aid in building a data science portfolio with 300+ learning hours of interactive learning and 25 real-world projects and case study modules making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The course consists of the following structured modules:

  • Excel learning
  • SQL learning and query
  • Python programming language
  • Statistics for data science practices
  • Machine learning with algorithms
  • Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI methodologies
  • Data analytics and machine learning
  • Capstone project


Inventateq is a popular technical learning and digital course platform catering to diversified courses including Python training, software testing, web development, AutoCAD, Java training, DevOps, and more.

Its training module has also included the data science program with an advanced certificate with a practical approach to developing data knowledge having capstone and client projects for preparation.

It is a 3 months duration full-time program having practical learning modules with Microsoft and IBM certification options as well as real-time projects and resume preparation.

It includes top-notch data science tools and technologies with modules on programming languages, Pandas, NumPy, and Tableau along with big data technological tools like Apache Hadoop, Spark cloud computing platforms, and artificial intelligence curriculum. Therefore, making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The course is expected to make one acquainted with key data science topics and modules including:

  • Data analysis and statistical techniques
  • Machine learning for predictive analytics
  • Data visualization using tools like Matpotlib, Tableau, Seaborn, etc.
  • Big data technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark, and other tools.
  • Statistical concepts for data patterns and trends.
  • Database management using SQL.
  • Deep learning and artificial intelligence.


Simplilearn is a reputed educational platform and significant course provider having a list of comprehensive courses and study modules on various technical and non-technical aspects of learning. It is offering a data science certification program with real-world projects using industry-relevant project work along with IBM certification making it one of the prominent data science institutes in Andheri.

It is an 11-month full-time course with online boot camp training with the latest AI trends and tools with 25+ industry-aligned projects taught by top and expert mentors.

The course also covers extensive data analytical tools and programs like MySQL, Pandas, Scipy, Chat GPT, R, tableau, Power BI, Scikit Learn, and more along with opportunities to participate in Hackathons.

The course includes some essential skills like prompt engineering, large language models, ensemble learning, generative AI, EDA, database management, and many others making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The data science course includes the following curriculum:

  • Programming languages in data science
  • SQL learning methodologies and techniques in data science
  • Python usages in data science
  • Machine learning with power BI modules
  • Data visualization with Tableau learning
  • Capstone project work

Course fees: Rs 57000/-

Call Inquiry: 91-844-532-7688


Nettech India is a top-notch IT training institute located in Mumbai with top-quality learning experience with their advanced training and certification in domains of software and networking technologies.

It offers a detailed course program in data science with the option of both diploma and PG certification emphasizing statistical analytical techniques, machine learning algorithms, data manipulation, and data visualization techniques.

It offers multiple specializations, however, its data science advanced certification in Python programming is one of the best data science courses in Andheri. It has a comprehensive curriculum covering Python for data science, machine learning, and AI programs with practical training in Python libraries and networking opportunities.

The course entails a detailed syllabus pattern including:

  • Introduction to Python language
  • Python interpreter
  • Basics of Python programming
  • Control flow, functions, and modules
  • Package, numeric types, lists, tuples, sets, files, etc.
  • Exception handling
  • Multi-threading and event handling.
  • Object-oriented programming etc.


IT Vedant is also a leading software and information technology-based learning and vocational platform with high-quality courses and is in association with renowned organizations like National Skills Development Corporation, Skills India, and IBM.

It is offering a data science certification program which is of 6 months duration having both classroom and online blended learning structure with analytics based on AI programs and modules.

The course encapsulates 280+ live interactive session learning hours along with more than 30 case studies and industry-relevant projects for practical learning. It has 2 global certifications in one program module with personalized career coaching imparted by expert faculties in the domain making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The program module has essential data science-related topics like:

  • SQL learning
  • Advanced Excel
  • Power BI methods
  • Tableau
  • Diving into the world of data
  • Analysis with Python programming
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Artificial intelligence modules.


Praxis Tech School is a top and renowned online technical learning portal awarded as the best education brand by the ET business platform and its data science course ranked best by AIM imparting practical knowledge and certification helping professionals to gather extensive knowledge in multiple study domains.

It offers a post-graduate program in data science with AI learning and machine learning techniques with practical knowledge in data cleaning, data wrangling techniques, data modeling for problem-solving, data interpretation of findings and results using techniques of data visualization, and big data technologies. Therefore, it is one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

It is a 9-month program incorporating data tools like Python, R programming, advanced Excel, SQL, and Tableau used in data extraction and visualization techniques along with statistical and predictive modeling imparting knowledge of data mining, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks with 500+ hours of interactive learning.


Upgrad is a leading educational and technology company offering digital and e-learning courses and programs incorporating the latest pedagogy, best-in-class faculty, and expert mentors with intensive knowledge curriculum having professional certification in various learning courses.

It offers a post-graduate certificate course in data science and artificial intelligence sponsored by IIT- Bangalore with top-class and practical assignments and a learning curriculum to work on with a flexible learning schedule for professionals and beginners as well.

It is an 8-month duration program in a blended format of study with 300+ hours of comprehensive learning along with a Python programming boot camp module, case study projects, and other essential skills imparted by the course along with artificial intelligence-based profile builder for job placement opportunities.

It includes advanced data tools like My SQL learning, and Python programming languages making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The course curriculum is divided as:

  1. Introduction to Python programming
  2. Programming in Python language and techniques
  3. Python for data science techniques
  4. Data visualization in Python language
  5. Exploratory Data analysis
  6. Credit EDA case study modules
  7. Inferential statistics
  8. Hypothesis testing methods
  9. Data analysis using SQL
  10. Advanced SQL and practices
  11. Machine learning methods
  12. Deep learning techniques
  13. Data Engineering


Coursera is a globally accreditated learning platform with internationally recognized certification modules offering high-quality courses on multiple specializations conducting comprehensive learning training in such courses with practical curriculum along with credible badges on completion.

It offers many data science courses including an applied data science course with Python providing extensive knowledge on data science, its analytics tools and techniques with data handling skills.

It is a 4-month full-time program having an intermediate level knowledge curriculum with 10 hours of learning in a week in collaboration with the University of Michigan conducting various analytical techniques like inferential statistics, knowledge of machine learning along with tools like Python programming techniques, knowledge of pandas, NumPy, predictive modeling, text mining and more

. It also includes certification and badge recognized and provided by the University of Michigan making it one of the best data science courses in Andheri.

The course has detailed topics related to data science modules structured as:

  • Introduction to data science in Python language module
  • Applied plotting, and charting in Python programming.
  • Applied Machine learning in Python language.
  • Applied text mining with Python analytical modules.
  • Applied network analysis in Python language.


ExcelR is a top educational and knowledge platform offering high-quality technical courses excelling in its study and program curriculum with a diverse range of courses including cloud computing, software testing, software development and DevOps programming, project management certifications, Six Sigma certification training, and more.

It is in collaboration with agencies like NASSCOM and Future Skills Prime offering a wide range of course curricula, skills, and tools ranging from Predictive analysis, and text mining, to neural networks, and hypothesis testing. natural language processing, Python, and much more.

It is a 6-month full-time educational and study program offering training in data science and data analytical techniques offering placement opportunities with over 400+ top global companies and best-in-class faculty thereby making it one of the top data science courses in Andheri.

The course curriculum is divided as:

  • Data science project and data science lifecycle modules.
  • Introduction to fundamental statistics using R and Python programming languages
  • Probability concepts and hypothesis testing modules
  • Exploratory data analysis methods and techniques
  • Linear and Logistic Regression techniques and analysis
  • Data Mining and unsupervised data clustering methods
  • Introduction to text mining processes, Forecasting methods, and neural networking.
  • End-to-end description with data analytical methods deployment.


 1. Is data science a prosperous career domain?

Ans: Yes, data science is an emerging and highly prosperous career option since data-driven technologies have expanded massively.

2. Are the various data science courses costly?

Ans: Normally, data science certification courses are not very costly however they may vary with various institutes and platforms.

3. What are the career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the data science institutes in Andheri?

Ans: The career opportunities after pursuing data science courses from the top data science institutes in Andheri include that of a data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, data consultant, data architect, and more.

4. Is knowledge of statistics required in data science?

Ans: Yes knowledge of statistics is important in pursuing a data science career as the domain requires statistical analytics techniques for conducting data research.


Therefore, with the surge of big data and its technologies, the demand for experienced and efficient data experts and professionals will also be in demand leading to job vacancies in leading companies. The data science institutes in Andheri are offering potential learning and certification opportunities for professionals residing in Andheri to realize the importance of big data and garner data science tools and practices. The above-mentioned data science courses in Andheri are immensely useful as it is particularly curated as per market needs encouraging candidates to enrol and kickstart their career in data science.

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